Special Complaints Commission – totally different creature and very negation of IPCMC proposal

The Special Complaints Commission proposed in the bill tabled for first reading in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday is a totally different creature from the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) and the very negation of the independent external oversight agency for the police recommended by the Royal Police Commission.

No wonder the Chairman of the Royal Police Commission, Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah said yesterday that he was “very disappointed” as the proposed Special Complaints Commission was not what the Royal Police Commission had in mind. Dzaiddin described the Special Complaints Commission as “something entirely different from what we recommended”.

Another member of the Royal Police Commission, Tunku Abdul Aziz, former Transparency International Malaysia President, is also a disappointed man.

He said: “The whole purpose was to ensure that no only were the police protected against unfair criticism and allegations but also that there would be a return of public confidence in an organization that had lost it. If the new bill is watered down, obviously we are not going to achieve this purpose.”

How can the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the Cabinet expect the 26 million Malaysians to have confidence in the proposed Special Complaints Commission when the leading lights of the Royal Police Commission like Tun Dzaiddin and Tunku Aziz are totally disgusted by the breach of faith and the complete watering-down of the IPCMC proposal to produce something quite nonsensical?

For instance, the Royal Police Commission had proposed that IPCMC commissioners should not be serving or former members of the police force. But the whole idea of an independent external oversight mechanism to ensure that police officers keep to the straight and narrow path of the law, steering clear of abuses of power and corrupt practices, was overturned with the proposal that the Inspector-General of Police is a permanent member of the seven-man Special Complaints Commission!

With the IGP as a permanent member of the Special Complaints Commission, how could the function of independent external oversight of the police from abuses of power and corruption be exercised?

Is the Prime Minister and Cabinet seriously suggesting that members of the public would have confidence to complain against top police officers or even against the IGP himself with the IGP as a member of the Special Complaints Commission?

On initial cursory reading of the Special Complaints Commission Bill, it not only falls far short of the IPCMC proposal of the Royal Police Commission, it is so weak and flawed that it is most unacceptable if the government is serious about wanting to create an efficient, accountable, incorruptible and professional world-class police service.

  1. #1 by dawsheng on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 11:25 am

    Special Complaints Commission??? WTF?

  2. #2 by dawsheng on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 11:28 am

    Different creature? I think it is totally alien, this is from outer space.

  3. #3 by dawsheng on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 11:33 am

    I want to laugh because I think it is stupid but I cannot laugh because I think Abdullah’s has insulted all peace loving Malaysians’ in general. It is no longer Polis Di Raja Malaysia, it is now Polis UMNO.

  4. #4 by ahkok1982 on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 11:40 am

    Special Complaints Commission:

    Main duty: To hear all the public’s complaints
    Secondary duty: To forget what the public’s complaints are all about.

  5. #5 by pengembaraglobalisasi on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 11:56 am

    a wasted 4 years of governmance

  6. #6 by Rocky on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:06 pm

    Pak Lah has lied to us. That is bottom line.Look at his BN 2004 manifesto and what he is delivering now. He has no back bone even when he won with a great majority to deliver what he promised. He is so weak he has to kow tow to the police on the IPCMC.

    Pak Lah you CANNOT deliver what you promised and on top of that not in a timely manner. Shame on you.

    Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang…..Temberang…Msians kena Temberang by Pak Lah!!!

  7. #7 by sj on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:08 pm

    Aww crap, after all the IPCMC people been demanding, they gave you a freaking complaint department to vent your complaints. The next time you complaint, they will tell

    Press 1 for COmplaint A
    Press 2 for Complaint B
    Press 0 for Operator

    Press # to repeat the menu

  8. #8 by pwcheng on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:17 pm

    This is the shit you will get from UMNO for voting them. They are more concerned about themselves than for the rakyat because they have to please the police first and the rakyat last for they need the police to arrest people who are intolerant of the government for misgoverning.

  9. #9 by Cinapek on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:37 pm

    Yes, we go through normal channels and this is how we, the public, gets played out time and again.

    It is the height of idiocy to suggest that the public can lodge a complaint against the PDRM to the commission when the IGP is a permanent member. The Govt. has once again made the country looked an absolute ass in the eyes of the world. In case the Govt does not realise this, it is all these harebrained ideas that are fightening investors away. Decisions like these betrays the true biased intentions of the Govt. and investors are surely wary of a Govt. that does not practise fair play and is manipulative in its decision making.

  10. #10 by optimuz on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:42 pm

    Since its a totally different creature, can we call the MIB??

  11. #11 by sheriff singh on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:50 pm

    Its not what you, the people or the RCI want but what the government wants, what it is comfortable with. It needs to have its way. Its the “Cemerlang, Terbilang and Gemilang” way, all pure nonsense. Besides, it is “in compliance” with the Hadhari thinking:

    It consists of 10 fundamental principles.

