By Martin Jalleh

The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), Sarawak’s oldest political party, knows that it would be in real political hot “supp” (soup) if it loses in the coming by-election in Sibu.

The PM who recently received a slap in the face by the Chinese community in Hulu Selangor will have to turn the other cheek if the Chinese who are the majority in the Sibu constituency fail to support SUPP.

This helps to explain why the second coming of Najib (to Sibu) which just took place was so necessary. The PM descended on Sibu like a savior determined to deliver its citizens from the evil Opposition by offering the Chinese a slew of expensive gifts.

You do not need to make an educated guess why Najib presented the Chinese educationists and others allocations totaling RM18 million.

Though it was not a very educated thought, many outside Sibu could not help but wish that the days of their own MPs on earth would be few so that they too can enjoy the PM’s saving grace.

The PM’s message was very simple: “You help me, I help you” or to be more accurate: “You help me, I will help you by giving you back your money!” In other words: “Please help me to bribe you with your own money!”

He also said: “”It won’t cost you anything to give us what we want. We will do what we should to give you what you want. And you know what I want.” It was yet another example of “education being ‘prostitutionalised’ in the name of political gains” (Dr Azly Rahman).

But in the BN where there is political gain, there is no shame!

Many in the audience were close to tears when they heard Najib’s motherly plea: “As prime minister, I want to deliver. And trust me, I shall definitely deliver (to the people of Sibu)!” For so long the Federal Government has treated East Malaysia as though it is not their baby. Will it abandon Sibu after Najib’s delivery?

Najib even starts his buy-election sojourn on a spiritual note by witnessing a procession (albeit only three minutes) which was held in honour of Tua Pek Kong, one of the major Chinese deities worshipped in Bolehland. The gods are watching, PM, but then Najib has gained deity status close to the God of Prosperity after giving away RM18 million.


Coming back to SUPP, with its very own political survival at stake, the party is bent on SUPPlanting (supplanting) the DAP’s growing popularity and scudding the soaring rocket! It has decided to follow Umno’s style of scare tactics, saber-rattling tricks and sinister theatrics.

It resurrects a silly and archaic ploy which even the MCA has shelved.

In order to achieve their strange “Don’t want change: Want Reform” objective, SUPP employs the BN mantra “One vote for DAP is one vote for PAS and an Islamic State”.
Ironically its candidate Robert Lau Jr proudly professes: “I belong to the new generation”!

Why does SUPP not wait close to polling day to bring out its secret “killer weapon”? According to Lim Kit Siang it is because SUPP strategists are panicking. One can only laugh as one traces the steps that lead to SUPP’s desperate efforts to SUPPvert (subvert) the DAP/PR campaign.

Sensing the sentiments of the predominantly Christian population in Sibu, DAP candidate Wong Ho Leng from the very start of his campaign revealed that one of his key issues which he would seek to address and try to solve if elected would be the ban on non-Muslims’ use of the word “Allah” by the BN government.

On 7 May, DAP leaders in Sibu held a closed-door dialogue with some 60 church officials from the constituency on issues such as the Allah ban, the printing and distribution of the Al-Kitab, and the impounding of bibles from Indonesia by the Customs Department.

There were church leaders who still remained unconvinced with the government’s assurance that Christians in Sabah and Sarawak would be still be allowed to use the word “Allah”. This is understandable considering that the assurance came from Nazri Aziz (see “Martin Jalleh, Nazri Aziz – the Minister of Lies” on Google).

Only common sense would suffice for one to come to a simple conclusion that the “solution” to the Allah issue by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is sheer stupidity! Can we have separate rules for Semenanjung and Sabah/Sarawak? It will reduce 1Malaysia further to one big joke!

Wong asked Robert Lau to make a stand on the Allah ban. Lau kept silent for a while and then sneered at Pakatan leaders for bringing ‘national issues’ into the by-election. The councilor of the Sibu Municipal Council must have forgotten he was campaigning to be a Member of Parliament!

Lau continued to sidestep the issue by sermonizing on religion being a personal thing (then why deprive the Christians of their personal right to worship God in the language they choose to?) and that the Allah row should not be brought into the campaign to avoid mixing politics and religion.

