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RPK to be charged with sedition?

i have been informed that Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been ordered to surrender himself at the Jalan Duta magistrate’s court at 9.30 am tomorrow to be charged with sedition.

I have not been able to contact RPK to get confirmation.


Al-Fatihah and a letter to the Home Minister and all Parliamentarians

by Dr. Azly Rahman

Sad sad day.

Today is an extremely sad day for me. It concerns my beloved former English teacher, Puan Rahmah Sahamid. I had just read a Malaysia-Today entry on the passing of her beloved sister Habnah.

Let me reproduce a letter she wrote to Malaysia-Today and I am asking this issue which concerns perhaps millions of Malaysians as well to be brought to Parliament. I am asking both elected representatives from both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to deal with this in a bi-partisan manner.

Below is Puan Rahmah’s story and her urgent appeal, reproduced in full: Read the rest of this entry »


2007 Malaysian Population = 27.17 million

Estimated Population in Malaysia for2007 – 27.17 million (93% citizens; 7% non-citizens)

Malaysian citizens comprise

Bumiputera – 66.4%
Chinese – 24.9%
Indians – 7.5%
Others – 1.3%

“All states register the same trend, i.e. bumiputera being the biggest group except for Penang with bumiputera and Chinese almost at par i.e. 44.2 per cent and 44.8 respectively .

Selangor registers the highest population, i.e. 4.96 million (18.3%) followed by Johore 3.24 million (11.9%) and Sabah 3.06 million (11.3%). States with less than one million population are Negri Sembilan (0.98 million), Malacca (0.74 million), Perlis (0.23 million) and Federal Territory Labuan (0.09 million).

(From Parliament Q & A)