    Faith and piety in Allah
    Just and trustworthy government
    Freedom and independence to the people
    Mastery of knowledge
    Balanced and comprehensive economic development
    Good quality of life for all
    Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
    Cultural and moral integrity
    Protection of the environment
    A strong defence policy

  12. #12 by sheriff singh on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:51 pm

    When we ask for a watchdog, don’t give us a jackass.

  13. #13 by tiredofbee-an on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 12:57 pm

    They never wanted people to complain, else they would not have rejected the permits for the peaceable demonstrations of the BERSIH, HINDRAF, and arrested peaceful people in the Parliament sanctity when these people just wanted to hand in a memorandum to protest the extension of the retirement age of the EC chairman. Got it now?

  14. #14 by smeagroo on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 1:00 pm

    did u see how fast the stupid govt came up with the complaints hotline for illegal rallies? And they cant do the same for other complaints like why we cant get permit for rallies?

  15. #15 by ahkok1982 on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 1:41 pm

    setup hotline for people to complain. Next, make up figures to show that there are millions of people who are against mass public gathering. then use these made up figures to justify their high handed methods to lock people up.
    when asked to show how these figures are obtained, they say it is under OSA. end of story.

  16. #16 by Wang on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 1:44 pm

    The police help UMNO arrest anybody who speaks out against the government and in return UMNO created the Special Complaints Commission.

  17. #17 by k1980 on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 2:07 pm

    Does Peter Sellers’ 1979 movie remind you of someone sleeping in Putrajaya?
    …the movie’s about a simple-minded, middle-aged gardener who, after a lifetime of seclusion and safety in a Washington, D.C. townhouse, gets his first exposure to reality beyond the walls of his sheltered existence. His only reference to the world is through his childlike addiction to television, and when a chance encounter brings him into the inner fold of a dying billionaire (Melvyn Douglas), he suddenly finds himself the toast of Washington’s political elite. His simple phrases about gardening are misinterpreted as anything from economic predictions to sage political advice…

  18. #18 by Bigjoe on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 2:09 pm

    Dissapointing? Unfortunately its now expected of this PM. What this nation must ask is what kind of a man this PM really is? Does he not believe that, ‘the time for justice is always now’? or merely he does not understand?

    I fear that its actually the latter because then its hopeless. Completely so and worst, the alternatives are even scarier.

    The say Malaysia is a country that keeps dissapointing in its promise. With leaders that continue to dissapoint what else can it otherwise be?

  19. #19 by smeagroo on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 2:20 pm

    all I can say now is that v r f if the next GE we cant turn thigs around. Things will be even worse for us all esp the oppositions.

  20. #20 by Jimm on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 2:26 pm

    this national scandal are larger than anyone of us can ever imagine and those involved are too shameful to stop their acts as the temptations of wealth are flowing into their pockets like rushing rivers.
    those in the highest also involved have to give in to all government actions as to covered up their own back and exposure to the rakyat.
    wealth can be obtained in many ways and here, they just went overboard with the temptations which opens up corruption level to the highest level and beyond control.
    we called these actions , penny wise ; pound foolish.
    everyone were totally blinded by those who capitalised the same opportunities to develop our country wealth.
    those land owners are the final loser as they were make believe by the government about their throne and future.
    now, nothing that they can do but to continue with the game.
    what saddened us are they are still that same fool from day one.
    so caught up with wealth greed that their lands are being raped over and over again.
    sickening mindset in believing that their lands will be there forever.
    anyway, all of us are born in this land and it’s the land that owned us.
    failing to take care of our existence with this land will shorten our journey here.
    since many acclaimed to be the owner, yet too few that reallys owned them.
    fools are everywhere make believe about their heroic presence.
    they thought that it’s the land that owe them a living.
    fools will never learn.

  21. #21 by budak on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 3:18 pm

    IPCMC is a tool for ABB to buy time for him to have better sleep…

    by the way all hardwork by the RCI go down to drain…
    dont try to tell me ABB is much clever than the team…
    ABB you dont deserve to be my PM…
    Ashame, ashame, ashame…

  22. #22 by pengembaraglobalisasi on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 3:29 pm

    malu nak dengar cerita,
    sedih bila nak nangis,
    pening dalam kepala,
    hati2 habis terguris,
    apa nak dikata :
    berita lucu setiap ketika,
    anak-cucu digamit derita,
    tiada impian yang gembira,
    silap memilih rosak segala,
    habis,habis di kebas mereka,
    yang tinggal tulang-rangka.

