Forgive and forget, the Umno Way

— Gomen Man
The Malaysian Insider
Mar 04, 2012

MARCH 4 — This is the Umno way: Forget all debts and don’t bring up mistakes. And this enlightening statement is coming from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the then-agriculture minister who approved the now-infamous National Feedlot Centre project.

This is a most self-serving and irresponsible statement, not to mention dangerous.

Is this what we are supposed to teach our children? Just say sorry and all will be forgiven. There is no need to show remorse, make restitution or pay a price for breaking the law.

How about the common Malaysian? Just say sorry and there will be no need to be punished for cheating, theft, robbery, murder, criminal breach of trust, etc.

Muhyiddin’s statement is very much in keeping with the ridiculous stuff that we keep having to put up with. Don’t bring up my past transgressions even though I have not owned up to it because it is in the past.

OK, let’s for a minute accept his ridiculous proposition. Let’s not bring up the RM250 million fiasco called the NFC or implicate Shahrizat Jalil’s family in it.

Stop talking about the RM850 million court judgment that, because of the government’s intervention, Tajuddin Ramli does not have to pay to Danaharta.

Don’t make fun of the government transformation programme and ETP just because the figures used by Pemandu are intellectually dishonest.

Stop going on a witch hunt for the people behind the RM2.5 billion losses just suffered by MAS and the cost escalation to nearly RM5 billion for a low cost terminal in KLIA.

Don’t bring up the RM500 million commission paid to certain individuals for the Scorpene submarine deal.

And since we are in such a forgiving mood, we should also include the rakyat and not hold anyone accountable for any transgression. As long as they give a blanket apology, everything is OK.

This, in essence, is what Muhyiddin Yassin said.

  1. #1 by Godfather on Sunday, 4 March 2012 - 11:26 pm

    The rakyat should just stop paying taxes and then say sorry. Let bygones be bygones. And we’ll say sorry with plenty of humility.

  2. #2 by limkamput on Sunday, 4 March 2012 - 11:56 pm

    Those who have done wrongs should be punished accordingly. After that, out of remorse, if they want to apologise I guess the nation has no problem accepting it. Apology is meaningful only when wrongs were committed inadvertently and by those who genuinely felt remorseful. Did all the plundering and abuse of power in the country today look like being committed unintentionally? And did we see any remorse and contrition of those who have done wrong? What I see are intransigence and arrogance everywhere.

  3. #3 by yhsiew on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 12:12 am

    The more he talks, the more he does not look fit to be the next PM.

  4. #4 by yhsiew on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 12:43 am

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is welcome to forget his personal money which he lent to friends, but he must be ACCOUNTABLE for the RM250 million taxpayers’ money which he approved for the NFC project. The RM250 million does not belong to him – how dare he forget it.

  5. #5 by ctzen on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 12:56 am

    Bernama and RTM and MCMC will carry this to every kampung in the country. And the nenek will wet their eyes and forgive him.

    As for Muhyiddin he’s singing the refrain for P Ramlee’s song “Bujang Lapuk” that Najib is belting out! :))

  6. #6 by boh-liao on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 2:40 am

    “Love means not ever having to say you’re sorry.”
    NR loves U, Mooo loves U too, so too UmnoB/BN n tow truck creature
    Lohsimah larfing all d way 2 d bank, with more PhD degrees hanging down fr her permanently damaged head

  7. #7 by monsterball on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 5:36 am

    What do you expect them to say?
    Let them say what they want.
    First is sodomy….most unforgivable.
    Now is forgiveness to all the billions stolen.
    Next also forgive the few murders.
    Remember Dollah asked Malaysians to forgive him too?
    More and more corruptions exposed….don’t know how to respond….so ask for forgiveness is best.

  8. #8 by monsterball on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 5:43 am

    He is applying …”Blessed are the humble..for theirs will be the Kingdom of God”
    How about “Blessed are the Rouges and Thieves..for their will be the Kingdom in Kajang jail.”
    And “Blessed are the murderers…for their will be the Kingdom of the gallows”
    Blessed is Najib talking that way…for his will be loosing more votes than winning any.

  9. #9 by monsterball on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 5:45 am

    Dumb.. dumber.. dumbest.

  10. #10 by Jeffrey on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 6:25 am

    UMNO: “The quality of Forgiveness is not strain’d,
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
    It blesseth him that forgives and him that is forgiven:
    For forgiveness is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
    It is an attribute to God himself;
    Therefore, Rakyat,
    Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
    That, in the pursuit of justice, and the clamor for punishment,
    none of us should see salvation: we do pray for forgiveness if not forgottence of past mistakes that need not be spelt
    so that we could start anew
    led by BN
    with hope and buoyancy to take us from
    valley of greed, corruption and hypocrisy
    to the sunny uplands of economic prosperity and best democracy”
    [With apologies to Shakespeare]

  11. #11 by k1980 on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 6:51 am

    Forgive and forget.

    So why is Sai Full appealing against the acquittal of his sodder?

  12. #12 by undertaker888 on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 7:41 am

    RESIGN LAH, THICK SKIN UMNO AND BN GOONS. If this was at other countries like Korea, Japan or even China, they all would have resigned or commit harakiri.

    This thick skin goons apologized for not stealing more from us.

  13. #13 by Sallang on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 7:44 am

    Education minister thinks like a kindergarten child.
    ‘Say thank you’.
    ‘ why do you fight?
    ‘Say Sorry’

  14. #14 by k1980 on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 8:11 am

    Forgive and forget.

