UMNO/BN – political dinosaurs irrelevant to Merdeka II aspirations of new generation of Bangsa Malaysia

In his 51st National Day message last night, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he hoped that every Malaysian could give importance to solidarity.

However, Abdullah had himself set the bad example of failing to give top priority to national unity and solidarity in plural Malaysia, or he would not have adopted a lackadaisical and irresponsible stance on the legitimate protests over the highly racist, divisive and provocative remarks by the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign belittling the Chinese community in Malaysia as “orang tumpangan” who could not be trusted as Malaysians.

In defending Ahmad Ismail by claiming that the Penang Umno leader had not meant what he said, Abdullah was condoning Ahmad Ismail’s insensitive, offensive and racist remarks when he should have lived up to his pledge repeated many times before that he would be Prime Minister for all Malaysians and not of any one race.

The Prime Minister has again disappointed Malaysians with another breach of his many sweet-sounding pledges when he became Prime Minister five years ago.

In the past few days, various levels of the MCA and Gerakan (and even SUPP), and their youth and women wings, reaching as high as MCA Minister, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, MCA Deputy Minister Dr. Wee Ka Siong and Acting Gerakan President, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon had been making public noises demanding disciplinary action against Ahmad Ismail.

With the Prime Minister coming out with such a weak, ineffective and useless response in virtually protecting Ahmad Ismail from having to face any disciplinary action, are the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP leaders again going to capitulate or will they pursue the matter in Cabinet next week as well as demand an emergency meeting of the Barisan Nasional supreme council for stern disciplinary action to be taken against Ahmad Ismail so as not to make a mockery of the 51st Merdeka celebrations?

The Ahmad Ismail episode is the latest example that Umno and the Barisan Nasional have become political dinosaurs irrelevant to and incapable of adapting to the Merdeka II aspirations of the new generation of Bangsa Malaysia who want to see justice, fair play, moderation and good governance.

UMNO and Barisan Nasional (since Alliance days) may be the world’s longest-serving government coalition in a parliamentary democracy but this only underline its increasing irrelevance as a political dinosaur.

There is however no shortage of examples of UMNO and BN’s growing incompetence, impotence and irrelevance as political dinosaurs.

Just two latest instances:

Firstly, the increasingly undemocratic instincts by the powers-that-be to impose a clamp on dissent and criticism as illustrated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to shut down Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia Today news portal, completely ignoring the solemn government undertaking to the world of no Internet censorship in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Bill of Guarantees.

Secondly, the unchecked corruption, abuses of power and malpractices exposed in the latest Auditor-General’s Report 2007, such as pouring RM537 million of taxpayers’ money into the Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation in the United States in the past 13 years but only getting a return of only RM25 million!

Such colossal waste of public funds are not isolated cases, whether at the federal or state government level. In Perak for instance, a subsidiary of the Perak State Development Corporation went on a losing spree, chalking up over RM100 million in accumulated losses when its paid up capital was only RM50,000!

These are shocking, shameful and ugly examples of “Malaysia Boleh”!

Last year, the country also went into a frenzy of shock at the exposes of financial irregularities, criminal breach of trust and corrupt practices in the Auditor-General’s 2006 Report, such as the government paying RM5,700 for a car jack worth RM50; RM224 for a set of four screwdrivers costing RM32 in the market; RM5.72 million for two crane towers against the market price of RM2.98 million; technical books consisting of 10 titles priced at RM10,700; and a 3.1 megapixel digital camera that was bought for RM8,254.

Parliament and the nation were assured by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) that it was conducting investigations into the exposes by the Auditor-General in the 2006 report, but nothing has come of it and the ACA is now inundated with even more exposes in the Auditor-General’s 2007 Report!

(Media Conference Statement in Batu Pahat on Sunday, 31st August 2008 at 11.30 am)

  1. #1 by Godfather on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 5:54 pm


    It’s Ahmad Ismail, not Ahmad Said. [Amended.Thanks! – Kit]

    Badawi should simply have posted on the mainstream press: “Give me another chance.” At least it won’t be so hypocritical of Sleepy Head and the 4th floor minders.

  2. #2 by gofortruth on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:16 pm

    In 1944 a Hungarian of Greek origin fled to Germany and later France from the invading Red Army. As an immigrant living in France, he did not get his French citizenship until 1970’s. He has 3 sons. The French government did not tell them to go back to Hungary.
    Today one of his sons is the President of France – Nicholas Sarkozy.

    BN spent so much money on learning from the West & look to the East, but have they ever learned?

  3. #3 by yhsiew on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:25 pm

    UMNO is an arrogant party – they rarely admit they are in the wrong let alone making an apology.

    A party will not progress if it fails to consider people’s criticisms.

  4. #4 by zak_hammaad on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:30 pm

    Pakatan cracks are far from cemented. Dream for Putrajaya is far from reality.

    PAS should lead Pakatan Rakyat.

    PASIR MAS: The Pakatan Rakyat should be led by PAS instead of PKR because the former had more grassroots and a greater Malay membership, said Pasir Mas MP Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali.

    He said PKR, although led by a Malay and had more MPs in Parliament, is perceived by many to be a multi-ethnic party, similar to DAP.

    “This does not fit in well with the Malay psyche. To balance insecurities and fears, PAS should be appointed to led the Pakatan,” he said in an interview.

    Ibrahim said this move would reflect the actual demographics in the country where Malays were dominant in terms of numbers.