“Religion is personal relationship between yourself and God, let us not politicise that…Politics deals with human, social issue not so much about divinity… We don’t politicise religion, this has not happened in Sibu. Religion is divinity, politics is humanity.”

Alas, Lau makes a “lausy” (lousy) and lame Christian with his narrow, nebulous and naïve definition of religion. Whilst there are personal dimensions of faith, there are also social dimensions that require Christian believers to live and take their faith into the public and political arena.


Having failed to preach and promote their pietism, personalized salvation and faith being a purely private affair Lau and his cohorts resorted to pathetic attempts to portray the DAP and its partnership with PAS in a poor light, thereby contradicting themselves and stumbling over each other’s statements.

SUPP Sibu publicity secretary Daniel Ngieng who dramatically told the Opposition to “please leave religion out of politics” and not to try to apply “peninsula politics to poison Sarawak” contradicted himself by religiously challenging the DAP to either declare their support for (peninsula-based) PAS and their dreams of an Islamic state or leave
the Pakatan Rakyat!

Lau, who very ironically and proudly claimed that “I’m my own man” and “we cannot just harp on old issues” jumped on Ngieng’s bandwagon and parroted SUPP Sibu chief Wong Soon Koh’s declaration that a vote for Rocket and DAP/PR candidate is a vote for PAS and an Islamic State – which is not only an old issue but a non-issue!

SUPP president George Chan fell into his own trap when he accused the DAP and PR of playing a “very dangerous” game by mixing religion with politics. When questioned about SUPP’s campaign tactic in equating a vote for DAP with a vote for PAS and its vision of an Islamic state, he sidestepped the issue saying “it is unrelated”!

“We are not discussing a religious issue, we are just saying that we don’t want PAS or an Islamic state,” Chan continued to crow, clown and crap. What about the Islamic State which Najib had declared on 17 July 2007? It is an Islamic State which non-Muslims do not feel very safe in whether alive or dead!

Will Chan challenge the PM to state that Malaysia is a secular, and not an Islamic, state or will he continue to lead SUPP in supine and servile submission to Najib and Umno?

The truth be told, there is really no need to fear PAS. Many Christians (Catholics in particular) in Shah Alam voted for the PAS candidate Khalid Samad, who was overwhelming acknowledged when he visited the Church of the Divine Mercy in his constituency to thank the Catholics there for their support!

Further, PAS’ stance on the Allah issue has been clear, consistent and courageous. No party has engaged in inter-faith dialogue with the Christians as much as PAS. MP for Parit Buntar and PAS National Unity Committee chairman Dr. Mujahid Yusuf Rawa for example spoke to capacity crowds in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (Penang), the
Church of the Immaculate Conception (Penang), the Church of the Nativity (Butterworth), Church of St Anne (Bukit Mertajam) and St Louis Church (Taiping).

The PAS/PR paranoia which SUPP is desperately promoting becomes even more preposterous when one considers the fact that in the Bukit Gantang by-election last year, 85% of the Chinese voters in Kuala Sepetang voted for the PAS candidate Nizar Jamaluddin and in the recent Hulu Selangor by-election, 82.5% of the Chinese voters in Rasa
voted in support of the PR candidate.

Could it be that SUPP’s soap opera is also a desperate way to deflect the attention of the rakyat in Sibu from the party’s internal bickering and infighting caused by factors such as the discontent of its Bidayuh members, problems related to the Engkilili and Dudong branch and the Lau Hieng Ding controversy which resulted in the Foochow community wanting to overthrow Chan?

It will only be a matter of time when the public discovers the reality of SUPP’s supposed unity. Will the people of Sibu “sup with the devil”? The SUPP (soap) opera continues for a few more days with the Police playing a SUPPortive (supportive) role!

  1. #1 by grace on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 6:42 pm

    Hi Martin, Is this Lau a Christian? If he is, I am really ashamed of him. Or maybe as a Christian I forgive him for he knew not what he is doing- maybe blinded by UMNO’s ??????
    Anyway,whether you are a Christian or not, remember that PAS has proven to be more tolerant than UMNO towards others:
    1.Kelantan PAS government allows the largest sleeping Budha to be built.
    2. PAS clearly spelt out that ‘ALLAH’ can be used by non-English speaking Christians. UMNO opposed like mad.
    3. Lately PAS opposed strongly Malay NGO’s May 13 rally in Trengganu. Where is UMNO?
    If Lau is sincere in helping the voters there, he SHOULD ASK NAJIB TO DECLARE THAT ‘ALLAH’ CAN BE USED BY NON-MUSLIMS.
    Over to you LAU.