  23. #23 by twistedmind on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 3:29 pm

    off topic – sorry

    There is so much of hatred when I read the local media, listen to the news on the radio or watch news on tv – it insults my intelligence!

    PLEASE HELP VOTE BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC/GERAKAN and all the other donkey members of Barisan out of office! Do you part, pass this out to everyone, no matter how insignificant they are!

  24. #24 by lakshy on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 3:33 pm

    Will this wake up the malays? Nahhh! I guess not. The malays can stomach a lot of abuse.

    I guess its their way of showing gratitude to umno for all that umno has done to “uplift” and “improve” the lot of the malays, while umno has been raping the country.

    You know when you think about it right, Malaysians and Singaporeans are basically of the same stock.

    Ever wonder why Singapore so maju and malaysia so mundur?

    Because of the corruption, cronyism, nepotism and absolute abuse of power by umno/bn.

    And we are all to blame for allowing it to happen. And we will have to answer to our children and grandchildren for it.

  25. #25 by Jong on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 3:51 pm

    “Village Idiot” to describe him, justifiable!

  26. #26 by Libra2 on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 4:15 pm

    In a nutshell the Royal Police Commission is a zero. The only thing that came of it is the “Jangan Rasuah” stickers and badges.
    Why the hell spend so much money to place some stupid stickers and badges on the cars and uniforms.
    Do you need a Royal Commission to do that.

  27. #27 by Jong on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 4:27 pm

    No, it does not need a Royal Commission to come out with stickers and badges, but definitely someone needs the commission!

  28. #28 by antz on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 4:34 pm

    reply to lakshy,
    since i happen to come across this blog by chance and happen to read lakshy comments stated above i just wanted to have a say on things that i have come across and many times being highlighted….
    am a Singapore Malay,i came across Malaysian workers usually Chinese and Indians working here,singapore…many times they highlight to me how lucky I lived here,SG…they feel neglected and sidelined well for lots of reasons…often they like to compare between SG Malay and MY Malay…and what i can say they told me lots of differences…SG Malay accept their citizens regardless of race equally…but MY Malay have a kinda racial supremacy in them simply-Ketuanan Melayu…and fear meritocracy..
    From my observation and reading and at the same time contributing to Malaysia Blogs…mostly and i can say Malaysian Malays is too way concerned about so called how we,Singapore malays lived equally with other races…having kinda trauma/some kinda idealogy i guess that we are marganilised and lived like a slave…to the Chinese the majority…so many allegations that is really out of the box till they become so paranoid of themselves by end of the day…goodness… and at the same very against Mr Lee Kuan Yew, just a man that does not even have so called direct concern to them…they are so concerned bt us that are not even their citizen but of the same race…
    and my reply to them(mostly i can say pro-UMNO) normally is that here the system differs…and no matter who u are whatever ethnic it’s all based in merits…and i’ll question them why so bother cos malaysia have kicked us out back in 1965 forcing us to swim alone in the deep sea.:Minister LKY came to Singapore political scene because he stepped forward…to be one where his country in a time wish to join the bigger malaysia but was forced to be out due to political differences…with your tuanku abdul rahman (pressing on with bumiputera policy and LKY malaysia for malaysian)…and as a Malay myself that prove very costly…and a mistake…setelah bangsa sendiri menendang kami keluar dari nusantara melayu secara tiba,kita terpaksa berenang sendiri dan telah dibela…dan diajar dan diingatkan bahawa melayu singapura mesti ada harga diri di mata dunia supaya bersaing bersama-sama walaupun lambat tapi harus sampai ke penamat…dan Minister LKY tidak mengecewakan kami seperti melayu malaysia telah mengecewakan kami dahulu…

    after my stated above comments…well, some accept stating that all this while they were wrong and maybe meritocracy is actually good to some kinda striving on their own without crutch…some are i can say well speechless…Singapore and Malaysia ya by what lakshy commented are actually one big family…all of us are of the same stock…my point of view is that 50 years of privileged to the malaysian malays is a crutch that become mentally dependant and feared meritocracy…this priviliged gotta be taken away gradually…if we,singapore malays live comfortably and independantly with 75% of chinese majority why cant the malaysia malays as the majority do that…the crutch cannot be taken away by force…but gotta be accepted willingly as part of the culture/system…instead of despising them why can’t they be encouraged….sometimes it hurts for me as a malay but of another country to read such negative comments bout them…who would not want to see a Malay to be succesful…but not by having priviled but the rest are left to be on their own….cos of difference in ethic…

  29. #29 by budak on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 4:47 pm

    Year 2007 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Top Scorer in Singapore is a Malay girl has scored a record 294 out of 300. Natasha Muhamad Nasir whose father is a technician and mum, a housewife.

    the moral of the story; Malays can be MAJU…
    depend on your sincerity and will to change, else you’ll lead blindly by UMNO… we just need a good leader to bring us to higher level of life, not supressing with well size vision without mission…

  30. #30 by hutchrun on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 5:26 pm

    Not at all surprising. UMNO does have a habit of insulting the Royalty. Royal Commissions are set up so they may be belittled.

