Of Umno Malays and Cina DAP

– Anas Zubedy
The Malaysian Insider
20 September 2015

Ten things to ponder about the terms Umno Malays and Cina DAP.

1. Both terms, Umno Malays and Cina DAP, when used in a malicious way are racist remarks.

2. I know many from both Umno and DAP sides who are not racist and are multi-racial in their outlook.

3. Just because we put Umno in front of the word Malays and DAP before the word Cina, it does not mean we are not being racist when we make nasty racial remarks about them.

4. Many closet racists are those who pretend to only target Umno Malays or Cina DAP when they want to make racist remarks.

5. Many racist politicians hide their racist politics by pretending to target only a racial group within a particular political party – so they use terms like Umno Malays or Cina DAP.

6. Both terms are a sly, convenient and deceiving way to hide a racist heart.

7. It is a more targeted racist politics; meaning the terms Umno Malays and Cina DAP is a cheap use of targeted racist politics by both sides to pander to the lowest minds within each political party’s constituents.

8. It is an ultimate weapon of political strategy that allows racism to be propagated while at the same time hide behind a multi-racial façade.

9. Closet politicians who are hiding behind these terms should come out of the closet or stop using them to prove otherwise.

10. Followers of political leaders who use such terms must wake up and tell those leaders to quit using racist strategies. – September 20, 2015.

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