Ghani should change his political advisers in the Gelang Patah contest as he is made to say things which undermines his reputation as a sober, rational and level-headed classic Malay gentleman

I am really flabbergasted. I am accused by the Johor Mentri Besar and Barisan Nasional candidate for Gelang Patah Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman of saying things about him which I had never done.

For instance, in an interview today with the UMNO-owned and controlled New Straits Times, which claims to be a newspaper when it is in fact a “lies-paper”, the Johor Mentri Besar was asked a loaded and completely untruthful question and Ghani gave an equally baseless and untruth answer because it was founded on lies and falsehoods.

This is the Q and A I am referring to:

Question: Your opponent had tried to paint a picture of you being a Malay chauvinist. Do you think it will influence the Chinese electorate, who make up the majority of voters in Gelang Patah?

“Answer: It is cruel. I’m quite sad about the attempts to label me a racist. But Johoreans know me.

“I have been here for the past 18 years and the Chinese community here knows that I have always engaged them. I work with them directly on community issues as well as on education, culture and welfare.

“Since (Lim) Kit Siang decided to come here to contest (Gelang Patah), he has been provoking the Chinese.”

The interviewer from the News Straits Times “lies-paper” asked not only a loaded a question, but a completely fabricated query as I had never “tried to paint” Ghani Othman as “a Malay chauvinist” in my campaign in Gelang Patah.

Having been a four-term Mentri Besar for 18 years, Ghani cannot be so naïve as not to know that the question is not only loaded, but grossly unfair and untrue. How could Ghani answer a question that I had tried to paint him as a Malay chauvinist when I had never done so?

Surely, Ghani should have known what I said publicly about him, and if he does not know, let me repeat what I said on Monday, two days after Nomination Day, viz:

“The BN candidate for Gelang Patah, the four-term Johor Mentri Besar, Datuk Ghani Othman, is a classic Malay gentleman who is respected for his moderate and rational views. I have no qualms in giving credit to him for bringing development and progress to Johor in his 18 years as Mentri Besar.

“But he does not sound like himself in his first two pronouncements after the Nomination Day on Saturday, as captured by these Malaysiakini headlines:

  • Ghani rails against Pakatan’s ‘racial polarisation’
  • Ghani: If Kit wins, Hadi might be PM

“Ghani is sounding more like Perkasa leaders like Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin as what he said is completely contrary to his image as a moderate, rational and level-headed political leader.

“Is this the price that moderate leaders have to pay if they are to stay and survive in present-day UMNO, whose most powerful leader is not Najib Razak but Mahathir?”

An experienced four-term Johor Mentri Besar would have sensed that there is something very wrong about the question, as it is so far from the truth from what I had said publicly about Ghani.

His protest that my attacks (which never existed) on him being so “cruel” causing him to feel “quite sad about the attempt to label me as a racist” is completely baseless as I had never called him a Malay chauvinist in Gelang Patah.

Why is Ghani playing to the tune portraying him as an “aggrieved victim” on attacks from me, when I had not done any such thing?

Equally baseless, unworthy and dishonourable in his attack on me in retaliation, saying: “Since (Lim) Kit Siang decided to come here to contest (Gelang Patah), he has been provoking the Chinese.

Can Ghani quote chapter and verse as to when and where in Gelang Patah I had been “provoking the Chinese”?

It was former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir who accused me of wanting to cause “racial confrontation” in contesting in Gelang Patah, alleging that I want to cause the Chinese to hate the Malays.

I don’t think Mahathir had made a more irresponsible and defamatory statement than this, which is why I have instructed my lawyers to institute legal action for defamation against the former Prime Minister.

Why did Ghani act as if Mahathir is speaking the gospel truth about my contest in Gelang Patah?

My invitation to Ghani to make the battle of Gelang Patah the model of a clean, free, fair and gentlemanly contest in the 13GE still stands.

If Ghani responds positively, I am prepared to meet him to finalise the ground rules as to how both of us can agree for the Gelang Patah contest to be the model of a clean and gentlemanly election contest in a general election which is expected to the dirtiest in the nation’s history – stemming from Najib and UMNO/BN’s kiasu and kiasi attitude about the possible outcome of the 13GE.

