Zakat funds abuse vs abuse of NFC funds

by Mat Zain Ibrahim
2 January 2012

For last year, several thousands of “Amils”(tithe collectors)were appointed nationwide. KL about 800 with a collection of RM7.5 mil. Selangor with 2437 amils that collected about RM16 mil.

The action taken against one amil in Kulaijaya for misappropriating RM19,510 should not undermine the integrity of the amils to be appointed for the coming Ramadhan 2012.

The action taken by Johor Police should be lauded and act as a deterrent to future amils.

However we are worried what would happen should many of the amils this year, make use of the tithes collected by themselves for personal matters after seeing what happened in MAIWP as confirmed by the Auditor General?

What would the Government say if many of the amils said they have used their collections first to pay for their medical expenses,or for preparations of their school-going children,or for performing Umrah or to settle several traffic summonses?,and that they would reimburse the money after getting some funds from somewhere?

If the Minister in charge of Islamic affairs can make use of the zakat funds, why can’t the amils? It is not a question of amount misused. The question is whether the zakat funds can be used other than those already stated in the Quran and the laws. Certainly the Zakat funds are not managed like “the Ah Longs” and “chettiars” run their business!

It would not be fair for the PM to maintain his silence on this matter for the sake of shielding Jamil Khir, Che Mat & Shamsuddin. When one amil in Johor has been sent to 4 years and 3 stroke of the rattan for misuse of tithe funds.

It would not be fair also, if the PM only takes action against Jamil, Che Mat, Shamshuddin and the errant amils, if he does not take actions against Sharizat’s family for the NFC fiasco.

Misappropriating Zakat Funds or Public Funds are both criminal offences as stated in the Penal Code.The ingredients required to prove the cases are the same. If misusing the zakat funds temporarily even for a day is an offence, so would it be in the case of misuse of public funds.

If for misusing RM 19.510 of tithe funds, Reduan Mohd.Said got 4 years and 3 strokes of whipping,then Sharizat’s family members should get more, proportionate to the amount they have misused for their own benefits.

Each and everyone of the 28 million people of Malaysia, you and I included not forgetting our children and grandchildren stand to lose RM9/-each of our rights to make up the RM 250 million granted to Sharizat and the children to do whatever!

Even the so called Productivity Incentive Bonuses for 95,945 Felda settlers come to only RM102.58 mil which was about 40% of the amount given just to Sharizat’s family of 5 (equivalent to RM50 mil each).

The much talked about Felda listing through FGV Global the govt say would bring windfall to the 220,000 settlers. How much? I suppose about RM 30,000 each, at the very most….an illogical estimation though since the entire exercise is valued at RM7 Bil.

Anyway the 30k the settlers hope to get in a lifetime, is what each and everyone of Sharizat’s children are getting every month. Compare that to the allowance to the holder of the Nation’s Highest Bravery Awards.! A meager 2k a month.

  1. #1 by Loh on Monday, 2 January 2012 - 7:09 pm

    ///If for misusing RM 19.510 of tithe funds, Reduan Mohd.Said got 4 years and 3 strokes of whipping,then Sharizat’s family members should get more, proportionate to the amount they have misused for their own benefits.///–Mat Zain Ibrahim

    The difference is Reduan Mohd Said belongs to the ruled whereas Shahrizat belongs to the ruler class. More importantly Najib needs the support of UMNOputras who would not agree to punishing Shahrizat as she had said: ” which UMNO leader had no ‘problem’; it must be the problem of keeping skeletons in the closet.

  2. #2 by k1980 on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 8:09 am

    Kikir Toyol received 1 year for corruption involving RM6.5 million.

    Therefore mamak gal and family should receive
    RM250 million / Rm6.5 million
    =38.5 years each.

  3. #3 by DAP man on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 11:53 am

    UMNO will even steal the coins from the bowl of a blind beggar sitting by the roadside.

  4. #4 by cskok8 on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 - 12:22 pm

    Jamil & Co claim that the dept paid the legal fees as he was sued in his official capacity. In that case I thought the AG’s chambers would be his legal representative and not a private law firm. Or maybe he does not trust the AG????

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