  2. #2 by Voter get Voters campaign for PR on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 6:53 pm

    A vote for BN is a vote for CORRUPTION & RACISM. Malaysia is for ALL MALAYSIANS & not for a handfuls of Corrupted ,racist & bigoted umNOputras including corrupted MCA,MIC,Gerakan,SUPP and other BN subservient component parties. Lets rebuild a BETTER Malaysia for ALL Malaysians irrespective of races,religions n creed.

  3. #3 by Voter get Voters campaign for PR on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 6:55 pm

    Dear Malaysians.
    I would like to invite ALL to join this group “Voter-get-Voters for a Better Malaysia ” in facebook who are trying hard to instill awareness of our constitutional rights to register and vote for a good goverment…A Goverment of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE & for the PEOPLE….and for ALL Malaysians. God bless and God speed for a BETTER Malaysia for the future generations.Pls click on this link and join us for a Good cause!/group.php?gid=123044757710936
    “VOTER GET VOTERS” campaign .
    It’s NOW or NEVER
    Vote for a BETTER & a FREE Malaysia.
    Be an active political activist.
    Vote for a Goverment bend on eradicating Corruptions,Racisms,Abuse of Human Rights,ISA,OSA
    A Goverment of the People,by the People & for the People.
    2 cast ur vote alone i NEVER enough. Do a ” Voter-get-Voters” campaign and keep them well informed

  4. #4 by sheriff singh on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 6:57 pm

    After all this, DAP had better win!!

    Else no matter what it does or what it has going for it, its future in Sarawak and Sabah will make no headway.

    Its now or never!!!

    Make a big inroad. Else don’t waste your time there.

  5. #5 by Tonberry on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 7:02 pm

    A vote for SUPP is a vote for Umno to continue its Apartheid and racial discrimination policy. That speaks all.

  6. #6 by Voter get Voters campaign for PR on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 7:12 pm

    To ALL readers & commentators : Complained and whinned ALL you want,there is NOTHING,absolutely NOTHING you ALL can do. However there is one and ONLY one thing which we ALL CAN and SHOULD do viz is start your own “VOTER-get-VOTERS” campaign for PR. Do it not tommorrow but NOW cos GE13 is just around the corner..closer than you think. Start this ” VOTER-get-VOTERS 4 PR” campaign NOW by chain emails,sms,words of mouth to everyone….for a BETTER Malaysia..Join us at “VOTER-get-VOTERS for a Better Malaysia ” in facebook.

  7. #7 by chengho on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 7:29 pm

    a vote for Dap is a vote for Kit and his son eng guan , a chauvinist and color conscious party.

  8. #8 by Bunch of Suckers on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 7:42 pm

    chengho :
    a vote for Dap is a vote for Kit and his son eng guan , a chauvinist and color conscious party.

    Sucker ChangeHole (chengho), a champion mama-topper, you must have slapped your damn ancestors’ faces! Do you think that your f@^&^&^k ancestors were damn proud of your acts! Please bend down & suck my cock before you open your damn stinky mouth & spit. Back to stalk your Porn Star Dr Chau! Don’t forget he is still having RM$5millions haven’t split yet. F@#$%k you & your damn ancestors, from generations to generations for selling off all Chinese hearts and souls. F@#$%k you damn running dog!!! I repeat once more f#$@$%k you and your damn ancestors!!!

  9. #9 by limkamput on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 8:10 pm

    Matthew 10:16
    Are Christians in Sibu “as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves”?

  10. #10 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 8:16 pm

    If you ask me main thing to note in this campaign is the issuing of sport-betting license to Vincent Tan during this election. Najib figured with 60% Chinese voter AND a unconservative Malay-Melanau population, the sport-betting license would not be at play in this by-election.

    Why is this important?