  31. #31 by ReformMalaysia on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 6:43 pm

    “”budak Says: the moral of the story; Malays can be MAJU…””



  32. #32 by k1980 on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 7:53 pm

    Dollah has gone to borrow the magic mirror from Snow White’s stepmom

    Dollah: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the biggest ears of all?

    Mirror: An elephant, you fool!

  33. #33 by DarkHorse on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 9:26 pm

    Now we know why the AG is taking so long! He has been busy working out the details of a completely new mechanism – not polishing the old.

    Nobody apparently wants to incur the wrath of the brass within the police hierarchy. It doesn’t pay to rock the boat.

    They are in it together and so why rock the boat? It is all a matter of public perception. If the government is seen as having done something to address the problems, that is just as good as doing it! So they think. We’ll let the people decide.

  34. #34 by DiaperHead on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 9:39 pm

    Antz gives us a new perspective! Very interesting.

    He says Malays in Singapore felt abandoned when Singapore was forced out of Malaysia in the early 60s. He says too that Malays in Singapore have succeeded despite the odds and all that without the support of UMNO or their government. Very interesting!

    I wonder how many Malays in Singapore agree with his characterization. I’ve met professionals among Malays in Singapore who tell me it is very difficult for them to find the jobs they are looking for – because they say there are Malays.

  35. #35 by Count Dracula on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 10:02 pm

    I smell blood in the water!

  36. #36 by antz on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 10:30 pm

    reply to diaperhead:
    Job concerned here in singapore frankly there are actually equal number of all races in the public/private sector…cos u must understand malays make up only bt 15% while the Indians bt 9%…in the private sector all got to compete in terms of education,language ability and etc…..and so sometimes maybe malays/indians is hampered by language ability cos MNC’s/small companies here liase with China companies…and mostly interact with China/taiwan national …so to say a malay/indian or simply as a minority to get a job that he intends to land frankly it all goes to education…and also applies to the majority chinese…this is the private sector where they are strictly in competition and making profits while in public sector…the govt frankly also give emphasise in education and etc and at the same time making sure all races are equally presented…and as for the Singapore armed forces…all regardless of race are presented and there are also malay officers i think the highest holding the rank of maybe major/liuetenant colonel …lost track but there are handful of them…and to say my uncle is a retired officer from the army…
    and i noticed in malaysia public sector are really control by the solely bumis…cos immigration dept…countless times i came in and out not even a single Chinese/indian face i have seen and out in the street the police force is all the bumis….and in the private sector is controlled by majority the chinese….actually to be frank…no country is perfect…Singapore cannot follow the way malaysia governs cos that means the end for singapore…and for Malaysia to follow the way Singapore govern i can say takes time slowly…and if it does follow one day…Malaysia will excel as a country with all the natural resources…and till now i find it hard to accept that it just refuse fearing of lost of land idealogy among own citizens…

  37. #37 by SkullOfScar on Friday, 14 December 2007 - 11:55 pm

    This is all hanky panky works from AAB/BN/UMNO. It’s totally corrupted AAB/BN/UMNO. No more to comment, change our goverment. Thats the only way for my future, everyone single Malaysian futures.

  38. #38 by dawsheng on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 12:16 am

    “Our action is justified. We have to take action if something undesirable to national security and public safety happens,” he was quoted as saying by the official Bernama news agency late Thursday.

    “I am duty-bound to act because the people want the government to take action. The people don’t want to see this country in chaos,” he said.


  39. #39 by DarkHorse on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 12:19 am

    To antz,

    What is the highest ranking Malay

    1) in Singapore’s Air Force?
    2) in the Judiciary
    3) in government

    and how many Malays are in

    4) the legal profession, on the Bench
    5) the banking industry
    6) in government service

    to name a few?

  40. #40 by DarkHorse on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 12:23 am

    If you cannot find any, I can understand. If your standard of English is any indication Malays in S’pore should not be surprised if they cannot find jobs they want.

    You don’t think Malays in Singapore are a marginalized lot??

  41. #41 by harrisonbinhansome on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 2:37 am

    “With the IGP as a permanent member of the Special Complaints Commission, how could the function of independent external oversight of the police from abuses of power and corruption be exercised?”
    -Lim Kit Siang

    The head of Gestapo chairing the Independent Gestapo Commission.

