The biggest “Ali Baba” partnership in Malaysia is the “Najib-Jho Low” axis which has catapulted the country to a global kleptocracy with the largest worldwide financial scandal in recent times

I am very intrigued why the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has decided to pull out all the stops and launched into an unrestrained and unjustified attack on me when in Sindumin, Sabah yesterday.

What is the cause?

Has Najib given the “green light” for the holding of sudden Sabah state general elections and he is setting an example of the wild and unrestrained attacks which BN Sabah leaders should launch against the opposition in an attempt to preserve UMNO/BN power in Sabah state?

We will know soon enough whether there will be snap polls in Sabah.

However, even the imminence of a snap polls for the Sabah state assembly could be no justification for the unprincipled and baseless attacks which Najib launched against me in Sabah yesterday.

Najib said that I would be taking up the position of Deputy Prime Minister should UMNO/Barisan Nasional are ousted from Putrajaya and there is a change of Federal power in the 14th General Elections.

Apart from the truth that UMNO/BN may be ousted from Putrajaya and Federal power in the forthcoming general elections by Pakatan Harapan plus Bersatu, the rest of Najib’s attacks on me are a tissue of lies and falsehoods.

Why should a Prime Minister of a country stoop so low as to indulge in such lies and falsehoods in attacking the Opposition? Is Najib so desperate in his fear of being ousted as Prime Minister and losing the Federal government that he has lost all sense of proportion and moral scruples?

In his speech in Sabah yesterday, Najib said my appointment as Deputy Prime Minister had already been agreed on between Tun Mahathir Mohamad and myself, although no decision was made on who should be prime minister.

There are two lies here. I have never discussed with Tun Mahathir on the issues of DPM and PM.

Najib’s belief that I had a secret meeting with Tun Mahathir on Dec. 3 last year where an agreement was sealed for Mukhriz Mahathir to be Prime Minister and me as Deputy Prime Minister is a total figment of imagination of Najib’s propanganda handlers – as such a meeting never took place and I had never discussed with Tun Mahathir on who should be Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister when Najib/UMNO/BN are ousted from Putrajaya in the 14GE.

Najib’s subsequent allegations that with such an “Ali Baba” arrangement, I would be “incredibly powerful” – “the most powerful individual” – as this would be a situation where the Deputy Prime Minister would choose who is to be the Prime Minister, instead of the Prime Minister choosing the Deputy Prime Minister, are equally far-fetched and nonsensical.

I want to ask Najib what medicine is he taking that he could believe in such nonsense arising from the “fevered imaginations” of his propaganda handlers?

If Najib could believe in such out-of-the-world nonsense, what else won’t the Prime Minister believe?

I am wondering whether Najib should see a psychiatrist.

I am utterly shocked that the Prime Minister of the land could utter such gibberish that Pakatan Harapan had only agreed on who will be Deputy Prime Minister, not the Prime Minister, that he could rhetorically ask:

“Who will it (Prime Minister) be? (Dr) Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail)? Anwar (Ibrahim)? Muhyiddin (Yassin)?

“What was strange was that the deputy prime minister will appoint the prime minister. This is ‘ali baba’. The opposition is ‘ali baba’.

“This proved that Pakatan Harapan has failed as a coalition as compared to BN, which has achieved consensus among its 13 components.”

Najib has now achieved a double first as Prime Minister of Malaysia – firstly, for making Malaysia into a “global kleptocracy” in seven short years; and secondly, for uttering such gibberish and garbage which none of the previous five Prime Ministers, Tunku Abdul Rahman, his father Tun Razak, Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah, had ever been guilty of or even come near.

Has Najib become an inveterate liar that he could utter such gibberish and garbage of lies, or has Najib become a mental case that he could believe in such nonsense?

Najib could not be more wrong when he accused the Opposition as “ali baba” as the Opposition leaders have come together as Malaysian patriots and nationalists to save Malaysia from becoming a global kleptocracy and getting into the trajectory hurtling towards a failed and rogue state.

It is Najib himself who is responsible for creating the biggest and most sinister “Ali Baba” partnership in Malaysia – the “Najib-Jho Low” Ali-Baba axis which catapulted Malaysia to a global kleptocracy with the largest world-wide financial scandal in recent times, the international multi-billion dollar 1MDB kleptocratic money-laundering scandal.

Jho Low has become an international kleptocratic fugitive from justice.

However, I have been informed that the Prime Minister had a long and extended secret meeting with Jho Low in his last visit to China.

Is Najib prepared to make a Ministerial statement in Parliament on Tuesday of all his dealings with Jho Low, in connection with the 1MDB scandal, his series of meetings with Jho Low who had described by the foreign media as “the flamboyant Malaysian playboy and “orchestrator”of the 1MDB sovereign wealth fund scandal, when and where such meetings took place, and whether it is true that he had long and extended secret meetings with Jho Low in his last official visit to China.

Najib boasted that the Barisan Nasional had achieved consensus among its 13 components.

This would mean that if PAS President, Hadi Awang’s private member’s motion on the RUU 355 is given priority to be voted on in the March/April Parliament, followed by the government takeover of Hadi’s private member’s motion, it would have the consensus and agreement of MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the Sabah/Sarawak BN component parties.

I want to thank Najib for such clarification as if Hadi’s private member’s motion is passed in Parliament, MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the Sabah/Sarawak BN component parties cannot claim ignorance or evade responsibility!

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 5 March 2017 - 7:27 pm

    In the past, Najib had refrained from lying. merely speculating widely about DAP, Mahathir and the opposition. Fact is now he is lying, on many things and frequently. This shows desperation, even his signature grinning when he is pleased with himself, is creepier and creepier.

    The more Najib does, the more he reveal his trashy side, is odorous character. He looks more and more disgusting.

  2. #2 by good coolie on Sunday, 5 March 2017 - 11:21 pm

    Najib is using an App which was invented by Trump. The more noise we make about the ‘global kleptocracy’, the less Malaysians (especially the simple village folks) hear or care about it.

    The enemy (The Kleptocrat) is successful because our friends (Mahatir, Anwar, and other such losers, are so weak morally.

    Has there been a re-run of donations from rich Sheiks of Arabia? Gotta be, because Santa Claus must have brought gifts of gold. If so, elections are round the corner.

  3. #3 by good coolie on Tuesday, 7 March 2017 - 3:29 pm

    A favourite of mine is the Ali Baba film.

    “Nyet Ka See, Matakaji, Buka”, and the cave would open to reveal riches beyond Ali Baba’s and my imaginings. I tried the formula as I remember it, but no cave would open. Najib has the right incantation, I believe, for he has obtained 2.6 billion ringgit without lifting a finger. What’s the formula, Sir? Kongsi, kongsi lah.

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