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Stephen Tan
The Malaysian Insider
May 12, 2013

MAY 12 — I was there. I am usually not too active or vocal with regards to politics. However, the series of blatant cheating practices with regards to the elections has made me upset, frustrated and extremely angry.

Furthermore, the blatant accusation made by the PM post elections is totally unstatesman-like. He practically proved to the whole country and world of the insincerity of his policies and so called transformation programs. He does not deserve to be PM, let alone a leader of a political party.

Malaysia is turning into a mini apartheid, or a Nazi state with leaders like this. Superior race in this time and age?! It pisses me off.

Ungrateful for voting against the ruling party? What right have they to rule when they do not deserve to!? In terms of political maturity, I feel Malaysia has dropped below the levels of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to the level of Zimbabwe.

A developed nation status means not only income level, but also civic consciousness and political maturity amongst other things. The ruling party has no desire to achieve a developed nation status if they behave as such. They themselves are one of the major obstacles to Malaysia becoming a developed country.

They must be disposed of for Malaysia to move forward.

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