A People’s Election

In the aftermath of this historic election, we would like to thank all Malaysians for their support of DAP and Pakatan Rakyat. To all Malaysians, including those who did not support our coalition, we are indebted to the public for their extensive involvement in the campaign and commitment to the future of Malaysia. All races of Malaysians are united in one purpose to make our country strong and people stronger.

It is in this spirit of strengthening our country that we need to turn our resolve into the tasks that can move our country forward.

Foremost is the need to properly account for all of the irregularities during an election that was not only the dirtiest election in our country’s history, but also the most marred in its process. We support Bersih’s people’s tribunal as an essential step for justice and transparency. We call on all Malaysians to come forward to share their experiences and help us get to the truth.

We also will be supporting the electoral petitions to challenge the flawed contests where we have credible reports of tampering, electoral fraud and manipulation. The process for reform in Malaysia is ongoing, and we need to carry on.

We are heartened by the public’s support for justice and fairness in elections, as it is ultimately their will that has been thwarted. We are proud and humbled by the responsibilities we face to represent the majority of Malaysians.

In our initial assessment, we can point to multiple seats where serious irregularities occurred – Labis, Tapah, Segamat and Bentong, to name just a few. We believe that the irregularities are extensive and nation-wide and minimally affect up to 30 seats. As the irregularities impact more than 21 seats, the margin for which we would have won government, and involve at least two state governments – Perak and Terengganu. The DAP, working in collaboration with our partners in Pakatan Rakyat, will work to gather and present the evidence. If Malaysia had free and fair elections, we would be in Putrajaya and many other state capitals across the country. Malaysians know this, and the BN knows it.

A victory that is earned through money, lies and manipulation is not a victory at all. It is not a true Malaysian victory. The Malaysia I know is one that believes in fairness. The Malaysia that I know is one that believes in decency. This election shows how far we are moving away from our moral compass, and it is important to continue to set the course towards the ideals that founded our nation.

I firmly believe that the results show that a majority of Malaysians want better governance and a system that is not corrupt, feeding off greed and abuses of power. Pakatan’s majority of support from the electorate reaffirms hope in our country and fellow Malaysians.

Every one of you should be proud. Look around, these are your brothers and sisters, your family that is vested in building a better country. We are all here for a shared dream of a better tomorrow. While many of you are disappointed, frustrated, and some many even be angry, please take a moment to relish the shared community that has been built in this election and the reaffirmation of the ideals for a better Malaysia.

The Malaysia that I know is one that believes in respecting all Malaysians from every community. One of the reasons the BN is afraid of Pakatan Rakyat is because we represent all communities. It is impossible to win higher majorities in Selangor and Penang, for me to win my seat in Gelang Patah without multi-racial support. We are grateful to all Malaysians who supported Pakatan, but I would especially like to thank the Malays who voted for change, for national reconciliation and for a stronger country. We will continue to reach out to you and assure that you and all Malaysians receive our honest and hardworking commitment for the people and reform.

We call on all leaders in UMNO to act responsibly. This race baiting is another form of old politics, and we strongly condemn these tactics. It is an old story that when UMNO is fighting within itself, and when the government wants to distract the public from the real things that matter, they take to politicizing race. It is wrong and should stop immediately.

This election has brought to the fore the serious problems we face as we move forward. The Election Commission abysmal performance, the complicity of other government agencies and others in interfering in the will of the people and failing to carry out their professional responsibilities ethically is of real concern. We have had years of weakening institutions, and the election has brought them to the fore. We also saw in this campaign the open links between crony companies and the incumbent government as funds poured in through rampant vote buying.

We turn now to the people for help, to channel their energies into exposing abuse and corruption, but to reach out to each other, across communities, with decency and respect. The time for mutual understanding and rebuilding hope is upon us. Malaysians will never forget GE13, as it has shown the common will to move the country forward, and exposed the desperate measures to hold onto power. We need your continued support to keep hope alive, to turn the disappointment and frustration into constructive efforts and building community and improving governance.

This was a people’s election – an election that has denied the will of the people, but at the same time reminded us of the need for community and to continue to put people first. The path ahead will not be easy, but the fight for justice, democracy and a better Malaysia is one that we must all strive ahead. We do so with confidence and commitment.

(Speech for the 13GE Election Fraud Rally at Kelana Jaya Stadium, Selangor, on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 10 pm)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 9 May 2013 - 7:23 am

    The only thing that will result from this is more racist ranting and blaming coming out of the UMNO election at the end of this year because the likes of Badawi and Razaleigh now will speak out, further egging on the rabid masses of UMNO to go into further frenzy..

    We are IN PARALYSIS as a nation..More of the same for the time being..

  2. #2 by sheriff singh on Thursday, 9 May 2013 - 10:23 am

    Can Pakatan organise 100,000 people rallies in places like Kota Tinggi, Kudat, Titi Tinggi, Sulabayan, Lubok Antu, Kota Tinggi, Gerik, Asahan, Batu Burok, Rompin, Lawas, Tempoyak, Lemang and so on? These are the rural places in the country whose residents decide who sits in the offices of Putrajaya.

    Not the people in Seputih, Tanjong, Ipoh Timor, Cheras, Subang Jaya, Lembah Pantai, Wangsa Maju, Shah Alam or Gelang Patah. The voters here are not knowledgeable or sophisticated enough to decide on the country’s fate. They must get less weightage in their votes.

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