Education – for Malaysians or Races

by Chopin

My concern is always the above. With five children at schools and rising cost of living I find it rather difficult to cope with today’s Malaysia education systems. I find it rather messy, complicated, grade-oriented and so on. Not to mention the teachers’ grumbles and tight red-tapes in its ministry level. Therefor, I would like to line up the followings if Uncle Lim could somehow bring it up or perhaps to YB Dr. Halimah Ali of S’gor Exco in charge of education.

1. Primary and Secondary Education

I would like the education system could emphasise on Child’s Creativity and character build-up rather that grades oriented. It’s a shame that teachers in our Primary education is a Maktab Perguruan graduates with little knowledge on Early Child Education. Even, I found out recently our children as young as 5-6 years old in Kindergarden are having tuitions now! Are we becoming something like S’pore now? Teachers should be a graduate with specialization in early child education or related to that. A master degree and PhD would be better. (There is always a gap between primary school teachers and secondary school teachers and the first is a bit low, so to say)

I strongly feel that with strong foundation in the early education our children would have better understanding of their future and their career path, in a crude word, they should know what they want to be. If a child says that he/she wants to be a lawyer, or a policeman, or an army personnel at least the path for that is always there for them to venture.

It is a common practice among the schools now to segregate the children based on their grades achievement. The bright one in the always the best classes while the “stupid” ones are in the last classes. Are these our children are stupid enough? Recently I watched this Nationa Geopraphy channel how a girl nearly totally abandoned her musical gifted talent and career after she was told by the teacher for “wasting the time” based on her musical ability. So as I can see, teachers’ words are so powerful to change children mind in a split second. Please change this old mentality methods for once and for all.

I also find it rather strange although year after year brillliant outstanding students graduates but still technology inventions and significant achievement always belong to these western countries? Why? Why today each and every children needs to buy Activity Books? Why not teachers give them excercise extracted from Text Books hence fully utilise the Excercise Books? And this why our children have to bring heavy bags to schools today? Why today our children are so lacking in excitement to go to schools? Why there is always no teacher attending the classes either going for meeting, or kursus or government functions etc? And yet we reach no better than Korea or Taiwan or Singapore and even China.

Early social intergration with all races would come as early as our children step into schools. This should continue when they go further to Secondary Education. By having too much Chinese Schools, Tamil Schools and Malay Schools plus Islamic Religeous Schools and so on, this racial intergration is very difficult to achieve when our children grow up. But at the same our ethical values and cultures along with its valuable heritage should remain in each of our children. Our children should be given their chance with our guidance how this beloved country should look in future.

Having boarding schools are good but poorly managed and mishandling with little or no understanding to youngsters problems would lead more complicated matters. Almost 50% of our SBP students are having either a boyfriend or girlfriend and they are having some kind of serious relationship! This worries me. It seems that schooling is no longer considered to be enjoyful. Some SBP’s are meant for Malays only which is bad in a long period of time. It means although on surface we are Malaysians but deep in our heart we tend to hate each other.

Too many women teachers and little men for teaching. Please do not brand me as biased towards our women contribution to this country. By saying this I mean women are having three jobs at one time, a teacher, a mother and a housewife which all are great and difficult jobs. Therefore, at the end of the day these extra jobs would limit their ideas and exhaust their energy to move forwards and “janji hujung bulan ada gaji”. The rest I don’t care attitude. With male teacher around the scenario would be different a bit, so instance may be to come during the weekends would be less problems and involving more in extracurriculum and fun. Therefore, teachers’ plights have to given attention too.

2. University

University fee in Malaysia offers almost same amount to foreign students while the latter has to pay a little bit higher (I might be wrong). I feel that education suppose to be minimal or affordable to our children not until they have to “loan” from any agencies and pay with interests. If our education is at world class level, which I doubt about it, then fee should be higher for foreign students. This is considered to be an industry by itself, like Australia or UK or US for that matter. Even Open University is not cheap let alone Monash University in M’sia or Nottingham Univ. in M’sia or whatever. Let us open a way for every one with a chance to study at higher level and affordably.

For matured students university should open more opportunity for them to enhance their educations. Provide more grants to potential students where more corporate involvement and semi-gorvenment agencies. Can we at least consider these mega projects which would benefits a handful of people and start giving back to rakyat especially education? What is the purpose of NEECR or so on but the rakyat there needs more talents and educations, can we just for once consider this?

I am sure I have no direct benefits while these mega projects are going on. If I were to go to KLCC now, again the food is expensive, the parking is expensive, the roads there are jammed I again have to pay if I were to go up there just to have a few “significant” views. It only benefits only already rich people who are trying to be extra richer.

  1. #1 by giko on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 4:21 pm

    at the rate the BN federal gahmen’s going, all our local bred brains will drain to S’pore…

  2. #2 by highhand on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 4:23 pm

    the education system need a major revolution to break down race based segregation and empowers meritocracy. till then what ever talk of reform, revamp, reengineer, revitalise are as good as fanciful words in dictionary

  3. #3 by yhsiew on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 5:09 pm

    Component parties in BN that represent the non-Malays had not done enough in the past to champion non-Malays’ entitlement to tertiary education in PUBLIC universities. Hence today it has become an “accepted” fact that non-Malays (apart from a few lucky ones) must be prepared to “dig deep into their pockets” in order to pursue tertiary education in a private institution.

  4. #4 by lakilompat on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 5:24 pm

    Their mentality is still dated 50 yrs ago, “Giant vs Dwarf” and that Dwarf require protection. No matter what you throw at them, they still insisted they are the little dwarf and deserved the special right to be protected. But these little dwarf who listen to their leader will hold street protest against the authority. They are also rude to put up silly banner like “Anwar Pengkhianat Bangsa” or “Kami nak Idris, Natang.” Do you all want a shameless leader like that?