In any event, whether Ghani accepts my standing invitation to make the battle of Gelang Patah the model of a clean and gentlemanly contest in the 13GE, the first thing he should do is to change his political advisers in the Gelang Patah contest as he is made to say things which undermines his reputation as a sober, rational and level-headed classic Malay gentleman!

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 25 April 2013 - 8:10 pm

    The reason why its flabbergasting is because its Mahathirspeak – a unique language developed because Mahathir basically cut off all channels of dessenting voice.

    For example, last night on NTV7, for one hour Mahathirspeak translated to language you and I understand is the following:

    “I am not Malay. How can a Malay be so good at cheating and lying to so many people for so many years? For over 20 years, I jerked you all Malaysian, especially the Malays giving them peanuts and making BILLIONS for me, my children and cronies.. Even now, this election, I can jerk you all stupid people around, especially the Malays.”

    For Ghani, his interview, translated from Mahathir speaks read:

    “Sorry. Sdr Lim., I have to speak in Mahathirspeak – cheat, lie and jerk people around because otherwise. Mahathir will do to me what he did to Anwar…”

  2. #2 by yhsiew on Thursday, 25 April 2013 - 8:38 pm

    Ghani was given a difficult task because he had cancelled Mamak’s crooked bridge project!

  3. #3 by Winston on Thursday, 25 April 2013 - 8:39 pm

    LKS, what do you expect your opponent to do or say?
    As the Chinese saying goes: THOSE NEAR THE INK-POT WILL BE STAINED BLACK!!!
    In fact, their strategy of going all out to try to discredit the PR has completely backfired.
    Because Malaysians know who the Devils are!
    In fact, their chief devil himself has admitted as much!!!!

  4. #4 by john on Thursday, 25 April 2013 - 10:40 pm

    Ghani had been the 4th term MB, he is a deep-rooted Bumno taiko, fully entrenched in Bumno ways of life. So, LKS should not expect much he is a “different” one, even if he wants. Do not be conned by Bumno’s MaMak,C4 clones/celup. A very good, good example is ONE by the name of BODOWI – remember, the seemingly “straight, clean” turned out , “everyone” got scr*wed-ed instead.

  5. #5 by vsp on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 6:13 am

    One of the many issues that Pakatan has missed is the illegitimacy of UMNO, the linchpin of BN. If Pakatan could attack the legitimacy of UMNO, this would open the eyes of the Malays on how Mahathir has tricked them for decades. UMNO Baru was founded by Mahathir, and it hijacked the brand name and assets of the original UMNO to fool the ordinary Malays to support it. Mahathir knows this and therefore he is working harder than everyone else to save his party from an ignominious end. UMNO Baru is an imposter. It is not a party of the ordinary people but an elitist party made up of hard-core racists and rentier class. In fact the very souls of UMNO, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn were denied recognition by Mahathir when UMNO Baru was illegally formed with the cognizant of the compliant court.

    LKS, please use this ammunition to destroy the imposter of the original UMNO and opened the eyes of the Malays.

  6. #6 by bruno on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 6:57 am

    Ghani been in politics for most of his life is as seasoned a politician as Kit Siang.He knows what he is saying.That man is not stupid.He knows that he has a formidable opponent in Kit Siang.And that he has the toughest fight of his political life ahead.

    It is the fear of losing to Kit Siang that makes him say such things.In desperate times people say stupid and do desperate things.That is human nature of the frightened.For that we have to forgive the man,for letting emotions taking over control of his mind.

  7. #7 by Sallang on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 7:16 am

    “”News Straits Times “lies-paper” “”

    To close this news printer after May 5.

  8. #8 by Jim55 on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 8:35 am

    Ghani’s advisers must be a Chinese, loan from MCA. Use a Chinese to create lies about another Chinese so as to gain some sympathy votes from the Chinese!

    Get it?

    If Ghani is such a seasoned gentleman, why would he speak something that’s no basis and cannot be proven with date and time of occurrence. Ghani has a hidden agenda by doing so.

    Be careful.

  9. #9 by yhsiew on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 8:47 am

    ///Ghani: If Kit wins, Hadi might be PM///

    So what? Dr M has made it clear that PAS will NOT be able to implement hudud laws in the country as the party is not able to get the required two-thirds majority to amend the Constitution.

  10. #10 by lee tai king (previously dagen) on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 8:49 am

    Remember always, ghani is just another Tuan Rempit McBully. He has untouchable and unquestionable ketuanan rights. And he is used to bullying others (mainly mca idiots and mic too) all the time in the typical umno rempit-style.

