‘Contest to label someone a racist is stupid’

TK Chua
26th May 2017

Depravity is a dangerous indulgence to fall into. It may cause us to lose our minds. We become stupid, not knowing we are.

There is another way of saying the same thing: “Those whom God wishes to destroy, He first drives them mad.”

How can they ever rationalise a contest to label someone is a racist? Is this not what the ‘Lim Kit Siang is racist’ writing contest is all about?

It is as if the daily rants against Kit Siang are no longer sufficient. They now need to organise a contest, with lucrative prizes thrown in, to see who could rant the loudest, the vilest and look the most ridiculous.

The baloney does not end there. The winners of the contest were all anonymous. Prizes presented were received by the ‘representatives’ of winners. Why are the winners ashamed of their winning?

If they are honourable, they should be able to say what they want to say without resorting to a proxy or contest. If Lim Kit Siang is a racist, please just say it with facts and figures to back it up.

I get the feeling that the mud is not able to stick any more. The constant ranting against Lim Kit Siang has lost its lustre and effectiveness.

So they need others to do the job but sadly, hardly anyone credible is forthcoming unless prizes are offered. Hence the writing contest, ‘Lim Kit Siang is racist’, was born.

I believe the contestants have said many things to win but they were probably not proud of them. Hence, they resorted to anonymity even at the prize-giving ceremony, citing personal safety.

I think they should cut the crap; it is not personal safety or legal concerns. It is their inability to substantiate what they claimed. Why fear legal actions if what was said can be substantiated?

All politicians owe us this much – they must truthfully say what they want to say. They shouldn’t be paying others to say what they can’t say themselves. That is immoral and depraved.

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 27 May 2017 - 12:50 pm

    Well its a mentally limited person who does such a contest but that really is not the quite the problem. The problem is ITS ANTI-SOCIAL AND OVER-ENTITLEMENT. He believes he can get away with basically socially destructive behaviour that is unjust to others – like a bully but worst, he has NO CLUE the harm he does to others AND TO HIMSELF AND THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE – they are living a delusion of their self-worth, their place in community, society.

    They are SPOILT BRAT – with a leader who is the spoilt brat of all – Anakku Sazalis all of them. Prodigal inheritors.

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