‘1Malaysia’ – the enemy within

Christopher Barnabas | Sep 20, 10

As the nation celebrated the 47th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia, it is crucial to note that we are a nation divided at unprecedented levels in the history of the country. While political ideologies may differ from both sides of the divide, it is the treacherous levels of racism and extremism that are most disturbing to the common people today.

It was timely that during his Malaysia Day message entitled ‘Our Fight against Extremism’, Najib Abdul Razak took upon himself to warn against the rise of extremism in the country, articulating his sadness that by rejecting the diverse way of life, they are rejecting his ‘1Malaysia’ vision.

Going through some government websites, I came across the ‘1Malaysia’ concept paper, with one key point that stood out particularly clearly: ‘Malaysians, regardless of race or religion need to think and act as one race, that is the Malaysian race, that thinks and acts towards a common goal to build a world that is prosperous, progressive, peaceful, and safe thus enabling it to compete with the other communities in the world’.

Now having read that, let us examine several unsettling incidences since its inception which have resulted to an absolute failure of this vision thus far:

1. The Mahathir factor: The longest-serving former Umno president/PM of Malaysia has been labeled the ‘father of all racism’ by an Umno cabinet minister last year. Not surprising therefore that he appears unconvinced publicly about the ‘1Malaysia’ vision. Recently, he went as far as to conclude that even the newly proposed NEM which supports ‘merit-based’ policies are clouded with a racist agenda, prompting Zaid Ibrahim to diagnose him as having a psychological disorder.

2. Malay First: Muhyiddin Yassin’s insistence that he is Malay First, and then only a Malaysian contradicts the very foundation of the 1Malaysia vision. Obviously, our DPM either doesn’t subscribe to the 1Malaysia vision, or he is showing outright defiance of our PM.

3. The ‘Allah’ issue: The issue of non-Muslims using the word would not have been an issue in the first place had the Umno-led government respected the legitimate rights of other faiths communities. Even PAS agrees that historically, the word ‘Allah’ predates Islam, with the word being used by other faiths in all other Muslim dominated countries worldwide. A suggestion by an Umno leader that non-Muslims in Sabah and Sarawak be allowed to use the word, while those in the peninsula are banned seems incomprehensible.

4. Cow-head protest: Hissammudin Hussien’s infamous defense of this disgraceful extremist act potentially led to a form of ‘suburban terrorism’ in various parts of the country. Numerous religious sites were vandalised, where violence and intimidation were used to achieve a racist agenda.

5. Umno posterboys: Who could ever forget the ‘pendatang’ comment of Ahmad Ismail from Penang, then Najib’s aid (Nasir Zafar) Chinese women came as prostitutes and Indians as beggars’ remark, and Azhar Ibrahim’s (Penang Umno) May 13 threat? Not to be outdone, Umno appointed Perak Mufti Harussani continues with his lies, such as Muslims conversion in a Perak church or an alternative constitution erasing the special rights of the Malays.

6. Biro Tata Negara: Racism isn’t born; rather it has to be taught. BTN courses serve this purpose surely. Muslim civil servants have long complaint that BTN teachings cultivated racism instead of nation building. Instead of being the catalyst in promoting the 1Malaysia vision to future leaders of our nation, we now have school principals and teachers churning our racial slurs reminiscing Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or the Apartheid regime, surely a result of the Umno-BTN indoctrination.

7. Utusan Malaysia: The mouthpiece of Umno has been propagating outright racial and extremist commentaries, recently suggesting a massive war to take place shortly between the Malays and non-Malays. How and why Utusan remains defiant and bold in its reporting indicates clearly the stand taken by its owners.

8. The ‘doa’ by the Penang khatib: Instead of investigating first, Penang Umno chief Ahmad Zahid sensationalised the matter almost into a racial catastrophe. As it turned out, the preacher confirmed it was his own doing with no directives from Guan Eng as originally insinuated. Religious differences aside, since when does praying for someone from a different faith warrants a police case?

9. Sabahans bullied: From the agreed rotational chief minister role, Umno has taken a firm grip of this position, recently publicly demanding seats that historically belong to BN component parties. Illegal immigrants continue to be rampant with annual renewal of immigration permits for over 84,000 refugees, with signs of new refugee settlements being organized in the state.

10. Perkasa: An off-shoot of Umno with Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali leading the pack, this group advocates extreme racial politics to disgusting levels. Umno leaders participate in this movement’s activities, while many of its members coming from Umno itself. Enough reports about this group, so I shun say more to prevent further publicity for this ‘neo-Nazi’ movement!

Surely there are more points to be added, but if we just examine these facts, it is clear that the positive intentions of the 1Malaysia vision have failed miserably since its highly publicized launch last year. Disregarding our political affiliations, we cannot deny the fact that Malaysia truly needs this vision to unite our divided nation.