    1) The need for money is very very real. In other words, all the money at Sibu is getting is coming from somewhere else BN should not be getting. Whatever promises given to Sibu – they have to understand its not coming from better economy but basically stealing from peter to pay paul. It can’t last and it will fall apart not very long from now.
    2) This time they are using gambling because it does not matter to Sibu voters. Next time around, when they have to win over with the Malay-Muslim in population, they will Ignore their promise of religious freedom of Sarawak i.e., the use of ‘Allah’ issue.

    Sibu voters are being suckered. When dealing with cheats and crooks, don’t look at the hand they show you, look at the hand they don’t show you..

  11. #11 by c730427 on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 9:37 pm

    A vote for umno is the give them more consent to kill Chinese.

  12. #12 by boh-liao on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 9:39 pm

    SIBUANS, how lucky u r, NR is pouring $$$$ into Sibu, all bcos NR n UmnoB want 2 use our taxpayers’ money 2 buy u 2 vote 4 BN
    Should u vote 4 BN in d coming buy election, NR n UmnoB will continue 2 insult nonMalay citizens as PENDATANG n as descendants of beggars, robbers, n prostitutes
    NR n UmnoB will continue 2 ban d use of Allah by Christians
    NR n UmnoB believe they can use taxpayers’ money 2 buy nonMalays’ votes n then 2 degrade/insult nonMalays’ dignity

    BE SMART, SIBUANS, take the bribes offered by NR but VOTE for DAP/PR
    U have nothing 2 lose, as NR will come back again during d next GE 2 offer u MORE $$$$$
    No fear, make NR n UmnoB work 4 u!!!

  13. #13 by boh-liao on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 9:53 pm

    SIBUANS, learn fr history
    NonMalays, esp Chinese, supported UmnoB/BN previously when Malay voters turned against UmnoB/BN in d 1999 GE
    MMK acknowledged dat n thanked d Chinese voters 4 their support
    BUT what did UmnoB/BN do after they won d GE? Did they appreciate nonMalays?
    NO! NO! Umnoputras continued 2 insult nonMalays n remind nonMalays 2 behave as 2nd or 3rd class citizens – even raised unsheathed keris 2 demand d blood of nonMalays: tak suka keluar, pendatang, etc.

    DO NOT EXPECT UmnoB 2 change!
    Good people of Sibu, b brave n b d torch bearers of CHANGE n REFORM, say NO 2 BN/UmnoB n their serfs SUPP

  14. #14 by monsterball on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 10:25 pm

    sheriff singh…What happen if DAP looses?
    This is not about winning….by DAP against all unfair and unjust odds….applied by Najib.
    It is about Sibu voters conscience…how are they going to vote.
    And money do blind people…besides being bought by an evil doer.
    The 3 minutes rush in rush out by Najib at the Tau Pek kong procession…is a good sign…a Chinese God cannot be fooled with.

  15. #15 by boh-liao on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 10:43 pm

    When SUPP Robert Lau Jr is asked: Don’t u know dat nonMalays n nonUmno Malays hv been sodomised by UmnoB n BN all these years?
    His reply: How do I know? I can’t see my anus!!

  16. #16 by limkamput on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 10:45 pm

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak promised today that there will be no cover-up of any weaknesses or losses at top conglomerate Sime Darby Bhd.// quoted from the Malaysia Insider

    He doesn’t have to promise anything. We knew long ago that all GLCs, not just Sime Darby, will falter and die if we continue to let nincompoops managing these companies – people who have no business sense, people who just want to enjoy perks but never want to work hard and learn fast, people who are corrupt, incompetent and can’t hold more than three variables in their heads. How many of those running our GLCs including those in Khazanah have ever made a ringgit on their own. Today if we sack them of their jobs, how many of them can seek another employment that pay them 2k a month.

    The people of Sibu, you may want to know why sometimes so many of us have to work so hard, save like stingy paupers, pay our taxes but at the end of the day don’t seem to get very far. On the other hand, all those nincompoops just have to run the GLCs to the ground, and they shall be rewarded with five or six figures salary, big Mercz and BMW, exotic holidays and first class medical benefits. Check all these out!

  17. #17 by limkamput on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 10:55 pm

    Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) reported a net profit of RM1.03bil for its third quarter ended March 31,compared to RM503.3mil recorded in the same period a year earlier after all of its business segments recorded growth.//quoted from a farting msm

    Ya, who are you trying to impress? Can you please give a full account of your moronic investment in Indonesia and Pakistan? If Maybank is properly managed, the share price today would more than RM20 a share, you moron.

