RPK’s bombshell allegation on Altantuya murder – Abdullah, Najib, Rosmah cannot remain silent

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor cannot remain silent on the latest bombshell of blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

In a statutory declaration on June 18, 2008, Raja Petra accused Rosmah as among three individuals who were present when Altantuya was murdered on Oct 19, 2006.

Raja Petra alleged in his statutory declaration: “I have been reliably informed that between about 10pm on October 19, 2006 and early hours of the following day, the night Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered, three other people were also present at the scene of crime.”

He named the two other individuals as one acting colonel Aziz Buyong, who is described as ‘a C4 expert’ and the latter’s wife, known only as Norhayati, who is also said to be Rosmah’s aide de camp.

Raja Petra further alleged:

“My informer states that Aziz was the person who placed the C4 on various parts of Altantuya’s body witnessed by Rosmah and Norhayati.

“I make this statutory declaration because I have been reliably informed about the involvement of these three people who have thus far not been implicated in the murder nor called as witnesses by the prosecution in the ongoing trial at the Shah Alam High Court.

“I also make this statutory declaration because I am aware that it is a crime not to reveal evidence that may help the police in its investigation of the crime.”

Raja Petra said he had been “reliably informed” that the Prime Minister “has received a written report from military intelligence confirming what I have revealed and this report was subsequently handed over to his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin for safekeeping”.

Raja Petra also claimed that “one of the Rulers has been briefed about this matter” and “is fully aware” of the allegation.

The credibility and legitimacy of the Abdullah premiership and government will suffer a mortal blow if Abdullah, Najib and Rosmah remain silent on Raja Petra’s bombshell allegations.

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  1. #1 by dawsheng on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 10:42 am

    In the wake of the explosive statutory declaration by Raja Petra Kamarudin, the deafening silence in the MSM further destroys the credibility of the independence of the media.

    The absence of any response from BN politicians equally erodes their standing in public ratings.

    Truly, no one is in any position to lay claim to the veracity of the declaration. On the contrary, public interest must be given due regard by all those elected into power.


  2. #2 by Jong on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 10:46 am

    Can I opt to be blindfolded, but promise to be all ears? :D

  3. #3 by undergrad2 on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 10:50 am

    I don’t think you want to see Rosmah in the raw – unplugged and all!

  4. #4 by Jong on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:04 am


  5. #5 by taikohtai on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:04 am

    Rosmah can so easily defend herself:

    5. The Lingam Alibi: Looks like me, sounds like me but can’t say its 100% me.

    4. The TDM Alibi: I tak ingat lah……

    3. The AAB Alibi: I’m soooooo sleepy. Let me think about it.

    2. The Najis Alibi: Charge RPK with sedition now!

    No.1 Alibi: I was shopping in London

  6. #6 by rainbowseahorse on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:06 am

    I see a lot cynical remarks and challenges thrown at Raja Petra Kamarudin over his sworn statutory declaration.
    What immediately comes to mind is that, which one of us bloggers dare to print/write such sensitive declaration against those powerful people? We just write, write, and write but that’s it!
    We are all fully aware of members of the DAP, and other political opposition parties, being detained under the ISA, but that is political.
    Which of us bloggers are willingly to be detain under the ISA for seditious writings as Raja Petra Kamarudin has done and gone through.
    Raja Petra Kamarudin knows what he is doing and, most importantly, willing to accept the consequences of his action. He still has a court case in October 2008 for “part one” of the above same murder case. We should respect his bravery, and, at the very least, lend our support to his noble cause.

  7. #7 by wtf2 on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:15 am

    should there be a move to table this SD in parliament as it implicates the 2 dummies + consort? It is of public and national interests, and if they are hiding information does it fall under some points of law such as conspiracy and abetment? probably more…..

  8. #8 by mauriyaII on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:16 am

    It looks as if Altantuya’s murder has all been orchestrated by some VVIPs who could control the Immigration Department, the PDRM, the Judiciary, personnel from the Malaysian Armed Forces and of course civilian vips such as Baginda.