  5. #5 by setiawan on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 5:27 pm

    My son requested me to put this information here:

    He goes to a premier chinese boys school in Penang.
    And he, like his brother before him, represents his school in inter-school debates.

    One of the STUPID rules is that the school team MUST HAVE A MALAY in order to qualify to represent Penang State!

    So, even though his school team always excels in the debates, they are alway ‘disqualified’ at the final to represent the Penang State!

    What disgusting discrimination.

  6. #6 by lakilompat on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 5:40 pm

    It is no surprise all the listed local companies board of director must have Malay. Most of the person sitting in the listed companies are normally from UMNO if you see the newspaper when the companies launch shares to the public. Or, if you buy shares in local stockmarket, there will be annual financial report, read it carefully under board of directors, you won’t be surprise to find some of our minister are chairman.

    Can we charge them under “conflict of interest” ? or breach of contract?

  7. #7 by novice101 on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:05 pm

    Education – for Malaysians or for race!

    A very relevant question in this multi-ethnic society of ours. Is unity in diversity, in education, in our Malaysian society possible. Looking back to our past (40 -50 years back), it would have been achieved if the politicians had not politicalized the education system. These politicians had done a great disservice to the nation. For their own political ambitions and interest, they ‘championed’ to advance the cause of their own ethnic groupings, to the detriment of our nation as a whole.

    Racial integration can be achieved in this wonderful nation of ours if all politicians, from now on, put the nation before self ! They should now on stop using education for political mileage, they should realise the peace and prosperity is every one’s responsibility!

  8. #8 by k1980 on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:15 pm

    Chopin, you have a hell of a lot of whys in your letter but very few hows to splve them. And you fail to mention that the core cause of the problems in schools today is due to the serious lack of discipline among the students, both urban and rural

  9. #9 by lakilompat on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:27 pm

    I’m a chinese studying 6 yrs in Malay Primary school, because my parents at that time thinks in order to survive in Malaysia, one have to learn their language. That was 24 yrs ago. I’ve made alot of Indian friends, at that time, the Indian will invite me to their home for mutton rendang meal during Deepavali, my friend mother will give me some token to buy fire crackers and play with their children. During chinese new year, i will invite indian friend to come to my grandpa place and we shared the toys and foods. I find that Indian are more friendly and have a very good culture during those days. I also have Malay friends at that time, i don’t want to say that but most of them don’t bother abt chinese, or maybe im weak or something. Pls im not rascist but im just telling my 6 yrs experience in Malay school, i was from Sekolah Tunku Mahmood (2) Kluang Johor. But one of the chinese girl i knew have a Malay boyfriend, so i think it is still ok. I mean they should invite each other to their party, this will be so call racial integration.

  10. #10 by cheng on soo on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:31 pm

    best msia brains will need to hv their training in s’pore, HK, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Taiwan, China etc, and later drain to these places!
    no worri lah, msia can always get replacement from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, enaf lah!

  11. #11 by lakilompat on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:38 pm

    I’m not the best, im not the worst,

    i’ve studied 6 yrs in Malay primary (Kebangsaa) 2 yrs in Malay Jenis Kebangsaan. There’s a difference, jenis kebangsaan mean mixed, kebangsaan mean purely Malay but i wonder why i can study there for 6 yrs.

    2 yrs in Mauritius (Secondary School)
    then 2 yrs in Canada (Pre U program)
    2 yrs in Malaysia (Twinning)
    1 yr in Australia

    I can easily pinpoint the pro and con of each govt. policy but the problem is, will the leader listen? one day Hishamuddin can said will take action then tomorrow he can suddenly change to different person.

  12. #12 by ric23_my on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:41 pm


    u really double standard one … u complain BN coallition will not listen … i complain about the selangor case then u ask me to shut up and that is the decison …

    now u should know the feeling when complain but they are not listen right?

  13. #13 by lakilompat on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 6:45 pm

    To ric23_my i jus try to calm u down with facts and reason but not shut u up.

  14. #14 by felix on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 7:08 pm

    Immediate plan is to build more secondary chinese school. Look at frustration the way the chinese student going in to form 1. There has been a serious lack of chinese secondary school whereby majority of the chinese student are forced to enter malay school. Look around or ask around and you will agree.
    Some teacher in school even instruct their student to go for tuition when they perform bad. One can also put the blame on the parent but what are the purpose and duty of a teacher then??

  15. #15 by tsn on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 7:22 pm

    I feel real confused by this article, even more dizzy head by the bloggers’ opinions.

  16. #16 by malaysiaunited on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 7:47 pm

    I think Chopin has rightly pointed the fact primary schools should be racially integrated. I guess the biggest obstacle to this are Chinese Educationists. If we look around ASEAN, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia, there are no public primary schools like ours catering for eduction in Mandarin or Tamil. Common primary school education is vital to ensure all races see each other more as classmates than Malays, Chinese, Indians etc. I hope Uncle Lim can Champion for the compulsory mother tongue language as a subject in all primary schools and ultimately leading to the abolishment of Chinese and Tamil public schools.

  17. #17 by tsn on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 8:23 pm


    It seems spectacular you have exposure in various countries education system. To possess such experience doesn’t automatically qualify you to be education advisor. Kerismuddin too has international school, UK education experience, nevertheless he is condemned to the edge of education moron.

    The root problem of our society is we do not have enough confident & scientific reasoning people, most of us just follow the crowd, if others are sending theirs children to tuition centre, we send ours too. The bottom line is affordability, needs, costs & benefits analysis are not in our contemplation.

