10 days in May (updated)

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10 days in May – 5 days when my dominant left eye went blind/5 days initial recovery after vitrectomy ops. But also 10 “black” days 4Msia

10 days when reputation of leaders crashed/causes destroyed. Eg: Fullpage advert 65th UMNO ann but 1 logo no more 1Msia but 1Melayu. Y?

Is Najib PM of 1Msia or 1Melayu? Is Hisham Home Minister 4Msia or UMNO? 1Msia N H never suffered greater damage 2credibility these 10 days

Christian Msia conspiracy? How ludicrous! Height of irresponsibility not just Utusan but Utusan’s boss- UMNO ie Najib/Hisham who must answer

How can Najib salvage 1Msia after Utusan/Umno “Christian Msia” lie 2set plural Msia afire? Does PM realise 1Msia slogan now in cinders?

But pro-UMNO blogs r still dripping with such lies poison on race religion – will Najib try 2save 1Msia n order deletion of all such stuffs?

The 1 logo is perceived by public as 1Melayu no more 1Msia as 10 days ago @giamsk i still see 1Malaysia logo …not 1melayu as u claimed.

According 2Hata, UMNO political bureau Najib Muhyiddin Hisham Zahid Shafie Adnan Maslan set weekly Utusan agenda http://ow.ly/4RNFn

Q Najib Hisham must answer – did they/Umno PolBureau give green light 2Utusan 2go on “ChristianMsia” rampage? Who in top UMNO 2accept blame?

10 days ago, 1 logo idntfd w 1Msia slogan though fraudulent – just 1T-shirt 1Tupperware 1Burgher 1mineral water. Now 1 is 1Melayu also bluff

It is not even 1UMNO. Its only 1UmnoPutra @niknazmi @limkitsiang in reality only 1UMNO @giamsk

Did MCA Gkan MIC SUPP othr BN Ministers demand @cabinet meeting 2day from Najib Hisham re Umno organ Utusan’s “Christian Msia” rampage?

  1. #1 by tak tahan on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 - 12:45 pm

    Najib’s 1Malaysia credibility is beyond salvation no matter how he tries to bring it back to live.1Malaysia is totally bunkum.

  2. #2 by monsterball on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 - 1:30 pm

    10 days…with 5 days as One Eye Jack.
    5 days added in to make 10 days…One Eye Jack became the sharp Two Eyes Rocket-Man see more clearer than before…and shooting targets with bull eyes shots.
    That to me….is more important than…the bunkum “IMalaysia” and then.. “I Melayu” low class politics.
    Get everyone mad….tell Malaysians to
    “cool it” …thinking he can justify with no blames made…as two wrongs do not make one right..sort of PM he is projecting himself.
    This is no two wrongs logic. It is one fanning for trouble…the other defend with no fear.
    “the other”….is with overwhelming support from others.
    So our usual smart PM tell all to “cool it”…defending Utusan and move on…with his mind…cool as a cucumber…freezed off..to relax and plan another move.
    All his moves backfired!!
    And his godfather said ……he is a weak PM…producing nothing good for his UMNO B party.
    Blame game within UMNO B members are on now.
    Will Najib have the guts to respond?
    Chances are…he will ignore not because he is smart….but because he does not know what to do.
    Some say..he has no political will to do things right..is being kind and diplomatic to him.
    He is a coward with a big mouth…like Hishamudddin…Home Minister..his loving cousin.

  3. #3 by monsterball on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 - 1:33 pm

    Like I said…speak with what you feel with no foul words….also got moderated.
    It looks like we are trained to forgive and forget……OR talk with our votes……….not with our mouths?

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