    He added that this would appease all communities and lead to the birth of a practical two-party system where no single coalition is strong and each side can become the watchdog of the other, he said.

    In such a situation, he said the people would benefit the most as both sides would be competing with each other.

    Asked about Anwar’s attempts to lure Barisan MPs to defect by Sept 16, Ibrahim said he did not think it would become a reality.

    “Firstly, Parliament is not in session on Sept 16. Secondly, to achieve a secure majority, Anwar needs more than just 30 MPs which means he has to fish a sizeable number of MPs,” he said.

    Thirdly, he said any change of the Federal Government must involve the Rulers’ Council and specifically the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    Ibrahim said Sabah and Sarawak MPs knew they stood to benefit from a weakened Umno and could seek the Federal Government’s attention since they were now more valuable to Barisan than they were to the Pakatan.

    “Why should they give it all up for incentives promised by Anwar?

    “A few Sabah MPs spoke personally with me. We had a frank chat and some swore that there is no need to join a coalition led by Anwar now,” he said.

  5. #5 by greenacre on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:31 pm

    A beehive is not built by one bee, neither it is built in a day. It is the culmination of a thousand bees working many days. Likewise a nation is build millions sweats on their back and a dream on their mind. All they and I want is, to be a Malaysian, nothing less, nothing more.

  6. #6 by oknyua on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:32 pm

    YB Lim, I am sure a few other members of the UMNO Supreme council are also shaking their heads (in disbelief). This clear-cut racist remark saddened them too, a weak response from a weak leader and what is UMNO as seen from the public’s eyes?

    It only reinforced what Ku Li mentioned last week – UMNO is perceived as a racist party, and we all agree it is.

  7. #7 by oknyua on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:37 pm

    Zak, the opinion of maverick Ibrahim is hardly something you should based your assessment upon.

  8. #8 by yhsiew on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:49 pm

    Abdulah is the kindergarten standard PM who cannot even give consistent message to the people. One moment defending the right of Malay, one moment contradicting himself with appeal for unity and support.

    One moment slap the people with 41% fuel hike, one moment gives out ‘little sweets’ to gain popularity.

    You are a kindergarten PM, but we are no kids.

    – written by cinatmanis –

  9. #9 by ybk on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:51 pm

    Well, let’s wait and see how the top guns of MCA & GERAKAN are going to react on the Ahmad Ismail’s episode. Let’s see their guts and sincerity in their championing of the Chinese. PM has made his stand.

  10. #10 by KennyGan on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 6:52 pm

    Is it too much for Badawi to demand an apology from Ahmad Ismail who is only a division leader? That he is unable to do so shows how powerless he actually is. And yet his Merdeka message stresses on unity. How to be united when wrongs like this are not corrected and there is no political will to correct them?

  11. #11 by HJ Angus on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 7:02 pm

    The mind boggles as the “I’ll take to him” routine.
    If the other BN parties made such a stupid remark, they would have marched into his office etc.

    Meanwhile the AG’s report is throwing up some whopping amounts – more than RM1billion already added up within 2 days!

  12. #12 by HJ Angus on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 7:02 pm

    The mind boggles as the “I’ll take to him” routine.
    If the other BN parties made such a stupid remark, they would have marched into his office etc.

    Meanwhile the AG’s report is throwing up some whopping amounts -more than RM1billion already added up within 2 days!

    Go visit my blog for 2 reports.

  13. #13 by UzMiNoOnist on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 7:04 pm

    Sadly we still have racist like zak_hammaad who thinks like ‘kampong’ boy and to him all it matters is his kampong.
    I am lucky that I don’t have to give a damn f### if he still think he should be addressed as Tuan because I have long ago taught my children to live as an International Citizen.
    The world have changed so much, every Malaysian should be looking out at global opportunities and not local opportunities. I am sure many able non-Malays has long given up hope finding their fortune locally and are willing to take the extra mile to build theirs and that of their offsprings’ future in the world arena.
    You can have a fanatic PAS or corrupted UMNO ruling the country, it does not mean anything to me because it will not have any impact on my future.
    However, I will think highly of Pakatan under DSAI as he is the only icon that is accepted by all Malaysians. PAS is not, DAP is not, UMNO is obviously not, MIC is not, Gerakan is not, PPP is not, SUPP is not, and the list goes on.

  14. #14 by Mr Smith on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:08 pm

    As all of us look at Sabah and Sarawak for the cross- overs, I won’t be surprised if it happens right in front of us – in UMNO itself.
    I think Anwar is using East Malaysia as a red herring.
    I am one of the few who believe the cross-over will take place before Sept 16.

  15. #15 by swipenter on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:08 pm

    After 51 years Umno is a fossilised political party synonymous with corruption and racism. Apart from ketuanan melayu and Islam what do they have to offer to the ordinary malaysians. For the non malays they threaten and discriminate and called us all sort of names. Demonising the non malays is one of their favourite agenda in their AGM
    Not even one present umnoputra or umonputeri has been disciplined appropriately for inciting racial disharmony amongst the raykat.

    Now we have some PAS MPs playing the same game but with a variant form ( eg MP Ibrahim ) using numerical superiority and by extension religion as justifications to lead PR.

    Fighting for democracy, truth, freedom, justice, equality and fairness we are all MALAYSIANS and not as malay, chinese, indian, dayak ,iban etc or muslim, christian,buddhist, hindu and whatever are your religious beliefs. Rigth now DSAI is accepted as the leader of PR. Anybody from PKR, DAP or PAS thinks he can do a better job than DSAI , go for the leadership post on your merits.