The only option for success is therefore to eliminate the root cause of the problem, which is none other than Umno. Collectively as a party, Umno is beyond transformation. It is an institution that currently thrives on extreme ethnic and tribal sentiments, even confirmed as being a racist party by Mahathir last year. It was therefore baffling to hear Dr Chua Soi Lek defending the party recently, stating that Umno is not a racist party. It would be interesting to hear his comments on the points listed above.

However, not everyone in Umno can be considered as being the antithesis of 1Malaysia, judging from some refreshing views from the likes of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Nazri Abdul Aziz, Khairy Jamaluddin and even Najib himself, but individually however, they will be buried with their views within the party. It would be ideal that these ‘transformers’ leave Umno and form alliance with the true believers of ‘1Malaysia’ before they face extinction from the political landscape in the country.

It is worth to remember these words: ‘You don’t fight racism with racism. The best way to fight racism is with solidarity’ – by Bobby Seale. As we celebrate the formation of Malaysia, let us all, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, unite to purge this tumor known as Umno into destruction in order to accomplish the vision of a peaceful, just, and truly united 1Malaysia.

  1. #1 by dcasey on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 9:54 pm

    Hear, hear. All for one and one for all. Time for Najib to call for GE13 and kick UMNO out.

  2. #2 by Comrade on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 10:00 pm

    Lets stop UMNO from making a mockery
    Of the good intentions of the 1M ideology
    By shutting down the Bankrupsi Negara regime
    And opening the way for the PR team
    This coming 13th general election
    To give a better future for our nation

  3. #3 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 10:30 pm

    LISTEN –

    I believe that whilst the vast majority of Malaysians strive to be 1Malaysian,
    I don’t believe that PM Najib and DPM Muhyidddin are true believers nor do they espouse the 1Malaysian ideals in spirit and in truth!

    Listen –

    I believe that Jib’s commitment is merely cheap sloganeeering (sneeringly so) and political expediency.

    And, Listen –

    Muhyiddin has never (or almost never) supported the 1Malaysia thingey publicly. See how few his words are, even then it was “I am a Malay first and Malaysian second”. So that means 2 Malaysia!!!!

  4. #4 by Godfather on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 10:58 pm

    Either Najib is trying to mislead us with his 1Malaysia nonsense or he isn’t in control of his own troops. Either way, he is not PM material, something that many have known for a long time.

  5. #5 by Taxidriver on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 11:04 pm

    ” We are 1People, 1Nation 1Singapore…1Singaporean Race”- LSL

    ”I am Malay First, Malaysian second. If I say I am Malaysian First the Malays will shun me”
    —————————————-Compare these 2 leaders and we know why Singapore is 30 years ahead of Malaysia. Shame on you, Moo. Shame on you, Najib for not having the guts to do what one of your ministers did.

  6. #6 by Taxidriver on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 11:18 pm

    I am Chinese First, Malaysian second. If I say I am Malaysian First and Chinese second, the 1.3 billion Chinese in tongsan will shun me. You bigot moo have a problem with that?

  7. #7 by monsterballssgoh on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 11:59 pm

    UMNO B PM and Ministers can talk as much as they like to win votes…but the fact lies…that UMNO B have been a racists party under Mahathir for 22 years…and Najib is trying to find ways and means to win 13th GE and stay as PM.
    Look back at Najib’s unreliable flip flops and you can know he cannot be trusted.
    But why is he and Nazri trying so hard to talk words of National unity when the fact that UMNO B love to divide and rule?
    The fact that it is out-dated and Najib with all his corrupted goons are trying to save their own skins…is the main reasons for ‘agree to disagree” tactics.
    Malaysians are ready for change of government and UMNO B crooks are afraid….very afraid..except Mahathir who knows he is so old and what can laws do to him….that will lead a total downfall of his UMNO B….that will be gone forever….like Golka party in Indonesia…with his sons along…possibly in jail.

  8. #8 by johnnypok on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 12:28 am

    Sooner or later UMNO (Baru) will close shop and replace by another “Baru” party (minus TDM and E-Ali).

    UMYES (Baru) + MICP (Malay, Indian & Cina Party) = New BN

    Sabah and Sarawak = Independent from 16.9.2011

  9. #9 by monsterballssgoh on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 12:48 am

    UMNO B ..MCA and MIC are the parties playing race issues. Do not fall into the traps to go loggerhead with them on race issues.
    Remember…Gandhi’s famous non violence tolerance with disobedience tactics that won India freedom..through shaming the mighty British.
    UMNO B behaves mighty powerful and the signs are so clear…their mightiness are all gone.
    So here comes Nazri and Najib talking sweet words of nothing to fool Malaysians.
    The moment we declare our race first and Malaysians second is falling into their disunited dirty politics which is exactly what they want.
    Think hard and understand battles fought with FOR or AGAINST…not agree to disagree.

  10. #10 by yhsiew on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 12:59 am

    At one point, Najib tried to defend Muhyiddin Yassin’s “Malay first, Malaysian second”. It makes me wonder where a flip-flopping Najib stands in regard to his own 1Malaysia slogan.