    The main barrier of racial integration is religion. I dare say that there will be no meaningful racial integration even we house all our young children in one national school roof. Moreover, the student composition in a school is determined by the residential composition, we must sort out our residential segregation first.

    Please have some deeper sight before we drop the death sentence on vernecular schools. They have enough financial problem to solve, do not weigh them down further.

  18. #18 by jetaime.f on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 8:55 pm

    I think the main barrier of racial integration is the lack of T.A.R.O. mainly driven not by the common folk but by certain groups of people and distortion flows easily through the education channel where kids are the most innocent and easiest to mould at a young age.

    T= Tolerance
    A= Acceptance
    R = Respect
    O = Open mind

  19. #19 by nckeat88 on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 9:01 pm

    I think everyone would be happy and no complaint if the gov annouced FREE education from primary to tertiary. FREE mean No fee, all text books given free, all stationary given free, all activity book given free, free hostel and with guaranteed job as well after graduation.

    Seem like everyone hwere still see thing through the racial line, are the ‘Malay’ race mean stupid, incapable or inferior people than Chinese or Indian?

  20. #20 by tsn on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 9:13 pm


    If the Chinese society senses any hint LKS is with ultimate motive to annihilate the Chinese school, I can ensure you DAP will be ousted completely from Malaysia political map.

    Please be more sensible, a complex issue such as racial integration does need a highly intelligent brain, understanding, sacrifice & compromise of all parties to solve, a convenient and mentally retarded approach will make a muddy field even muddier.

  21. #21 by seladang on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 10:25 pm

    then whats the difference with the ultra malays screaming to protect their nep.unless we work towards creating one school identity regardless race i would think the bangsa malaysia will remain rhetoric. Your calming reason ‘Please be more sensible, a complex issue such as racial integration does need a highly intelligent brain, understanding, sacrifice & compromise of all parties’ sounds quite familiar with some rhetoric i hear from the umno side. is this a case of pot calling kettle black?

  22. #22 by limkamput on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 10:31 pm

    k1980 Says:
    “Chopin, you have a hell of a lot of whys in your letter but very few hows to splve them. And you fail to mention that the core cause of the problems in schools today is due to the serious lack of discipline among the students, both urban and rural”

    Hmmm, really so. But do you know the reasons behind the serious lack of discipline among the students, both urban and rural? It is amazing how one looks at an issue. You must be having lots of problems with youngsters?!?

  23. #23 by limkamput on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 10:39 pm

    lakilompat says: ….”Or, if you buy shares in local stockmarket, there will be annual financial report, read it carefully under board of directors, you won’t be surprise to find some of our minister are chairman. Can we charge them under “conflict of interest” ? or breach of contract?”

    I think you are fast emerging as a half bake talk cock king here. I don’t think you have ever read a company annual report before. If you have done so before, I don’t think you would make these statement.

  24. #24 by AHILA on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 10:56 pm

    Dear Chopin,
    Dont critize the very teachers who taught you in Primary schools.ANd dont under estimate Maktab Perguruan qualified teachers…..just beczuse they are not grads. To must be dedicated and knowledgeable and willing improve oneself. Tell me all graduate teachers dedicated and sincere in their profession? Well Khairy is foriegn educated…what about his attitute,.character, ideas for that matter? I am a Maktab made too…one of the youngest in the state to receive ‘Guru Cemerlang’…I spend most of my time trying to see my pupils excel..until I forgot what a hopeless housewife I was.
    So Chopin…being a grad or not does not determine if one is a good teacher or not..ITS THE SYSTEM ! If we can be a change in politics we can bring a change in the Education system too. Abolish race/quotas in the system.Let merit speak for itself.

  25. #25 by bystander on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 11:09 pm

    To most if all parents, their children’s education is top priority. All the whys are relevant but not new. What does one expect when the Minister of Education is a racist and a moron. What has he done in the last 4 years to take malaysian education standards to a higher level or brought about changes to allow for better students integration in schools. Nil. All he knows is to how to unsheath a keris and threathen non malays. The trouble is that BN/UMNO has been tinkering too much with malaysian education to try to turn all schools into malay schools or if possible into madrasah so that malays will become superior. That is a fact. They cannot accept equality and equal opportunities . As a result, all the best brains have deserted to greener pastures leaving behind younger,less experienced, less passionate and less committed educationists especially those LMN heading schools and univs. Since then malaysian standards have plunged into the abyss and out of the top 500 in the world. Pls refer to RPK article on the VC who sued him for RM7million. This guy is indoctrinating hatred into malay students against nonmalay students. Under such undesirable conditions, how does not expect our education to flourish to nurture our children’s minds to become creative, inventive, innovative and brilliant. Parents and students are spending time resisting these LMNs from spreading their religion and idealogy instead of educating our young. what a shame and unhealthy situation our schools and education are in.

  26. #26 by malaysiaunited on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 11:32 pm

    We must think of the future as Malaysians intead of Malays, Chinese, Indians etc. So start building a society that goes to a common school to have what Jetaime.f says T.A.R.O. Otherwise it is just a time bomb like Yugoslavia where the policians used the racial/religious card to get it disintegrated.
    Felix, Singapore got secondary Chines public school meh? TSN, LKY survived and and got Singapore prospered despite closing down Nantah etc. Think long term and think Malaysian. Maybe we too long under BN, we also think like them, in racial terms!

  27. #27 by kickbutt on Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 11:36 pm

    “I think you (lakilompat) are fast emerging as a half bake talk cock king here. I don’t think you have ever read a company annual report before. If you have done so before, I don’t think you would make these statement.” limkamput

    Not to worry, lakilompat! Everybody who doesn’t agree with the resident gatekeeper is a “half-baked talk cock king”. You really should take that as a compliment coming from he who must be obeyed.