    Looks like we are heading back to square 1, anew.

  42. #42 by burn on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 7:09 am

    well, what to do? we got clowns in parliment! minus DAP!
    another sirim product from BN! malaysia boleh!
    mana tak boleh! we have to show the world, we are the best, among the best!

    hancur… should turn parliment to circus instead!

  43. #43 by AsIseeit on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 7:17 am

    It is very telling that 2 very important members of the Royal Police Commission have expressed their grave disappointment on the govt’s plan for the new Special Complaints Commission, instead of the IPCMC.

    What it means is that the PM is not sincere in what he has promised. So much for a ‘god-fearing’ man! It looks like Islam Hadhari does not allow for true justice! Instead it continues to allow for double standards, corruption and nepotism.

    Neither is the PM interested in accountability or transparency to the people. If he is wise, he should create institutions that will truly encapsulate good values for society to function and prosper in future years. Otherwise, history will certainly damn him for lots of inappropriate and ‘stupid’ action. Already there is lots for historians to write about. I am sure that historians will have a gala time to demonise him in future years.

  44. #44 by antz on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 7:41 am

    reply to darkhorse,
    not necessary to actually published and reply to your stated question…because it’s of my country internal own affairs…as i said no country is perfect…if u want to look at statistic alone in a fair level competition and also based on the same percentage population then it’s justificable….in other words i could also question u how many non-bumi’s too in all the stated question u have actually asked me…the fact is not by priviliged u attained to the specific position but by merits regardless of race…
    I happen to by chance come across this website and commented on Lakshy comments stated above…and how we,singapore malays live is also not of a question to be asked to make it appropriate…don’t be so concerned about us…u left us swimming alone back in 1965 and now we are still swimming…and look at your own issue in your own mirror…we are not in a state of constant denial and paranoid syndrome

  45. #45 by Sitiawan on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 8:00 am

    This country is heading towards GLOOM and DOOM.
    I am praying for a MIRACLE.

  46. #46 by hutchrun on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 8:01 am

    Darhorse might be able to explain who the current highest ranking non malays are in the M`sian Armed forces vis a vis the no. say in 1965.
    Similarly, the position of civil servants. Also extend that to the malay controlled banking/finance sector. Figures in %age please.

  47. #47 by hutchrun on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 8:03 am

    Btw Darkhorse, can you xplain why christians in the Armed forces are not allowed to congregate for prayers? From my brecollection from a letter to m`kini it was on a directive from the Chief. Your early reply will be much appreciated.

  48. #48 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 8:25 am

    This blog is particularly telling of why this country will always fall short under BN exisiting policy. We started off discussing the IPCMC – a non-racial issue and eventually it degenerate into discussion of NEP and religion. This is our natural order of things – its reflect what the real issues are underlying all our problems.

    This is what the PM and the likes of Nazri don’t get it. If you ask him, they will not admit it and likely to accuse you that you do not or something else.

    Its because of NEP and constitutional secularity that we can’t get these fundamental things like corruption right. This believe that somehow it can be fixed or mitigated without dealing with the fundamental schism is a public illusion if not an outright lie.

    What goads me more than anything else, especially now with the leaders telling the nation to ‘shoot for the stars’ literally, is that there is this assumption that opportunity for greatness is always there.

    By now there should not be any delusion that Malaysia could have been developed by now if not for mediocre government. We are the butt of economist joke that calls us a nation that continue to fall-short of its potential.

    What really gets me is that as the current administration goes about telling people to ‘shoot for the stars’, it continues to feel it can fall short, very far short by the looks of the IPCMC and the RCI, of the same ideals. The assumption here is that there is always time and opportunity to be better. The PM likes to say ‘he is more impatient’ or ‘he has big ears’ when the time for just impatience and big ears is over.

  49. #49 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 8:39 am

    I thought Leslie Lau from Todayonline in Singapore had a good piece on why the PM is reluctant to act:


  50. #50 by k1980 on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 8:49 am

  51. #51 by antz on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 9:41 am

    I just wish to highlight is that in terms of position/ranking which i observed that racial supremacy is being pressed on across all boards regardless of various results…..thinking of maintaining the dominance by so called priviliges maybe yes works in malaysia in the expense of malaysia natural resouces….but in terms of singapore/world especially to the western it cannot simply works in the globalised world that changes rapidly…
    in other words, a well high technology vehicle cannot just simply run by a moderate/basic driver just because of that specific ethnic…in terms of quality but not quantity…
    i haved lived in Singapore for the past 28 years of my life…system that being run here totally varies from the system that malaysia practised….i received my education…grow up here and work here…here is a culture of merits…where everybody competes to be the best regardless of who you are….so simply saying it does not matter if u cannot make it the first time around…try again…it’s a matter of quality that is dominant….if so called racial supremacy is being force/pressed on here…is a downfall of singapore cos it’s no longer productive and competitive….malays in singapore choose a different path compare to the malaysia malays….it’s better to compete….if we fall it’s okay get up and try again…it’s not a failure but maybe not putting enough effort…we cannot simply have the special privileged..simply because we do not want to be a laughing stock and every now and then keep defending the special rights policy…we lived in the globalised world…and it’s essential for survival if we ever step the boundaries of the outside world so that we have a place in the world…
    if so called allegations that we are marganilised here in singapore then why there are still malays in singapore???it’s because singapore is our homeland…this is where we stand and this place is where we fall…the bitterness that the pioneer politicians of singapore being forced out by malaysia that my grandparents considered the motherland and the place where i myself have in fact lost contact of my relatives.This bitterness of being kicked out for the sake of the pressing on of the special rights policy by tuanku abdul rahman makes mr Lee Kuan yew..strive to ensure everybody belong here….am just putting my points here cos as i say i stumbe into this blog by chance and at the same time clearing the doubts…and allegations that malaysian malays just like to make it an issue that i find sometimes ridiculous and not logic…

  52. #52 by hutchrun on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 9:48 am

    I had an `interesting` situation with a m`sian royalty once at the Holiday Inn. When it was over a malay came over and said:

    `I am very sorry for all that. Please understand that I am from singappore, but not all like these fellows`

    We were smiles after that.

  53. #53 by Godfather on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 10:02 am

    “We are not in the business of cheating the people.” AAB, 2005


  54. #54 by k1980 on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 10:07 am

    The day Mamaktail handed power over to the Iman, he handed the latter 2 sealed envelopes marked Satu and Dua. “Open these letters one at a time when and only when you really cannot cope”, he ordered the clueless Iman.

    So when faced with the issue of Hindraf terrorism, the hapless Iman opened letter A and read, “Use the ISA, you dope!”

    Then came the fast approaching general elections and the desparate Iman had to open letter Dua. This is what he read:- – “Write 2 letters”

  55. #55 by harrisonbinhansome on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 12:40 pm

    I recalled of my interview with a local press during the the tour by the fact procurring team of the Royal Independent Commission wherein I said (can’t recall word for word)- “The Royal Police Commission of Inquiry and Police Misconduct must be enacted out of eminent men and women from NGOs and those profound in law preferably foreigners with credible records assuming the role as overviewing officals with unlimited funding and powers not to supplant police investigations but having an oversight of police investigations with the authority to recommend further inquiries and other leads deemed neccesary to be followed up”.

    When asked of a question by the reporter whether Malaysians have high hopes for the formation of such independent commission, I said “I can’t see any high hopes until it’s proven to have high hopes that we perceived but you don’t see any Jew that would be foolish enough to complain Hitler to the Gestapo if the IPCMC is formed”. (meaning to say we are “—-” if the formation comprised of thier own men).

    Indeed after these years of physical lobbying and paper pushing, all we got, or may get which is the same thing. As for the hope, I am waiting for the first “Jew” complainant ended up as the first “Jew”


    Do you think that if anyone based on the documentation based on Malaysia Today snoutily went up and lodged complaints for investigations onto the IGP himself, would the IGP investigate himself or the complainant/s ended up in lock-ups? Please don’t answer because it’s a foolish question.

    This is MALAYsia, and no country in the world would be so blatant
    in naming a country our of a race.

  56. #56 by sheriff singh on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 1:00 pm

    The Man with the Big Ears says he will “listen” but after “listening” (we hope, and not sleeping) he gives you something else. Its like a poker player asking to see your cards, then he plays something else for his benefit.

    The pertinent issue is, the government asks the King to set up the Royal Police Commission but then does not give any respect to its findings and recommendations. So why set up a Royal Commission in the first place? Is the government snubbing or disregarding the King? The Commissioners have been “had” and made used of. How do they feel now? Stupid? How about the “new” Commissioners?

    Follow this precedent:

    Royal Police Commission ———> findings and recommendations ———–> government ——–> hijack ————-> Special Complains Commission

    Can the following happen?

    Royal Lingam Tape Commission ———> findings and recommendations ————> government ———–> hijack ———-> Special Film and Tape Censorship Commission

  57. #57 by sheriff singh on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 1:38 pm

    Oh, Nazri says critics (including the Commissioners) are “clueless about the country’s legal system”. He also called them “ignoramuses”.

    Hmmmmm. He appears to be the only “smart” one while others are “racists”, “stupid”, “with loose wires in their heads”, “crazy” and now “”ignoramuses”. Boy, he’s a gem, the only “talented” one.

