To papas who worry about mamas going to Bersih 3.0 Duduk Bantah

by Angie Ng
(from Zorro-unmasked)

We all know why BERSIH 3.0 must happen. You read newspaper every day, watch the news on TV every night, you should know why. At home, your wife busy running around, taking care of everyone at home, make sure the kids are well fed, making sure the kids have enough clothing to keep them warm, battling to get rid of all the dusts in every corner of the house. She is doing everything she can to take care of her family, and give them all the love she has.

All of sudden, she began to be aware and concern about this country. All of sudden, she said she is joining the BERSIH 3.0 rally on 28th April. You probably do not understand why. Wasn’t she aware of how dangerous it could be? Wasn’t she afraid of being caught? She must be crazy! She must be brain washed by those friends she met on Facebook! She is just too naive and too impulsive!

Well, probably you ARE NOT aware of this: She IS aware of the risks; how things might turn ugly on that day. But she also knows that this country is on her way to be a failing state when election becomes dirty and highly dangerous industries make our country their radioactive waste dump site. Of course she is afraid of getting caught! But she also fears that, in the future, her children will be detained under draconian laws without any reason! She also fears her children will lose their freedom of speech and their freedom to gather peacefully! These reasons are more than enough for a mother to take to the street!

If you say she is brain-washed by her friends. You are definitely hurting her feelings. You love her, you married her, you know her and you admire her… Do you really think she is such an ignoranct woman, who can’t think independently, make decisions, and take a STAND for the future of her children and their children to come?

Trust her. Even if you don’t, please let her take a day off, so she can go out to do something she feels is correct. When she returns, you’ll know that she is not just an ordinary housewife. She is wise and she has vision. You should feel proud that she is not some “tai-tais” who only ask her husband to buy her expensive handbags.

Thank you for being an understanding husband.

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