On the Ubah campaign trail (6)

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820am AA Sibu-Kch flt further delayed to 1020am. TQ @jeffccl1 Reminded of age – am feeling strain when in past took all stress in stride
9:40 AM Apr 13th

Met airport exPBB MP Bujang Ulis (78-90) n Taib’s nephew Azizan Manan who r campaigning 4 Salleh Jafaruddin in Balingian 2defeat Peh Moh.
10:10 AM Apr 13th

No more delays – flying off @ 1020am
10:11 AM Apr 13th

BN faltering on Taib factor (TMI) http://bit.ly/hnI3xi
2:04 PM Apr 13th

Cyberattacks – on SarawakReportPeh Moh must bear responsibility but on Malaysiakini Najib must bear responsibility as PM
2:07 PM Apr 13th

Wind of Change blowing strong hard – write “416” in golden letters add 2political lexicon of numbers – 520, 308, 516 http://bit.ly/hpKkNV
3:07 PM Apr 13th

Greatest political mystery of century – “phantom successor” groomed by Peh Moh 4 20yrs whom nobody knows – inc candidate n Peh Moh himself
about 23 hours ago

Peh Moh banned! Not person but term in print media. Cyberattacks! media clampdown, Photos of massive ceramahs “threat” 2national security?
about 22 hours ago

Two-thirds a bonus, says Najib http://bit.ly/haly3b
about 21 hours ago

  1. #1 by hallo on Thursday, 14 April 2011 - 3:25 pm

    The moments have come

    For those Justice, Righteous, people out there in Sarawak

    We must believe Malaysia should be a land of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUS, FREEDOM OF RELIGIONS

    For the first time the moment of glory CHANGE / UBAH have waited over 30 years, have come to the shore of SARAWAK, people of SARAWAK have a chance to make into MALAYSIA History to turn the VOTE into JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, to stop the Injustice in our land from the corrupted politicians, continue to rob our native lands, continue to steal our tax money, continue to cheat us into believing their empty promises LIES

    We must stretch across all the corners from far to near, from sea to mountains VOICE OF JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, your family, your friends, your brothers and sisters, from young to old

    To send a message across all the corners we are already to UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE


    It is the dream of all righteous Malaysians for so long over 50 years who have been cheated by so many corrupted politician liars

    On 16 April, we can achieve to put our hands on the MALAYSIA HISTORY and make a brighter future for all MALAYSIANS

    They have waited LONG TIME, on the 16 April because of your determined of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, what you did VOTE FOR CHANGE, the moment of CHANGE have come to Malaysia for a brighter future

    We have seen the CHANGE in our industrial states SELANGOR and PENANG, these two states are our most advance industrial states in Malaysia, the people out there are highly educated and high income, they were brave to elected the PAKATAN RAKYAT (opposition) to rendered their leaders courage, justice and selfless government administration

    We should thank to PAKATAN RAKYAT (opposition) leaders their brave, tireless, selfless to campaigned from their hearts, spoken to Sarawak people from urban to rural, for the love of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, for the crying voices of helpless poor natives in loss of their ancestor lands, we should grateful to them

    The Malaysia History of CHANGE would not be happen without the SARAWAK people love of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS

    All Malaysians will never forget, the victory of CHANGE of Malaysia History will belong to SARAWAK people, UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE

    And we Malaysians know you did it not just to win a state election, you did it because you want to bring JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS to all Malaysians

    You did it because you understand Malaysia is urgently need a justice, selfless and fairness government administrators

    There are people in rural lives without water and electricity without job, without income and wonder how they going to feed their children tomorrow and worst their ancestor land have robbed by corrupted politicians

    There are new jobs need to be created, there are new roads need to build, there are new schools need to build

    The job ahead will be long not within a year or a term, but the PAKATAN RAKYAT (opposition) promise to get you there

    They (PAKATAN RAKYAT) will be honest along the road ahead, and listen to you when you disagree.

    They (PAKATAN RAKYAT) will be fairness, justice and selfless to work with you, ask you to build with them the works of the state, roads by roads, bricks by bricks, hands by hands

    The UBAH/VOTE FOR CHANGE is the only chance to offer us to bring a HOPE of JUSTICE, SELFLESS government administrators to Malaysia

    It will NOT happen if we continue vote the corrupted politicians as the government administrators

    It will not happen without you, without your brave, without your courage, without your VOTE FOR CHANGE

    Let call up patriotism love of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUS among the people near you and friends, from the sea to mountain, not for just to vote ourselves but VOTE for a BRIGHTER FUTURE for each other for a JUSTICE, SELFLESS governors

    Let’s us resist the temptation of the CORRUPTED POLITICIANS empty promises to fall back with their lies that has poisoned us for over 30 years

    Let’s the Malaysia History remember, it was the people of SARAWAK carried UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE as the voice raised against the corrupted politicians, it will be the VOICE called out to free Malaysians from the corrupted politicians

    Make the world believe that Malaysia can UBAH/CHANGE, can be perfect.

    What we UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE can give us HOPE of the BRIGHTER FUTURE for many generations to come in Sarawak and Malaysia.

    Let’s the 10th Sarawak election will be told for many generations to come that the people of SARAWAK cast their ballot in 16 April 2011 they stood up as one voice to make their voices in this election to be heard for one thing UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE

    The voice of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS was silence and dismissed by the corrupted politicians many years. We shall stand up let the voice to speak out and reach for the ballot.

