Public Funding

by Allan CF Goh
(A poem)

Public fund comes from taxations,
Or other forms of collections.
The money comes from the masses,
And must be used without messes.
The government must act the trustee,
With honourable guarantee.
The fund is meant for public wants,
And not squandered on useless wont.
It must be spent on people’s need,
Not to satisfy cronies’ feed,
Nor given away by ‘Santa Claus’,
Without justifiable cause.
It’s not for manipulation,
Or vacant vilification,
Of different political arts,
That contend for the people’s hearts.

When people’s organisations
Ask for real fair distributions,
They are only requesting a share
Of their very own rightful ware.
They don’t have to kowtow to whims
And fancies of official wimps;
They have rights to plan benefits,
For the communities’ needs to fit,
Be they pro-State or otherwise,
We must respect their actions wise.
They are entitled to State fund
To fuel their activities and fun.
This will void their needful begging,
From foreigners’ benign giving.
The State should guard against waste, greed;
That’s the government’s only creed.

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