  28. #28 by mycroft on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 1:24 am

    lakilompat Says:
    Yesterday at 18: 27.06

    I’m a chinese studying 6 yrs in Malay Primary school, because my parents at that time thinks in order to survive in Malaysia, one have to learn their language.

    Excuse me? Their language? Bahasa Kebangsaan is our language as Malaysians. And please don’t forget that.

  29. #29 by Malaysian For Equality on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 3:47 am

    Mendela Said:

    Pls ask Petronas to open its books. Too much secrecy in Petronas.
    Is all the money still available?
    How much is left in its accounts?


    Much as we like to encourage appreciation of Western Music in Malaysia why is it that Petronas sees it fit to finance the ‘Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’ which is a misnomer because 95% of its 105 musicians are foreign and mainly European. Each musician is paid between Rm 16,000- RM28,000 per month. They are given 2 months paid holiday and working conditions which are second to none in the world. They have not one but 3 European conductors ! The Chief Conductor is paid RM130,000 per month and the Associate Conductor gets paid RM 50,000. The total Monthly budget for this orchestra is RM 3.5 million.

    The Malaysian Conductor Ooi Chean See resigned because it was widely known she was being undermined and not allowed to develop in her career. During her time with the orchestra, her concert scehdule decreased gradually to the point she was doing only a couple ‘Children’s Concerts’ per year.

    The orchestra has been in existence for 10 years now and the total amount spent on this orchestra has been a staggering RM 500 million.

    Yes, Petronas does not have money for bridges for Malaysians but it has money to splash on foreign musicians. Petronas does not appear to have real desire to train or give opportunity to locals musicians. They promised to set up an Academy of Music to train local musicians with the tutors drawn from the orchestra but this sadly has not materialised.

    Since its inception, the Malaysian Philharmonic orchestra has not increased its Malaysian participation which still stands at a shameful 4%. They have cosmetic programs like ‘outreach’ to supposedly encourage the love of western classical music to local Malaysians but these are essentially self serving publicity stunts. Even the newly formed ‘Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra’ is a publicity stunt with no serious commitment to develop Malaysian talent. It is poorly organised and its musicians meet about twice a year only! The previous founding CEO Mr Hamid Abu Bakar who was at the helm of the orchestra was clueless about music and left the artistic decisions to IMG, an international music agency who have successfully milked Petronas for tens of millions of dollars.

    The current CEO Juniwati Hussin is a chemist by training and is a slight improvement because she does actually attend the concerts and is not averse to learning to appreciate western classical music. But the overall artisitc planning and direction in controlled by the Europeans who have a vested interest telling Petronas that there is no talent in Malaysia and the ignorant management of Petronas are happy to maintain the status quo. It would appear that they prefer foreign participation in this ‘Malaysian Orchestra’ then to have Malaysians. What a pathetic mindset.

    I hope issues like this will be brought up in parliament. Why can’t Petronas train local musicians, provide scholarships for locals to study abroad if need be, and then employ them in the orchestra. In a matter of a few years we can have an orchestra consisting of Malaysians true to the name Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and good enough to rival the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.There is an abundance of talent in Malaysia. The sad fact is, Malaysian talent is usually recognised overseas

  30. #30 by yuppie87 on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 5:57 am

    I’ve been following up the election,the aftermath as well as this blog for this past few weeks from where I stay now,Kent Ridge Singapore. Too bad I’m still not eligible to vote for the concluded election(I’m not yet 21, still 20). If not, I would have voted for DAP or PKR as well. I couldn’t help but wonder why Hishammuddin is still heading the ever-important education ministry. As long as he’s in charge, the future will always be gloomy for the majority of young non-bumiputeras. We have to face it, quota for scholarships and places in local universities will remain as it is as long as he’s still in his office. Even the Malays admit that quota has to be abolished. Why can’t he listen to rakyat’s call? I will never forget that keris issue. Hishamuddin must not exist in the government. We must vote him out fin the next election for the sake of meritocracy in education and ultimately for the sake of our future generations and beloved Malaysia to continue to progress.

    It is unevitable that more and more students will leave Malaysia for greener pastures. I’m one of them. Currently I’m studying in NUS. I’m glad that NUS accepted me into one of the faculty that is ranked top 10 in the world by THES. Sadly, I’m one of victims who were marginalised by the quota system a few years back. It’s definitely a bitter pill for anyone to swallow when scholarships are given to those who are clearly less qualified or less
    capable. Back then, being a straight A1 student in SPM, I managed to get the 3-day-2-night interview/evaluation camp for PETRONAS scholarships. I got this offer simply because being ‘smart’,I selected only local Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) degree and not overseas programmes. Another friend(chinese) of mine who also scored straight A1 but applied for an overseas program was not given interview at all, even after appeals. My Malay room mate from Kelantan for that 3-day-2-night camp could hardly converse with me in English(he wanted me to speak in Malay language to him, which is absolutely fine for me). Worse, he only got 7A’s(mixture of A1 and A2) in STM. Anyway, we become good friends and promised to congratulate each other when the scholarship result was out.

    Well, I was rejected of all the courses that I chose locally while my Kelantan friend was given his 2nd choice to study Business Admin degree in France! I wonder how could he handle French language while he’s so weak in English(he hardly able to speak simple English) . Nonetheless, being a friend, I am happy for him and I wished him all the best in France.