    So no point being gentlemenly with this bigot, really. He cannot and does not know how to reciprocate. Nonetheless, as a tactic (i.e. to be gentlemen) uncle Kit caught ghani off guard. Its almost like a badminton player, having discovered his opponent’s weakness, decided to hammer his way home.

    What uncle Kit successfully did was to demonstrate to the world how terrible a character ghani actually is.

    Full marks there. Malaysians and specifically johoreans deserve to know the real character they are supporting and voting as leader.

  11. #11 by Winston on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 9:36 am

    Hudud is a must, say PAS leaders – Staronline headline dated 26/4/13

    This is the headline in their toilet paper today!
    They are flogging a very, very dead horse!!
    Malaysians have long discarded such nonsensical arguments!!!
    Arguments such as the PM will be from PAS if PR takes the helm at Putrajaya.
    Arguments that there’ll be another May 13 if PR wins.
    Arguments such as the economy will suffer.
    And other such inane diatribes.
    No, such arguments will not work anymore.
    Malaysians have made up their minds that UMNO/BN means doom for the country.
    Just ask yourself this question: Why would anyone want a government that is corrupted, scam and scandal ridden for the past fifty-six years??
    And is still giving them more of the same old, same old on a daily basis, 24/7???
    So, in GE13, the electorate must send the Devils packing to Hell!!!

  12. #12 by Loh on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 10:09 am

    Muhyiddin asked why Chinese want to change the government.

    The simple answer is Muhyiddin is the reason why people want change. Najib pretended to be inclusive and declared 1Malaysia. But Muhyiddin would not even pretend, and shows that he and Mamakthir wear the same trouser.

    Muhyiddin should ask the Malays why they want change. Their reasons are good enough for Chinese to want change too. Besides, other than the running dogs, Chinese do not want race-based politics and so we want BN defeated.

  13. #13 by Taxidriver on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 10:09 am

    A vote for Ghani means supporting a corrupt regime. We don’t vote for Ghani because he is a part of that regime. Unless Ghani can convince us that he is different from other UNMO Baru menteri besar or his party’s leaders, we cannot support him. Voting for whichever candidates from PR standing against UNMO Baru/BN backed candidates, be they from any community or religion is a safer bet for the future of our country. Sorry lah Ghani, it’s not that we hate you, but we hate corruptions in your party; we abhor their gutter and racial politics. We have had enough! UBAH we must …… because we love our country.

  14. #14 by sotong on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 12:12 pm

    He is a Malay gentleman in politics???

    For many, to win at all cost, nothing is above politics.

  15. #15 by bokiasu on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 12:19 pm

    It is the fear of losing to Kit Siang that makes him say such things.In desperate times people say stupid and do desperate things.That is human nature of the frightened.For that we have to forgive the man,for letting emotions taking over control of his mind.This is not a real clean and gentleman politician who does not hold any principles when he feels for his survival sake , he will not hold any principle at all . A very good example is Mahathir , we Rakyat Malaysia had been fool by the divide and rule racial politics for twenty two years . Do we all Malaysian STILL want to suffer for our future generation !!! In fact, their chief devil himself has admitted as much!!!!. We have had enough! INI KALI LAH..UBAH we must …… because we love our country.So, in GE13, the electorate must send the Devils packing to Hell!!!

  16. #16 by john on Friday, 26 April 2013 - 6:39 pm

    The MaMak Kutty was given prime time live TV coverage interview (totally one-sided) to speak (or rather TOKOK) on and on, without basis or for others to counter his… ( oh, not waste time he is one Gonna to talk to…) Already deep-rooted forever to LIE, all to safeguard his own-self ill gotten gains (STOLEN) from the RAKYAT. JUST ASK HIM TO SUBSTANTIATE ALL HE OWNS NOW !.
    But, there again he’ll either TWIST , speak a smartar*e, or play dumb-dumb, suddenly turn senile (like in Lingam case), or become ???
    And, here PAKATAN not able to obtain/being allow any live TV broadcast at all !. So, what so democratic this NATION has become after over 55years under Bumno control (in particular, during MaMak). So, this is what the Dumb Bond girl meant about her democratic right – rather, the sh*t has gone up her head, no brainer !.

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