Roadblocks to check for weapons? My foot!

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 7, 11

‘How can you prevent anything just by sitting in your tent or waving all the cars to go through? You are merely causing inconvenience.’

Traffic gridlock in pre-Bersih rally roadblocks

Zzzz: I commented in Malaysiakini earlier that the authorities will make it very difficult for people to move about. You can bet that come this Saturday, they will make it 10 times worse than yesterday morning.

They aim to make it impossible (at all cost) for people to get together to rally, regardless of whether or not the rally is held in the stadium. Or whether Bersih is legal or illegal.

Joker: Roadblocks to prevent undesirable elements from smuggling weapons? Please! How can you prevent anything just by sitting in your tent or waving all the cars to go through? You are merely causing inconvenience and billions of lost productivity.

If Malaysia does not achieve the 6 percent minimum economic growth that Najib said is needed for Malaysia to become a high-income nation, we can blame the police. I suspect Pemandu will blame Bersih or other ‘undesirable elements’ for forcing the police to set up roadblocks.

Tpn: I passed LDP at 6.30am yesterday and got caught in a jam just after the Sunway toll plaza. Two police officers were sitting around and they did not check the cars. So why are police saying that they were looking for weapons?

All those that I spoke to today who got caught in the massive traffic jam were cursing the police and the government.

Vgood: Stupidity in the highest order. It took me two hours to return home after sending my son to school. When it comes to rational and logical thinking, our ruling authorities must proved to be in the lowest rank.

What has traffic going to Puchong to do with the Bersih rally in the city? Hello? The Bersih rally was claimed to be illegal, causing traffic jams and affecting livelihood of the rakyat, but who is causing these massive traffic jams?

Hovid: You called this acting for public interest? Who is causing problem to the public now? Police or Bersih? The already cancelled demonstration is supposed to take place on Saturday, why block the road now?

And when you pass through the roadblock, the police are not checking the cars at all – they just sat there and happy to cause the traffic jam.

Quigonbond: The king has already said that Bersih 2.0 has good intentions and the government should do what is just and entrusted to it (which implies it should implement the reforms required for Malaysia to have a truly free and fair elections).
Najib has also agreed to the use of a stadium (or stadiums) by Bersih 2.0 for their gathering (which implies free access to the gathering). So what’s the problem now? Are the police acting as little Napoleons, unaware or refusing to accept the change of situation?

Is Najib in control of his police force? Or is Najib being a sore loser, agreeing with the king on the one hand, but tries hard to thwart a record number of people showing up at the stadium to show that Bersih 2.0 cause is not a popular one? Shame on him and the BN government if this is the case.

Wira: Agong intervened and suggested rally in the stadium. PM agreed. Now the BN coalition partner, PDRM, is going to overrule both of them. I wonder why do we even need a general election to decide which party gets to run Putrajaya.

Anonymous_40a7: Anyone who passed by the Sunway toll in LDP yesterday morning would definitely have seen the electronic signboard showing a message from the police.

If I remember correctly, it says:- “AMARAN! Polis akan bertindak terhadap sesiapa yang menghadiri atau menyebarkan berita tentang perhimpunan haram Sabtu ini”. [CAUTION! The police will act against anyone who is attending or spreading the news about the illegal gathering this Saturday].

Thanks for the free advertisement. See you on Saturday… wherever it is!

Mingxiang: IGP, get it into your thick skull that the Bersih 2.0 rally is scheduled for July 9. Why are you setting up roadblocks now? Street crime is 0% is it, or you guys have nothing better to do?

By Election Fan: This clearly shows BN/Umno government is not sincere to allow a peaceful Bersih despite of S Ambiga’s statement it will be held in a stadium. Now we see who are the real troublemakers who are harassing rakyat’s daily life.

Please bear with the traffic jams for another few days or just take emergency leave (if you are allow to do so) till this Friday. Let’s us turn out by millions on Saturday at the stadium (pending Bersih announcement) to show our determination for a fair election.

Ethnicmalaysian: Whatever it is, all said and done, they will not go quietly into the night if and when they lose the next GE. That much is clear.

‘They’ here refers to the whole evil, rotten, cancerous, puss filled edifice of Umno and its gang of so-called judges, police, civil service, media, NGOs. Najib is as Machievallian as they come, as clearly proven in the last two weeks.

The great reformer, the people’s PM? Yeah right, and Umno actually really loves the country and are the ‘true’ patriots.

Philip Khoo: So who is costing the nation billions of ringgit in lost productivity and in increased carbon emissions?

  1. #1 by Loh on Thursday, 7 July 2011 - 11:28 am

    Najib suggested that Bersih be held at a stadium, and his cabinet decided that Stadium is out of bound for Bersih. On Saturday, people who support the concept of free, fair and clean elections should go out to the streets, waiting for Najib to once again change his mind, to go to the stadium of Najib’s choice. So Bersih supporters would be on the streets forced by circumstances created by Najib.

  2. #2 by drngsc on Thursday, 7 July 2011 - 11:35 am


    Looks like the Police is out to become a public nuisance a the name of law and order. They are not checking. They are there to cause a jam. They have lost their sense of right and wrong. Tolerate the jams n inconvenience for now. The road ahead may be even more difficult.
    Lets us all continue to go for the Rally, street or stadium, as the BERSIH committee decides. Let us show them the will of the people.

    We need to change the tenant at Putrajaya.

  3. #3 by k1980 on Thursday, 7 July 2011 - 12:26 pm

    Najib will now suggest that Bersih be held at the Pulau Bidong Refugee Centre, instead of a stadium

  4. #4 by Jeffrey on Thursday, 7 July 2011 - 1:21 pm

    It is all a trap. Even if Bersih stands down to opt for a stadium they won’t allow it to do so now. They want to force Bersih to go to the streets now so that they can proceed with their plan to clamp and take out all dissidents and opposition supporters/key politicians once and for all to eliminate all future threats.

    I have ever supported what Bersih stands for but I have been critical of its confrontational means, at first instance, without proper think through of the kind of force that will brought to bear on its supporters bearing the brunt of it and the various scenarios it could be manoeuvered into by political opportunists within the ruling party with their own agenda. I have always maintained that before initiating an enterprise of such magnitude one has to calculate very carefully the boundary conditions of the engagement whether success or abject defeat is likelier – based on objective appraisal than mere hope bravado and high ideals.

  5. #5 by InnerPeaceWalkers on Thursday, 7 July 2011 - 3:56 pm

    Don’t drive, walk to work, everyone just walk walk walk and inner peace will come, no need to rally anymore come Saturday. If all have inner peace, outer peace will prevail. If u drive, be prepared to get your car battery con out. Just walk.

  6. #6 by born in Malaya on Friday, 8 July 2011 - 9:02 am

    This is how Najib’s government spend the tax payers’ money, asking the police to block all the roads in Malaysia to slow traffic down so that all Malaysians driver will be stuck in traffic jams, wasting more petrol, late for work, late for fetching children to school, loosing all Malaysians’ time to do whatever they are suppose to do.
    When you think of the Toll charges and Road tax you paid, in exchange for a traffic jam drive on the road, your blood pressure will rise very high.
    Is this the government you voted for?.
    The police’s salaries are paid by Malaysians and we paid police to make life very difficult for all Malysians, to make ourselves suffer from traffic jams and get high blood pressure earlier.

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