Applauding Khairy’s suggestion to revise BTN

— Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud
The Malay Mail Online
March 6, 2014

MARCH 6 ― In The Malay Mail dated 5 March, Umno minister Khairy Jamaluddin has suggested a revision of the country’s National Civics Bureau (BTN) training courses, saying undergraduates should be treated like adults and not taught to be blind supporters of the government.

I, myself have never been to any of BTN courses. However, a few years back, a friend of mine who was working for a government agency and was dating a lovely Chinese lady received a directive from his superior to attend a BTN course.

Upon returning from the course held somewhere in the state of Pahang, we went for our weekly coffee session and he shared with me his experience about the course he attended. He mentioned,

“The course made me racist. I feel that the other races are not thankful enough for being in Malaysia. We should show them that we are the boss and they better respect it.”

I was shocked.

This came from a person who I knew since I was ten, had zero racist streak in him and I must highlight that he professed his love to his (then) Chinese girlfriend every day (and night, almost).

My other friend who was with us was not surprised because he heard the same thing from his other friends who attended one or more of those courses. Apparently, BTN is known for brainwashing the participants by masquerading as an agency tasked to instil patriotism and train Malaysia future leaders.

The closest one I had to BTN was when I was in secondary school, a substitute teacher for Sejarah put the map of Malaysia on my classroom’s whiteboard, and told the whole class that the Malays sacrificed Tanah Melayu for Malaysia. He said that our nation was supposed to be land of the Malays, but we tolerated and accepted ‘them’ and changed the name of our beloved land from Tanah Melayu to Malaya and later, Malaysia.

(Yes, this was years before ISMA came out with a ‘scientific study’ claiming the existence of Malay genetic could be traced back to 30,000-40,00 years earlier compared to the Chinese and the Indians.)

Honestly, at that time, I bought it. There was a sense of pride came rushing over me and for a good week or two, I looked at my non-Malay friends differently, in a not so good way. Thinking that I was above them. Fortunately, I got over it when I had to go to them for help with my Mathematics exercise (or was it to chat about the latest high school drama that was happening that week?)

Back to BTN. Are these allegations true? If they were, the time, energy, funds (paid by the taxpayers) and efforts that are being used to inflict hate and further causing racial and religion polarisation should be properly channelled to encourage patriotism, inspire unity, and promote toleration and togetherness among Malaysians.

The suggestion by our Youth and Sports Minister to revise BTN training courses and encourage critical thinking skills should be welcomed. I too agree with the Rembau MP when he said that youths should not blindly support the government but should be able to decide for themselves if the government deserves such backing.

I was also under the impression that KJ admitted BTN has a must-have-syllabus on giving thanks and being grateful to the government.

BTN should be a delightful course to educate the participants about our beloved country, to remind them of our colourful history, to make patriotism cool and to show how proud we are to be Malaysians.

Instead of shoving one-sided information to our students, similar revision or reform should be applied to our current education system as well, say by removing the political element in our already too far politicised education system? Well, that is another story.

* Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud is a political secretary to MP of Gelang Patah, YB Lim Kit Siang.

  1. #1 by Noble House on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 4:23 am

    KJ is what I would call a fecal alchemist. He believes in a government operated mainly by bureaucrats, and bureaucrats’ classic criterion in decision making is not fulfillment of project purposes but protection of their jobs.

    The problem with BTN has been there for ages. Why he wasn’t alarmed then while he was once all that mighty and influential when his FIL was the PM? Why now? Has he now acquired some kind of magical power in reverse that somehow he feels able to solve the problems?

  2. #2 by lee tai king (previously dagen) on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 8:38 am

    ///(Yes, this was years before ISMA came out with a ‘scientific study’ claiming the existence of Malay genetic could be traced back to 30,000-40,00 years earlier compared to the Chinese and the Indians.)///

    So what happened?

    With such headstart how come your universities seems to be slipping towards the bottom of the world. In fact with such headstart your universities ought to be better than oxford and harvard combined by lightyears now.

  3. #3 by undertaker888 on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 9:42 am

    It is just another brown nazi brain washing projects courtesy of our so-called moderate leaders.

  4. #4 by Bigjoe on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 10:09 am

    These kinds of suggestion from KJ is where he is finding his political capital while most of his co-horts even those more senior fumbles. It appears reasonable and good idea and it allows him to still spin the fantasy story-telling of UMNO to party members even the hard-core ones, at least keep them at bay from attacking him.

    But the truth is its a fairy-tale. Such institutions are BTN never get reformed once its so far corrupted. Even if there is merit to something they do, the only way you rid the elements is to shut the whole thing down. Its like the KGB or the CIA or the Gestapo/SS in Nazi Germany – these are ideological agencies with institutionalized deep perversion. You just shut it down. Nothing else work.

