Losing in Victory

By Hussein Hamid

When will UMNO starts its journey of renewal? Take on the path of morality and decency to ensure that the resurrection of UMNO will meet the aspirations of the Malays and the people of our country? This is not hard to do because there are still amongst them people who are decent, upright and committed to uphold the cause of the Malays and of our country. Let these good people speak their mind. Listen to them and do what they ask you to do so that UMNO will rid itself of the ignorance and narrow mindedness of its current leaders.

They will tell you that at the General Elections of 2004 UMNO could have secured its right to govern the country for fifty more years. UMNO could have right many wrongs, do justice for all and serve the people of this country as UMNO leaders had promised they will do. They could have enhanced the values that they then hold and focused the purpose of our nation into more tangible directions – towards a truly Malaysian Malaysia where all its people having their place in society because if the reality of one Malaysia if not attained it would mean that UMNO would have failed the people, failed the nation.

But they did not do this.

There is no racial problem. No religious problem. There is only a Malaysian problem and we are all Malaysian and so it is our problem.

Remember these words:

  • All Men are created equal.
  • Government by consent of the governed

Every one of us wants to be treated equal in opportunity to all others. To be denied this because of our race or religion is to deny our basic rights as a citizen. There is no reason to deny anyone this right and yet we know that there are in place many obstacles and the only way of overcoming these obstacles is if you are a Malay. So we must act now to eliminate these barriers and restriction that divides our people from each other.

There is no moral issue. There is no issue of Malay rights. We have waited over 50 years to do this. Let us not wait any longer. The time for change has come and it is now.

Our enemies are ignorance and narrow mindedness of a Government that chooses to ignore our needs. But they must not forget that these right once given carries with it responsibility. The responsibility to live and work together.

There are Malays that have questioned the wisdom and necessity to do away with UMNO and my rational for involving myself in this matter Let me tell you why I do so.

For years we Malays have been told that we are a lazy people. That we are weak and in need of being protected from the Chinese. That we are not capable of taking care of ourselves and that we need UMNO to do that for us. We have been told that we must be grateful for the many largeness that UMNO has provided us with. The NEP, the Bumiputra status, the business opportunities, the education….and that if these are taken away from us we will not survive.

Some of us have begun to believe these lies. Believe that the hopes and the aspiration of the Malay race lies only with UMNO…a self fulfilling prophecy that could have become true if not for the ability of the Malays to think for themselves. We might be exceedingly polite and unfailingly respectful of our elders but we are not stupid. Yes we did begin to think that UMNO and the Malays could not survive without the other but in time we understood that it would be more true to say that one feed of the other. That UMNO did the feeding. That realization came at a costs to UMNO and to the Malays.

To UMNO it came with their loss in spite of a victory in the last General Elections. Losing in victory is ironic but you cannot call it anything else. For the Malays it was a realization that we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the others not after the NEP has done its work but NOW. Thank GOD we are ready but no thanks to UMNO that we are!

UMNO has weakened at least one generation of Malays because they lost their sense of direction and focused on enriching themselves instead of preparing the Malays for the time that has now come. Thank GOD that they have only weakened not destroy that one generation of Malays. The Malays will prevail and take their place with the others with much vigor and confidence. Are we downhearted? No we are not…for we have enough belief in ourselves to know that we will survive and thrive.

For UMNO understand this. Nothing that you do in the name of UMNO, Malaysia or its people is safe if it does not show that it can bear discussion and publicity. In time all will be reveal. Every secret, every decision, every administration of injustice, every means you tried of enriching yourselves will be revealed.

Understand too that whatever objective you had while in Government – whether it be for the advantage of UMNO, the enrichment of your own people or the subjugation of the opposition – all this will be questioned by those that come after you. It is only when one is fighting for justice and freedom for all its people that there will be no objections to it as it will benefit everyone and provoke no opposition.

And understand too that when we judge Najib, Mahuyuddin – all you Barisan leaders – if there is any presumption for us to make as to whether you all did any wrong, our expectation will be that those who are with greater power will be judged more harshly for they were given more trust by the people. That they abused this trust confirmed our belief that “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

For the Indians and the others we are aware that they have been oppressed by the majority. It is true to say that whether a country is free or not can be judged by the amount of security enjoyed by the minorities so we will need to look constructively at what needs to be done to redress this imbalance.

For now we wait.

