Two pre-conditions for Pakatan Rakyat to beat Umno/Barisan Nasional in the battle for Putrajaya in the 13GE

PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said in his speech at the opening of the 58th PAS Muktamar this morning that PAS is prepared to take federal power with its Pakatan Rakyat allies.

Malaysians are at the crossroads in the 13th General Elections, to decide whether the country should have a new beginning by electing a new Pakatan Rakyat federal government in Putrajaya or whether the corruption, abuses of power, injustices and inequalities of the Umno/Barisan Nasional Government should continue to blight the future, hopes and aspirations of the people.

There are two pre-conditions if Pakatan Rakyat is to beat UMNO/Barisan Nasional in the battle for Putrajaya in the 13 General Elections.

The Pakatan Rakyat coalition of PAS, PKR and DAP must be able to show and convince Malaysians of two important differences with the Umno/Barisan Nasional coalition.

Firstly, that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition practices the politics of “Unite and Rule” as distinct from the traditional but divisive and destructive politics of “Divide and Rule” of UMNO/BN, polarizing instead of uniting Malaysians along racial and religious lines.

Through the politics of lies, falsehoods and fear, UMNO/Barisan Nasional spread different and conflicting messages among different racial and religious groups, sowing the seeds of suspicion, distrust and even hatred, which is totally against the task of Malaysian nation-building.

Among the Malays, UMNO spread the lies and falsehoods that if Pakatan Rakyat wins in the 13GE, the DAP will be the real “power” in Putrajaya, that Malay rights would be sacrificed with Malays becoming “beggars in the own land”, Islam marginalized and the country become a Christian Malaysia, the system of Malay Rulers abolished and Malaysia will become a republic. In other words, that the DAP would renege and betray the pledges made in the Pakatan Rakyat Common Policy Programme and Buku Jingga.

Among the Chinese, MCA is allowed to spread fear with the lies and falsehoods that PAS will be the real “power” if Pakatan Rakyat wins resulting in the sacrifice of the political, economic, educational, social, cultural and religious rights of the non-Malays and non-Muslims. Underlying these lies and falsehoods is the message that PAS would renege and betray the pledges made in the Pakatan Rakyat Common Policy Programme and Buku Jingga.

This is a most irresponsible and reckless politicking, completely heedless of the harm of such “divide and rule” tactics to the Malaysian nation-building process.

In contrast, the Pakatan Rakyat parties of PAS, PKR and DAP seek to unite Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region, with the common vision and objective – to restore justice, freedom, democracy and good governance in the country.

Also unlike Barisan Nasional under UMNO hegemony, Pakatan Rakyat is a coalition of equals which operates on the basis of consensus. There is no hegemony by any single party in Pakatan Rakyat.

Secondly, we must convince Malaysians that another great difference with UMNO/BN is that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition practises the politics of sincerity, honesty and trust, where our word is our bond, and that none of the three parties in Pakatan Rakyat, whether PAS, PKR or DAP, would renege or betray the pledges and commitments we have made in the PR, whether in the Common Policy Programme or Buku Jingga.

I call on all leaders, members and supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, whether PAS, PKR or DAP, to commit themselves to give full support to the cause of effecting change in the 13GE as this is the only way to end the corruption, abuses of power, injustices and inequalities rampant under UMNO/BN rule.

(Speech at the Pakatan Rakyat Himpunan Kebangkitan Rally at Stadium Mohammad IV Stadium, Kota Baru on Friday, 16th November 2012 at 10 pm)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 11:28 am

    I look at it more simple. Its really about taking away anywhere from RM200-RM300b away from UMNO/BN and their cronies over 4/5 years, redistribution most of it to the masses and then keeping about RM100b for the future…

    Enuff said..

  2. #2 by Winston on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 1:31 pm

    Well said, LKS!
    The Devils and the Devils’ Party have been revealed for what they are!!!!
    The architect of decades of corruption, scams, deceits and scandals.
    Now, even the last bastion of UMNO, the Malay votes are no longer safe for them.
    In both Sarawak and Sabah, the voters have also awakened to the decades of bad treatment meted out to them and the policy of taking them for granted.
    What’s more revealing is that even the Churches cannot tolerate their insufferable behaviour any longer.
    So, what can the Devils count on?

  3. #3 by HJ Angus on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 1:49 pm

    they can still CHEAT!

  4. #4 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 1:57 pm

    ///that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition practises the politics of sincerity, honesty and trust.///

    Yes. And as for my part I shall from my next comment onwards be known by my real name: LEE TAI KING.

    I want umno to know that I am not a faceless and anonymous supporter of both DAP and Pakatan.

    Good day everyone!

  5. #5 by Godfather on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 2:06 pm

    A good Muslim worries about the afterlife. He/she worries about having to account to the Almighty about the bad things they have done. A good Muslim tries very hard not to steal, lie and cheat. Why, then, does the UMNO leadership steal, lie and cheat ? The answer is obvious. They don’t care about the afterlife.

  6. #6 by yhsiew on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 4:26 pm

    It is time to vote in a DECENT government.

  7. #7 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 7:29 pm

    There is no doubt in my mind if Najib can be forced to debate Anwar on live TV, Putrajaya will definitely fall to PR. I think its that small a difference only..