  5. #5 by waterfrontcoolie on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 10:27 am

    Yaking of experts in this country; all they have are the titles of “Dr”, from where you need not ask once they open their gaps. Say even within the MOE, practically all the senior administrative staff have one and yet we spent rm20 million for a report from Mckenize? This just reflect how much they dare not put their thought in writing for the public to scrutinize. In such scenario, the safer bet is to keep the majority totally ignorant so that they can continue to impress the dumbs and the mutes to lead them by their nose. This major objective cannot be denied and to maintain this; spreading half truths is the only way left; sensationalize all sensitive issues so that their emotion will prevail over their rationality and thus stop them from pondering! This will continue so long that they can do it! Of course, in such desperate situation they forget this is the world of Facebook, Twitter and what have you!

  6. #6 by boh-liao on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 11:44 am

    惊蛰发泄日,LKS, 您打小人了吗?

  7. #7 by boh-liao on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 4:31 pm

    D SIL must b JOKING
    BTN is d lifeblood of Perkosa-UmnoB/BN 2 maintain d iniquitous system going in dis 1DERful land

  8. #8 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 7:09 pm

    Can we put aside BTN and think about Anwar’s “crushed” family for the moment?

    Was the judiciary a political tool? Tell me.
    Was Najib, Dr M involved? Search me?
    Has this anything to do with Kajang Move?Hell,no?
    Were judges handpicked and biased? What aquiz?
    Any reason only Bumi judges? Unquestionable,so?

    Don’t cry for Malaysia, O world?
    We’ve been on this road before.

    Shafee is surfeited…gulp, gulp.
    Says justice is met….oh, oh.
    Now they say even sperm can fly…go, go.
    O judgment, thou hast fled brutish,no.
    Cupola of justice…or a Palace of justice?

    Oh, Malaysia, cry like a hyena.
    You have never been on this road before.

  9. #9 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 7:39 pm

    “It is very unusual for a court to reverse an acquittal so fast, and even more unusual to deliver sentence so fast.” Latheefa Koya.

    Well, the court also has to prove “Malaysian Courts Boleh”…. endless possibilities.

    I wait with abated breath to read the erudite judgment.

    Then, in Law 101, rookie students will say “never has so much judicial rubbish been spewed in 1 day.”

  10. #10 by boh-liao on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 9:59 pm

    WHO says kangkung M’sia NOT efficient?
    Our court so so efficient, so much done in less than 24 hours

    Ho, ho,ho, not 1 buy erection, but 2 buy erections akan datang, 1 in Kajang n d other in Pg
    In dis 1DERland, WHAT Perkosa-UmnoB/BN WANT, Perkosa-UmnoB/BN GET

    Court judgement VERY easi, if d outcome of 1 court is NOT what Perkosa-UmnoB/BN want, appeal again n again UNTIL a judgement favourable 2 Perkosa-UmnoB/BN is obtained

    All easi n kow dim fast fast, some more veri democratic what

    Look at d @llah judgement n AI judgement
    Esp d latter, lightning speed, found GUILTY – perfect timing, char beehoon n MCA so so happy, HO SAY liao! @llah b praised.

    MMK also happi, HO SAY liao!

    Remember dis is Perkosa-UmnoB/BN’s M’sia, don’t PLAY play, everything is under control, kangkung or no kangkung

  11. #11 by boh-liao on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 10:35 pm

    Many famous politicians were locked up 4 various reasons, real or not real
    AI must b a dumb politician: once locked up bcos of sodomee n now 2 b locked up again ALSO bcos of sodomee
    He must b a truly desperate DOM (dirty old man), a seks maniac hungry 4 d As-Holes of young mEn, sodomising mEn here n there

    Y is dat Ful of Sai (d p!ss of sh!t/crap), d willing partner who offered his As-Hole, NOT locked up? After all, he too participated in sodomee

  12. #12 by boh-liao on Friday, 7 March 2014 - 10:43 pm

    2nite, Perkosa-UmnoB/BN kaki having GRAND celebrations throughout East n West M’sia
    Congratulatory messages pouring in 4 najis, MMK, chow mai fu/char beehoon, ………. HIGH 5
    Hv U expressed your support in their FB?

  13. #13 by boh-liao on Saturday, 8 March 2014 - 2:41 am

    Little wonder d profession “JUDGE” is looked down upon by rakyat

    By now, we oredi knew d outcome of d @lLah case
    Also d case against Karpal S – b ready 2 join AI 4 Bollywood

    Who’s next fr PR?

    • #14 by cemerlang on Saturday, 8 March 2014 - 8:56 pm

      go back to the ancient days. no such thing as judge. go back to barbarism. if education does not educate, what’s the point ? my as well have captain caveman around

  14. #15 by bruno on Saturday, 8 March 2014 - 7:44 am

    Some people needed to be brainwashed.

    • #16 by cemerlang on Saturday, 8 March 2014 - 8:58 pm

      there is nothing like drinking kopi and kueh and golf in the name of something dead serious like course, programme, work

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