10 Days in May (23)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

TBH RCI shld re-open public hearing 2probe MACC cover-up conspiracy on TeohBengHock’s death rt from beginning – inc MACC record inquest/RCI

Especially RCI shd probe whether MACC involved in “black blog” http://bit.ly/1b8mDc appeared 1wk after TBH death 2throw off attn to its role

Claiming 2b “Truth 4TeohBengHock”, “black blog” blamed DAP 4murder of TBH. “Black blog” mastermind admit TBH murdered. Who murdered TBH?

How cld documents only in MACC hands appear in “black blog” if MACC not implicated? Lies agnst DAP leaders in “black blog”. Y n what motive?

Major RCI omission if “black blog”/MACC’s role not publicly probed. TBH death destroyed Najib’s 1st 100 Days as PM. RCI credibility @ stake.

Were MACC conduct consistent w 1 w clean hands clear conscience on TBH’s death or suspiciously 1 with guilty mind? What abt Sarbani’s death?

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