To mamas who worry about papas going to BERSIH 3.0 Duduk Bantah

by Angie Ng
(from Zorro-unmasked)

It was one fine day. Suddenly, your loving husband who always comes home in time for dinner, a good father who always cares for the kids told you that he will be joining Bersih 3.0. You were shocked! For goodness sake! You said. “Don’t you remember how they shoot people with tear gas, and the chemical laced water? And more than 1000 people were arrested during Bersih 2.0? What if something happens to you? What about me and the kids? The rally will still go on without you; they won’t know the difference… Just don’t go and stay away from trouble!”

We know you love your husband, and you hope he understands your concern, know your thoughts. However, have you try look into his thoughts to find out what is in his mind? Last year’s BERSIH 2.0, you saw him wept in front of his computer. Why? He was touched to see how Malaysians stood up, hand-in-hand, regardless of their status and skin colour. He saw how people stood up as Malaysians to brave the tear gas, water cannon and FRUs. He got goosebumps when he heard people singing “Negaraku” that day. He has been singing “Negaraku” since he first learnt the song. But he never realizes that the lyric is so meaningful and beautiful when we sing it out loud with love for your country. That moment, he wasn’t happy at all for staying at home comfortably in front of his computer. He was sad for not standing there, fighting with fellow Malaysians for a better future!

Those who sprayed by water cannon, they have wives, parents and families too. Some even left a will for their families. If anything happens to himself, his wife or his family shall take care of his business. They were afraid too! But still, they stood proudly in front of tear gas and water cannon. That moment, did you know that your husband was so ashamed for not able to be there?

He decided to join this coming BERSIH 3.0. He did it for you, for your kids, for the place he called HOME. With all the corruptions and the abuse of powers, we all longed for change in this country. However, we can’t do it through a dirty and bias election. Take a look at our beautiful country. We can’t afford her to be contaminated by radioactive waste, and we can’t raise our children in such a place! We have no choice. We can’t do it alone, but with each and every one of us, many grains of sands can sink the ship.

Instead of telling him not to join BERSIH 3.0, join him for the walk, hand-in-hand, for the sake of your children’s future. This is way more meaningful compared to an expensive candle light dinner. If you are not willing to go, I sincerely hope that you can support his determination. Make him a flask of herbal tea, or a bottle of water; prepare a small towel and a nice cap for him to bring to Dataran Merdeka. Give him a big hug at the door, tell him that he is your hero and your children will be proud of him. Ask him to be careful and stay safe for the sake of you and your children. And you’ll cook him a nice meal when he comes back.

Believe me, he will be the happiest man in the world, because of you — the most understanding wife in the world!

  1. #1 by cseng on Saturday, 28 April 2012 - 12:09 am

    yellow fever once more! officially started tonight! 00am 28-apr-2012.

  2. #2 by Jeffrey on Saturday, 28 April 2012 - 2:58 am

    What about both mamas and papas who worry about their kids going to BERSIH 3.0 Duduk Bantah??

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