Three questions on 1MDB scandal to MCA’s self-proclaimed anti-corruption champion, MCA Deputy President and Minister Wee Ka Siong

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi hinted at Bagan Datuk today that the 14th General Elections may be held by May 2, which makes two speculation about the dissolution of Parliament very likely, viz:

1. Next Thursday, March 29, after the Dewan Rakyat has passed the most controversial and most undemocratic Election Commission’s 2018 Constituency Redelineation Proposals Final Report on Wednesday on March 28;’

2. On Friday the week after on April 6 after the completion of the present parliamentary meeting on April 5.

A likely Polling Day is April 28 if Saturday continues to chosen, as is traditionally done for previous General Elections.

The issue for all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region, in the 14th General Elections is a very simple and straightforward one – whether Malaysia can be saved to reset its nation-building policies and directions so that Malaysians can fulfill our Malaysian Dream to be a top world-class nation in all fields of human endeavour, whether political, economic, educational, socio-cultural or nation-building, or whether we are to continue in the present trajectory hurtling towards a failed, rogue and kleptocratic state.

Only Malaysians can save Malaysia from continuing to lose out to other nations on the world stage.

Recently, we even fell to the lowest ranking in Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2017 in 23 years – ranked No. 62 out of 180 nations when we should be in the foremost 20 top-ranking nations!

Why have Malaysia lost our moral moorings to be regarded by the world as a global kleptocratic, a country led by thieves and robbers, when this should never have happened, as Malaysia should have inherited the best from the great religions and civilizations in the world?

Yesterday, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak claimed that he had been resolved of any wrongdoing in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report over the 1MDB scandal.

The MCA newspaper, The Star, had this headline for this story: “Najib: I was cleared of any wrongdoing in PAC report over 1MDB”

Did the MCA newspaper perform its basic journalistic duty to do a “fact check” on the veracity of this claim by the Prime Minister?

Unfortunately, this has not been done by Star and other media, as Najib’s claim that he had been cleared of any wrongdoing in PAC report over 1MDB is the greatest “fake news” in Malaysia!

Recently, a self-proclaimed anti-corruption champion emerged in MCA, namely the MCA Deputy President and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, whose daily duty in the past month had been to keep up a sustained attack on the image, reputation and integrity of the DAP/Pakatan Harapan Penang State Government and Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, to distract attention from Najib’s RM50 billion 1MDB scandal and Malaysia becoming a global kleptocracy!

Wee played the role of UMNO’s “ninja assassin” with considerable skill and dedication, as he even concocted a RM20 billion Penang undersea tunnel scandal out of nothing – to convey subliminally the message to all Malaysians that they need not worry about Najib’s RM50 billion 1MDB scandal when Guan Eng has got a fictitious RM20 billion Penang undersea tunnel scandal!

Let me ask Wee three questions on 1MDB scandal:

1. Does he agree with Najib that the PAC report has cleared the Prime Minister of any wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal – and if so, can he quote chapter and verse to prove that the PAC report had cleared Najib of any wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal?

2. If Wee is unable to agree with Najib that that PAC report had cleared the Prime Minister of any wrong doing in the 1MDB scandal – will he and other MCA Ministers raise this issue in next week’s Cabinet and ask the Prime Minister not to create the biggest “fake news” in Malaysia and to issue a statement of correction?

3. Have Wee and the other two MCA Ministers read and understood the PAC Report on 1MDB, and will Wee stop playing the role of UMNO’s “ninja assassin” to character-assassinate the image, reputation and integrity of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and DAP/PH Penang State Government to distract attention from Najib’s RM50 billion 1MDB scandal and the ignominy of Malaysia being regarded worldwide as a global kleptocracy!

All Malaysians await Wee’s answer to these three questions.

(Speech at the DAP Lukut Elections Preparation Dinner held in Lukut, Negri Sembilan on Saturday, 24th March 2018 at 9 pm)

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