MY DREAM – Alwi Jantan


Do I see rainbow in the sky
With droves of birds flying by?
Do I see a lush greenery
Flora and fauna of sheer beauty?

Do I see rich traditions
From ancient civilisations?
Do I see children playing together
Of various races and gender?

Do I see a true democracy
With freedom of speech and assembly?
Do I see honest leaders
The nation’s burden on their shoulders?

Do I see neither corruption
Nor radical race and religion?
Do I see high integrity
No abuse of power and authority?

Do I see great prosperity
People living in peace and harmony?
Do I see a progressive nation
The love and pride of everyone?

This is only my dream, my friend.
But I’ll dream to the very end.

Alwi Jantan
Kuala Lumpur
20th January 2017.

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