  1. #1 by HJ Angus on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 6:54 am

    The rot has set in too deep for too long that even with an honest leader at the helm, he/she will not be able to change the system from within. We saw that with AAB and now NTR is struggling to keep the competing interests at bay.
    But UMNO can change if it survives perhaps two terms in the opposition bench and if only for that reason alone I hope it can undergo that painful process. We need a strong opposition to check “the tyranny of government”.

  2. #2 by ctc537 on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 8:26 am

    Umno, like any political parties, have to get used to defeat in elections, so that good and trusted leaders will emerge from time to time. The PM and the party could have earned more respect from the people of all races had they not done things that angered the people. Three more years to go and there would likely be many more scandals to emerge that could further erode the support of the people for the party. Only out of power will they learn to be humble and incorruptible.

  3. #3 by Jeffrey on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 9:23 am

    “When will UMNO starts its journey of renewal? Take on the path of morality and decency to ensure that the resurrection of UMNO will meet the aspirations of the Malays and the people of our country? This is not hard to do because there are still amongst them people who are decent, upright and committed to uphold the cause of the Malays and of our country.” – Hussein Hamid.

    The words – “cause of the Malays” : is the cause of Malays the same as cause of all Malaysians of all races? If so, no where in this essay has the writer shown how to do this.

    The writer has said “All Men are created equal”, that “everyone wants to be treated equal in opportunity to all others, that there is no issue of Malay rights etc”.

    That’s fine.

    How does one propose that UMNO change to promote the “cause of the Malays” and yet at the same time keep true to the principles of “All Men are created equal”, that “everyone wants to be treated equal in opportunity to all others” in service of the cause of all Malaysians?

    Please elucidate how such a balance can be struck.

  4. #4 by HJ Angus on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 9:55 am

    What about the rights of the true natives?
    We read about not having funds etc to investigate the rape of Penan girls and yet spend so much on helicopter ridea for the DPM to campaign in by-elections.
    The cause of the Malays can be taken care if if policies are made that empower people to become self-sufficient and not dependent on hand-outs like AP permits. If every qualified/poor Malaysian family is provided one free scholarship for a child to complete a useful university course, I am sure poverty eradication will make great strides.

  5. #5 by monsterballssgoh on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 10:20 am

    12th GE was looking back at UMNO for past 25 years or so.
    13th GE…will have Malaysians…looking back after the 12th GE..and whatr have UMNO done under Najib.
    Anyone believing “1 Malaysia”.. ..”People first..Performance now” slogans by Najib……can only be racialists …cowards and opportunists..love have a band of gangsters to capture the country to rule forever.
    CM of Melaka Rustam is dreaming UMNO will rule forever…and Khairy is telling all to forget the past…meaning forget Mahathir’s 22 years…believe in Najib….yet Najib is Mahathir’s adopted son. You go listen to a gangster like…Khairy to.

  6. #6 by HJ Angus on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 1:50 pm

    I wrote about the “tyranny of government” and I believe many Malaysians feel we are in that state now.
    But this is not my original idea.

  7. #7 by Loh on Saturday, 12 September 2009 - 8:02 pm

    UMNO leaders cannot remain leaders in the party if they tell their members, (1), NEP has gone on twice as long as their leaders promised all Malaysians in 1970, and it should end, and (2), Article 153 which provides for quota to Malays have gone on for 52 years rather than 15 years, more than three times the period envisaged, and it should end now.

    But unless they do that, this country cannot begin to develop into one where the income level would be improved. The reasons being with NEP, corruptions will not cease, and brain drain will continue.

    UMNO leaders would not change because they want to remain in power. The Malays having enjoyed the moral hazards will want it continued; a foreign trained Malay doctor told her readers that they would face the hard facts of having to cater for the education of their children, if not for NEP. Under the system, they can produce as many children as they like, and contribute to ensure the system championed by the current leaders stay.

    Malaysia is fated to join the rank of Myanmar and Zimbabwe. Only Malays who truly believe in the teaching of Islam that people are equal, and that Malaysians are equal, and that Malaysia is for Malaysians might send UMNO packing. But we are not sure if PKR accepts Malaysian Malaysia, and if PAS agrees to it.

    Martin Luther King gave a speech of “I have a dream” in 1963, when Malaysia was almost close to the dream in 9 years, and proceeding. King’s dream came true in 2009, but we are now further than what King had in 1963 to his dream. The world progress, and Malaysia regresses. How sad!

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