    Similar tragedy happened for my PSD scholarship interview as well. I thought I did well in my interview…so it was quite devastating to realize the truth that I was not given any scholarship. Well, maybe it is blessing in disguise, I scored all A’s for my STPM and NUS accepted me as early as by April, that is 3 months faster than the local university placement result. I do not even consider studying locally. Now, I’m satisfied of where I am now, studying with intellectuals from all over the world instead of choosing lousy local universities which are NOWHERE in THES ranking. To hishammuddin and his cronies, stop complaining about the loss of brains to overseas and question our loyalty. Instead, ask yourself how you treated us that gives us no choice but to leave for greener pastures, better opportunities. Stop living in self-illusion and stop accusing us of not being grateful towards my beloved Malaysia. Scholarships should be based on merit and the effort of a student, not skin colour, not father’s salary, not race, not religion. I hate that every year there will be a season where straight A’s chinese students will be asking for MCA’s help to secure PSD scholarships. How pathetic. Why do we have to be like beggars asking for scholarships? How serious this issue will be repeating again for this year? We shall wait and see.

  31. #31 by kingandcountry on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 7:01 am

    I am afraid the only way your 5 children get the so called ‘ creative oriented education is by sending them overseas… you know, its just not the Malaysian way

  32. #32 by chiakchua on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 7:04 am

    Malaysia would have been different today had we not close down the English school in the 70s.

    Let the Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Dayak and Kadazan (if any) primary school remained. Restart English primary and secondary school. I’m sure you could see a new breed of more open minded ‘Malaysian’ in one to two decades to come!

    Do seriously consider this point in view of our racial mix. Of course there are also many other reasons but are very sensitive to be discussed here.

    Don’t beat around the bush, let’s just go ahead with what is good for the nation; don’t be ‘kiasu’! We are not following Singapore, it is the best way for a multi-racial country.

  33. #33 by tsn on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 7:33 am


    Do not conveniently pluck our southern neighbor as an example in eliminating Chinese schools. One simply cannot overlook the efficiency and effectiveness of PAP government in achieving theirs set goals. IF they got to reverse a tide, by all means and in a short period they are there definitely. Today,of course they are not resorting to reopen the Chinese schools but intensively in promoting, uplifting the standard of Chinese language. With theirs strong currency and good salary packages, they can easily fish the best Chinese teachers from Malaysia, China…. to teach Chinese in Singapore, even can train theirs own best brains in this subject. Soon they will equip theirs citizens with necessary Chinese language knowledge to explore the vast lucrative China market.

    The opposite is a norm in our beloved bolehland. However great a thing once is wiped out from our country, sorrylah it is bye-bye forever. We are sort of mighty destroyer but sickly installer and restorer. A very living example-English, some even agrees that our English standard is poorer than Thailand, what a sad scenario.

    Chinese schools are just a very small insignificant apparatus in our land, we are panting with little fresh air, so do leave us alone.

  34. #34 by pulau_sibu on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 7:35 am

    Uncle Lim, is MUST the best university in Malaysia? What is its world ranking?

  35. #35 by k1980 on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 9:24 am

    Ahem, my fengshui master advised me to step down only in 2050….

  36. #36 by fido on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 9:40 am

    Our govt can beat around all the bushes that they want but 50 years down the road, they still cannot deny the importance of studying English if they want to be successful internationally.

    The 1st place to start is to have all the teachings done in ENGLISH medium. We have wasted so much time and $ translating from english to BM and v.v. For god sake, concentrate on imparting and honning the knowledge, stop fooling around with all these non value added activities. Just get the job done.

    Look at what is needed to be successful in the international arena and tailor your education system to fit that. In this borderless world today, we cannot continue to live under the malaysian coconut shell.

    Keep politics out of the education system.

  37. #37 by lakilompat on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:06 am

    Today or yesterday news, a spokesman said in the press that Petronas money is not meant for nation building. Then let me ask, that revenue goes where? to the govt.? or certain individuals pockets?

  38. #38 by ric23_my on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:14 am


    petronas money is handled by petronas, the decision is made and lets just take it as it is …

  39. #39 by pulau_sibu on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:22 am

    petronas money……
    as i mentioned some where several days ago, a country like libya distributes the bonus to its citizens every year. in boleh, the bonus goes to just a handful of royal people under nep.

  40. #40 by lakilompat on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:30 am

    to ric23_my yes i will take it as it is, unless the PM made an announcement said like taht, i will still fight on till PM made explanation.

    Look Petronas rather uses million to sponsor F1 or sport car lucky draw rather than bayar hutang rakyat 50 yrs since independent. As Malaysian do we get a single cents from Petronas? not even the govt. servant get much.

  41. #41 by ric23_my on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:36 am


    u double standard lah,

    when i ask DAP for explaination of selangor exco formation, then u ask me take it as it is, and made no complain, and cannot ask even ..

    then when you ask about petronas, i make use of ur previous mindset … ask you to keep quiet and take it as it is …

    but u insists for explaination … cannot like that … this is double standard lah

  42. #42 by cheng on soo on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:37 am

    sorry, cannot agree with U, in this land , as some said, once closed, no more, (like english language)
    spore already sort of regret closing chinese school, but they can upgrade their chinese language std easily, they can teach chinese language properly in their national school, here? no way lah. just cannot compare lah!
    chinese language important or not , U wait till 2015 or so and see for yourself! (even thailand, indonesia, vietnam are encourage their ppl to learn chinese now)

  43. #43 by cheng on soo on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:40 am

    the way to get all msian united, is to treat every citizen equally, NO MORE, bumi , non bumi etc.
    with current situation, if U forced all children of different races to study together, but still hv bumi / non bumi. ketuanan melayu thing, U can never expect unity lah

  44. #44 by lakilompat on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:44 am

    No ric23_my u get me wrong again.