  58. #58 by cheng on soo on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 1:45 pm

    Since this Nazri is so smart, why didn’t send him to Holland ICJ to fight on Pulau Batu Putih against those from little red dot, real sayang lah!

  59. #59 by liaw3003sc on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 7:23 pm

    Yes, its a pity that the police subject finally twisted to racial topic again. I fully agreed with Bigjoe, this is so because of the UMNO racist agenda. The country has been split into 2 BIG POLARITY; Malay in the civil and GLC sectors, non-Malays in the private sector. When you comment on a particular sector which comprises of a major particular race, it could be readily turns into a sensitive racial issue easily.

    Its bad for our beloved country. Will our PM do something now. Don’t let ‘FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE’ forced the change on us!

    Change NEP to 3000EP; special privilege only to Malaysian families (parents + any unmarried children) whose combined income is less than RM3000.00. Only a suggestion, may be our economic think tank can explore on it. Surely our annual growth will improve by leap and bound!

    Not only hardcore poors are covered, many Malays will be covered if their average annual family income figures are correct.

    If the main policies are set right, there is no need of SCC or IPCMC!
    Whatever ‘c’ also ‘c’ (die in Hokkien).

  60. #60 by liaw3003sc on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 10:20 pm

    3000EP: the RM3000.00 refers to monthly income.

  61. #61 by DarkHorse on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 10:36 pm

    To: HUTCHRUN who says,

    “Darhorse might be able to explain who the current highest ranking non malays are in the M`sian Armed forces vis a vis the no. say in 1965. Similarly, the position of civil servants. Also extend that to the malay controlled banking/finance sector. Figures in %age please.”

    I asked ANTZ those questions in order to provide some perspective to the issues he raised earlier.

    The UMNO dominated government does not deny the government is under their control. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia 1957 has Articles like 3, 10, 11 and 153 and Article 160(2) – all skewed to protect and benefit the majority race.

    Singapore’s Constitution, I believe, has none of these skewed as they are to protect and benefit the majority race, or the equivalent of UMNO’s NEP. So how do you explain the absence of members of a minority race, for example, among their pilots in their Air Force?

  62. #62 by DarkHorse on Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 10:51 pm

    “..if so called allegations that we are marganilised here in singapore then why there are still malays in singapore???” antz

    I’m trying to understand what you’re saying. What you meant to say – and correct me if I’m wrong – is that Malays in Singapore despite being a minority race have not been marginalized like the Indians in Malaysia claim they are. I’m not sure if your opinion is shared by your brothers and sisters. Perhaps it is the numbers game when you see Malays doing cleaning jobs, acting as lift attendants or salesgirls.

    I don’t know.

  63. #63 by liaw3003sc on Sunday, 16 December 2007 - 8:06 am

    Dear Darkhorse,
    You are really trying to find fault with everything! What’s wrong with cleaning, lift attendant and salesgirl jobs? These are quite highly paid jobs! Do you know how many older Malaysian Chinese are trying to go for such jobs in Singapore but just couldn’t? They are paid well, and their productivity is high. Do you know there are so many highly efficient cleaning ah-mah (chinese ladies) and ah-chi (Indian ladies) contracting cleaning jobs in the private sector in Malaysia? What’s wrong with such jobs? They can earn an above average income if they have the initiative and competency to turn their job into subcontracting basis. Don’t always think jobs are only limited to ‘white collar’ jobs.

  64. #64 by antz on Sunday, 16 December 2007 - 9:18 am

    reply to darkhorse,
    i think i need not actually explain in detailed the whole concept of what u tried to question me as i find that u have been twisting and turning the whole picture and the real meaning of meritocracy that i know u just refused to understand…here in singapore the chinese does not have any so called official privileged that u have in m’sia that is what you called bumiputera policy…and frankly speaking it’s the majority,the chinese that have been spearheading the economy…excellent in business and to make sure too that minorities in not being left out from the economic opportunities….
    and also need not to actually touches on issues like jobs..or etc…or ranking that u keep pressing me…what you mean is that oh okay meritocracy why shout…!!oh no malays eh how come…oh that is what i called marganilised…this is what u are trying to say and this is what i called racial supremacy and not meritocracy u miss the point…and whatever the case is till the end of the world in singapore there will be always malays here…this is the land that we will fall together…the land that u left us in a cold and the land that we will perished together with the majority chinese and also indians…and sorry to say if m’sia happens to maybe offer me citizenship well i no need to think twice…i’ll reject it..m’sia is not the place where i want to be where things are being messed up and keep missing the point..and for 50 years of privileged u have in your so called tanah melayu…statistic still show u are still way behind in all sectors…in anonther 50 years i do not know where u will be….i doubt iam a malay and i know my race…there will always be thinking of colonolised and at the same time fearing loss of power….in u…and anyway that’s your country…you run the country…and also there is a malay fighter pilot here..and there are minorities working in the defence force and why are u so interested to know whether they are really malays…u want to really see them stepping on your soil…i think what u lack is maybe spent some time here..open your eyes wide and ask around see things in a wider perspective…u have been in the comfort zone for too long till you loses touch with reality…only ppl that have been here understand the system…and to answer your question…earlier majority of the malays here some sort share my views…i live with them here and not you…we are malays but we are different in thinking…to have the priviliged here in singapore for the malays it does not work…and in the meantime pls attend to your screaming indians and your unhappy chinese…we the singapore malays do not owe our life to you…we have better things to do here…and just look at the real statistic…and finally don’t keep blaming the singapore chinese…they accept us as citizens equally…compare to you and that’s make the whole difference…

