UiTM VC denies calling Lim’s aide ‘pengkhianat’

By Aidila Razak | 3:32PM Jun 14, 2013

UiTM vice-chancellor Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar has denied calling Lim Kit Siang’s new political secretary Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud a “traitor to her race and to UiTM” on Twitter.

Contacted by Malaysiakini this afternoon, Sahol (left) said it was beneath him to respond to such things.

“I don’t engage in that way. I am a senior professor. I don’t go down to that level. Even if Malaysiakini asks me questions I don’t respond,” he said.

Sahol said he could not have posted the contentious tweet as he was in a lecture with the chief secretary to the government Ali Hamsa when it was posted using the @datosahol Twitter handle about 1.40pm today.

Confirming that he does have a Twitter account, Sahol, however, said it would not come as a surprise if this account had been hacked.

“Even my Facebook account has been hacked before,” he said.

In the contentious posting, the user @datosahol responded to those referring to Dyana by saying:

“Inilah contoh terbaik pengkhianat bangsa dan UiTM.” (This is the best example of a traitor to her race and to UiTM.)

This was in response to a conversation initiated by Umno blogger Yuseri Yussoff, in which he urged that a debate be held between UiTM students and Dyana, an alumnus of the university.

Tweet not deleted as at 3.10pm

Dyana is this week’s curator for the unofficial UiTM weekly curatorship account @twt_uitm, where UiTM alumni, staff and students take turns to tweet to the account’s followers on topics they deem relevant to the community.

As at 3.10pm today, the contentious tweet had not been deleted from the @datosahol timeline. However, another similar tweet made just before it has disappeared.

Replying to another user, who questioned why he would call Dyana a “traitor” for being a DAP supporter, Sahol said:

“Are you sure it came from me? I don’t tweet that way. I’ve been always careful. Not my style and not my level.”

Dyana, who was appointed as political secretary to the Gelang Patah MP after the May 5 general election, has been receiving much flak from Twitter users, especially whenever she comes out in defence of the DAP.

She has also had her faith in Islam (akidah) questioned by Umno Youth exco member and its Unit Media Baru chief Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz.

“Malay Muslims who join the DAP are confirmed to have identity and akidah issues,” Tun Faisal said.

  1. #1 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 11:38 am

    UiTM is yet again the venue for controversy. What’s with its administrators? How well is this university ranked anyway? What values does it teach its many students? I am glad people like Dyana can still emerge from its environment.

  2. #2 by hurricanemax on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 11:41 am

    please allow me to quote from another Toon:
    “Malay Muslims who join the umno/pbb/pbb/pee/whatever alphabet dumbo and dont forget PAS/DAP are confirmed to have identity and akidah issues.”

    The above reflects the quality of half-baked so-called jaguh kampong’s understanding of ‘freedom of choice to choose’.

  3. #3 by worldpress on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 1:05 pm

    Monkey can not stand fairness

  4. #4 by cinaindiamelayubersatu on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 2:31 pm

    faisal,tun kat depan nama tu apa hal?apa ahli ahli umnobaru yang kuat makan kuat aqidah?politik wang ahli ahli kamu termasuk ketua kamu – kuat aqidah?jawablah kamu denganNya diakhirat nanti.

  5. #5 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 2:33 pm

    OMG!! Now the bigger issue is whether Tan Sri Saifol account has been hacked. or not.. We have a UiTM vice-cancellor that possible has commited LIED of his public actions. If he cannot prove his account has been hacked – HE HAS TO RESIGN..Its unacceptable for a vice-cancellor to take these things lightly – the fact he flippantly inquire of the veracity rather than take the tweet seriously is HORRIFIC itself. If he lied, he has to go..

  6. #6 by rjbeee on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 4:09 pm

    This is what you get from UiTM………..Waste of good money on this rats

  7. #7 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 4:20 pm

    Who hacked the VC’s twitter account ?

    Must be the ‘Red Bean Army’ people, or them Gremlins.

  8. #8 by tuahpekkong on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 4:39 pm

    If someone has indeed hacked into his account and posted the slanderous tweet, the most logical thing this senior professor should do is to immediately remove this contentious tweet and offer a sincere apology to Dyana. His claim that he was a senior professor and hence would not stoop so low as to post such a slanderous tweet is laughable. Another btn success story. Congratulations to UMNO!

  9. #9 by sotong on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 4:43 pm

    When their narrow and self interests are affected, everyone is a traitor to the race, religion and country.

    There is a strong culture of bullying, threat, harassment and intimidation to ensure total control.

  10. #10 by omeqiu on Sunday, 16 June 2013 - 5:46 pm

    Hey dudes, monkeys can’t twit!

  11. #11 by Noble House on Monday, 17 June 2013 - 4:32 am

    The VC should consider switching his career to that of a politician from now on. I can’t imagine the anxiety of the parents of those students under him now that his reputation is at stake.

  12. #12 by assamlaksa on Monday, 17 June 2013 - 9:28 am

    UiTM is Universiti Teknologi MARA which is the only university in the world that limits its students to a single ethnic. Does that ring a bell?

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