What we dream of

By Ambiga Sreenevasan | January 03, 2012
The Malaysian Insider

JAN 3 — Dare we Malaysians dream that in 2012:

• Bersih 2.0’s eight demands will be implemented before Parliament is dissolved.

• the run-up to the elections will bring out the best in everyone and not the worst.

• we have free and fair elections run by an Election Commission which is empowered, independent and brooks no cheating.

• the selling of our country to foreigners for votes (as is widely believed to be happening) will be halted and punished as the highest treason.

• every single registered voter votes in the 13th general election.

• justice will be done in Sodomy II.

• our Christian friends (who are a minority in this country) will not continue to be the target of baseless attacks and humiliation by a few.

• the government will show some guts and leadership in dealing with those who spew racism and religious hatred (this is unlikely).

• some of our leaders will get treatment for schizophrenia and compulsive lying.

• many of our leaders will educate themselves to understand the following concepts:

a. conflict of interest.

b. human rights.

c. democracy.

d. good governance.

e. telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

f. that it is wrong to rob from the rakyat.

g. that there is no such thing as “the government’s money” — it belongs to the rakyat.

• preserving our environment will take priority over making money (note Lynas).

• justice will be done for those who have lost their lives at the hand of the authorities and those incarcerated without trial.

• the government apologises to the EO6 and compensates them for wrongfully and baselessly detaining them for 30 days.

• the government dumps the Peaceful Assembly Bill.

• Amanah comes to life and does more than give nice speeches.

• we will finally see the peaceful and just society we all crave.

Rakyat — over to you to add to the list.

For me

Dare I dream that in 2012, Sivarasa, Haris, Chin Huat and I will be able to attend the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival?

Happy New Year to all!
Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, the immediate past president of the Bar Council, joined the legal fraternity in 1982. She was Bar Council president two years in a row from 2007. A litigation lawyer, she runs her own practice.

  1. #1 by dagen on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 1:01 pm

    I dream of Perdana Menteri Ambiga and OKT jib.

  2. #2 by monsterball on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 1:16 pm

    We dream for freedom and equal rights and will make it come true.

  3. #3 by monsterball on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 1:24 pm

    Everywhere Malaysians are more determine and united to vote for change.
    All are speaking proudly as Malaysians.
    Only UMNO b and their MCA puppets speak for this or that race.
    As a Malaysian Chinese…in my early 70s ..I cannot believe MCA can elect one like Dr. Chua Soi Lek as President and he can stoop so low to judge others when he is the lowest scumbag of all Malaysian Chinese…disgracing his own race with no shame whatsoever.

  4. #4 by undertaker888 on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 2:26 pm

    I dream of bolts of lightning striking cintamyfoot rambutan tree trunk and broke into two. The trunk fell on his head and finally he realized that the tree can’t last infinitum. He realized that he needs to let go of the things he fears to lose.

  5. #5 by Comrade on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 2:40 pm

    Enough is enough
    GE13 to see the end of Umno
    This is what we dream of
    Hope our dream come true

  6. #6 by yhsiew on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 2:50 pm

    It is still not too late to make our dream come true.

  7. #7 by dagen on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 2:56 pm

    Waaaaaalau eh undertaker 888.

    But good one, there!

    Whatever be our wish, let the final result be ABU.

  8. #8 by boh-liao on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 6:49 pm

    NR: I hv a DREAM ……(fill in d blank) …..
    RM: I hv a DREAM ……(fill in d blank) …..
    Moo: I hv a DREAM ……(fill in d blank) …..
    HH: I hv a DREAM ……(fill in d blank) …..
    COWminster: I hv a DREAM ……(fill in d blank) …..
    CSL: I hv a WET DREAM ……(fill in d blank) …..

  9. #9 by Loh on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 10:22 pm

    After GE 13, Najib has no support for emergency rule and surrenders PutraJaya to Pakatan Rakyat.

    MACC has a new head, and the present AG retires.

    All the files in ACC are reviewed and persons accused of corruption are charged in court.

    A law is passed to confiscate the wealth of the unusually rich past and present ministers and government officials. Half a trillion ringgit are returned to national coffers.

    UMNO is split with one part opening it up to all races.

    MIC and MCA are dissolved.

  10. #10 by k1980 on Wednesday, 4 January 2012 - 12:16 am


    By Author Unknown

    Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.
    If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
    Be thankful when you don’t know something,
    for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

    Be thankful for the difficult times.
    During those times you grow.
    Be thankful for your limitations,
    because they give you opportunities for improvement.
    Be thankful for each new challenge,
    because it will build your strength and character.

    Be thankful to your enemies. They had taught you valuable lessons.
    Be thankful when you’re tired and weary of them,
    because it means you’ve made a difference.

    It’s easy to be thankful for the good things.
    Rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.
    Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
    Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
    and they can become your blessings.

  11. #11 by litingrui on Monday, 9 January 2012 - 11:01 am

    I dream of a day before GE13th when the rural Malays wake up realising they have been fooled for 54 years.

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