DAP’s dark horse in Tanjung Piai

Pauline Wong | 23 April 2013 – 11:30pm
The Sun

PONTIAN (April 23, 2013): The battle in the Tanjung Piai parliamentary constituency of about 51,000 voters may not be as intense as in Gelang Patah, where top guns Lim Kit Siang (DAP) and Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (BN) are facing off.

Still, Tanjung Piai is exciting because a relatively unknown and dark horse candidate will give incumbent MP Datuk Wee Jeck Seng (BN) a run for his money.

Mahdzir Ibrahim, 37, (pix) from Batu Pahat, is eager to make his mark here.

“About one month ago I was asked by DAP leadership to stand in Tanjung Piai, and after I went on the ground and did some groundwork, I accepted the challenge,” said the former DAP Roketkini.com co-ordinator.

As the only Malay candidate fielded by DAP in Johor, the humble and forthright former lecturer (in music and arts) said he is under no illusion that being a Malay would give him an advantage in the Malay-majority area.

Malays make up about 51% of the voters in Tanjung Piai, with the rest being Chinese and less than 1% are Indians.

“Whether Malay or Chinese … I believe this election is more than about me or (Datuk) Wee Jeck Seng. It is about Pakatan Rakyat representing the people, versus the BN,” he said.

Mahdzir, who is also national executive council member of the DAP youth wing, DAPsy, said he is looking to help bring job and economic opportunities to Tanjung Piai.

“Tanjung Piai is such a unique place … it’s the southernmost tip of Asia, with so much potential for eco-tourism. However, despite being part of the Bandar Iskandar development, many young people are moving to Johor Baru or Singapore for jobs,” he said.

“We will convince the people here that PR is offering many good things for the people, not just one-off cash like BN did – not that I am criticising the move, but we offer long-term economic development.

“It can be so much better here.

“We are talking about free education and reduction of petrol prices, rather than just RM500, RM1,000 eah year. We want to convince people that a vote for PR is a vote for the long term, for the future,” he said.

As for the rest of the campaign period, Mahdzir hoped the campaigning would be clean and not tinged with racial issues.

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    In times like this drastic action is to be taken for the general good of the Malaysian population.

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