Video: “Malaysia Belongs to The People”

  1. #1 by penangboy on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 6:59 pm

    It’s now on my site. I will stand with you all…always

  2. #2 by Godson on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 7:38 pm

    Good Job DAP.
    I will share this video with all my friends locally and overseas.
    Uncle Kit, i’m very touched to see you on this video.
    We love you and you are our Hero.
    We want you and we need you for a better Malaysia.
    Good Job and MAY GOD BLESS DAP.

  3. #3 by Saint on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 7:48 pm

    Great work Saudara Lim. I am going to distribute this to my friends in my town, especially to those who do not have internet connection. I am making a VCD of it.

  4. #4 by Godson on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 8:00 pm

    Hey Saint,
    Good idea. VCDs can be very handy. I will do that also.

  5. #5 by Short-sleeve on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 8:01 pm

    YB Lim,

    My family member, relatives and close friends are all going to vote for change.

    I am forwarding your video to my friends who are fence sitters.

    Lets take this country back.

  6. #6 by gofortruth on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 8:01 pm

    God bless DAP & all Malaysians & Malaysia!
    Its already on my blog & Will send this to all my friends & relatives.

  7. #7 by KanNinNeh on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 8:06 pm

    YB Lim,

    Congrats ! This is a Good Start, it would be better if you could put a link at the Video to your Blog ! Should put up more Videos and Slideshow at the sidebar of this Fantastic Blog to tell the World more about how the BN Government rape off our Rights and Taxpayers’ Money for the past decades !

  8. #8 by Malaysian citizen on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 8:25 pm

    As long as we Chinese and Indians are treated as second class citizens .

    Where as the Malays are enjoying their special rights and quota policies . I personally will not listen to all the lies BN is saying.

    MCA and MIC can not do anything about this as they are sitting in the same boat with Umno. I do not expect them to quarrel with Umno so why vote for a party that could not help you.

  9. #9 by Malaysian citizen on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 8:33 pm

    I personally agrees that Malaysia belongs to the people and not the bunch of corrupted politicians in BN.

    Vote for your future and let us all not let Malaysia’s progress fall in a standstill because of some selfish politicians’ policies which side only one race.

  10. #10 by cemerlang on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 9:24 pm


  11. #11 by undergrad2 on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 9:33 pm

    Damn! This is the best advertisement I’ve seen in years!

  12. #12 by carloz28 on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 9:43 pm

    we must spread this video faster than coffee ads

  13. #13 by Michael Sun on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 9:44 pm

    Wow! Kit Siang, the video clip is real cool.

    Who said, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks”

    BN has a much bigger budget and Limkokweng University will be all out to support BN with all the media advert campaign as in previous elections.

  14. #14 by Colonel on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 9:47 pm

    That close up of YB Kit’s face is a powerful message in itself. It should have ended there! The voice over could be better. The concept is excellent.

  15. #15 by ALtPJK on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 9:50 pm

    The country does not belong to Sleepy, nor Dopey, nor Dumbo nor monkeys, nor AliBaba & 40 thieves. Not even UMNO or BN.

    The country Malaysia belongs to the People.
    Malaysians, are you ready for People Power?

  16. #16 by Public Freedom on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:00 pm

    Nicely said YB Lim although i cant vote yet but ill try to change other ppl minds about our current political Situation by showing this video and others too show them that BN is not totally truly portrayed in the main stream media….but again too few young ppl care about politics but instead new hand phones and fashion…

  17. #17 by Public Freedom on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:01 pm

    Power to the People!!!!!

  18. #18 by alaneth on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:07 pm

    Well done!!!

    Pity we don’t have Karpal Singh there to jointly receive the baton.
    Hope he will recover real soon.

    God Bless…

  19. #19 by Samson on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:08 pm

    Excellent video. A picture paints a thousand words. A video paints a thousand pictures. Congrats DAP. God Bless.

  20. #20 by izrafeil on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:19 pm

    alhamdulilah… ini kerja baik, moga diberkati Allah!

  21. #21 by justice_fighter on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:22 pm

    YB Lim,
    Good Work.
    Perhaps you can ask help from Namewee to further improve the quality of the video :)

  22. #22 by alaneth on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:23 pm

    We have been talking of helping DAP all this while….

    … lets do our part by spreading this Video over to our friends – including the educated Malays – we can get their vote too. Show DAP is not a ‘Chinese-only’ party, but a party for all.

    Put it into all other blogs we can find on the net. I just forwarded it to all my contact list in email without hinting DAP in my mail. They will know when they see the logo during the close.

    By that time, the short video may have captured their hearts…

  23. #23 by dawsheng on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:39 pm

    I am so touch by it. I have posted the link in facebook to share it with all my friends.