  16. #16 by king cobra on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:25 pm

    Mr Smith

    i just feel crossover is not a good thing.

  17. #17 by KennyGan on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:26 pm


    Ibrahim is not a PAS MP. He’s an independent who stood for election on PAS platform, but he’s not a PAS member.

  18. #18 by tenaciousB on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:26 pm

    The obvious has prevailed, anwar is now in parliament. What is left is BN getting overthrown and the dawn of a new government hopefully with unscrupulous incorruptible meritocratic principled politicians.

    What one should beware of would be ‘PAS’, as it is a fascist party with certain forced principles that many including the bumis disagree with. The fact that they are part of the the PR coalition is a worry to many including i believe PKR and DAP. It would probably be a worthwhile risk for PKR to consider removing them from the coalition. They do not really need their majority, because PKR itself would be aplenty given the impending dissolution of UMNO soon.

    Hopefully Lim you would consider my suggestions.

  19. #19 by KennyGan on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:36 pm

    It’s strange that although the political landscape has changed, Umno is still clinging on to their ideology of Ketuanan Melayu and Malay special rights to get votes which doesn’t work anymore.

    Permatang Pauh is the best indicator of how much things have changed. If Umno cannot win in a Malay majority area in a by-election where they can channel all their resources, how will they fare in a general election?

    Pushing Malay hegemony in a multi-racial country does not work anymore because it alienates the other races. And PP has shown that even in a Malay majority area, BN still needs the other races support to win.

    Clearly, Umno and BN must now steal the multi-culturalism ideology from PKR to survive but will it be able to do so?

    The great naturalist Charles Darwin said it is not the smartest or strongest organism which survives but the most adpatable one.

  20. #20 by swipenter on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:45 pm

    KennyGan, thank you for correcting me on MP Ibrahim political affilation

  21. #21 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:54 pm

    Although Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks in Permatang Pauh are a contradiction of National Day’s solidarity message, he is being treated with kid’s glove because a harsher treatment is feared to have effect of alienating support fromUMNO’s main contituency.

    Especially at this time when Anwar’s electoral success has cast doubts whether UMNO is losing grip of that support. Without that support there can be no political power, and without political power, the raison de etre of being in politics – to have unfair advantage over the rest without power to make money – is no more.

    That is what political coruption is all about: power + patronage (notwithstanding conflict-of-interest and impropriety) = chances to make big money.

    In this respect of political corruption Boleh land is not having sole monopoly and franchise. It is rooted in human avarice and propensity to gain unfair advantage to make once in a life time lots of money for financial security of one self and one’s future generation. Most (but not all of course) are susceptible and will succumb to its pull. Corruption like Prostitution is a story as old as mankind.

    I dare say – with appropriate realism and cynicism – that many (again not all) of us who criticise corrupt politicians for squandering our rakyat money will have no qualms in associating with and ingratiating politicians if that would enable us to have some of the crony crumbs (even crumbs are in millions!) if given an oportunity. We lament and fret on high moral grounds because we do not have that access and privilege that we secretly covet…….I dare say too that many politicians even in the Pakatan Rakyat camp will be susceptible to political corruption once they are ensconced in power. We can only hope that they will be notch better as compared to present crop of leaders and their rank and file that have been feeding on the public purse for so long, no doubt underpinned by our oil wealth.

    The main measuring cast of difference betwen political corruption here and elsewhere especially the more developed nations with strong anti coruption laws and enforcement is the scale – the mark up is not 10, 20 or 30% but hundreds of percent : hence we pay from public coffers “RM5,700 for a car jack worth RM50; RM224 for a set of four screwdrivers costing RM32 in the market”! It is in short blatant, flagrant and excessive, which can only happen in a society in endemic and systemic corruption reeking at the seams…..

    In the case of BN Component parties, there is disconnect betwen grassroots members and leaders : the former feel the pressure of principles because their fingers are yet in the pie; the latter has to compromise for the greater good of the godies from fingers already dipped in the pie.

    And why so hard to accept reality of changing demand of electorate BN; why the denial syndrome of the implications of 308 “political tsunami” of the March 8 general election and 826 – the second “political tsunami” of the Permatang Puah by-election and why remain political dinosaurs?

    They are not political dinosaurs – they know exactly what is happening but there are two vital factors bearing on their denial equation:

    The first is that one can’t give up power so easily because contracts conceived and carried out with one’s cronies are still coming onstream by the day, some are just conceived, others are half way, the rest completed but monies have not come in yet, which takes years. There also financial costs already sunk in and need to be recouped.

    Secondly the political opponent Pakatan Rakyat and its leader have so far made no promise of amnesty to all who were corrupt if they lost power. Now almost all are corrupt, the difference is degree and scale; it seems to be a “sensible” thing to do under the cultural and political milieu of the last 30 years…..Millions of “rice bowls” might be affected and broken one way or another if there were a change of leadership; thousands more fear of being made accountable for corrupt deeds deemed aceptable under the regime thrusted out of power . Losing the chance to make money is one thing : facing the slammer (jail) in a possible witch hunt by the new administration (which in time to come may well prove no better in acountability and governance) is another!

    They will therefore resist at all costs a take over by Pakatan Rakyat – even if by democratic ballot, let alone defections and crossovers of questionable democratic character!

  22. #22 by tenaciousB on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 8:56 pm

    BN is in a desperate mode, trying to salvage itself from an untimely demise. Interestingly the former leader has made multiple distress calls over the last 12 mths but unheeded by the party members.

