Rakyat the ‘Third Force’ or ‘The Main Force’

By Richard Loh

Today I am taking a challenge to write against the tide.

In physics, a force is any influence that causes a free body to undergo a change in speed, a change in direction, or a change in shape. Force can also be described by intuitive concepts such as a push or pull that can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to accelerate, or which can cause a flexible object to deform. Wikipedia

If I am not wrong, the third force was not heard before except the term ‘fence sitter’ which described those indecisive voters pre-308. Even post 308 for over a year and a half there is no one bringing up the third force subject. What the general public saw was an opportunity for a two party system and that is when Pakatan Rakyat was created or formed.

The talk of the third force begins to appear in some blogs initiated from a movement group, sometime in late 2009 or early 2010 without mentioning that the rakyat was going to be the third force. Why suddenly the call for the third force when everything was pointing towards a two party system.

This movement group had played a large roll through their blogs, social and new media and even gave ceramahs in person to help the opposition triumph in the 12th GE. If I am not wrong, they to, see a possibility of a two party system after the 308 tsunami. What makes them came out with the idea of having a third force.

Many were scratching their heads and questioning what is the third force. Reading the comments on those blogs that wrote about the third force will give you an idea that a majority do not agree. It does not matter to the movement that started this third force and they kept explaining to the people from England to downtown KL. Sometime between then and now this third force movement begins to claim that the rakyat is the third force.

This is getting interesting, the question in my mind is why should the rakyat be the third force? Are we talking about politics here, I guess we are.

Now, if rakyat is the third force, who then are the first and second forces? Umno/BN the first force and Pakatan the second force but both without rakyat, since rakyat is the third force, how can that be?

Let us take a look at how the third force came into the picture. Many are saying that the 308 tsunami is not the love for the opposition but rather the hatred for Umno/BN. Question is are the voters that voted for the opposition out of hatred going back to Umno/BN in the coming 13th GE? Did Umno/BN transformed themselves after 308 that the voters are flocking back to them as some ministers and media are proclaiming?

The reasons for having the third force were that Pakatan did not keep their election promises, they are no different from Umno/BN, many elected representatives, especially PKR, did the frog dance and jump over to Umno/BN and that PR is not listening to the ‘rakyat’ or is it ‘them’!. So, it is better to go for the devil we know rather than the devil we do not know?

Are these reasons, in a true sense valid to call for a third force when originally this third force from the movement were fighting against Umno/BN? The original thoughts of many were to bring about a change, what happen to that, just because Pakatan is as bad?

This movement third force are planning their own team of candidates (supposedly to be of the best integrity) and offer to political parties that are willing to accept their manifesto, something of that sort, especially to Pakatan. If their candidates are not accepted they are willing to go alone even if there are three corner fights.

To me the third force is not the rakyat but another political entity. They wanted to assist in bringing a better Malaysia for the rakyat and we welcome them with open arms. But when they claimed that others are bad and do not keep their election promises and elected representatives like to do the frog dance, what do we see here?

Firstly, should they go it alone and won a few seats, what can they do unless the election results gave them the opportunity to be king maker, which I do not foresee that happening in this coming 13 GE.

Secondly, everyone is human, what guarantees (other then their words) can they give us that they are different from other political parties which they claimed are bad, can they keep their election promises or turn froggy? No one can really see through the future of another human being, once elected, a person can still change for many a reason.

Thirdly, we all know very well that any three or above corner fights will give the trophy to Umno/BN on a silver platter.

Other then the movement third force, there are other new political parties, such as KITA, Parti Cinta Malaysia, most likely Amanah and others. I would call these parties as splinter groups. They formed these parties out of frustration and disagreement with their former party umno, PKR, Gerakan or MIC.

These splinter groups are no difference from all other political parties, one way or another they are coaxing the rakyat to trust them, believe that they are the one which can make the change that the rakyat are seeking. Are they serious? Can they win enough seats to govern?

So, can we say that the rakyat is the third force? It would be more proper to say that the rakyat is the main force, because they are the deciding force to elect a government that they want and surely they know that by voting the splinter groups ain’t gonna help them. The choice is between Pakatan Rakyat and Umno/BN.

The main objective is to bring about a real change, preferable in the federal government and return the rights and freedom back to the rakyat which the present government is not willing to.

We now have the opportunity for change by staying with Pakatan Rakyat. Yes, I agree Pakatan has its weaknesses but it is a much better choice then Umno/BN. Pakatan may not have complied with all their election promises but we can see that they are performing other better things which they did not promise at all.

Maybe what the movement meant when it says that rakyat is the third force are the ‘fence sitters’ which make up about 30 or so per cent of voters. But still they need a political party as a vehicle to undergo a change.

In conclusion, my hope is that the movement third force can work with Pakatan and don’t act as spoiler. The other splinter groups will be putting up candidates to split the votes and we know why and whom they are helping. The 13th GE is the only opportunity for Pakatan to take over PutraJaya and realizing a two party system. Let us start a two party system first, weigh Pakatan performances then the movement third force can do whatever they like.

  1. #1 by Tom Peters on Sunday, 31 July 2011 - 7:03 am

    A woman’s bosom has been the downfall of many a Chinese empire. The seat of power is being appropriated by patient Machiavelli; the one who commissioned the investigation not to be commissioned; the one who told the world about mademoiselle’s destruction; the one who abetted the nation breathing space to impel its ‘clean’ agenda; the one who revealed the stones of Yakob; the one who regards a wound as an opportunity and two wounds as two opportunities; the one who will lead eventually the homeland like Niccolo said he will. Everyone else is commentary.

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