  18. #18 by boh-liao on Thursday, 13 May 2010 - 11:20 pm

    “The trial has been adjourned to May 31 to allow Anwar to prepare his appeal against a decision by judge Datuk Mohamed Zabidin Mohd Diah to deny him access to Saiful’s cautioned statements to the police.”

    How can a person defend his innocence when he cannot hv access 2 statements made by d accuser?
    How can a person defend his innocence when he cannot hv access 2 d list of witnesses 2 b brought in by d accuser?
    It seems dat in M’sia, one is guilty until proven innocent and there is no such thing as beyond a reasonable doubt
    N Y is d court wasting taxpayers’ $$$ by entertaining d obviously bloody pain in d ass liar 2 sue AI?

    R these what we want in this nation?
    Of cos NOT. What 2 do? Easy, get rid of BN!

  19. #19 by monsterball on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 12:29 am

    SUPP Robert Lau Jr cannot see his anus…but surely he can feel the pains and aches after the job is is not boh-liao?
    If he still cannot feel anything..his hole is like the size of a monster ball……hahahahahahaha
    Robert Lau Jr carries Najib balls like Tsu Koon carries Mahathir balls.
    These two have no dignity at all….and certainly lost their Chinese roots..yet not true Malaysians.
    These are frogs…and Chengho is a frog worm.

  20. #20 by monsterball on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 12:33 am

    How many of BN politicians have all Malaysians in their hearts …..when they took up politics?
    Now compare the actions and deeds of politicians from PR…where all leaders have gone to jail…fighting for the rights of Malaysians.
    Robert Lau Jr SUCKS!!

  21. #21 by ekompute on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 12:37 am

    I like Najib as PM but for elections, I would like PR to win. Is that a contradiction? Perhaps no, but only if Najib joins PKR or PAS, or even DAP (quite unlikely). Since UMNO don’t buy 1Malaysia, isn’t it obvious that Najib should quit and join a party that does?

  22. #22 by ekompute on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 12:41 am

    Looking at the way BN is pouring money into every buy-elections, very soon we will need to have GST and other kinds of taxes. So don’t be too happy! Money don’t fall from the sky.

  23. #23 by ekompute on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 2:03 am

    Alamak, the Moo’s last sigh! Malaysian Insider reports Muhyiddin as saying that the government has always valued the contributions of Chinese. “I want to put on record my thanks to the Chinese community in the country for its contributions in the economy, education, culture and other fields,” he said at a dinner held in conjunction with Sibu’s Tua Peh Kong festival at the Sibu Exhibition Centre here tonight.

    What is happening to this world? It’s on record that UMNO has never appreciated the contributions of the Chinese in this country in all fields.

  24. #24 by ekompute on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 2:16 am

    Malaysian Insider reports: “Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the people of Sabah and Sarawak did not have problems where it came to religion and had a high degree of tolerance in religious matters. “I do not want outsiders to come here and stir up religious issues. We will come down hard on them if they resort to this.”

    Who is an outsider? If DAP is an outsider, so also is Musa Hassan or does Musa claims that he is from Sarawak?

    Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu says: “Tan Sri Musa Dato’ Hj Hassan pernah dituduh menerima rasuah RM2 juta bagi membebaskan 3 anggota sindiket judi haram di Ibu Pejabat Polis Kluang, Johor di bawah Ordinan Dharurat 1969. Pada 18 Jun 2007 Badan Pencegah Rasuah telah menyiasat kes ini berdasarkan surat aduan dan email yang diterima serta soal-siasat terhadap 6 saksi dan pernyataan akaun-akaun bank Tan Sri Musa Dato’ Hj Hassan… Peguam Negara Malaysia, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail, menyatakan kes ini ditutup.”

  25. #25 by johnnypok on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 3:05 am

    Najib = Father of Buy-Election

  26. #26 by chengho on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 6:28 am

    What could be major cover-up C.A.T
    from WCK…” I am shocked to learn in the Star this morning that Puchong MP, YB Gobind Singh Deo, did meet the complainant over the sand mining scandal as early as in February 2010 and he took up the matter with the state exco member YB Ronnie Liew, who holds the local council portfolio. Incidentally, YB Ronnie Liew is also the “Adun Angkat” for Dengkil, the sand mining town in Selangor”……

  27. #27 by yhsiew on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 7:08 am

    The Sibu by-election is all money show.