    Anyhow such a party dynamics will not survive this generation given the fact malaysians now are much more analytical and perceptive. Like they say old school’s old and make way to the new generation. A lot of the yesteryear policians just have to be layed off if this party were to survive.

    Malaysia just has no room for religious fanatics or racism with special rights, it’s just nonnegotiable when it comes to globalisation! period.

  23. #23 by freetospeak on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:07 pm

    Uncle Kit,

    What a lame excuse PM Badawi gave. I think he should
    just maintain his dignified silence when he has nothing better
    to say.

  24. #24 by dawsheng on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:13 pm

    PAS will not be appointed to lead Pakatan Rakyat as there is no such thing as a dominant party in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS can join UMNO and lead them to the right path, Malaysians will be glad.

  25. #25 by k1980 on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:19 pm

    This year’s merdeka theme should be: “PM Tidur, Rakyat Diliwat”

  26. #26 by dawsheng on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:22 pm

    “Ibrahim said this move would reflect the actual demographics in the country where Malays were dominant in terms of numbers.

    He added that this would appease all communities and lead to the birth of a practical two-party system where no single coalition is strong and each side can become the watchdog of the other, he said.”

    If this is really what Ibrahim said, then walk the talks, cross over and join BN, then we can realize the practical two-party system Ibrahim wants, do it, get out of Pakatan now. Pakatan Rakyat without PAS is still Pakatan Rakyat.

  27. #27 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:36 pm

    It is hard breaking watching TV3 budget anouncement shows the road condition in Sarawak, celeberate 51th MERDEKA how could the road in this kinda situation, mercy!

  28. #28 by alancheah on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:37 pm

    Next election, I predict that there will be at least 10 states
    taken over by Pakatan Rakyat!!! … and yes, Pakatan Rakyat
    will form the federal governement by then!! YES!

    Certainly, if 916 could really happen, that will be even better!

  29. #29 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:39 pm

    wooot ypo error again, miss the e* “heart breaking”…

  30. #30 by 318 on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:46 pm

    to abdullah=unity n solidarity my foot nonsense without umno there is unity n solidarity pls remember the umno chairman only sitting on three legged chair so don’t ask him to take action on his men if not he is sitting on the floor not the chair

  31. #31 by James on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 9:53 pm

    This bodohwi aka super hypocrite aka sleepyhead aka liar goodfornothing has proved once and for all beyond any doubt that he is either out of his mind or worse. He is definitely not worthy of the high office that he has been occupying for too long.

    His political party members, if not Parliament must do him a great favour & impeach him before he commits the country to even more risks. No wonder he is obeying his sil like a dog with its tail between iis legs. Shame on the ruling party members for condoning such despicable behaviour in the eyes of the whole wide world. Now I know why so many ex-Malaysians migrate……..

  32. #32 by smeagroo on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 10:05 pm

    the reason i didnt celebrate merdeka this year is becos i didnt feel iwas liberated in my home land. as long as badawi is the PM i will not hv the urge to even celebrate my own bday.

    badawi, u see how u hv singlehandedly caused us msians to be miserable?

    step down lah or take ur yacht and ship out!

  33. #33 by Yee Siew Wah on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 10:09 pm

    How can this flip flop sleepy guy be PM in the first place when he cant even dealt with a stupid Umno racist idiot? For that matter, this racist may be a “pendatang ” himself and now claim he is an original malay and a bumiputra. Actually majority of the original malays are real good people. They do not behave like these self claimed bumiputra malays”. Some of them might have been influenced by these racist idiots.

  34. #34 by wtf2 on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 10:11 pm

    step down?? where else can a stupid, lazy, over the hill hypocrite and moron get paid for doing nothing. With a palatial home, stooges at his beck and call …

    And of course I don’t mean to say what I said above about bodowi.

  35. #35 by Blue.kinetic on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 10:50 pm

    I recommend an article under opinion/discussion from Nanyang online dated today with title ” look back the history to deny pedatang theory” ( sorry, i just translated bulat bulat).

    The article is brief, yet easy to be understood and point made. I find this article is light as i don’t like a lengthy history and this definately won’t make you sleepy. Oh, this is in mandarin.

    you will know how Melaka is started and how chinese came to this land, oh, not to mention chinese has saved Melaka. ( er, why i didn’t see this in our history text book? )

    Now, should i said Ismail, you balik xxxx lah? oops, sorry, i didn’t mean it.

  36. #36 by Blue.kinetic on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 10:54 pm

    correction, Chinese= china, however, at that time, same also lar, both from the same country and ethic.

  37. #37 by KennyGan on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 10:54 pm

    Badawi has no vision, no leadership quality, no charisma, no ability to inspire, no political will to push through any reform, no clout to discipline. He’s totally out of his depth.

    How did such a man make it to the top of the heap? But we must remember he did not fight his way there, he was put there.

    There’s a reason why nature designed fertilization as a process where millions of sperm compete with each other to fertilize the egg by swimming an arduous journey up the fallopian tube. So that the best and strongest win.

    When a man gets to the top the easy way, this is what you get.

  38. #38 by shamshul anuar on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:04 pm

    Dear Yee Siew Wah,

    “How can this…”. Ver easy. The political party which he leads won the election last March. That is the reason why Yang DiPertuan Agong appoints him as the PM.

    Being a Malay and ever forgiving, PM ussually do not punish excessively. That is the reason why he refused for example to strip a rude boy from Muar after he insulted Islam and Muslim ladies wearing tudung.