    RPK’s bold move has revealed more worms from an already stinking can. By taking out a SD, RPK is not only saying that he really wants all those involved in such a dastardly and barbaric act to be send to hell but he expects them to take action against him if they dare.

    Knowing how the BN works, the PM, DPM, Rosmah, KJ and others mentioned in the SD would go on denial mode and the MSM would not let the rakyat know anything about the SD.
    Hope some investigative journalists would take it upon themselves to dig further and highlight the issues at stake so as to bring about greater awareness among the rakyat to what the VVIPs are accused of.
    Such awareness would be the downfall of BN and all the accused in the Alantuya murder scandal.

    If the component parties in the BN cherish fairplay (not foreplay of the CSL kind) and the interest of the rakyat as their priority (not that they had shown any so far) now is the time to leave the BN and UMNOputras who are corrupted to the core and would not shy away even from murder to cling on to power.

    Well, what are the grovelling lapdogs from the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP and the gutless and neutered MPs from Sabah and Sarawak waiting for?

  9. #9 by DAPPKR on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:17 am

    This will be a never ending accusation and everyone will be in denial.

    When the police are provided with tips and hints of whom might be involved, they’d try to get them in for questioning.

    But if the same situation arises for the so called “BIG HEADS”, they are tremendously ignorant and never given attention to what they might refer it as “irrelevant rumors”.

    So what is the purpose of such things being discussed when I personally think its not going to do much for anyone at this point of time :)

    Unless of course, if the Police are going to stand up for themselves calling up the “suspects” in for questioning and MAYBE JUST then we could see the independence of that uniform :D

    POSSIBLE? *chuckles*

  10. #10 by Jong on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:21 am

    Which Police? …you mean UMNO Police?
    They waste no time if UMNO makes a police report!

  11. #11 by Tickler on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:28 am

    The SD by RPK, Item 4 says:

    4. I have further been reliably informed that Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has received a written report from the Military Intelligence confirming what I have revealed above and that the report was subsequently handed over to his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, for safe-keeping.

  12. #12 by Godfather on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:33 am

    Hey, what happened to Kasim Amat, the UMNOputra ? He is as silent as the mainstream press, but we all know he is reading every posting here.

  13. #13 by 7even Sins on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:36 am

    Sir RPK’s courage is under fire..!!! What the heck..? Malaysia need many more brave souls like RPK who speak nothing but the truth. Sir RPK, I adore you.

    Yes it is time to speak the truth instead of “sweeping everything under the carpet” style or “abang-jaga-adik” mentality. Seems the carpet has become a hill already, the evil, racist & phony bunch are gonna stumble soon due to their evil deeds.

    It is about time for us to drive for “Change” in the interest of a new and fair Malaysia for all Rakyat rather than run by the corrupted, racist, phony, self-enriched and evil “Goons”vernment.

    Sir RPK, you are the BEST..!!!

  14. #14 by Jong on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:50 am

    Don’t we already know all along that his sil is the defacto Prime Minister! It’s only that village idiot, that Imam of Hadhari denied and lied. He insults the intelligence of the rakyat.

  15. #15 by DAPPKR on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:54 am


  16. #16 by rainbowseahorse on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:54 am

    Saudara Kasim Amat…hehehe…also suspected to be JK…is preoccupied strategizing for tomorrow’s parliament sitting. All very hush hush but not making much headway as the head of UMNO has not yet awaken, and the DPM is at another strategic meeting and deep consultation with military commanders over Raja Petra Kamarudin’s sworn statutory declaration.
    There is even quiet whispers of looking for new offices.

  17. #17 by kingkenny on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 11:59 am

    Let’s ‘jaga’ our RPK together, a true genuine original best Malaysian Rakyat.

    Give him our prayers, support, our ‘chi’, focus our brainwaves at him, think for him, protect him and may he be the savior of Malaysia and may he be the ‘catalyst’ in UMNO/BN’s end…

    We should accompany him whenever he is called up by wicked men, greet him, meet him and wish that G-d’s angels of Just will help him crush Deputy Botak, Bapak Tidur and DBKL Rosmah (penyapu jalanan).