  11. #11 by boh-liao on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 1:46 am

    Actually UmnoB/BNputras r in a fix
    They want 2 declare: I’m a billionaire/millionaire tuan first, who cares WTF I’m second

    What’s wrong, everyone wants $$$ n power
    C how PKR implodes when its kakis kill each other 4 power under democratic election
    Later DAP will implode too, oredi chairs flew

  12. #12 by cemerlang on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 7:17 am

    Money is power. You do not need an education or you are a spoiled brat in a rich family but with the money you have you can do what you like. Just like that rich Malaysian dude who committed a crime in some Western country but because of the lotsa money he has, he will be inviting one of the world’ richest spoiled brat to come to Malaysia. You think if he has not the money, that spoiled brat will come ? No way, amigo. That money entice her. But of course who knows with her influence, Malaysia can make a business deal or two with her country. Money makes 1. No money, no 1. No money, no talk. No money, no honey. No money, no friendship. Money makes the world go round.

  13. #13 by wanderer on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 7:51 am

    UMNO what are you….a political party or the owner the owner of Bolehland? If you behaved the latter, I tell this to you, shove it up your ar#e!!

  14. #14 by Godfather on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 8:31 am

    All the UMNO apologists can’t counter the facts presented by the concerned rakyat. The most they can say is “give us another chance” or “don’t think the Opposition can do any better”. Some even go to the extent of comparing ourselves with the little red dot. Some, like Perkasa, will try to drown out our voices.

    However, the vast majority of UMNOputras just keep quiet, and continue looting the country. Beware of the silent dog.

  15. #15 by dagen on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 9:24 am

    Nasir razak told najib razak and umno to exit the business world so that the cronies in the business world would have a realistic chance to swallow meat, skin, fat and bones all in one go without having to make any political contribution to umno.

    In other words the message is “Bo kau chia” (not having enough to eat).

  16. #16 by cintanegara on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 11:56 am

    That is a REAL double standard!…As ususal, LKS appears to forget or intentionally ignore the vital facts:-
    – Surau in Seremban splashed with red paint
    – Namewee’s videos which contain racial slurs

  17. #17 by cintanegara on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 11:59 am

    #5 by Taxidriver

    Meaningless declaration when there is no sincerity…In malaysia for your kind infortation, we have PLENTY cabinet ministers from different ethnics attached to the vital ministries.

  18. #18 by cintanegara on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 12:01 pm

    kind information – typo error

  19. #19 by Loh on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 4:33 pm

    cintanegara :
    That is a REAL double standard!…As ususal, LKS appears to forget or intentionally ignore the vital facts:-
    – Surau in Seremban splashed with red paint
    – Namewee’s videos which contain racial slurs

    How do we know that the red paint was not splashed by persons who frequent that place? Mamakthir said that Anwar gave himself the black eyes. MACC lawyer said that TBH strangled himself.

    Namewee only used the language understood by the racists who started those racial slurs. Mamakthir said that anybody who stop racism is racist. Namewee is the one who wanted to stop racism using the language the racists could understand. He is Malaysian hero who Najib failed to recognize.

  20. #20 by AhPek on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 5:28 pm

    ‘In Malaysia for your kind information,we have plenty of cabinet ministers from different ethnics attached to the vital ministries.’. cintanegara.

    Sure there are many ministers,far too many unnecessary ministries.However if you have taken the total number of ministers plus their deputies,find out the % of Malays occupying these positions vs the % of non Malays occupying these same positions then compare with the % composition of the various ethnic groups (ie 51% malay,23.5% Chinese,7.5% Indians,11% East Malaysians with the rest being others meaning Pakistanis,Thai,Arabs etc)you will be found lying in trying to make UMNOPUTRAS look good for the % of Malays occupying these positions far exceeds the 51% in the country.I simply do not understand why people like you find it so difficult to learn to talk straight and walk straight!

  21. #21 by cemerlang on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 8:59 pm

    53 years or is it 47 years, with all these ministers and their deputies, they should have at least done some real big stuff. Did they ? No ! Who did ? 22 years under the former prime minister ? 1 person’s feat. The rest all what ? KLCC. The minister of development. KLIA. The minister of transport. Putrajaya. The Prime Minister himself. Only those few ministries. Wasted money.

  22. #22 by Taxidriver on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 - 10:13 pm

    cintanegara #17

    Singapore Government is a functioning government under PAP, as against Malaysia’s dysfunctioning government Under UNMO Baru. Every six months the Singapore government top-up their citizens’ savings accounts, ranging from SGD 400 – 2400; those earning less will get more. Race is never an issue here because they are one race-Singaporean Race.

    As for Malaysia under UMNO Baru ( the good old UMNO Party founded by Dato Onn Jaffar which was the pride of Malays and non-Malays alike had been destroyed by Mahathir ) the non-Malays will be happy enough, even if UMNO Baru was not “sincere”, to receive RM 1000 half-yearly. Don’t lah help only rich UMNOputeras while poor Malays and non-Malays like Taxidriver get nothing. So much for UMNO Baru’s call for 1Malaysia. It meaningless and without sincerity.

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