  24. #24 by vchi on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:48 pm

    I have been a follower of your blog for 2 years now…

    After seeing this video, I cannot resist my temptation anymore. I just want to say that:

    Uncle Kit, I will be beside you all the way! Keep up the good work!

  25. #25 by sheriff singh on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:51 pm

    Say, do you have a Malay, Chinese, Indian and Kadazan version?

    Now if only the TV and radio stations will play this.

    By the way, why only 4 or 5 personalities featured?

    And the Rocket on Parliament House. Man, that gonna annoy some people.

    By the way. I am told many BN MPs and Ministers, including a female Minister, is using free government mail (Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda) to send Kong Hee Fatt Choy greetings to all her Chinese constituents. UMNO’s logo and her service center’s address is also shown. Is this allowed?

    Can she use her Ministry’s chop to get free postage for her party’s business? Might this be considered “abuse” of public funds? Is this “Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda”?

  26. #26 by damianyeow on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 10:55 pm

    Very nice indeed, but alas majority of older people do not have internet connection, or many rural areas have very poor or slow internet connection( don’t know if this is deliberate attempt by
    gomen to curb internet usage). But many people, even the poorest have handphone, so to put this on handphone in MMS form, or enable people to download to Hp is a very powerful mass media weapon against total UMNO 100%-media blackout for the opposition. Don’t underestimate the HP, during the filipino uprising againstEstrada especially, Hp messages was used to rally almost 1million people-power participants to help bringdown a corrupt dictator.
    Just my idea, also should include a Malay( should really get one progressive one) a Kadazan, a Sarawakian, so that it will mirror DAP to represent all races,all those underprivileged & voiceless….

  27. #27 by Godson on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 11:00 pm

    Uncle Kit,
    WOW, good response from my friends. Finally we are seeing something here. Thank GOD the time to change has come.


  28. #28 by Bigfoot on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 11:20 pm

    I am so happy to see this. Ofcourse, it would be good if this could be plastered all over TV. But I have my doubts if the Powers-that-be will allow it. I hope that I am wrong. The TV and radio stations do afterall belong to the rakyat, and not to any one political party.

    In the meantime, I hope that this is widely spread throughout the nation. I will do my part to at least inform some friends.

  29. #29 by anti-racism on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 11:26 pm


  30. #30 by MAJULAHMALAYSIA on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 11:36 pm

    Hi Father Of Democracy,

    A Nice and meaningful video for all our Malaysian. This is what I’m hoping for a long time, my inspiration to make Malaysia for all Malaysian. Come on Malaysian! Let’s Together! Let’s Unite! I Love you all Malaysian!

  31. #31 by alaneth on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 11:41 pm

    Put this on TV once EC announces election – but the Bahasa Malaysia version, can you edit so the reader’s voice is by a Malay. Very much more convincing to the Malays.

  32. #32 by cheng on soo on Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 11:46 pm

    Msia Chin… b4 u vote remember, “the keris in yr blood, and burnt down yr Sel Chin. Assm Hall, n accet yr suqiu b4 GE, then brand yr suqiu as xtremist (after GE 1999), convert yr sick love one to Mu.., then snatch body when yr love one passed away, etc etc.”
    U should know whom to vote!

  33. #33 by raven77 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 12:11 am

    More videos please……!

  34. #34 by budak on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 12:13 am

    Uncle Kit,

    You always inspire me & make me feel homely…

    You and your team are true Malaysia Malaysian who’s fighting for the good of fellow Malaysian who’s always forgetting you when receiving “goodies bag” from the “screwed” government…

    if Penangites are BUTA by grave yard digger government, I really “bor wooi kong liao” and they really “thang si liao”…

    Dear fellow Penangites, please stand on your own feet and stop carrying “BN” balls… stop selling your body and soul to BN…! the best, they cruising you NO WAY..!

  35. #35 by burn on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 12:40 am

    good video!
    have just forward the youtube to all friends and clients!

    DAP, you have my support!

  36. #36 by gofortruth on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 1:10 am

    Can you imagine only 6 of them walking up the stairs toward the Parliament house against hundreds of you know who and yet they do their battle so bravely for Malaysians from all races & religions & cultures. DAP, we the people salute you!!!

    It is time to send more “rockets” into the Parliament, I mean to vote in more DAP MPs.

  37. #37 by busyyy on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 1:56 am

    YB LIM,
    great video!
    im looking forward for this coming for me it’s simple,we vote now for the next generation,is between racial politics or a hope for free and justice country.
    DAP, you can have my vote.

  38. #38 by disapointed86 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 2:09 am

    good job..a nice video..