    Malaysia now has a TRUE contender for PM position, this man will bring justice and welfare back to the people of Malaysia. We hope as soon as possible!

  18. #18 by pulau_sibu on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:13 pm

    who are the 10 Sarawakian MPs being sent to overseas in order to avoid a no confidence vote against abdullah?

  19. #19 by Jong on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:19 pm

    Does anybody know who’s this “acting” Col Aziz Buyong? Is he still having a free-run?

  20. #20 by bennylohstocks on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:22 pm

    Let’s C4 Altan’s murderers to hell

    C4 THEM!

  21. #21 by alancheah on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:29 pm

    Good Luck to M’sia.

  22. #22 by 7even Sins on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:31 pm

    Is the whole damn bloody episode for the interest of National or Personal Interest??? Hmm..!!! I think it is more for protecting ASSUMNO’s VVVIP’s personal interest in the pretext of “National” carmouflage???

    So what is the different between our damn governing politicians and Marcos??? No difference but corrupt…corrupt…corrupt..!!! Are we supposed to call it “National Interest” when the term is abused to protect the most evil, most racist and most corrupt???

  23. #23 by justice_fighter on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:33 pm

    As far as what I can see, only Nanyang Siang Pao has reported this news on its headline today, but it did not mention Rosmah was involved.

  24. #24 by limkamput on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:54 pm

    In the light of RPK’s latest revelation, may I know why the two police officers and Baginda have chosen to remain silent in their murder trial? Are we saying that they are willing to be fall guys even to the extent of being charged for murder? It is just too mind bogging for me.

  25. #25 by riversandlakes on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 12:55 pm

    Let justice be done.

  26. #26 by Godfather on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 1:00 pm


    Being charged with murder is just sandiwara, and nothing more. They changed prosecutor, they changed the judge, the prosecution witnesses can’t answer questions properly…all destined for the prosecution to fail. If they are ever found guilty and sentenced to death, they may not be so accomodating.

  27. #27 by badak on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 1:18 pm

    The silence in all main stream papers regarding RPK issue is really very deafening.ACA director said on Bernama news today ..That ACA don,t take instruction from anybody to investicate a case…This is to regards with Yong T L issue.. Then why did the same ACA director said earlier that there is no instrution from AG CHAMBERS to investicate the six person involved in the LINGAMS CASE..
    As i have always said the ACA, EC and PDRM is another component party in BARISAN NATIONAL.

  28. #28 by raven77 on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 1:42 pm

    I dont know what the fret it is about the ACA…..they are just a waste of public funds……glaring corruption deals they look over and there is never prosecution for guilty selected parties……the PR should just close it down when they come to power and create another unit which is independant. The ACA in Malaysia is synonymus with failure and apathy..

  29. #29 by drrafick on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 1:57 pm

    Read my blog

    Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong, Kor Jurutera Kementerian Pertahanan


  30. #30 by citizenwatch on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 2:41 pm

    Yes, Putrajaya has the kind of ‘heat’ and vibes suitable for a prison. All these years I was wondering its feng-shui but now I see the light and its suitability.

  31. #31 by pulau_sibu on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 2:49 pm

    To save UMNO from loosing power, kick Sarawak and Sabah out. Then UMNO will still keep its majority. Please do it to us, like 1965 when Singapore was kicked out

  32. #32 by grace on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 2:53 pm

    So far no comments from Rosmah, Najib or Pak Lah. This case must be investigated thoroughly . No stones should be left unturned!!!

  33. #33 by citizenwatch on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 2:56 pm

    Hiro: …”Not only Badawi, Khairy, Najib and Rosmah will be implicated, but also the Attorney General and all the police and military personnels involved in the investigation.”

    Don’t forget the mainstream media (press and electronic) editors and chiefs who would have been in the know and turned a blind eye and keep silent.