    Similarly, he also will only caution that UMNO guy to follow the guideline of Islam that is not to deny the rights of non Malay or non Muslims.

    What uttered was of course wrong. Just like seditious remark by DAP to spread hatred againsts UMNO and Malays. What better way than to accuse UMNO of being racist. If UMNO is racist, there will not be any vernacular school. UTAR will not be allowed. And of course Tan Lian Hoe will not be able to win in a Malay majority area. So does our current Minister of Labour, MP for Tapah.

    At independence UMNO can simply declare that Persekutuan Tanah Melayu is a Malay country as at that time almost 70% of seats held by UMNO itself. And of course there woill not be Mandarin news in TV.

    As for Dawsheng, Ibrahim just say what people around the world will do. There is nothing racial about it. It is just human tendency. You want people of your own stock or cherish the idea of your race to be given top job.

    As for Malay, vast majority of them ( from PAS and UMNO) are not comfortable with him. He is too liberal in his thinking from their point of view. He will say one thing to one community and another in other races.

    Besides, PS members are asking why PAS President not given chance to be PM should Pakatan Rakyat ( illegally) toppled BN. You know Anwar is good at that. Just look how he did it to Ghaffar Baba.

    Not that I believe he will be able to topple BN. But he of course has life long ambition to become PM. That is all matters to him. Nothing else.

  39. #39 by lakshy on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:06 pm

    You guys must be joking to expect an apology even. Now even the PM has to apologize for not rapping Ahmad when he should have done so. So keep dreaming. Now you need two apologies to the Chinese community. Do you see that happening? I dont think so!

    Even if Ahmad apologizes, he is going to say stuff like Kinabatangan did when he offended the OKUs and ladies (bocor). Remember how Malaysians are gullible enuff to accept that as an apology?

    “I dint mean to offend anyone. If anyone was offended, I apologize to them….” — Why do we accept such insincere apologies. One should unreservedly apologize for his errors.

    Well, we have had the Bersih and Hindraf rallies. Let this be the rallying call for the Chinese to show your emotions and whether you are willing to be treated as squatters here. Its up to you now Malaysians. You have to force the issue for action to be taken. Let this be the rallying call for all Malaysian Chinese. (Note Malaysian first, and Chinese second). Tomorrow being a public holiday should be a good place to start!

  40. #40 by shamshul anuar on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:06 pm

    Dear Yee,

    What I meant is to strip the rude boy of his citizenship. Sorry for the ommision.

  41. #41 by k1980 on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:20 pm

    My grandpa came to this country much earlier than the PM’s grandpa!

  42. #42 by StevePCH on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:25 pm

    Sorry … just a bit off topic.

    Ibrahim Ali should just shut up. He is an Independent reject from UMNO and tumpang to Parliament on PAS ticket.

    How does he know that PAS has more Malay supporters than PKR?

    He also failed to understand miserably that it’s not about Malay supremacy when he says that PAS should lead PR with a bigger Malay support.

    He still failed to understand that PR is here because of Malays , Indiands and Chinese.

  43. #43 by StevePCH on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:26 pm

  44. #44 by StevePCH on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:30 pm

    being a one man show in Parliament , pergi lah. reject .. reject .. I hate to say this but , does PR really need this piece of junk per se ? other than his vote ? he is more like Zulkifli Noordin type of guy.

  45. #45 by alphoti on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:32 pm

    In the past few days, various levels of the MCA and Gerakan (and even SUPP), and their youth and women wings,….LKS.

    I’m surprised, even SUPP made noises!? They dare!? Regarding the E.M. MP pledge of loyalty to PM, I heard that while only about 20 MPs has signed it (some from Sabah openly saying they are not going to sign), 100% from SUPP has signed already!

    It is heart breaking watching TV3 budget anouncement shows the road condition in Sarawak, celeberate 51th MERDEKA how could the road in this kinda situation, mercy! – AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked. Well, Sarawakian have suffered long enough. Heard of SCORE (development corridor) in Mukah? Do you know that the road or ‘gateway’ to Mukah or SCORE is in such a sorry condition that you need at least 1 1/2 hours to drive a 54KM stretch (part of the whole journey) of road? The stretch has been awarded to CM related company about 1-2 years ago but less than 20% completed? They just don’t bother to maintain the road but nobody can do anything? But of course the CM with golden heart never know the rakyat sufferings because he always fly to Mukah in a millions dollars jet!

    Welcome to SCORE in Mukah & experience a ride just like you are in Africa………

  46. #46 by cemerlang on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:54 pm

    It should be the other way round now. It is the turn of the Malaysians to preach solidarity. Since some politicians are bent on dividing and destroying the country, it is not right for them to preach that message. Let the ordinary Malaysians who go about their daily lives without hurting another soul talk about what they do to preserve harmony in the country. UMNO only knows how to tell its’ members to be superior but it never tells them to respect other races. Sebenarnya, bahawa Allah mengetahui akan apa yang mereka sembunyikan dan apa yang mereka zahirkan; sesungguhnya Ia tidak suka kepada orang-orang yang sombong takbur. ( Al-Nahl 16:23 )

  47. #47 by lakshy on Sunday, 31 August 2008 - 11:56 pm

    Sarawakians must vote out bn.

  48. #48 by takazawa on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:07 am

    “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he hoped that every Malaysian could give importance to solidarity.” – LKS

    This is an echo of “Malaysians should change their lifestyle and brace for challenges ahead in the light of the rising oil prices”.

