Rahman Dahlan reminds me of the Chinese saying 朽木不可雕 as he continues to score his own goal despite my earlier attempt to educate him – but he is unteachable as he is unlearnable!

Abdul Rahman Dahlan reminds me of the Chinese saying 朽木不可雕 as he continues to score his own goal despite my attempt to educate him.

For the past three days, I had tried to educate him what a BN Director of Strategic Communications should do and should not do.

For instance, I told him that he should not be sabotaging any efforts by DAP grassroots members and leaders who allegedly want a change of DAP party leadership and want me to retire from politics, as this is what he did when he publicly championed their cause – but all these allegations are of course a figment of his imagination!

Furthermore, I told Rahman that if he is right that I am such a failure in DAP, he should just quietly pray that I do not retire and continue to be active in DAP affairs to bring ruin and disaster to DAP which best serve the interests of UMNO/BN coalition.

But Rahman does not undertstand such simple logic and reasoning, which any intelligent student would be able to grasp immediately.

Why is Rahman scoring his own goal, in wanting me to retire from DAP when it should be to the UMNO/BN interests that I continue – as according to Rahman , I would be causing the DAP’s downfall as I am such a DAP failure!

In fact, he should be singing praises of me to entice me to continue to be active in DAP and banish all thought of retirement since I am such a failure in DAP and is of such great service to UMNO/BN!

Why is so Rahman so dim and blur about what is strategic for UMNO/BN, and what is not?

May be I should use a very unorthodox way to teach the unteachable. Take an example. I regard Rahman as the greatest disaster ever to be BN Strategic Communications Director as he keeps scoring his own goal. I would not ask the UMNO/BN leadership to replace him as BN Strategic Communications Director, as he is such a boon to the Opposition. If necessary, I am prepared to write testimonials to endorse his continuing as BN Strategic Communications Director!

Does Rahman understand what I am talking about? Rahman takes the cake as a politician whom I had met in my 51 years in politics who acts as if he has the highest IQ among politicians in the country when in fact he is among those with the lowest.

Rahman says he does not need “strategic” lessons from me and that I am not qualified to teach anyone about “strategy”. What else would one expect a dim-witted student to say in such circumstances?

I am however most thankful that Rahman had declined my offer of free tuition course on the meaning of “strategy”, or I would be faced with an impossible situation as Rahman is unteachable as he is unlearnable!

Yesterday, in response to my statement, Rahman said I should retire because I had failed to dislodge Barisan Nasional in 13 general elections. Let me whisper to Rahman that he is again making a fool of himself as the DAP had only contested in eleven general elections in Malaysia since 1969.

The question Rahman posed to me as to when I am going to “throw in the towel” should not come from the BN Director of Strategic Communications, as he should be coaxing me not to retire to better serve the UMNO/BN interest.

Rahman is in fact behaving like a “plant” of DAP in UMNO/BN leadership ranks to serve the interests of DAP – although I want to publicly state that the DAP will not touch Rahman with a barge-pole, as he is so unteachable and unlearnable!

Let me tell Rahman that he is not acquitting well as BN Director of Strategic Communications when he evaded my question yesterday, whether he is prepared to be a patriot by asking Najib to resign as Prime Minister if Najib does not want to clear Malaysia of the curse, infamy and ignominy of being ridiculed world-wide as a global kleptocracy because of 1MDB money-laundering scandal.

Rahman also ignored the sad state of affairs in Malaysia today where Malaysians are mocked and ridiculed by our neighbours in Indonesia, when previously, we were admired, respected and even envied by our neighbours – as only a few days ago, there was a report in a Singapore newspaper entitled “Graft fighting Riau people shocked at 1MDB scandal” which reported the contempt the Riau people have for Malaysia, when one-and-half decades ago, there was even a movement in Riau clamouring for Riau to be annexed to Malaysia!

But all this UMNO/BN pre-occupation and obsession to demonise DAP and myself in the past three months with a high-powered and well-orchestrated campaign reflect a deeper problem in UMNO/BN – their fear of DAP and myself, which I find difficult in understanding.

Rahman’s attack on me in the past few days was only one offensive of this high-powered well-orchestrated campaign to demonise me – the other offensives being the attack launched by the UMNO Information Chief, Annuar Musa; the “Missing Person” posters and banners in Gelang Patah and the chorus of support for such a “strategic” offensive against me from various UMNO or pro-UMNO NGOs.

The “Missing Person” offensive in Gelang Path was sub-contracted to the MCA, which was why the MCA Deputy President, Wee Ka Siong, joined in the attack on me with the false and baseless charge that I was only an MP for Ipoh Timor for two terms, “while for the rest (of the constituencies), it was only for one term” when in actual fact, I served as MP for Bandar Melaka (name later changed to Kota Melaka) and MP for Tanjong (Penang) for three terms each.

I want to put a question, straight and direct to Rahman Dahlan: Why is the UMNO/BN leadership so afraid of Lim Kit Siang that they have to launch such a massive multi-faceted propaganda offensive of lies, fake news and false information against me – using all the UMNO/BN owned or controlled mainstream media and the social media?

Rahman can deny until he goes blue in the face and claim that I am irrelevant and immaterial, but the facts are there for all to see – the unprecedented outpouring of offensive attacks, close to an avalanche, to demonise me with lies, fake news and false information in the UMNO/BN owned or controlled media and in the cyberspace.

Let Rahman explain: Why is UMNO/BN so afraid of me, when Rahman claims that I am such a political failure? Can the BN Director of Strategic Communications square this circle!

There is one thing, however, which Rahman has achieved as BN Strategic Communications Director – making Malaysians understand the meaning of “strategic lies”!

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 30 March 2017 - 11:18 am

    Truth is even Rahman Dahlan real intentions – to cause problems within DAP and Pakatan, to attack the confidences of their supporters in reality does nothing but feed the rabble rousing hallucinating UMNO rabid supporters i.e encourage the trouble makers of UMNO and these days, include Hadi’s PAS.

    Truth is Rahman Dahlan attempt at trouble making would actually be just idiotic without Hadi’s PAS compliance with them, playing into Najib simple minded strategy of using Hadi’s PAS to undermine Pakatan.

  2. #2 by Godfather on Thursday, 30 March 2017 - 11:37 am

    Rahman Dahlan is UMNO’s attack dog. He works best in a frenzy, and sometimes in a frenzy he will also bite the hand that feeds him. Hence it’s good to goad and provoke this clown, make him angry, make him unpredictable, and he will come up with stupid remarks and actions.

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