The call by Yang di Pertuan Agong for post-mortem on floods is an indication that the Ismail Sabri’s government is not functioning despite his cancellation of year-end leave for all his Ministers

The call by the Yang di Pertuan Agong for a post-mortem on the floods disaster in Selangor and Pahang is an indication that the Ismail Sabri government is not functioning, despite his cancellation of year-end leave of all his Ministers.

It raises the question what is use of Ismail Sabri’s cancellation of the year-end leave of his Ministers if all the jumbo-sized Cabinet does is for the Ministers to collect their super salaries and allowances without doing useful or worthwhile work?

Surely, after a week after the disaster of the massive Selangor and Pahang floods, the Ismail Sabri government should have sprung into action to find the reasons for the mismanagement of the flood disasters, like carrying out a post-mortem, without having to wait for the Yang di Pertuan Agong to teach the Cabinet what to do?

How many times had the Cabinet met since the massive and unprecedented floods in which had claimed 46 lives with five still missing or had the Cabinet not met even once at all?

Two days have passed since the cancellation of the Ministers’ year-end leave. Can Ismail Sabri inform the Malaysian public how many Ministers who are currently abroad have informed him that they will be returning home, and why and how many Ministers have “gone missing” abroad.

If Ismail Sabri’s cancellation of the year-end leave of his Cabinet Ministers and directive for those abroad to return immediately ends up as a farce because his Ministers are defying his directive, it will deepen the Ismail Sabri’s government’s trust deficit, which has plunged to the lowest level ever in the nation’s history.

The Ismail Sabri government’s trust deficit has already spawned “Do not Donate here” campaigns calling on people not to donate to funds to help flood victims set up by government agencies.

This the first time there is such a campaign in Malaysia, which shows the depth of the trust deficit in the Ismail Sabri government – coming within a fortnight of the Prime Minister giving his Cabinet a 90 per cent score for its first hundred-day performance.

Malaysians now cannot stand tall in the world as Ismail Sabri had made Malaysia an international laughing-stock with his jumbo-sized Cabinet and retinue of over-paid Special Advisers, who are incapable of doing decent work

There is in circulation on the social media a document showing that a senior Minister flew off to Dubai after Ismail had announced cancellation of year-end leave for his Ministers and instructing his Ministers who are overseas to return immediately to be with the people who are facing hardships.

If true, how can Ismail Sabri expect the people to have respect for him when he does not command any respect from his own Cabinet?

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah on Sunday, 26th December 2021)

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