    Well, this is what we call hypocrisy at its climax. How can a crab teach its young to walk straight when it has been walking sideways all its life. How can a mule teach its offsprings to be smart when it does not even have a DNA that produces intelligent foals.

    Perhaps the message he’s trying to convey to us is, “Do what I say but don’t do what I do”. We don’t need a leader who doesn’t practise what he preaches.

    Food for

  49. #49 by Johnny Cheah on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:23 am

    All said and done. THE PRIME MINISTER SHOULD STEP DOWN. 5 years in power, what have he done for the nation. Can anybody please tell me! Yeah, he have done a lot, like losing 5 states to the opposition, losing 2/3 majority in parliament, losing Wilayah to the opposition, drastic increase in prices of petrol and diesel and the worst is the inflation that we ever had. The worst in 27 years mind you. STEP DOWN LAH, DON’T DRAG US AND THE COUNTRY DOWN THE DRAIN

  50. #50 by pulau_sibu on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:29 am

    to alphoti

    The royal highness does not ride in the world most expensive car, except in comfortable places like Kuching. He flies to other places and he does not really know about the road surface. I would challenge the government to build roads (no, they call it Pan Borneo Highway!) in Sarawak that do not lead us to dance. The Minister of Works, state and federal, should all resign for allowing such lousy roads to appear in Sarawak. Samy Belum is highly responsible for the lousy works. These are possibly the worst highway in the world.

  51. #51 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:35 am

    @ Shamshul… i have no doubt that ur speak was indeed correct and true.

    BUT, looking back in History, from the moral we must.

    It is the fact “Chinese saved Malacca” as the prosperity of Straits of Melaka attracted the invasion of the Siamese.

    The evidence are clear today in “Bukit Cina”(Malay: “Chinese Hill”) in Melaka. In the mid-15th century, princess Hang Li Po, the great granddaughter of the Chinese Yongle Emperor, the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was sent to be married to the sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mansor Shah.

    If without the History do we have future today of so called “Ketuanan-Siamese” or “Malay”?

  52. #52 by aje on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:38 am

    PM should have sent a very strong message to ALL MPs who are racists.From what he said seem like he is defending the guy from Bukit Mertajam.

  53. #53 by pulau_sibu on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:40 am

    Why Ahmad Ismail alone? Those who made such stupid remarks in the past or who showed such action like waving Kris should also be punished for fair. If you don’t punish the top UMNO shots but just picked up a little fish, it does not make sense.

  54. #54 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:48 am

    We must majority discriminate the minority, and why cant we live in fair liberate society and work the best interest for Nation to compete globally like Japanese/American?…

    Aren’t we waste enough time to struggle agains eachother authority whos the boss and whos not and most impportantly, fascism played by the dirty UMNOputra’s that could bring choas to our Nation.

    We must stop all nonsense from now on, we are matured enough to elaborate what is right and wrong regardless of race nor religion.
    Enough is enough, stop corruptions, fascism nor dictatorship!

  55. #55 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:50 am

    Sorry again! i couldnt stop making typo mistakes…

    I mean Why* not mean We* “Why must majority discriminate the minority”….

  56. #56 by takazawa on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:01 am

    These political dinosaurs should have been extinct ages ago, but somehow they managed to survive till this modern age because they have been feeding on our votes. However, the good news is, they are now in danger of extinction and the Rakyat are looking forward to a new breed of leaders come Merdeka II.

  57. #57 by katdog on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:11 am

    shamshul anuar Says:
    “As for Dawsheng, Ibrahim just say what people around the world will do. There is nothing racial about it. It is just human tendency. You want people of your own stock or cherish the idea of your race to be given top job.”

    You want people of your own stock and race to be given the top job. And this is normal human tendency and nothing racial about it?

    Of course it is racial! When you want only persons of a certain skin color to have the top jobs, that is racial! Yes, it is normal human tendency. And we have a term for such behavior: RACISM! But no, it is not acceptable behavior.

    Its probably too late to teach people like you that important lesson but i hope one day in the future our children will be thought that such behavior is called RACISM and is SHAMEFUL.

  58. #58 by croovy on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:16 am

    Pak La, Pak La you should start to whip your guys already. Your bunch of hooligans are climbing over your head. If you still defended them, end of the days you will end up a loser.

  59. #59 by katdog on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:25 am

    AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked Says:
    “BUT, looking back in History, from the moral we must.
    It is the fact “Chinese saved Malacca” as the prosperity of Straits of Melaka attracted the invasion of the Siamese.”

    Interesting info but irrelevant today. Whatever China may have done for Malacca that is ancient history. Heck! Most of the chinese that are in Malaysia today are recent migrants that was brought here during British colonial times which was way way long after the fall of Malacca. So i don’t think that makes anyone indebted to anyone else.

    Whatever rewards or recognition you deserve, it should be earned by yourself. Not by who your father or grandfather or fore-fathers was.

  60. #60 by aquaimplotec on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:30 am

    The present administration cannot do anything right except get paid! And paid plenty at that.

    Look at Malaysia today (not the web without access!), there are many bad things to say and I categorise them into two broad categories:-
    1. Something you already are aware of.
    2. Things you have not a clue of.

    So much said of item 1 that I need not repeat. Hence I will only cover item 2. As always I will start with sleaze then progress to more politically correct things.

