When people fill the streets

By StanCH Lee

When a cause is righteous, there is no need to pay for people to show up.
You do not have to bring entertainment. You do not need a million dollar stage.
You don’t need the glitz nor the glamour.
No need for shock and awe publicity that costs tens of millions.
No need for “you help me I help you”.
Heck, you do not even need to put food in front of them.

Just stand on the right side of history and everyone will want to be there.
They will weather the storm. They will brave the water cannons.They will walk through the gauntlet of police and FRU brutality.
They will stare into the face of state intimidation. Beat them, they will come right up again. Kick them and they will hunker down even more. Gas them and they will be even more fired up. They will come. In the hundreds. In the thousands.
From near and from far.The young. And the old. They will bring their friends. They will bring their children.
They will even bring their pets.

Be very afraid, you people at the top .The people are watching you.
They know what you have been up to.You cannot hide behind the mass media propaganda anymore.
It is as clear as day the daylight robbery happening right before us.You have been robbing us of our money.
And now you are robbing us of our rights.And still you think we don’t know?
You have been getting away with it for so long that you don’t even feel the need to be discreet anymore.
You have been found out and you have been found wanting.
It is all over the internet. It is on everyone’s lips.
No amount of million dollar Public Relations cover-up can wipe your slate clean.
You have been stained by the things that you do. For money, for power. Is there nothing that you won’t do? As the days drag on towards your end, you grow more desperate. You get more irrational.
Is that fear that is gripping you? Is that why you send out your minions to attack the people? The very people who allow you the privilege of your positions?

We, the people have had enough.

That is why we are pouring out our emotions . We are filling the streets. In Malaysia and all over the world.

Do the right thing and we will be with you all the way. Through hell and high water. We will stand by your side.

And the only right thing to do now is to go peacefully into the night.

  1. #1 by drngsc on Thursday, 3 May 2012 - 1:11 pm

    We need a song. We need a Bersih song to rally us.

    Will some song writer, please write us a song, short and simple.

    We need to change the tenant at Putrajaya. The tenant has gone mad, acting against its people. They attack innocent people whose only crime is to be in the vicinity of Dataran, and who were wearing a T shirt. They beat them up badly.
    GE 13 is coming. Let us throw them out.

    Change we must. Change we can, Change we will.

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