The meaning and importance of Tanjong Piai parliamentary by-election – to ensure that the historic decision of the 14th General Election of May 9, 2018 does not go to waste and the country slip back to become a failed and rogue state flying the banner of klepto-theocracy

The Tanjong Piai parliamentary by-election is the fourth parliamentary by-election since the historic decision of peaceful and democratic transition of power in the 14th General Election on May 9, 2018 – Port Dickson on 13th October 2018, Cameron Highlands on 26th January 2019 and Sandakan on May 11, 2019.

The score in these three earlier parliamentary by-elections was PH 2 and BN 1.

Since then, PAS and UMNO has formed Muafakat Nasional, and as the UMNO Vice President Khalid Nordin has openly admitted, Tanjong Piai parliamentary by-election will be an acid test as to whether PAS and UMNO’s Muafakat Nasional could lead to its long-term plan to win the 15th General Election.

Khaled Nordin was not shy to admit that MCA’s victory will pave the way for its BN partner Umno and ally PAS to get the necessary support from non-Muslims to take back Putrajaya.

PAS leaders have also not hidden their glee and excitement that Tanjong Piai parliamentary by-election is the first test of whether Muafakat Nasional Charter signed by PAS and UMNO leaders in September could result in a Muafakat Nasional government in Putrajaya in the 15th General Election.

This long-term result will be to make the historic decision of the 14th General Election on May 9, 2019 come to nought, and Malaysia will slip back to become a failed and rogue state flying the banner of klepto-theocracy.

This is why I said yesterday that although there are six candidates in the Tanjong Piai by-election, the real battle in the by-election is between Pakatan Harapan coalition and the new Muafakat Nasional, comprising PAS and UMNO, with the latter dragging along the two remaining Barisan Nasional parties, MCA and MIC.

The people of Tanjong Piai must realise that at stake is not only the rights and interests of the present generation of Malaysians, but that of our children and children’s children’s future in view of the starkly contradictory vision of the future of Malaysia as represented by the two coalitions.

There are those who hold that the Tanjong Piai by-election is an excellent occasion to teach Pakatan Harapan a lesson. This is a wrong attitude to take, because we cannot and must not trifle with the rights and future of our children and children’s children.

The Pakatan Harapan coalition of Bersatu, PKR, Amanah and DAP is not perfect but we are prepared to correct our mistakes and lapses.

Pakatan Harapan had been accused of not fulfilling anyone of the promises in the Buku Harapan Manifesto, which is a downright lie and a blatant case of disinformation, as we have fulfilled many promises.

But Pakatan Harapan has not been able in 18 months to fulfill all the promises set out in a five-year time span, but the Pakatan Harapan government is set on the trajectory to move in the direction and to fulfil the pledges of a New Malaysia and become a top world-class country of unity, justice, freedom, excellence and integrity.

The Pakatan Harapan government had not expected the massive and deep-rooted nature and scale of the economic and financial disaster left behind by the Barisan Nasional government, not only the kleptocracy of the monstrous 1MDB scandal, but the massive and deep-rooted nature and scale of the corruption and abuse of power in other major institutions, whether Tabung Haji, FELDA, Felcra or MARA.

We in Pakatan Harapan have not abandoned our vision to build a New Malaysia where every Malaysian, regardless of race, religion or region, has a stake in the future of the country where Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban or Orang Asli will not only be proud of their ethnicity, but have developed a common core of Malaysian identity and consciousness.

We must have the stamina, perseverance and commitment to stay the course to build a New Malaysia and not, because of our impatience and disappointment at Pakatan Harapan’s inability to resolve all the corruption, abuse of power, injustices and wrongs of over six decades in a matter of 18 months, to be shunted aside to become a failed and rogue state flying the banner of klepto-theocracy.

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Parliament on Monday, 4th November 2019)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Monday, 4 November 2019 - 5:28 pm

    Yes, losing Tg Piai would be give momentum to the theocratic kleptocrats that will destroy us all and dangerous..

    BUT the fact of the matter is even if Tg Piai is won by PH this time, the theocratic kleptocrats at best will be at a standstill. All they lose is MCA cannot be a tool for their hypocrisy. Furthermore, there is a danger that post-Mahathir Bersatu will end up being a tool of theocratic kleptocrats.

    In other words, win or lose, the theocratic kleptocrats are still increasingly dangerous – and Pakatan Harapan leaders are the ones who got us here..

  2. #2 by Saint on Monday, 4 November 2019 - 10:01 pm

    The opposition winning, will provide a good message that PR (especially Bersatu) is moving in the wrong direction (what right trajectory!) . It is not just the corruption but the whole scenario of governance is wrong. PH needs to take the whole blame collectively.

  3. #3 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 5 November 2019 - 7:41 am

    Right now, PAS is in fact displaying their worst trait, contradicting themselves, their hypocrisy, ill-intent and even danger on full display and yet, they will win even MCA loses..

    No, this is about PH and its own contradictions. Its about Mahathir and Bersatu..

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