  28. #28 by monsterball on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 7:16 am

    Chengho is not shocked. A thick skin idiot like him…so used to be faarked up….how to get shocked?
    It ‘s his style to keep insulting oppositions..and carry Najib balls.

  29. #29 by Bigjoe on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 7:32 am

    Sibu voters have to realise at HS, they either kept silent or deny privately that there was no gambling license being issued to the Malay voters. Now they issue a gambling license but keep silent on the issues of the religion. If they can cheat their core Malay supporters in HS, what is turning their backs on Chinese voters and Sarawakian on issue of religion in other elections?

  30. #30 by undertaker888 on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 7:44 am

    najib was the defence minister when the 2 jet engines gone missing.
    Najib was the defence minister when we paid for the 500million commission for submarines which cannot dive. A life was murdered too.
    Madcowdung squandered 100billion. Sleeping ugly gave away 2 parcels to Brunei. What was chapchengho doing at those times? Licking their balls until now.

    Vote for Rockin’ Rocket!!!
    Down with sinking dacing!!

  31. #31 by undertaker888 on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 8:01 am

    Lau and wck are SUPPservient to umno. They would sell their souls for a price just like judas iscariot. Just like Hee-larious, who would throw off her principles thru the window when she had a whiff at million of ringgits. What else can we expect from these 2 iscariots of sibu?

    A vote for Rockin’ Rocket is a vote for Rakyat’s freedom. A vote for bn is a vote for the house of thieves and murderers to continue.

  32. #32 by k1980 on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 8:25 am

    APCO please arrange for Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong to meet uncle Billy (USD 5 only)

  33. #33 by k1980 on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 8:43 am

    hindus should now demand that he leads next year’s thaipusam procession to the batu caves, preferably carrying a kavadee

  34. #34 by Bigjoe on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 9:11 am

    Hey, why is nobody talking about Malaysia first quarter GDP growth in this buy-election? 10.1% sound fantastic until you look around and Singapore grew 32%, China 11.1%, Thailand with all their problems 9%,.

    Investment remain flat which actually means we are falling behind because everyone’s else is rising with rising productivity..

  35. #35 by baochingtian on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 11:14 am

    #7 Chengho seems to be fearful of Kit & his son. I don’t think both father and son r a threat to commoners but yes, to some unscrupulous politicians taking advantage of the unfortunates. Is Chengho the latter? Is husband & wife better than father & son?

  36. #36 by Bunch of Suckers on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 11:45 am

    Remarkably, LKS & LGE, both father & son can contribute greatly and proudly to political, economical and social landscapes of our Bolehland. Long lives LKS & LGE, all Chinese in Malaysia!!!

    Cowardly, this running dog, sucker and mama-topper, ChangeHole/Chengho jealous about their great contributions. Please answer my simple question, Changehole/Chengho, sucker!

    Can your father and you contribute greatly and remarkably to our Bolehand in all aspects? Please answer me honestly. Otherwise, back off to f@#%^*&K your mama before aboard this blog and sh*t. Are you calling me to f@%$&^k your mama deeply, right, running dog/changehole?

  37. #37 by baochingtian on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 12:38 pm

    #24 Is IGP of Bolehland part of the campaigning team of BN? His life must be very tough, besides overseeing all the political ..oops… police operasi, he needs to deliver a message or two to the people of sabah and sarawak to ensure absolute safety. Teruk kan? Kasihan ..

  38. #38 by chengho on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 1:05 pm

    and don’t forget daughter in law also? can you dig it dap supporters?

  39. #39 by monsterball on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 1:17 pm

    We dig …we dig Chengho.
    Can you dig why..all faarking you?

  40. #40 by baochingtian on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 1:23 pm

    If mother in law and father in law are all capable, what’s the problem? Must it be husband n wife and cousin brothers?

