10 days in May (21)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

Bout of bad luck 4Najib? His Oxon speech on moderation fell flat after demo by Utusan extremists they ruled roost w “Christian Msia” bogey

Najib’s trip 2NewYork 2sell Msia as investment haven sabotaged when Msia fell 6 places in 2011 World Competitive Rankings from 10 to 16

But these are not result of Najib’s bad luck but bad politics – spending RM70m on APCO 2conceive 1Msia GTP ETP PTP w/o real transformation

Corruption less? Crime curbed? Poverty reduced? Education stds improved? Competitiveness enhanced? Ppl more united? No 1 believes x even msm

Najib’s credibility near Pak Lah’s in 2008GE. Who has real power? http://bit.ly/kkJzAD Perkasa: Najib ‘listened’ 2our MRT requests (TMI)

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