    Yes, we can UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE

    The world saw the people of SARAWAK conquer FEAR and TEMPTATION from corrupted poltician governors for a new bright future of UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE for a JUSTICE, SELFLESS governors PAKATAN RAKYAT(opposition)

    On 16 April, when you are casting you vote, you know you can UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE for a JUSTICE and RIGTHEOUS a BRIGHTER FUTURE for your children, your family, your friends and all the people in Malaysia,

    On 16 April, will be our chance to answer that call voice of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS,

    It will be our moment to cast our vote to answer our dream of a land for Malaysia JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, FREEDOM OF RELIGIONS, for a JUSTICE, SELFLESS government administrators.

    To free ourselves from the corrupted politicians, open the doors of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS for our children, to reclaim our ancestor dream of PEACE, JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS for SARAWAK and MALAYSIA.

    Yes. We can UBAH … VOTE FOR CHANGE

    Hope this voice can reach from shore to mountain
    Feel free to spread this voice

  2. #2 by monsterball on Thursday, 14 April 2011 - 4:53 pm

    Mahathir tells Taib to learn from history….while he himself never learn.
    Maybe telling how he resigned in the nick of time..to see his UMNO B still ruling?
    Mamak totally forgets Sarawak is Najib’s security blanket.
    One devil teaching another…that’s doubly devilish fun…..hahahahahaha
    Waiting for Taib respond.

  3. #3 by Ray on Thursday, 14 April 2011 - 5:21 pm

    Decide for your future now!!
    All Sarawak People >>Please be alert and Prudence in yr Balloting comes this Saturday morning .
    Whenever election just round the corner >>
    BN Umno forever resort to using BN TV media , trumpeting their Huge Funds deposits to NGOs ,Mega Project ,school hospitals etc ,Free Goodies monies,free milo zinc roofs,bisciuts sugar and so forth …Why??All these sort of Empty Promise same Bullshit Gimmicks Sweet Cheap Talk with hidden motive for voters swinging….Bahaya!!
    What we need is a Solid Strong Government with Leaderships conviction to provide real care Fair Meritocrazy Democratic values for the nation>>NOT this BS BN Election goodies ,
    Vote PR into Putrajaya starting with this Sarawak State GE.
    Kudos to PR

  4. #4 by monsterball on Thursday, 14 April 2011 - 5:23 pm

    For awhile…it looks like Malaysiakini is getting back to normal…and now.. suddenly…cannot get in to read details…just the headlines.
    I also think the Chief Editor Steven Gan needs to get better programer…to fight off cyber troppers….besides keep blaming this or that.

  5. #5 by dagen on Thursday, 14 April 2011 - 5:58 pm

    Sarawakians remember this. Defeat taib and umno completely. If not then as comprehensively as possible. For this will ensure that umno is also kicked out of putrajaya. And this is very important. You dont want umno to control your state by remote control from putrajaya via the yearly budget allocations and through umno-friendly civil servants in the state.

  6. #6 by k1980 on Friday, 15 April 2011 - 7:34 am

    I have got an inspiration on how BN can win elections. Install CCTV at the polling booths so that the preferences of the voters can be recorded. Then nobody would dare to vote for the opposition because of BN’s reprisals. A voter who is a civil servant may find himself transferred to the ulu after voting for PR. I am going to patent my great idea now. Jibby boy, please pay me RM20 million for my brillant idea.

  7. #7 by Bigjoe on Friday, 15 April 2011 - 9:36 am

    The evidence is startling that BN Sarawak is now bringing Semenanjung’s UMNO/BN divide and rule politics in Sarawak. SUPP in particular is showing the anachromism of their leader’s age in thinking that the Sarawak Chinese with access to the internet will fall for what already don’t work in Peninsula. Sarawak Chinese young must be so embarassed by the pathetic antics of their elders. Its so lame..

    But what is more important to realise is that UMNO/BN is setting the agenda in Sarawak now. Taib, through his sheer foolishness, is allowing what happened to Sabah to happen to Sarawak and this time the stakes are EVEN higher, not just for Sarawakian but for Sabahan.

    The Dayaks are not like the Kadazan. they are less cohesive and put it bluntly, less adaptable to change as a group. Also, Dayaks are closely related to Dayaks in Indonesia – imagine their importation. If UMNO comes into Sarawak, their fate will be for worst that the natives of Sabah.

    In addition, as have been pointed out, Christians in Sarawak are the biggest group of Christian in ENTIRE MALAYSIA. UMNO/BN brand of religo-politics put not just rights of Sarawak Christians are at risk, Sarawak Christian is the only real hope of bulwark against the erosion of rights of not just Christians but ALL other religion at stake.

    Taib has dominated politics in Sarawak for so long, there is NO ONE in PBB who can defend Sarawak against the corrupt influence of UMNO/BN in Sarawak. Anyone that follows Taib in BN will be beholden and dependent on UMNO to maintain power. One of the first thing that will be sacrificed to UMNO/BN will be religious freedom to maintain

    The truth is for the sake of the original vision of religion in Malaysia, its absolutely imperative that a Dayak Christian be the next CM of Sarawak. Its sad that it has to be so and its absolutely revolting to sink into religo-politics to defend freedom of religion but the reality in Malaysia is UMNO leaves us no choice in the matter.

  8. #8 by dylsee on Friday, 15 April 2011 - 3:46 pm

    Fukushima 50 are our heroes because they dare to go for the mission impossible. More Fukushima heroes should come from Sarawak!! Uncertainty is inevitable for mission impossible, so are these 50. Are they another 50 here in Sarawak?

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