How much is UMNO claiming from the multi-million ringgit items seized by the police from the Pavilion Residences linked to Najib?

UMNO is seeking the return of funds which the police have seized, on the ground that they were being transferred to the new UMNO leadership following Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation as UMNO President.

This is most intriguing, Does UMNO know how much it is claiming from the items seized by the police from the Pavilion Residences linked to Najib as belonging to UMNO, and if it is unable provide a list to enumerate the details on the total amount claimed, how can UMNO lay any claim to the funds seized by the police?

What about the 35 bags with jewellery and watches – is UMNO laying a claim to them on the ground that they belonged to UMNO?

What about the 284 boxes of designer handbags – is UMNO laying a claim to them as well?

The federal commercial crimes director Amar Singh has revealed that out of the 72 bags seized during the May 18 operation, 35 contained cash in 26 currencies.

He said it took 22 bank officers three days to count the RM114 million while the value of the items in the remaining 35 bags containing jewellery and watches have yet to be ascertained.

Does Najib know how much of the RM114 million in cash in the 35 bags seized by the Police were donations to UMNO for the 14GE – and if he does not know, what can there be any basis for UMNO to make such a claim?

Will a proper inventory of the UMNO claims be submitted to the Police, stating the amount of donations by the various individuals, confirmed and verified by the various donors on the respective donations involved?

If UMNO cannot submit such an inventory, then what is the basis for any UMNO claim to the monies seized by the Police on the ground that they are donations to UMNO for the 14th General Elections?

If the monies seized by the Police were donations for UMNO for the 14th General Elections, why were they dispersed like ill-gotten proceeds in the various Pavilion Residences?

Furthermore, if they were meant for UMNO for the 14th General Elections, why were they still around after the 14th General Elections were over?

Najib should declare the total amount of donations collected by him for UMNO for the 14th General Elections.

Be that as it may, if UMNO could have the time to lay claim to the monies seized by the Police in the recent 1MDB raids, the UMNO/BN leaders should state whether they have given instructions to all UMNO/BN political appointees to submit their resignations as UMNO/BN coalition had been decisively defeated in the 14GE?

Or are the MCA/Gerakan/MIC/UMNO/BN political appointees going to hang on to their political appointments for as long as possible until they are sacked by the new Malaysian Government?

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Penang on Friday, 25th May 2018)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Friday, 25 May 2018 - 3:59 pm

    My view of this is to let them keep behaving clueless. Fact of the matter is there are still so many in UMNO that do not get it what got the kicked out of power NOR what it will take to get back.

    Everyone knows, each UMNO top head is allowed to collect “donation” on behalf of UMNO in exchange for handing out contracts, benefits etc. Everyone knows most of the time each of these “donation” much of the money never actually gets to UMNO.

    Fact is how can the “Stategic Communication Unit” of UMNO not know that these money are NOT claimable given that no proof of documentation can really be disclosed?

    It goes to show that many in UMNO is still clueless of the new world this country has moved to and cannot go back.

    Let them continue to be clueless, they will go back to their bad old ways which will prolong any possuble comeback they attempt.

  2. #2 by Jeffrey on Friday, 25 May 2018 - 3:59 pm

    Yeap, it’s a big problem how to determine but to ask ex president to ‘declare total amount of donations for the 14th General Elections’ is no solution: If I were him I’d say all (everything) because otherwise it implicates him in ill-gotten gains that he can’t justify anyway much less get to retain. This a larger problem of election campaign financing for which we have no proper laws. By convention (1) top party leaders hold monies like trustee (2) derived from individuals or corporations prospering from patronage links to & connections with ruling party. (1) is problem, holding money can lead to widespread abuse/aggrandizement not to mention if he dies in an helicopter crash wife and family members will compete to claim; (2) if you stop this unhealthy nexus between politics and business to curb political corruption, how to get the campaign monies? Do we know of any democratic systems that don’t do this? The sole called bastion of democracy (USA) is even worse – not only getting from corporates but also state actors – camouflaged hypocritically under their legalized charity foundation and lobbying rules more honored in leaks and circumvention to the beneficiaries behind the veil than what they pretend outwardly to do. Their corruption, through the sophistry of such rules, makes our 1 MDB child’s play though they esp the DOJ turn around and say we’re the greatest kleptocracy!

  3. #3 by Jeffrey on Friday, 25 May 2018 - 4:15 pm

    The dilemma is if you push the narrative transparency and accountability – ask them to prove it- they can’t and you could as govt sequester the monies to put back national coffers and they’re deprived ammunition to fight PH in the future – but then against backdrop of lack of proper campaign laws to raise monies, that raises question of fair play, how are PH component parties going to raise campaign funds to stay in power, are you better, cos what’s sauce for goose ought to be sauce for gander?

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