    Because ur concern is abt. Teng, and that Teng himself has made a statement, which u shud respect if u believe in what Teng said. If u still can’t get his point, you should seek appointment with Teng and ask him personally in order to satisfy you.

    But Petronas, YB LGE seeking appointment with Pak Lah, therefore, i’m anticipating to hear from Pak Lah on the result.

  45. #45 by ric23_my on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:47 am


    teng made a statement is his problem lah, not everyone agree with his statement …

    MCA,Gerakan and MIC also accept the ideology of UMMNO policy like DEP and also petronas administration … since they are as one coallition

    then why dun you accept MCA,Gerakan & MIC decision, and ask so much explanation?

  46. #46 by lakilompat on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:54 am

    cheng on soo, i was in Malay school for 6 yrs, i don’t feel i get discriminated i was a scout too, the scout master (ustaz Malay) treated chinese well too, he bought us rice, and bring us home after sport events.

    Well they have this islamic session where all chinese and indian have to move out from class, but we are heading to some where fun.

    The “ketuanan melayu thing” is just TAR propoganda after WW2, to awaken all Malay to stand together against British colony or Penjajahan British. It’s so funny all the UMNO leader today misintepret the true meaning, some even worst they though wielding Keris will mean “Ketuanan Melayu” that’s not it, there are far more better way to strengthen the Malay, one of the way is to get rid the concept “gergasi lawan kerdil” i once bought story books like that during book fair at my school. Today the kerdil represent crony, and that crony need protection. Well, that kind of attitude and mentality is already an insult to Al Quran and the Malay. Making use of “Ketuanan Melayu” is no longer relevant, becos there’s no more enemy that conquer the Malay, the only enemy that conquer and destroy the Malay is its leader, who become arrogant, and failed to address to national interest.

  47. #47 by wag-the-dog on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 12:27 pm

    Tony Pua (MP PJU) – Even A Cow Could Have Won

    The US sub-prime crisis in graphics – Part 2

    The US sub-prime crisis in graphics – Part 1

    The Malay Struggle – Please Explain


    To Hear and To Listen

    Please visit my blog

  48. #48 by sharas on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 1:10 pm

    My son from ACS Sitiawan,Perak was born 1n 1990(18 yrs) and is doing 1st year MBBS abroad. without any scholarship . Student of his age just got their SPM result Mac 2008 .The goverment should encourage and give Priority to to this student even though he is an Indian.

  49. #49 by shortie kiasu on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 2:21 pm

    Malaysian education system has evolved into such a state that now the students in Primary and Secondary schools are a bunch of “A” collectors.

    Every one is comparing the number of”A” they collected in the UPSR, PMR, SPM & STPM. They feel ignorantly proud of the number of “A” they can collect. The more the better. What creativity & analytical-mindedness they possess?

    Mind you, the public examinations are all set with objective questions, with multiple choice answers given to pick.

    Just see how many “A” the students can collect if all the questions are set in subjective modes??

    That is where creativity and analytical mind will be trained to tackle the real situation.

    And that is when quality in the education, and quality students will come out from the system and to be useful materials to the society & to the country.

  50. #50 by cheng on soo on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 2:28 pm

    do u know the situation in National primary schhols NOW and YOUR TIME is different, do u hv children or nephews / nieces etc in these schools NOW! now many “little napoleans” around, life for non bumi kid is tough,
    eg cannot bring food from home, so puasa time also no makan, how? some only allow kid to bring biscuit or bread, so eat biscuit or bread for 1 month? good or not?

  51. #51 by lakilompat on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 3:17 pm

    By the way at that 1 mee goreng cost 20 cents, when I’m in standard 2 my pocket money is 20 cents, standard 3 my pocket money is 30 cents, standard 4 my pocket money is 50 cents then standard 6 is 60 cents. That time drink only cost 10 cents. Then come form 1 when i switched school from Kluang to Penang, butterword, they serve chinese economy rice there but without pork, cost 60 cents the watermelon juice cost 50 cents. I think the Penang school the canteen is much nicer because got chinese seller. I also try the mee rebus there sometime. That time was 1991 when Im in form1, things are pretty cheap in Penang, one “char koay teow” is RM 0.80 with egg is RM 1.00 I think the food serve at Jenis Kebangsaan secondary school is nicer, as chinese students & indian students are more.

  52. #52 by wag-the-dog on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 3:19 pm

    Malaysia’s Beauty only Skin Deep – A Nomad

    This article was written by a traveller and an expat who had lived in Malaysia.

    Malaysia is a great country! Unspoiled beaches, excellent diving spots, mountains surrounded by misty fog, exotic fauna and flora and a healthy, vast rain forest are attracting plenty of visitors. Islands like Pulau Langkawi, Tioman, Penang, the Perhentians or locations like Genting Highlands have a legendary reputation with travelers.

    The country embraced tourism already many years ago and the slogan “Malaysia – truly Asia” will ring in your ears forever; once you saw the mesmerizing advertising campaigns on CNN, BBC or other global TV stations.

    However, Malaysia’s politics were never that idyllic and recent years were no exception:

    What happened so far?

    Visit for details.

  53. #53 by westlife on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 6:39 pm

    wat i believe in is that, all of us are being too marginalised and want the better for our own race. let us be malaysians. let there b no tamil schools, or chinese schools or agama schools. wat there shld be is a Malaysian school which promotes integrety, no-selfishness and btter understanding of each others races and religions. i am an indian muslim, 16, not discriminated by the malays bcauz im an islam and not discriminated by the indians and chinese bcauz i look like pakistani and converse in gd english. the quality of education has indeed degraded to suit the malay students achievement and 4 ur info, even the student who got last in my class during form 3 chalked up straight A’s in PMR. scholarships should b provided 4 students witout races and 4 students who can converse in gd english, witout racism, straight A1’s, gd cocuriculur, and Malaysian by heart.