  39. #39 by somaris on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 7:04 am

    From Ireland.
    YB this is a good job.iam so touch by this video.we all need a change for the better future of our children.
    To all indian please do not vote for MIC UMNO,-MCA UMNO.,GERAKAN UMNO.they are like a dog when the master ask them to shurt up they cant even barked to UMNO.they cant fight for the all whts the point vote for them.
    GO FOR DAP .
    Lets all of us pass this video to all the kampong people.
    Let them see .Let them think twices for the future if they vote UMNO.Tell them vote MIC,MCA.GERAKAN is vote for UMNo.
    We need to move fast.Help DAP

  40. #40 by UzMiNoOnist on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 7:08 am

    Fantastic and a very good job.

    May I suggest a professional voice over in Malaysian languages, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English, and some of the other languages spoken by natives in Sabah and Sarawak.

  41. #41 by jlshyang on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 7:18 am

    YAB Lim, please rock penang!

    Good headstart there.

  42. #42 by Bigjoe on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 7:23 am

    Much better. Still don’t like the slogan.

    This country has been hijacked by a very small group of self-righteous, self-interested, unaccountable neo-cons that have held the country and key leaders hostage since May 13, 1969.

    Malaysians have a vision despite the fact the leaders don’t and that is promises made must be fufilled.

    Vote for opposition, vote against lying, deceit, selfishness, and arrogance.

  43. #43 by undergrad2 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 8:05 am

    Who would be better for Malaysia, as U.S. President? Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama?

    Obama wins S. Carolina and now Georgia!

  44. #44 by HJ Angus on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 8:30 am

    Yeah the slogan is a little cheesy and the message is too subtle for ordinary folks.

    Your second video should focus on the rising costs with the following story-line:

    Shrinking ringgit in the pocket
    Rise in toll rates – secret toll agreements signed by BN
    Cancer of corruption in society after 50 years of BN – police, Judiciary
    Crumbs handed out while billions of ringgit are lost through special and very private tenders.

  45. #45 by aiD_kamikuP on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 8:40 am

    Sorry, out of topic but latest news!!

    “Credibility of the Royal Commission of Inquiry Severely Compromised by Tan Sri Haidar

    Tan Sri Haidar’s sister was married to the late brother of Tun Ahmad Fairuz.

    This fact was NOT disclosed by Tan Sri Haidar when he was appointed to the Royal Commission of Inquiry.”

    For more:

  46. #47 by chiakchua on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 9:17 am

    Yes, it is very well done indeed. A great step towards reviving our beloved country!

    Yes, we should have 4 languages instead of only English; and also in Dayak and Kadazan languages if possible!

    Noted there isn’t any Malay representative? Was the man to the right a Chinese or Malay? This is very important as race is still very sensitive at this point of time. Beware, don’t let people catch your leg! Or it is DAP’s strategy to highlight Chinese and Indian representation? May be its good to do some revision if still in time.

    I’m not able to produce them in VCD to pass around though I really wanted to because of my burning frustration of UMNOputra; ABB speak highly of Islam -West interaction but never speak a word on the ‘Allah’ and bible confiscation issue. He only sweet talk to ‘shiok’ people, he doesn’t really mean what he says! He is doing the same thing now during the recent Sin Chew interview; WATCH OUT! DON’T FALL INTO HIS LIES AGAIN! He is the man that Chan Kwong Choy refers too (Criticise DAP only talk to shiok themselves).

    If the VCD is available in Kuantan DAP branch, I will buy 300 copies and make an effort to drop into the mail boxes of 300 families in my election constituency. Please make announcement in this blog when VCDs are available.

  47. #48 by cheng on soo on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 9:19 am

    Looking back, goodies promise by Be End b4 past GE, to non bumi, hardly ever materialize after GE, may be less than 15% only.
    So this time, any promised goodies must be discounted by at least 85%, then why vote for Be End?

  48. #49 by Saint on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 9:23 am

    Have made it into a VCD (plus the Malay version), the one one crime was also good, and have included it. I have also included the 4 parts of Kulas’s talk (in Tamil) into it. All assistance from a good friend of mine.

    I never realized that one day I will be “extracting contents and making illegal copies for free distribution”.

  49. #50 by doremi on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 9:42 am

    Hi guys, check out the BM version here:

    I called up the DAP Hq and was told that the Tamil and Chinese version will be available soon.

    And, the voice over – its LKS the man himself!!! How genuine and touching!

  50. #51 by chai on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 9:54 am

    Im ready to help DAP in this coming election campaign to ensure the DAP candidate win……vote for change….will other malaysia people follow me??????????

  51. #52 by justice_fighter on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 10:18 am

    The good thing with this video is that I can sense the sincerity from the voice of YB Lim, unlike those of Pak Lah, which is full of lies and hypocricy.