    International Popularity

    * Foreign tourists all like our forest reserves where they don’t have to see any of us; that includes resorts exclusively catering to foreigners like Pangkor Laut for example ….
    * Malaysia has been blacklisted by Australia, UK and USA as a source country from which prohibited drugs are smuggled into their country.
    * Accused of harbouring and grooming of islamic terrorists.

    Local Backwardness
    * A judicial system that is so ineffective that it cannot be relied on to recover a bounced cheque.
    * A country drained of intellect with a majority of Squatters, Lepaks and Makrempits that are not employable even as factory production line workers.
    * A country governed by villians who will take your FDI money and ask you to balik kampong.
    * A country whose currency is not tradable outside its borders except through the black market money exchangers.
    * A country that has gross human rights violations instituted in its administration and its law enforcerment.
    * A country that charges RM1 for one way flights into the country from foreign destinations but with little or no takers except from its own breed.
    * A country that is pro Islamic enough to host the Islamic world conference just after 9 11 with no inkling of the consequences but silly enough to do the visit Malaysia thing as well in London, Paris and New York.
    * A country that seriously considered a bridge to link to Indonesia.
    * A state in Malaysia that has no knowledge whatsoever of the water cycle and the part played by the tallest century old trees that they could consider logging by helicopter of such trees in water catchment areas.
    * A country that sponsored an expedition to the artic but only to find that that point on earth is already under water due to global warming. aaah cannot go there due to a technicality. blah blah.
    * A country with a NS highway laid with negative inclination to the force of momentum along the bends in order to cut costs.
    * A country pushing for wireless broadband and communications towers without taking heed of potential health hazards from microwave radiation effects.
    * A health ministry that can’t even keep public toilets clean without the city mayor’s personal supervision.
    * A health ministry that pushes for breast screening using methods that increase breast cancer multifold by close contact x-ray machines that cause further physical compression injuries.
    * A health ministry that has not banned Bisphenol-A and its derivative Polycarbonate plastic.
    * A police administration that refuses to go after Malays but will only act against non-malay offenders.
    * A country that privatises all public amenities but still retain fully staffed public works departments.
    * A country that has the largest public administration force of 2 government servants to 1 private citizen with a budgeted administration cost of RM100 billion yearly.

  61. #61 by The Enforcer on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:41 am

    Wonder whether the GOONS in MCA, Gerakan and SUPP have skin as many layers as an onion or as thick as cow’s hide!
    The RAKYAT has spoken that there is ONLY MALAYSIANS in this country and yet the CHIEF GOON, SLEEPY, allows that stupid Ahmad Ismail to make such a remark and then ‘protecting’ him as though nothing happens!
    This again shows the master slave relationship of the BN coalition!
    If you’re from UMeNO and you fart from the front or back, nothing wrong. The rest of you in the coalition, do as you’re told or just keep your mouth shut!
    Being insulted to the core and yet want to stay in the pack!
    What a disgrace to your future generations!

  62. #62 by aquaimplotec on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 1:44 am

    I am sure that you can see from the above that the present administration is practising Mao Tze Tung communisim for the Malays and close to squatter status for other races…coupled with gross mismanagement of all other aspects of civilisation due to their 51 years of complacency.

  63. #63 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 2:16 am

    katdog Says:
    “Whatever rewards or recognition you deserve, it should be earned by yourself. ”

    I couldn’t agree more from your sentiments, but the story behind the history lies the lesson and moral for our self-proclaim “MASTER” here.

    You might call it a plea for their recognition or whatsoever but it is the fact, the history of our ethnic regions form and shape our country today. In other means We vow no master nor hippocratic rulers.

    Apologise for my english writing cuz im not good boy during my school days.

  64. #64 by UzMiNoOnist on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 2:24 am

    “What uttered was of course wrong. Just like seditious remark by DAP to spread hatred againsts UMNO and Malays.” .. shamshul anuar

    A few words of wisdom for shamshul anuar.

    1. Two wrongs does not make one right.
    2. An eye for an eye will make the whole world goes blind.

    Again, what a flawed reasoning, no wonder you still support bodohwi. You are no different from him when comes to reasoning.

    Further, you are making a blatant faulty accusation that DAP promotes hatred against Malays. I think this is abit naughty. DAP may have promoted hatred against UMNO but definitely not against Malays. I have not heard or seen any DAP members utter publicly hatred against Malays otherwise they would have been in jail now, given the efficiency of our selective prosecution practices condoned by BN.

    Despite you being a Malay and harbors suspicion of non-Malays of stealing your rights, I still think Malays are my brothers in spirit and soul of a nation.

    Amazing… we have in our midst a strong supporter of racism by virtue of justifying the existence of BN. This is akin of supporting Nazism by fascist.

  65. #65 by aquaimplotec on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 2:55 am

    KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last night said he hoped that every Malaysian could give importance to solidarity.

    sol·i·dar·i·ty /?s?l??dær?ti/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[sol-i-dar-i-tee]
    –noun, plural -ties.
    1. union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests, as between members of a group or between classes, peoples, etc.: to promote solidarity among union members.
    2. community of feelings, purposes, etc.
    3. community of responsibilities and interests.

    —Synonyms 1. unity, cooperation, community. 2. unanimity. Unabridged (v 1.1)
    Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

    Union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests cannot arise when there is racial delination.

  66. #66 by butul on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 5:57 am

    Ayioo AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked you mentioned about how the chinese defended Malacca. Now the UMNO goons have to work overtime to change the History books again!!