  34. #34 by limkamput on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 2:56 pm

    One further question:
    Even if i agree with you that the trial is “sandiwara” and for show only, would you be willing to be like the three of them to be charged without knowing exactly how the outcome is going to be? Would you be willing to subject yourself to all these humiliation of being taken in and out of prison? Yes, i can see what most of you are seeing in the trail process. I am just trying very hard to understand what i am seeing.

  35. #35 by citizenwatch on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 3:04 pm

    For the BN MPs, this is the time to jump ship and a sinking one at that! Would you want to be associated with such egregious and despicable acts and dubious leaders?

  36. #36 by gundam on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 3:14 pm

    how come, how long
    it’s not right, it’s so wrong
    do we let it just go on
    turn our backs and carry on
    wake up, for it’s too late
    right now, we can’t wait
    she wont have a second try,
    open up ur hearts as well as ur eyes.

  37. #37 by dawsheng on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 3:42 pm

    “The credibility and legitimacy of the Abdullah premiership and government will suffer a mortal blow if Abdullah, Najib and Rosmah remain silent on Raja Petra’s bombshell allegations.”

    Well, certainly they have the right to remain silent but, in the court of public opinion they are already guilty until proven innocent. Unless RPK is arrested and charged by Monday, what he revealed must be true.

  38. #38 by citizenwatch on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 3:46 pm

    AAB, Najib, KJ and the rest will be dreading to be present at the Parliamentary session not only facing the barrage of questions on the price hikes but also RPK’s SD!

  39. #39 by badak on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 3:59 pm

    Can an MP table a motion regarding RPK issue.This issue is very damaging to our country.Imagine no main stream media has the b#$#s to report it.If this same thing happen to an opposition leader i bet my last dollar it will be headlines in all main steam papers.
    By now each and every mongolian is talking about it.How the wife of the DPM is involve yet not action is taken.Now it made sence …Because Baginda don,t have that kind of power to ask imigration to erase all evidence that shows Atlantuya and her cousins were in Malaysia.

  40. #40 by 7even Sins on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 4:06 pm

    At the end of the day, nobody will be prosecuted in the case simply because “NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE” again as usual when it involve those in power. Most Malaysians will have rough idea in the head what is gonna happen as this is not the first time it happened in Malaysia. The laws are only target the poor and the middle classes like us. The Mongolian beauty murder case will be just “buang” like trash. This is the problem when our judiciary system is not indenpendent and even police force are controlled like dogs in leash by “Goons”verment. As long as Abd Razak Baginda is not prosecuted, those involved will be safe. So remain silence better, right??? Don’t believe it….just wait n see the outcome…!!!

  41. #41 by citizenwatch on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 4:13 pm

    Bloggers and everyone concerned about the country’s well being should do postings of RPK’s SD not only to bloggers sites but also to all mainstream media (MSM) ‘letters to editor’ (which I think being done as I say this) so they can’t pretend ignorence (lamest of excuses as they are first to be in the know in order to react accordingly)

  42. #42 by milduser on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 5:07 pm

    No that easy, citizenwatch.

    Najib has total control over the editorial chiefs of the news organisations. a phone call “no headlines, please…” is all that it takes. Forget about mainstream media. use other means.

  43. #43 by pwcheng on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 5:43 pm

    Godfather Says:
    Today at 13: 00.48 (2 hours ago)


    Being charged with murder is just sandiwara, and nothing more. They changed prosecutor, they changed the judge, the prosecution witnesses can’t answer questions properly.

    Do not forget they can even change the defendant as till today nobody has seen them in their face. They 2 fall guy, drug addicts I suppose will be hanged and their family will be rewarded handsomely and the 2 policemen will be packed off to another third world country never to be seen again. How does these 2 drug addicts know who was present during the c4 detonation?

  44. #44 by Tickler on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 5:48 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — The government will table a motion in Parliament tomorrow on the issue of increases in the prices of oil and other goods as well as the measures to tackle them.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad would move the motion immediately after the question-and-answer session.

