The colour of patriotism

Kamal Amzan
Malay Mail Online
August 28, 2015

AUG 28 ― I will be wearing yellow this weekend.

And before you jump to conclusions, and it is not just because Arsenal won the FA cup in May wearing yellow, I’m wearing it for luck after a colleague showed me a news article which said (what we already know) the houses in KL are “very unaffordable.”

Do you know that the ringgit is close to RM4.3 at the moment of writing? And while mainstream media is all about “cut down on overseas travel”, “low ringgit makes our products more competitive so it’s good for the economy”, “the other countries are also facing the same problem”, they forget that a lower ringgit makes us poorer.

I wonder whether that is the same reason they stopped talking about us becoming a high income nation.

But that was before I realised it is a Merdeka weekend where I had initially wanted to wear something red and white. But red is just not in.

I was told that it is on its way out. I don’t want to jeapardise my luck now, do I?

So what colour would be apt to wear, which not only symbolises patriotism, loyalty, but also bravery and love for a country that some claim has been held hostage by a few?


In 1981, the Americans tied yellow ribbons around trees to symbolise their resolve to win the safe release of American hostages in Iran. The Iranians held them in their own embassy for 444 days in Tehran.

And during the Elizabethan era in England, people would wear yellow ribbons to signify devotion for someone who was in danger somewhere far away.

Yellow ribbons and sashes were also worn by the Puritan Army of England’s Parliament into battle during the English Civil War as a sign of bravery.

Yellow seemed like the perfect choice of colour to wear, given the whole mess we are in, no?

So I invite all Malaysians, irrespective of gender(s), race, and religion to join me in wearing the colour that represents our aspirations, hopes and dreams.

To all Malaysians who call this home and those who have left but long to return.

To those who want to see this country achieve the impossible, go beyond the unimaginable and even then further more.

Those who believe that democracy is a government of, by and for the people, not one that separates them for the benefit of the exclusive, elusive and selfish few.

And, most importantly, those who claim their utmost love for the country, and call themselves a Malaysian.

Let’s wear yellow for the country on Merdeka day.

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