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Lim Kit Siang’s blog written by a Malay?

by Azly Rahman
[email protected]
Brave new Malaysian identity emerging?

Dear readers,

On a website I read the following honest opinion, I thought in the spirit of dialogue, dialectic, and dialogic I’d share with you wonderful bloggers:


Lim Kit Siang’s blog written by a Malay?

There is something that is quite funny about one opposition leader blog which seems to be written by someone else and not the owner of the blog.

That blog is and there are many posts by someone who calls himself by the name of Dr. Azly Rahman.

Whether that person do exists or is a pseudonym of Lim Kit Siang, nobody can tell.

The latest posting by Dr. Azly Rahman titled “All Malaysians have special rights” gives the following excerpts: Read the rest of this entry »


Please help Malaysia!

by KKLow

I am one of your supporter and touched by Gobi/ Theresa Kok/ Lim Kit Siang talk prior to election recently on the party ‘s fight for Malaysian right to improve standrad of living for all Malaysian and first class citizenship…., i also watch all the youtube regarding DAP and was impressed.

We hope the promises to the rakyat can come true such as:

1) fight for lower toll rate (especially LDP) we pay to stuck in traffic jam everyday – status – not yet done.

2) and the hottest issue now – petrol price hike – status – worsen with Abdullah annoucement…even with the rebate or incentives still we need to pay an increase of appx 30% petrol hike…

3) food price increase without any control – with petrol price increase …well….food price will soar and squeeze our standard of living

4) with the poor standard of living – social ills especially ah long/ robbery cases will be frequent and tough to fight… Read the rest of this entry »


Indonesia’s Battle for Religious Pluralism Continues

By Farish A. Noor

Over the past months Indonesia has witnessed, once again, mass demonstrations and mobilisation on its streets. Throughout the month of May, the campuses of the country spilled open and large demonstrations were organised in almost every major city across the Indonesian archipelago to raise awareness about the rising costs of living and in particular the rising cost of oil and gas; in a country that was once a major oil producer but which – over the past five years – has been reduced to being a net oil and gas importer.

While the students of Indonesia’s universities and colleges have taken to the streets to protest on matters that are related to the political economy of the country, other groups have also taken to the streets in protest over issues that have less to do with the material well being of the nation. Since April, Indonesia has also witnessed a string of demonstrations led and organised by right-wing communitarian religious parties and organisations such as the Fron Pembela Islam (Islamic Defenders’ Front, FPI) on matters that have little to do with the economic welfare and future of the country.

One such protest came in late April when the FPI, along with several other allied right-wing conservative Islamist groups, protested over the ruling that the Ahmadiya Muslim minority community was allowed to exist in the country as long as they did not openly declare themselves to be Muslims. For more than a century the Ahmadis have been living in Indonesia and historians will point to the fact that the founding fathers of Indonesia’s nationalist and anti-colonial movement were educated and drawn from the Ahmadi community as well. Read the rest of this entry »