Silver lining in Low Yat Plaza incident

By May Chee
Jul 16, 2015

Was the Low Yat incident something waiting to happen? Or did someone start a spark, hoping to engulf the whole nation in flames?

I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just glad that it happened.

I’ve always held the belief that bad things happen for a good reason. Provided of course, we learn from them, make reparations and put in place mechanisms to avoid such untoward incidents.

It has been rather difficult for a while now to spread cheer around. However, from the Low Yat incident, in spite of the ugliness displayed by some really irresponsible quarters, others have given us much hope.

I wouldn’t know of all the angels who came to the rescue of those battered, bloodied and disillusioned but I thank you all, for saving our fellow Malaysians and most of all, showing to the whole world out there that we do look out for everyone, irrespective of creed and colour.

Thank you, Fais, for that heartwarming account of your eight-year old friendship with Desmond that stood the test of time because of the mutual understanding, respect and support you both have for and give to each other.

Thank you, the Malay reporters who tried to help Sin Chew Daily crime reporter, Chan Woei Loon, when he was beaten up and the Malay members of the Civil Defence Department (JPAM) who then rushed him to hospital where a Malay doctor treated him.

Thank you, those Malay men who helped push away the mob who attacked China Press photographer, Sam Kar Haur, and saved his life.

Thank you, those Chinese youth who sang Saloma’s “Selamat Hari Raya” in a KTMB train, and the Indian colleagues who played lovely Raya songs at work, bringing much cheer to those around.

I can’t name you all, all of you, our wonderful and brave Malay Malaysians who came forward to save the lives of your Chinese fellow Malaysians, but know that all of us, are indebted to you, forever.

Not only have you displayed great courage and love to save your fellow Malaysians of a different race but all of you have given us much hope. Hope that there’s a place for everyone under our beautiful Malaysian sun.

That we can seek shelter from rain, storm and tyranny under that one big Malaysian umbrella held up by fellow Malaysians, from all walks of life.

Our Malay brothers and sisters during and in the aftermath of the Low Yat incident have shown the rest of us that they do not subscribe to the narrow politics openly displayed by ugly Malaysians and the powers-that-be.

That should quell the fear, resentment and whatever negative feelings and perceptions we have of and for each other.

We are truly one, after all. If we are not there yet, we can be. We just have to work harder, much harder. Don’t ever, give up. Ever.

Amid our fatigue, we have a fountain of life and rest which never runs dry. This rest is not found in shortcuts. On the contrary, where you are crucified, there is a garden where rest is found and the strength to endure.

To the G18, thank God you lost in the recent PAS elections!

A seed must die before a plant can sprout from the ground. Your progressiveness will never find its footing in today’s ulama-dominated PAS. Your demise in PAS will now enable a new life in Pakatan. Something, many Malaysians are hoping and rooting for.

In the midst of gloom, Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) came into being, hoping to reboot the now-defunct Pakatan.

I like how you sound; you and your inclusive ideological beliefs, your progressiveness and concern for the people and the fact that your membership is opened to all.

I also loved it when Mat Sabu said that GHB will adhere to the principles of parliamentary democracy and consultation when discussing the Shariah law.

That you will work with all stakeholders including NGOs, etc, and that you will practise Islamic politics which emphasises integrity and trust in governance and administration.

I’m hoping that you, GHB, will be able to shift the differences between the rakyat and that you will be in touch with the reality of today.

I pray that you will be given an understanding mind in governing the rakyat (if and when you are in the position to do so) and to be able to carry out your responsibilities without robbing them of their expectations.

Do not make the mistake of PAS who though in our midst, is a mystery that continues to be inaccessible. I don’t care to meet in secret but face to face with you.

Don’t claim to be a people of God, yet wanting to direct the life of the nation without seeking God’s will. I believe that it’s hardly in His plans to have others swatted away like flies, just so that you can protect your faith. (It’s not enough to seek God’s blessings just for yourselves, to work out your own ambition.)

Don’t subscribe to an arrogant politics which will result in a division of the rakyat. Can you ever hope to govern peacefully, a divided nation? A no-brainer, right?

Everyone prepares his own punishment. There’s no need to look further for whom or why the bell tolls. Definitely, not you, for us.

Don’t imitate that party of old, with more human interests than humble service. If you continue with their folly, you will face alienation from the rakyat and will be unable to regain the trust we once had in you.

Don’t bring us back to the dark ages where primitive peoples thought that they were dependent on the caprice of their gods and accepted the weight of their destiny from which no one can escape.

Your aim, GHB, must be to free the rakyat. You are the liberator. Period.

Last but not least, do not ever, show utter disrespect and contempt for women folk. Do not ever include “camel-talk” in discourses you participate in.

I believe that God created both sexes, not just as a necessary means to communicate life but so that the two might be united in love; the gift of self and shared happiness.

“Woman: she is his companion and not his servant.”

Please be mindful of the above in every decision you make, my dear GHB. I know you will.

I really hope and I believe that goes for the majority of Malaysians, that you, GHB, will bring to fruition, Pakatan 2.0. There’s no reason why, right-thinking Malaysians wouldn’t support you. We are all behind you.

Here’s wishing my Muslim brothers and sisters, “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri” and may we all be able to celebrate this Raya with much love and gratitude.

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