  8. #8 by Taikohtai on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 7:29 pm

    It is most heartening to note that the Pakatan coalition has gelled so well especially after the mini tsunami in 2008. The pact has gotten even more stronger so much so that BN has all but given up hope of enticing PAS to share power with them. Looks like the PAS elders are now more COOL headed and are able to accept other ideals as well.
    With the focus now concentrated on winning Putrajaya, Pakatan is now in the enviable position of not only denying BN of more seats but also winning the GE by what majority, albeit a slim one.
    A two party system is a forgone conclusion but the big question is whether BN can perform credibly as an opposition party. Current performance by BN opposition in Pakatan states does not support the contention of their ability to do so. Not that I care.

  9. #9 by drngsc on Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 7:51 pm

    There is another angle to this issue of change. For many of us, it is not only an issue of whether the PR will govern better than BN. That should not be difficult but is left to be seen. We certainly hope so.
    But for some of us, a change is needed so that we can have a check a balance on the excesses of a one party system for 55 years. After 55 years, the BN government feel that they own Putrajaya ( and they still do ). Every 5 years, they give us a chance to put a piece of paper into a ballot box. Mad-hat-tir felt that that was democracy. He removed ALL THE CHECKS AND BALANCE THAT WAS ESSENTIAL FOR A DEMOCRACY. We quietly became a autocratic dictatorship, culminating in UMNO calling us keling kui and “balek tong shan”. Mad-hat-tir has corrupted the election process, the police, the judiciary, the education system ( remember the BTN classes ), the Parliamentary system ( remember Perak in 2008 ). It is time to bring back the checks and balances.

    We must change the tenant at Putrajaya. GE 13 is coming. First to GE 13, then to Putrajaya.

    Change we must. Change we can. Change we will.

  10. #10 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 18 November 2012 - 12:42 am

    The precondition for Pakatan Rakyat to beat UMNO/BN is measured against how fed up the rakyat are with UMNO/BN that they are willing to try anything (ABU) other than UMNO/BN. It is neither PR is able to unite and rule more than UMNO/BN’s divide and rule nor PR’s adherence to pledges and commitments in the Common Policy Programme or Buku Jingga – both of which are subject to proof and, as yet remain unproven (as PR has not had the opportunity to govern yet). This report by TheMalaysianInsider with caption “PAS delegates lobby for Hadi Awang as PM, not Anwar” is self explanatory as regards one of the reasons why this is so –

  11. #11 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 18 November 2012 - 9:21 am

    The game plan of those opposed to UMNO/BN is (short-medium term) have it voted out and Pakatan Rakyat installed in power and UMNO/BN in opposition. If PR proves insincere to abide by its commitments per the Common Policy Programme or Buku Jingga (especially when the old guards of DAP have exited the scene) provided that UMNO/BN learns its lessons, takes the middle road and champions more inclusive policies, then they may swing their support back to UMNO/BN to take back power. For it is through playing one set of politicians against another set, and providing the carrot of power to restrain their propensity to abuse it, that the country can inch up notch by notch the scale of democracy and governance by each change towards political maturity. But things can go wrong (which could likely happen) when and if PAS uses Pakatan platform to win in the next GE the number of seats sufficient to enable it to either insist that its coalition partners to accommodate its theocratic agenda in governance or be a king maker to switch alliance and partner UMNO to rule, only this time around PAS (with more strength and seats) could, in such a merger with UMNO, dictate better power sharing terms based on its number of seats won in 13th GE (than otherwise before) and could find in UMNO a better partner less resistant to its theocratic agenda than its PR’s partners.

  12. #12 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 18 November 2012 - 9:33 am

    PAS knows that with demographic changes increasing more and more Muslim majority which have become more religious thanks to TDM’s/UMNO’s Islamisation policies the tide of history is favouring it in its unwavering pursuit of its theocratic agenda. It just needs to be more patient and wait for it to be realised not now but in slightly longer term. In US for eg it is not the conservative white majority that is increasing in numbers: but it is the expanding/increasing minorities that will favour the more liberal policies of Democrats over GOP/Republicans. That’s the advantage Democrat Obama has over Republican Romney. Malaysia faces the opposite in demographic terms – the Muslim majority are increasing, minority nons decreasing in relative terms. This demographic trend gives a political party with a conservative and illiberal agenda like PAS the distinct advantage over time to manoeuvre and manipulate the dynamics of political/coalition alliances to get to the vantage point to establish its ultimate objective.

  13. #13 by boh-liao on Sunday, 18 November 2012 - 10:52 am

    SURE U can work together 1 aaah? Sure Ur DNA different fr UmnoB/BN’s DNA?
    Nanti got elected in2 P’jaya, fight here, fight there, head got swollen, pockets got bigger n deeper, also fight 4 titles Tan Si here Tan Si there, HOW huh?
    Wait 4 voters 2 KICK U out in GE14 lor

  14. #14 by cseng on Monday, 19 November 2012 - 12:35 pm

    M’sian were subjected to race & religion BN’s style of indoctrination for the past few decades, it is difficult for ‘majority’ to think out of race & religion boxes.

    Within that boxed mind, m’sian are left with PAS or Umno, choose one!. Many informed and liberal voters given up with Umno, at the same time did not agree with PAS.

    These voters, should vote for a change to the status quo, vote for a change to the present governing process and system…

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