  52. #53 by valt76 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 10:28 am

    A very nice video indeed. But allow me to point out a few fawls on a communication point of view.
    First the passing of the baton gives more the a sense of opposition job ( I will carry your griviances to the Parliament) rather then a Gov commitment. Second the group of politicians are all chinese. That makes the use of the indian girl as instrumental (fan on fire..) as the same falls with the insertion of the indian politician face which doesnt appear in the group. I guess indians would still like to see an indian face representing them after all…and the group itself doesnt give very much the impression of a multiracial party. Malays are also forgotten set aside the first image of the girl wearing tudung. In a video like this they are the last few photograms that last in the mind of the viewer.
    Hope my comments would be helpful…..

  53. #54 by Tickler on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 10:39 am

    Datuk Bandar KL thinks Malaysia belongs to Islam Hadhari:

    Islamic authorities getting out of hand

    Concerned Citizen: DBKL has recently replaced all street sign in Taman Seputeh. Now the street names also appear in Jawi script apparently to attract Arab tourists. When the mayor was informed that Arab tourists never come to Taman Seputeh, his spokesmen replied that having street names in Jawi was in line with Islam Hadhari.

    I hope that he is not pulling a fast one on us residents of Taman Seputeh. I appeal to the PM to make a clarification. In the event what DBKL says is true then other residents in housing estates in Kuala Lumpur should also enjoy what residents of Taman Seputeh enjoy.

  54. #55 by ooi1117 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 11:18 am

    hei, she is not idian lah, the little girl is malay.

  55. #56 by Tickler on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 11:22 am

    Do you realise that both the mayor and his spokesman have no clue as to why Jawi scripts appear on the signboards. Arabs and Islam Hadhari have no bearing on the issue. Both these guys are emulating what the Prime Minister and his Government does. A good thing the reply was not the people in Taman Seputeh are given free Jawi lessons and the Mayor will nod his head and say yes.

    The MP for Taman Seputeh is from DAP. Is UMNO sending a message?

  56. #57 by ngahc on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 11:32 am

    The video convey a clear message to all Malaysians. Thanks.

    Yes, there are still many people (especially rural areas) do not have assess to internet. But, the Negarakuku’s ,Lingam’s, and Chua SL’s videos are spreading like wild fire in Malaysia. These videos in Youtube raised many people awareness and also highlighted issues to people in an effective way.

    If not because of video available in Youtube, i would not really bother about Negarakuku and Lingam issues. To buy 15 seconds advertisement in TV is costly and subject to approval from relevant authority. Video in Youtube is affordable (personal opinion)and available anytime. We all hope that there will be more videos forthcoming to highlight certain issues that affect all Malaysians, be it high crime rate, stagnant income, high cost of livings, human right, democracy system, corruption, wastage of public funds….etc.

  57. #58 by scorpian6666 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 11:59 am

    You are not Perfect ! I know
    But I am touched by your devotion in something that’s almost impossible to reach…..
    Whatever happened, i am on your side

  58. #59 by js on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 1:54 pm

    Very touching! Great job. Will share with all my friends and spread to as many people as we can.

  59. #60 by mayfoo02 on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 2:21 pm

    Dear Sir,

    The video’s a fantastic idea to reach out to your potential voters. Like many others who have posted their comments here, I too personally feel it would be even more effective if this could be done with voice overs in other Malaysian languages. The other thing you might want to consider is telling everyone what your stand is on the People’s Declaration set out by Raja Kamaruddin Petra and members of the civil society. Your response to this would be definitely invaluable. Regards.

  60. #61 by alaneth on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 9:54 pm

    Also very good Feng Shui for the Rocket to move upwards on the Parliment Bldg & also DAP members & Uncle Lim to ascend the stairs, bringing the aspiration & voice of the Rakyat in the ‘baton’ along with them.

  61. #62 by lee wee tak_ on Thursday, 7 February 2008 - 8:36 am

    this advertisement is great and touching

  62. #63 by rajanjohn on Thursday, 7 February 2008 - 3:54 pm

    where can I see the clip?

  63. #64 by ChinNA on Saturday, 9 February 2008 - 6:42 am

    Can we have a less formal version that is targeted at late teens? This will get the conversations started in the adults.

    I believe is segmentation. This message is good for all but the ‘mood’ of delivery is more suitable for oldies.

    I am of the opinion that we need one for yuppies and one for late teens.

  64. #65 by ChinNA on Saturday, 9 February 2008 - 6:44 am

    Oh, please a high res version as well so that we can project it onto the giant screens, in full screen mode.

    This is a bit too grainy.

  65. #66 by malaysiachinese on Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 3:38 pm

    Very touching, good work uncle Lim.

    I strongly agree with chinaNA, can we have a version that potraits youngsters. I believe many youngsters are pro DAP. Only old uncles & aunties are pro BN.

    My family will 100% vote for DAP. I salute u, i salute DAP. U r still the best. BN go to hell.

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