  54. #54 by kingkenny on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 7:16 pm

    no kidding…this topic is a serious 1

    I am educated in a national school, primary & secondary..but now that i am married & have a son, i am sendng him to a chinese school after reflecting on my past experience…pmr & spm is bulls***…it is for you to look for $800 – $900 12-14hrs job!…there is ZERO human potential development!!!!!

    As my wife comes from a private chinese school, i come to learn from her that artistry, cultural debate and understanding, sports and talent sponsoring are emphasised MORE than national schools!!

    I hope the BR will not take us for a ride just like the “BN”…because ultimately the gomen is dealling not with RACE…it is dealing with HUMANS and the SPIRIT and SOUL in it!!!

    March 8 is ONLY the start of something really HORRIBLE for BN.

    Give our CHILDREN a better future so tht they can be a Good Citizen –

    AND not a bunch of silly corrupted “Politicians” who just know how to cheat, steal and beg!!

    DAP ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  55. #55 by Loyal Malaysian on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 9:37 pm

    The shameful part about the graduates from the teacher training institutes is that they are not given sufficient training. They are at the institutes for only a year[the varsity graduans], definitely insufficient time to prepare for the challenges of teaching in the primary schools.
    The suggestion to extend training has been floated for some years now but has not been implemented.
    Now, we have fresh graduands been trained as remedial teachers. When they do not have any basic teaching experience I doubt they can conduct remedial classes effectively.
    What more how good is the expertise training them in the teaching institutes?

  56. #56 by ppsbmy on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:14 pm

    i’m a racist. & i wanna change that. i hope Malaysians will admit it & are willing to change.

    i studied in SK Bt 8. i went to SBP. i had to study form 6. i studied in local U.

    the teachers from all races treated me nice as i was quite a bright boy. i made some very good friends mostly from others races bc i was a minority (not not classified as a bumiputra). i was also bullied by some other students.

    i do realise i was discriminated against by some government policy. my parents were not rich nor educated, therefore i was entitled to receive biasiswa in the SBP. however i was given half of what the bumis received i.e RM180 for 5 years (1990-1994). many of the bumis have parents richer than mine. of course there were other bumis less fortunate than me.

    to be continued….

  57. #57 by Joshua Tan Kok Hauw on Friday, 28 March 2008 - 11:28 pm

    Unified exam of chinese private secondary school should be recognised by the government.

    The building of (sjk)chinese primary schools should be systemised.

    Dong Jiao Zhong should be given the green light to set up a university based on Mandarin.

    More teachers should be trained for chinese primary schools.

    A Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to look into the problems of Malaysian education system.

  58. #58 by lopez on Saturday, 29 March 2008 - 2:27 pm

    when i was young and that ws 50 years ago, i also heard the same “phrase” brain drain” and today in the millenium in bodohland we still have brain drain…how pathetic…
    my friends were part of that brain drain too, by our standards those days we had similar result scores.
    So what brain drain many of today’s malaysians are talking about, for all i know you are also just as bright , so stop the calling brain drain
    it is more like you are being deny of your abilities and opportunities by some quarters of our society.

    Dream on , roti canai and live FA cup will keep many of u satisfied.

  59. #59 by waterfrontcoolie on Saturday, 29 March 2008 - 5:32 pm

    I was a teacher for a few years, teaching in national schools, meaning ,mainly Malay students. In the late 60s and early 70s, I guessed ‘things’ were not that obvious; meaning non-Malay teachers were ‘acceptable’, I believe even today, they are still ‘respected.’ All the non-Malay teachers that I came across had never had the thought that the students should be treated differently.
    So when my daughter ‘migrated’ from the Chinese primary school to the national school, she had the shock of her life when the supposedly educated head-mistress informed her and her friend, that notwithstanding their 7As ,they would not be put in the A-Class! Just because, they came from the Chinese primary school!!
    Both of them actually came out with better English and Bahasa results than their form-mates! And having seen both of them grew out and ventured into the world to seek their fortune, I must say, they easily topped the 1% of their form-mates in their achievements!!
    So to malaysiaunited, like you, i used to think that those mother-tongue schools should be done away with. That was twenty years ago!! Having seen what transpired in the national schools, the objective of racial integration might not be achieveable, unless school heads are scrutinized for their ideologies before being given the posts.
    At the moment, that remains a dream so long that the power that be, thinks that division of the community is their source of strength to control.
    Hence , i would not advocate the abolition of the primary schools based on mother tongue. In fact, i met many so-called English educated parents who wanted to send their children to such schools merely because they have had lost faith in the national-types. When asked, they said they had no other choice, even to the extent of picking up the mother tongue with their children!!
    So to those parents who are desperate, have faith, if your children are what you SINCERELY think what they are, they will achieve what they aspire to do, sooner or later.
    i know many parents seem to think that scoring a number of As at the school certificate level must mean the world is there for the taking. please, that is just the begining of the first step. Life can only be measured after they have walked their whole career path. Being a doctor or lawyer is wonderful for the pride of the family, but doing well at it requires passion, natural talent and perserverence!
    as they have said it , it is better to be a king in the gutter tahn be a slave in the palace. while writing this note, I just spoke to the small time contractor who was engaged to do some repairs to my old house. We called him, because he appeared to be the most reasonable we came across. he told me, he couls get 10 to 12k per month with his crew of two foreigners and an old pick-up. He got 6 years of education but some how, he is able to estimaye his cost rather well.
    Some time, the high sounding career may be good for the pride but if one is only average in the head, this could be better. So unless one can be in the top 10% bracket, maybe doing the more practical things in life can be less of a headache.
    I say this because I have come across parents moaning about their children not getting this and that courses based on what i would say a very average talent in spite of the results in SPM!
    So don’t moan! the challenges in the world are still there for those who can take the challenges!!