  65. #65 by lakshy on Monday, 17 December 2007 - 9:35 am

    antz, thanks for the comments. Very enlightening.

    But as you have rightly pointed out, we have a lot of growing up to do. Hope it happens in my lifetime, so that this nation and my childrens children can have a better future.

  66. #66 by antz on Monday, 17 December 2007 - 9:59 am

    Malaysia can excel if only the govt practised meritocracy…it’s not right to champion one’s race but sidelined own citizen of other races…u play a part in nation buliding but have systematically sidelined…
    sudah letih dan lesu saya berkata-kata kpd bangsa sendiri
    tetapi apakan daya,kerna orang yang berkata-kata berkhyalan sendiri
    Anak melayu temasek hidup dibesarkan dan dibela dan diingatkan selalu
    supaya bila jatuh bangun sendiri..inilah kata-kata yang dilaungkan daripada bapa kemerdekaan temasek…dari bukan bangsa sendiri
    kami ditendang keluar dari bangsa sendiri pada masa dahulu
    kini kami sudah kedepan dengan berani tanpa teduh
    dan saya masih menanti bila lagi anda akan bangun sendiri??
    jangan gusar bangsa melayu temasek masih terpelihara kerana mahu nama kami agung di mata dunia
    and i hope u understand what i mean from the above…

  67. #67 by sj on Tuesday, 18 December 2007 - 8:48 am

    and just look at the real statistic… by antz

    YOU ROCK MAN. RESULTS TELL IT ALL. Too bad those ignorants in the so called Tanah Melayu masih tidur dan tidak paham macam mana dunia baru beroperasi.

  68. #68 by sj on Tuesday, 18 December 2007 - 8:50 am


  69. #69 by Count Dracula on Tuesday, 18 December 2007 - 1:32 pm

    Antz, I really think you should read this:

    “The shame is that while Malays are recognized as the original inhabitants, they constantly feel marginalized by the dominant Chinese culture and policy. In addition, this group represents an unbalanced percentage of the lower-income classes, with the lowest levels of education and the highest number of criminal offenders. The government prides itself on policies to promote racial harmony but it is widely accepted that Malays occupy jobs on the low-end of the pay scale. Even in the military, while there are many Malays in the enlisted troops, there are almost none in the officer ranks.”


  70. #70 by antz on Tuesday, 18 December 2007 - 2:11 pm

    count dracula,
    iam tired of repeating the same things over and over again the meaning of putting in on effort to have the goals that u want…
    rather than pointing other ppl weakness…u shld look at your own weakness…dun just copy and paste from resources that is not reliable…i lived here for the whole of 28 years of my life and i know what’s going on here….so pls read,comprehend and understand fully my explanation stated all above…dun be a frog under a skull and it’s no use i telling ppl that is forever have a mindset of fearing to be colonised,lost of land idealogy and fearing meritocracy…what happen here is not of your concern and in the meantime pls attend to your screaming indians and unhappy chinese…and in the military i have an uncle who is a retired officer…i have enough said…

  71. #71 by icsl72 on Friday, 4 January 2008 - 6:42 pm

    Uncle Lim, coming election, I will NOT vote for BN party. I never have for the past 2 elections, and never will. The country is going down the drain and fast! Corruption, discrimination, nepotism.. nuff said. Anyways, we won’t need this IPCMC/SCC (whatever) if the police is clean. And they won’t be clean if their protectors aren’t. Can you believe this, when I went to pay a saman recently – a policeman INSIDE police station wearing “Saya Anti Rasuah” badge asked me if I wanted to “settle” my speeding saman and he can even get an official receipt. I’d rather pay the full amount than feed this man’s family with dirty money. How can he even go to sleep at night. Makes me sick even thinking about it now.

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