Liow, it’s all your own doing

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 17, 11

‘You lied with a straight face. Put simply, you shot yourself in the foot. Your lie has blown right back in your own face.’

Liow: Someone out there trying to get me

DannyLoHH: In his first public statement, the health minister used words like irresponsible, serious allegation with the aim to tarnish the name of Malaysia, if it didn’t happen means it didn’t happen, and it’s the truth to describe the non-occurring of police shooting water canon and tear-gas canister into Tung Shin Hospital compound.

The video is widely circulated online, which clearly shows that the attitude of Liow Tiong Lai is defensive of the police and dismissive of enquiries regarding mounting video and photographic evidence. In short, he has shot his own foot on TV.

There is nobody out there trying to get him, he had dug the hole himself. It would show more character if he owed up and apologise than continue with this charade of trying to spin his way out of the mess he put himself in.

Dark Archon: Who’s is out to make you step down, Mr Minister? How could they? But wait! Remembering your statement immediately this issue surfaced, you tried to play down the police brutality issue based solely on the hospital board’s information and brush aside mounting evidence, both from pictures and videos caught during the rally.

To the netizens, you lied with a straight face. In simple word, you shot yourself in the foot. Your lie has blown right back in your own face.

Should you step down? Well, if you have any dignity left in you, you should. But then again, you’ve probably learned from the best liar; the PM for lying to the Bersih organisers prior to the rally about the stadium venue. Because of that, you’ll probably still squirm your way around this mess you created in the first place.

Anonymous_4182: Why did you have to lie in the first place? Who were you trying to protect? Who were you trying to please? Why were you so loud and angry and clear as if you were telling the truth during interview?

Are these people coming to your rescue? No minister, you actually wanted the lie, hoping that the matter will end for your own selfish benefit. You brought this on yourself.

Anonymous11: Your real enemy is your arrogant attitude and mannerism, thinking too highly of yourself despite of your obvious lacking in capability.

Didn’t your parents and teachers teach you to be humble and that you should always respect others regardless of who they are, wherever and whenever you are? Didn’t they teach you to be quick to listen but slow to speak?

Lim Chong Leong: Quite clearly ‘Brutus’ Liow in his eagerness to please his Umno masters, dug the hole himself and jumped in.

But his statement here is also clearly indicative that in his short political career, he by being Brutus (and that also his own doing), has made many enemies within and outside MCA that he is now afraid of his own shadow. I have neither respect nor sympathy for this traitor.

Swipenter: Liow Tiong Lai, you bring this revulsion by the public unto yourself:

1) You defended the indefensible actions of the police firing tear gas and chemical-laced water into the grounds of TSH (Tung Shin Hospital).

2) You dragged the management of TSH in your defence of the police. What you did was nothing but bring shame to yourself, TSH and the noble aims of the founding fathers of the hospital.

TSH maybe be a private hospital but many, if not all, of their doctors still provide minimal costs medical care to poor patients on their own time.

AnesthMO: Under pressure, politicians show their true colours – no decency, no integrity, no empathy.

Quigonbond: We should not expect less from a BN politician to be able to cook up conspiracy theories with little credibility. No one is trying to boot out Liow except himself.

Had he not done himself the favour of appearing ignorant, lacking objectivity or professionalism, to come out so quickly to defend the police and only later backtracked to say he’s just relaying what he’s been told, no one would have gone after his neck.

It’s his own doing, and he shouldn’t blame anyone for it.

Onyourtoes: You are a cabinet minister, you have cabinet meetings, can you not ask the home minister to come up with a statement unequivocally stating whether or not the police has shot tear gas and chemically-laced water into Tung Shin hospital’s compound (and not building or premises)?

The police are under the home minister, surely the police knew whether or not they have done the wrong thing. We are not trying to spin anything. It is you who are trying to deflect the hot potatoes that now land on your lap.

It does not matter some have leveleld false accusations on you. Just answer the issue at hand. No one is interested in your post, except maybe your president, who is itching to get back on the gravy train.

Cala: The fact that Liow Tiong Lai has to clarify repeatedly about the true meanings of his July 12 statement made at Tung Shin Hospital points to a gap of his own perception about the police action at the rally and the reality.

What is there to interpret when a picture says a thousand words? Typical of a foot-soldier under the Umno-led BN regime, Liow loves to draw his own conclusion about things that happened around us independent of logic and facts.

After five decades of fattening themselves in one way or another, none of them seems capable of engaging in a simple discourse.

(Remember how Chua Soi Lek belittled at the numbers of Bersih 2.0 participants? Sure, FRU/police will shower MCA marchers with “love” and “flowers” upon meeting them on the streets.)

In sum, Liow and gang can only indulge in incoherent uttering that make fools of themselves.

Jimmy Ng: Liow Tiong Liar.

  1. #1 by bruno on Monday, 18 July 2011 - 9:26 pm

    Liow Tiong Lai,you lied outright in the faces of your family,relatives ,friends,collegues,community and the Malaysian people.With tons of evidence in front of you,and you still insists that the police never attacked the Tung Shin Hospital.You were suppossed to be the protector of the hospital.Instead you turned out to the protector of the attackers.

    Now that the shit has hit the fan you cried wolf in front of your family,relatives,friends,collegues,community and the Malaysian people.Don’t you have any shame.At least salvage whatever pride and dignity you still have.But no,a person of such low moral standing as you can never appologised for your sins and asked for forgiveness.

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