  60. #60 by bystander on Saturday, 29 March 2008 - 8:37 pm

    Chinese primary school is a MUST for all chinese. even indians and malays send their children recognising the values and quality. National schools whether primary or secondary especially headed by LMNs are the pits of education not mean for educating your young. Why do you think kerimudin would not sent his children there but oversea instead. This will not change until Kerismudin the racist is replaced.

  61. #61 by cherrypink on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 8:59 pm

    Uncle Lim, I suggest reading John Lee’s blog; his posts regarding Malaysia’s deteriorating quality of education is similar to mine.

    Those posts are categorized under the “Malaysian Education” category.

  62. #62 by lopez on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 9:51 pm

    I learnt from our Malaysian schools the phrase ” a fact is a fact”
    it was used quite regularly during my days then, but i hardly knew its meaning until i was in my tertiary levels.

    Well it is a fact that our Malaysian school system and our children has been victims of experimentation since 1973….and who was that SOB who started it all…..I wish he go nuts

    Since then experiments after experiments until get kampong degrees to its finest…another first for bodohland.

    Though I was deny of my academic years by those experimentation, I learnt that Knowledge is dangerous but insufficient knowledge is even more dangerous…….i read it some where..
    Our newspaper makes things worst, half truths and pure lies makes the truth sound so real.

    I opine that in order to quickly mitigate the sad situation and apply the following damage control measures.
    We must…..
    1. get the politicians out from the schools, teaching staff and school staff and MOE staff must not be allowed to join political parties.
    2. no preaching of any type religions to children in schools ( arrange for separate time table for children whose parents wish to have )
    3. remove religious content from the text books and curriculum.
    4. Instill learning by doing either individually or in group.
    5. Reinstate “respect thy neighbhour”, especially in food choices in the canteen, encourage bring your own food.
    6. Remove mandatory purchases of wares, articles endorsed by headmaster, schools or MOE.
    7. Remove mandatory purchase of school endorsed stationaries.

    this could be a good start….since this the biggest problem of malaysians schools troubling the young minds and parents minds and pocket.

    Start by sacking the headmasters / mistress who are politically affiliated , motivated, racist, ultra vires in actions and speech.

    Many parents are victims of the experimentation of the 1970’s.
    There are also many of us who survive too.

    Let kick them out before too much harm are done to our children friends.

  63. #63 by Warrior of Cookies on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 10:16 pm

    Whatever brain-drain situation is the damn Gomen’s creation. This Gomen doesn’t value smart people. If they do have smart people, we wouldn’t be able to see education minister wielded the keris. Simple reflection that Kerismudin is not smart politically and failed pathetically. Can we still count on this type of bozo the clown minister to lift the education to the next level? I wonder…..!!! If yes, prove it by changing the existing lame education system…!!!

    It is always a blessing for those brilliant students being accepted into Unis & Poly in Singapore simply because Malaysia’s Gomen has betrayed and abandoned them in the first place…!!!

  64. #64 by Warrior of Cookies on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 10:25 pm

    I have been denied my academic years too but what doesn’t kill us, will only make us stronger and tougher persons.

  65. #65 by Orang-asli on Wednesday, 2 April 2008 - 2:17 pm

    Sincere Challage – “Satu Negara Satu Identiti” – Sekolah Malaysia

    Do you agree that we must have only one primary SEKOLAH type irrespective any other all races interest – e.g in Indonesia

    I have gone through some of the comments posted on this site. A lot of complains/comments posted here to share thier experience and dispointment.

    Some of the comments reflect thier racial interests upon another racial interests. Some of the complains favour thier particular races interest because they think they are very smart or have a right compared to others. They claims this is thier right. They just simply comment and compared with singapore and Taiwan (Chinese dominant states). They only tought what is only best about them/thier races other than all Malaysian.

    Do away with races based (type) schools and Introduce only SEKOLAH (Kebangsaan) irrespective of thier mother though

    Bangsa Malaysia does not means assimilation –
    In this case, means they must adopt one common thing

    Here the most relevant one is

    BAHASA – We no longer needs Primary type school for Tamil (SRJK-Tamil) and Chinese (SRJK (Chinese)

    We do need only Sekolah Kebangsan (Malaysia) to foster better intergrity and unity like in Indonesia.

    I hope DAP with it “MOTO” or strungle for Malaysia Malaysian must agree to this principle, if they are sincere. Bahasa Melayu must be the medium, english (second) however other lenguage (mother tough) can be taught as usual as a language subjects like in university)

    By having only SK, all the goverment resources and effort can be optimized and racial intergrity can be speed-up. Sceptical to ecahe other could be abolished etc

    Kids from sort of live style, mother tough and culture background can have common language and start to know each other without prejudice right from day one in school. At the same time other languages still can be thought as normall during normal school like in the University.

    Do you agree LIM KIT SIANG

    If DAP strungle for Malaysia Malaysian – They must agreed to this principle, otherwise other thing only just a political rethoric or for their political goal only especially to win the political goal for non-Malay goal. I respects non-Malay communities in Malaysia I they can adapt this challange

    Malaysia identity should reflects the Nusantara identity.

    A challange to DAP


  66. #66 by lakilompat on Monday, 21 April 2008 - 2:49 pm

    “Satu Negara Satu Identiti” Monopolistic race is not possible for Malaysian, the Federal & Opposition state do no have a monopolistic concept; hence, this is not feasible.

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