  67. #67 by Jeffrey on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 7:33 am

    In furtherance of earlier posting, there is but one more distinguishing feature of our political corruption (besieds scale & proportion mentioned) that proves a measuring cast of particular iniquitousness when compared against political corruption occurring universally elsewhere – and that is, ours is perpetutated upon political power built on a sum zero institutionalised preference of one race against the rest.

  68. #68 by Dr.Ken on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 8:15 am

    Take a look at how our PM handle the situation ” Ahmad Ismail doesn’t mean it & I ask him not to repeat that remark again ” The Case is finally Closed.

    Our PM is really a very WEAK Leader. He don’t know how to manage his subordinates. IF a chinese or an Indian man give such a remark , He will be arrest under ISA or the Sedition act . Where is the Rule of Law ?

    Our PM didn’t realise some of his subordinates are liabilities to him such as Najis & khairy. Fire them now .Any way , This is their last term of Governing.

  69. #69 by oct on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 8:19 am

    When you have a leader who doesn’t know how to correct the wrong, what can you expect? Our PM is afraid to antagonize his supporters as he might lose votes during the forthcoming UMNO assembly. He has to play the nice guy in front of his supporters.

    Look at another incident. The teacher who uttered racial remarks. She got off without any punishment. In fact she was transferred to a smart which is near her home. In the transfer letter, she was told that it is for her safety. Nothing was mentioned about her racial remarks.

    With such people who has said racial remarks and no punitive action, there will be more bold racial remarks coming from UMNO!!!

    It is very insulting to be told when you are born in Malaysia to be considered as a Perdatang. When you are born here, you have all the rights under the constitution.

    When a PM cannot control his goons, he is a weak PM. He is not assertive and possess not wisdom. He doesn’t know how to differentiate the casual and serious implications. In fact, he is good for nothing. How can we have such a leader leading us into the 21st century? We better change to a more competent and effective leader like DSAI!!!!

  70. #70 by Bigjoe on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 9:29 am

    Its not just about the contradiction of the PM’s merdeka message and his comment on Ahmad Ismail. Its also about the fact that the contradiction is lost on the PM that he did not see the contradiction in the first place. What he see is himself trying to balance the demands of sides and he thinking he does not have to chose, make hard decisions and manage difficult situations. Its about his perception of what is leadership which is far from what is expected and what is needed.

    Given he has only two years to go, this PM is a lameduck. If he did not get this by now, he will not get anything done in the next two years.

    The issue really is what can be expected of Najib and his cronies and what should supporters of Bangsa Malaysia do?

    The first thing to understand is that the choice must not be given to Najib and his cronies. While our PM is intellectually lost, Najib is morally lost – he really could not care less one way or other so long as he is in power and gets what he wants.

    So the first thing that need to be demanded of this PM is that before he leaves, that he makes sure that Najib and his cronies does not have a choice on the matter to move forward on Bangsa Malaysia and the end of the likes of Ahmad Ismail. Remember that Ahmad Ismail did his speech in front of Najib and he not only sat there doing nothing but in fact encouraged the extreme speeches of the campaign.

    How do we ensure this happens? Demanding that BN set up disciplinary committee that consist of proper representation MCA, MIC and Gerakan members that have the right to punish members of its component parties including UMNO.

  71. #71 by rocketintoparliment on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 9:50 am

    This is indeed goods news for PR. Just start keeping all this messages from the racists party UMNO & comments from MCA, Gerakan and start playing them repeatly to remind the rakyat of what type of racists party BN is. We the “squatters ” will not go down to the street and protest and shout and shout.. we will just tick at the right box in the next GE.

  72. #72 by Godfather on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 10:12 am

    “PAS should lead Pakatan Rakyat.” says Zak the coconuthead.

    What is it to you, a foreigner, that a specific party should lead PR ? Why can’t there be consensus politics ? You exclude PKR because of your hatred of Anwar, and you exclude DAP because of your disdain of people like Kit and Karpal. Well, we have news for you – you are in a small and insignificant minority. We do it our way and we suggest you stick to criticism of the Sleepy Head.

  73. #73 by yhsiew on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 11:41 am

    Malaysia pioneering use of DNA as a tool for political suppression?

    It is sad to see the country retrogress after 51 years of Merdeka. We urgently need Merdeka II to liberate people from the clutches of an evil regime.

  74. #74 by pangwl88 on Monday, 1 September 2008 - 12:25 pm

    “In defending Ahmad Ismail by claiming that the Penang Umno leader had not meant what he said”

    How the hell does he know that Ahmad ” had not meant what he said” ?!?!!?!?

    Has he consulted with Admad about this? Get Admad on TV3 to confirm that, and apologize to the ALL Malaysians!!!

  75. #75 by taiking on Tuesday, 2 September 2008 - 8:49 am

    Boys and girls.
    I am your new biology teacher.
    Today I am going to touch on a very interesting subject.
    Can anyone guess what it is?
    Yes Ah Beng, its Dinasaur.
    Now let me start.
    This is a picture of an animal.
    Can you tell what it is?
    Yes. Absolutely correct.
    Its a dinasaur.
    How can you tell that it is a dinasaur?
    Yes it has a very small head.
    And yes it has a very long neck.
    And a large body.
    With a long stretched out tail.
    Now do you boys and girls know that it takes time for the head to tell the limbs to do things like “walk” or “stop walking”.
    The reason is the long neck.
    The message takes time to travel from the head to the limbs.
    And when the message reaches the limbs what happens.
    Walk. Yes but slowly. Why?
    Yes too heavy. Big body.

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