  41. #41 by monsterball on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 1:28 pm

    MACC is after sand deals done by PR politicians.
    Billions stolen by UMNO B crooks…not guilty or corruptions. They say….the doers like Ling Liong Sik…Mahathir…Najib…all innocent because not one sen found in their pockets.
    In another way to interpret it …is that …you can steal billions…but make sure not one sen in you bank account…all OK.
    So steal….for your party and cronies.
    It reminds me like Robin Hood..rob to give to the poor.
    But these UMNO B crooks rob to give to the rich…some crumbs to the poor of their own race…to keep those less educated simple folks happy…while their rich cronies holding hundreds of millions in trust for them…in oversea bank accounts.
    Usually crooks will lie low for few years.

  42. #42 by chengho on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 1:32 pm

    What about ordinary mortal from dap no chance at all , no successsion plan , no replacement , still old men around dap , tunku aziz , karpal ,kit and many more…

  43. #43 by k1980 on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 1:45 pm,1518,693973,00.html

    Many similarities can be found in bolehland

  44. #44 by Bigjoe on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 3:03 pm

    Wow, Najib personal attack on LKS on TV3. Hmm, sign of desperation? LKS not running for election. LGE and Zaid even bigger attraction, why attack LKS? In Hulu Selangor, Nik Aziz big star and push so much also don’t get attack. Why suddenly LKS now?

    It smells like someone who keep shooting and missing and now, anyhow shoot also can..

  45. #45 by frankyapp on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 3:24 pm

    Religion is a choice. Hence people are free to choose what religion he/she wants. But in Malaysia,religion has become government business.

  46. #46 by monsterball on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 3:40 pm

    hi Chengho idiots…..these are the PR old men that shocked UMNO B with the 12th GE results and these will be the old men….that will pave the way for a Anwar to be PM.
    How about Mahathir….Chengho? Is he really retired or operating behind the iron curtain….I mean behind the sarongs and sarees…of his half breed relations?

  47. #47 by ekompute on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 4:29 pm

    chengho :
    and don’t forget daughter in law also? can you dig it dap supporters?

    Chengho, do you know this?

    Antara anggota keluarga politik Najib Tun Razak termasuklah:

    * Tun Abdul Razak, Perdana Menteri Ke-2
    * Tun Hussein Onn, bapa saudara sebelah ibu; Hussein berkahwin dengan Suhaila, kakak kepada ibunya, Tun Rahah Noah
    * Tun Mohamad Noah, datuk sebelah ibu yang juga bekas pengerusi UMNO Johor
    * Datuk Mohamad Jusoh, bapa saudara sebelah bapa; Mohamad berkahwin dengan Maimunah, adik bapanya
    * Anwar Jusoh, adik Datuk Mohamad Jusoh yang juga bekas setiausaha politik kepada Razak, bapanya
    * Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah, bapa saudara sebelah bapa, yang juga bekas Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Pahang; Hamzah berkahwin dengan Zainon, adik bapanya.

  48. #48 by Tonberry on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 6:38 pm

    wow! so much incest ah? haha..perhaps chengho is one of the offspring listed above..not impossible though..

  49. #49 by boh-liao on Friday, 14 May 2010 - 7:19 pm

    PKR is truly d WEAK link n Achilles’ heel of PR; can PR survive ah?

  50. #50 by Onlooker Politics on Saturday, 15 May 2010 - 12:41 am

    WCK could never represent the whole PKR. WCK had already sold himself to Barisan Nasional since 1980s when he was detained along with many others in the ISA detention camp. WCK was just a sissy man who could not persevere when he was just being frightened off by some tall guys from the Special Branch. He quickly cried for pardon and asked for early release by the Special Branch during his 1980s’ ISA detention, with his surrender as the trade-off offer to Barisan Nasional. WCK was a sissy man with no ball!

  51. #51 by monsterball on Saturday, 15 May 2010 - 2:37 am

    Chengho is shy to reveal he is a Malay.
    His customers are mostly Chinese at Chow Kit Rd. lanes.
    He is fair skinned UMNO B toad…so dressed in get more money from white skin tourists.
    For Najib…always free anytime.

  52. #52 by boh-liao on Saturday, 15 May 2010 - 3:01 am

    Will Sibuans pocket d bribes fr NR n then deliver their votes 2 DAP?

  53. #53 by boh-liao on Saturday, 15 May 2010 - 3:07 am

    Penangites, get ready 4 d next buy election @ Padang Serai

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