Call on Najib to give open apology for the four-day UMNO attacks on Robert Kuok and DAP and to explain why UMNO Ministers chose to believe RPK’s lies against Robert Kuok and DAP

I have met two senior Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) officers, namely the Chief Officer of Network Security and Enforcement Sector, Zulkarnan Mohd Yasin and Datuk Mohd Shafie Harun, Ketua, Bahagian Penguatkuasan dan Siasatan, to lodge complaint of violation of Communications and Multimedia Act in connection with the posting “Stop lying, Kit Siang. You got paid by Robert Kuok” which appeared on the website The Third Force ( on Feb. 25, 2018, which among other things said:

“1. Lim Kit Siang did receive funding from Robert Kuok

“2. The funding post GE13 was to the tune of RM100 million and handed in stages over the span of four years.

“3. The senior Lim is a closet evangelist responsible for activities by a group of radical evangelists, who, since the mid eighties, organised various activities to turn the Chinese against Muslims.

“4. For this reason and some others previously mentioned, he is positively anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, and without a doubt planning to effect a form of de facto Chinese rule in Malaysia.

“Now, assuming that Kit Siang does not respond to this article, we can take it to mean that he agrees with each and every point I’ve raised. Should he, however, deny the validity to all these claims, I dare him to trigger action pursuant to law against me, failing which we can safely conclude that he’s indeed a closet evangelist who not only received millions from Kuok, he’s positively anti-Islam and most certainly anti-Malay.

“Last but not least, I would like the ‘honourable’ Kit Siang to know that this article is being boosted to kingdom come.”

This was in response to my statement in Batu Pahat on 25th February that in my 53 years of politics, I had not received a single sen from Robert Kuok, whether through his nephew James Kuok or anybody else.

The whole Robert Kuok caper, where UMNO launched a four-day gratuitous, baseless, malicious and savage attack on tycoon Robert Kuok, not only a quintessential Malaysian but also a quintessential gentleman, has collapsed, with several UMNO leaders, including the Prime Minister, learning the lesson “If you play with fire, you get burned”.

The whole Robert Kuok caper collapsed because it was based on wicked lies and falsehoods, among others, that Robert Kuok funded DAP and that Robert Kuok wanted the Chines to rule Malaysia which appeared on RPK’s blog.

The four-day UMNO attack on Robert Kuok and on DAP involved three UMNO Ministers and one UMNO deputy minister with the Prime Minister himself fanning the flames.

The whole Cabinet, as well as Barisan Nasional, including UMNO, MCA and Gerakan (a Gerakan stalwart plays a prominent role on RPK’s website) owes Robert Kuok, the DAP and the Malaysian nation an open apology for their irresponsible political caper.

They should explain why they chose to believe in RPK’s lies and falsehoods.

Everybody knows that in the past, RPK had made terrible allegations against Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah among others. Are these allegations against Najib, including circumstances in the murder of Mongolian Shaariibuu Altantunya, to be believed?

I call on the MCMC to investigate into all the lies and falsehoods which had been made by RPK, including Najib and top UMNO leaders.

Najib should give a positive response to my call to him to give open apology for the four-day UMNO attacks on Robert Kuok and DAP and to explain why UMNO Ministers chose to believe RPK’s lies against Robert Kuok and DAP.

(Media Conference Statement (2) after lodging a MCMC report on fake news against him at MCMC, Putrajaya on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 12 noon)

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