    “I don’t want to say what the motion constitutes because it will only be read tomorrow when the time comes,” he told reporters after a briefing on subsidy restructuring for Barisan Nasional (BN) members of Parliament at Angkasapuri today.

    Abdullah said tomorrow’s discussion would take time and the government was ready to discuss it the whole day to give an opportunity to the elected representatives understand the issue.

    On today’s briefing, he said it gave an opportunity to those present not only to pose questions but also give ideas and comments. “Everything went well and was very meaningful. It is my hope that BN representatives are able to carry out their duties and responsibilities in debating the motion tomorrow.”

    There will be NO live coverage of the debate by RTM, he said.

    On the dissension by the two Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) members of parliament, the prime minister said: “It is party discipline that they support BN.” — Bernama

  45. #45 by Evenmind on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 5:55 pm


  46. #46 by Godfather on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 6:11 pm


    It is perhaps too far fetched to suggest that the defendants may not be who the government says they are. I think I could envisage a situation where they are told they will be either acquitted or, if found guilty, packed off under new identities with a handsome payoff so that they don’t have to work for the rest of the their lives. If they can have phantom voters and ICs for sale, creating new identities for certain individuals should not be a problem.

    I guess since the AG’s Chambers, the Police, the judiciary are all beholden to the executive, we have every reason to be skeptical about the outcome. If Anwar could be found guilty of the so-called evidence against him, then we can presume that those charged in this case could be pronounced innocent.

  47. #47 by Tickler on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 6:19 pm

    According to my friend who is working with the Engineering Corp in Mindef, the Engineering Corp has access to Plastic Explosives like C4. It is a controlled item. This creates some shivers in my spine after being told about this. According to my friend, Lt Kol Aziz Buyong was last seen in Sabah on assignment last Wednesday (18/6/0 8) and has not return to office since then.


  48. #48 by Godfather on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 6:28 pm

    “I am just trying very hard to understand what i am seeing.”

    10 years ago, we tried very hard to understand what we were seeing when Anwar was prosecuted by the AG and the PDRM in a kangaroo court. We knew that was the work of the Michavellian Mahathir, and we cheered when he packed his bags. Mahathir’s successor came and proclaimed that there will be a new era, an era of transparency, integrity and accountability. Instead, he adopted all of Mahathir’s tactics, and continued to make the AG’s Chambers, the PDRM, and the judiciary as servants of the executive. Under these circumstances, they think they can do ANYTHING.

    It’s no longer too hard to understand what we are seeing.

  49. #49 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 7:30 pm

    Reposting, Tickler’s comments Today at 18: 19.33 (1 hour ago) refer. So quickly the colonel ‘disappeared’ – not suing RPK for defamation?

    Lingam was at least around as witness to say “look like me, sound like me and maybe its me”….but if colonel not around then, it will have to be “ looks like him, sounds like him and it has got to be him!” which is of course not as good as the former’s case.

    Any idea whether RPK’s informant/witness has used a cell phone camera to capture proceedings?

    If & assuming there were really such an informant/witness, as RPK claims, then it would be ordinary to send him on a private sponsored witness protection program.

    Ulan Bator, Mongolia would be good place : (1) the Mongolian Government could extend protection and (2) govt of independent sovereign country could use the ingformation obtained for use, if needs be, in the international arena to seek justice.

    There our witness could comunicate with relevant persons back here via video conferencing and YouTube.

  50. #50 by Rocky on Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 7:45 pm

    Mongolian govt is watching this poker game..undergrad lets keep it a poker game not strip poker. you know why la. don’t want to spoil my sex life la bro.

    Anwar delivered on Lingam gate and he and rpk knew the ground sentiments before the election.with SAPP issue and now the SD, seems it is all done with good timing towards 16th Sept. Do’t underestimate Anwar nor RPK. They are no fools like Pak Lah or the Oxford KJ. actually Oxford should be shamed of KJ.

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