    So the 3 murderers of Teoh BH are clear of all charges?

  15. #15 by k1980 on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 8:13 am

    Forgive and forget, the Umno Way

    So we are expected to turn the other cheek to be slapped again?

  16. #16 by Bigjoe on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 8:28 am

    I am amazed at the barage of comments coming from PR side on this whole apology thing.

    The one simple achievement of Najib is that he has kept finding new ways to be a hypocrite that challenges his worst critics. This hypocritical apology was so simple a way to at least slow down for a short time, the onslaught of his critics, Other examples include the fake Peaceful Assembly Act or previously RCI on TBH or changes in MACC..

    You can’t say he is without skills, BUT in the end, the best thing he do is not change things but rather slow the determination of those who want change. In the end, he is the very classic definition of prodigal son – he stands in the way of change, the very excuse for not changing.

    Its something PR has been caught flat-footed in their strategy – underestimating UMNO-Perkasa/BN excuse making that they have trained for 50 years. It shows a real weakness of PR strategy..

  17. #17 by k1980 on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 8:56 am

    From the way Moo is talking, it seems Shahreesat is going to get yet another soft loan of RM35 billion to rear goats, chicks, ducks, rabbits, camels, tortoises, orang utans, ect

  18. #18 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 9:13 am

    Lets talk about time travel. An explosion happened somewhere in one far corner of the universe hundreds of billions yrs ago. That was a past event. Well as it is, it was already a (wot?) hundreds of billions yrs old event aint it? But scientists are only detecting and seeing the explosion today. That is like going back in time wasnt it – witnessing a past event? So you see events live on and on. They can never be erased. They still could be seen yrs and yrs later by someone else. That is my point.

    But of course umno is supreme. Umnoputra is the supreme race of the universe. Umno is able to wipe out all past events. Umno can do so with the one extraordinary super powerful magical chant. The one chant which is more potent than all the chants in the books of Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore put together.

    “Miiiiiinnnnntaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaffffff”, screamed ros, holding the tightly rolled up left fork of jib’s W-tongue – serving as a short (albeit rather wet) wand. And there. From that instance on MAS scandal dissapeared. PFKF, huh apa tu? Siapa beng hock? Beli scopene? Bagus. Bagus. Beli 2buah lagi.

  19. #19 by waterfrontcoolie on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 9:44 am

    Well, CSL has even asked Daim for a helping hand! How desperate are you CSL? Daim may be able to support with only if he decides to take out some of his cash; this only proves that MCA really needs support from the Big Brother! You are at your wit’s end for sure!

  20. #20 by Godfather on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 10:21 am

    Let’s not discuss all the bad things that happened in the past. Only good things await us in the future with BN.

    Hahahahaha….they must really think that the rakyat are stupid. Are we ?

  21. #21 by tak tahan on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 10:53 am

    All mother of sins,criminals and corruptions forgiven and no one should be held accountable?Then why not close down all the courts in Malaysia!!!What a blardy stupid education minister!
    Moo,you’re totally not fit to be one.I suggest you go and rear cow in NFC. Go! Go!

  22. #22 by Godfather on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 11:09 am

    Aiya, I forgive Tajuddin Ramli. If you vote for me, I also forgive Ling Liong Sik. I also forgive the Sime Darby CEO. I forgive Shahrizat and her cows, oops, i mean her family’s cows. I forgive everybody. Then we can start with a clean slate because nobody will have anything else to say.

  23. #23 by Cinapek on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 11:19 am

    If you read between the lines, he was actually criticising Najib for making apologies for UMNO’s past mistakes. He is trying to say that UMNO has nothing to apologise for. Despite all his platitudes about Najib and his 1Malaysia, he is craftily undermining Najib and, in his haste and eagerness to seize this opportunity, he does not realize he is making a fool of himself with his arrogant and recalcitrant stance.

    Perhaps he is also doing this because he is afraid that his own skeletons in the closet will also be dragged out into the open once the floodgates of past UMNO mistakes are opened. Starting from his MB days in Johor to the recent NFC debacle, he too has his fair share of what Sharizat has described as “..which UMNO leaders has no problems?…” So I reckon he is trying to hide his own dubious past and take a dig at Najib too in the process.

    And this man is a heartbeat away from being the next leader of the country. God Bless Malaysia!!!!

  24. #24 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 12:04 pm

    Sorry no cure!

  25. #25 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 1:14 pm

    Sesiapa kat sini ada kena saman trafik yg belum settle. Cepat pergi minta maaf.

  26. #26 by clnt on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 6:31 pm

    Daim…Daim…Daim.. what is it about this man that CSL likes so much!!! It’s because of Daim that UMBC disappeared from the face of this earth!!!!!

  27. #27 by clnt on Monday, 5 March 2012 - 6:40 pm

    Muhyiddin hoped that when he’s caught with his pants down without a seat after the next election, he can just say ‘sorry’ and be let off the hook for all the wrongs that he has done.

  28. #28 by chinkimwah on Tuesday, 6 March 2012 - 8:46 pm

    Yeh, and the Law Minister was reported to advise the NFC directors to return the RM250 million and all will be forgiven. Wow, so good! I can also rob you and when caught just return what I had robbed from you, and I am innocent of the wrongful act of robbing you?

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