Greatest national service Musa Hassan can perform is to withdraw his name from consideration for renewal of contract as IGP

Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein is right and to be commended for publicly acknowledging that DAPSY Chief and MP for Rasah Anthony Loke was the victim of a baseless attack that he had insulted Islam and the royalty as he had made a police report that he had nothing to do with the blog that was implicated.

He is however wrong when he implied that whether Tan Sri Musa Hussein’s contract as Inspector-General of Police is renewed, which has yet to be decided, was not as important as ensuring that the public accepted the police force – that this is not just dependent on the position of one man.

This is because whether public confidence in the efficiency, incorruptibility, professionalism of the Malaysian police to be of a world-class standard capable of performing its three core functions to keep crime low, eradicate corruption and protect human rights will hinge on whether there is going to be a new Inspector-General Police to start the police on a new page together with a new Home Minister.

In fact, on the question of whether there is going to be a new Inspector General of Police will hinge on public perception whether Hishammuddin as the new Home Minister is going to be part of the solution or part of the problem of endemic crime in Malaysia.

Hishammuddin cannot therefore be more wrong as whether Musa’s service as IGP is renewed or not will illustrate whether the top government leadership has ended denial syndrome and finally woken up to the seriousness of the endemic crime situation.

This question has been further underlined by the article today in Malaysian Insider by the Barisan Nasional MP for Pulai, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed entitled “The Royal Malaysian Police farce” who stated his loss of confidence in the police after his wife was mugged in broad daylight in her car at the front gate of their house at Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur by two men on a motor-cycle.

Nur Jazlan writes of public scepticism and distrust of police statistics and claims that reported crime in the country is down, and the feedback he gets from the public in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru that crime is on the rise in their neighbourhood.
What is surprising is that Barisan Nasional leaders have yet to fully wake up to the endemic crime in the country until they become, personally or through members of their family, victims of galloping crime – which is becoming more and more frequent.

I am glad that Nur Jazlan has finally come around to the view that the time has come for a new IGP, as Musa has failed after being given three years to transform the police force and restore people’s confidence.

I am also glad that he is of the view that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak should emulate his father, third Prime Minister Tun Razak “in catapulting a junior officer like Tun Haniff Omar to the top position of IGP to shake up the police force”. Haniff was 35 years old when he was appointed the nation’s top cop.

But the strongest and latest reason why there should be a new IGP is Musa’s total silence on the Home Ministry’s website poll last month with the following findings:

  • 97% or 9,729 out of 10,060 respondents felt unsafe because of the high crime rate, with only 1% or 89 respondents felt safe and 2% or 242 respondents in the “uncertain” category.

  • 95% or 8,883 out of 9,319 respondents felt that the safety of the people was not guaranteed as compared to 3% or 248 respondents who felt it was still guaranteed, with 2% or 188 respondents in the “uncertain” category.

  • 94% or 8,743 out of 9,261 respondents felt that government had not done its best to ensure that the safety of the people was at the best level with 2% or 185 respondents felt that the government had done its best, and 4% or 333 persons “uncertain”?

The greatest national service Musa can perform is to take himself out of the consideration for renewal of his contract to allow for a new start to be made by a new IGP to revamp the entire police force to create an efficient, incorruptible, professional world-class police force capable of fulfilling the three core police functions to keep crime low, eradicate corruption and protect human rights.

Will Musa respond to the call to national service to withdraw his name from any consideration for renewal of his contract as IGP when his term expires on 13th September?

  1. #1 by carboncopy on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 4:20 pm

    PJ has really become crime central already.

    Just a few weeks ago, I saw how the “CID” did investigation on a house break-in. They are just going through the motion because a police report was lodge.

    And the house that was broken in is RIGHT BESIDE a DSP house.

    Police FARCE indeed.

    This is not to mention the RAMPANT snatch thief.

  2. #2 by k1980 on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 4:33 pm

    The greatest national service LTL can perform is to get a replacement for his ministerial post.

    KUALA LUMPUR: An estimated 80,000 Malaysians may have been infected with influenza A (H1N1).

    According to the World Health Organisation, this is based on the number of confirmed cases reported by the Health Ministry since May.

    Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, in revealing the startling figure, said to determine the number of cases in the community, the number of confirmed cases are multiplied by 20.

    WHO had estimated that some 0.1 to 0.4 per cent of the population would die as a result of H1N1.

  3. #3 by i_love_malaysia on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 5:13 pm

    BN-UMNO could not accept the fact that those who are incompetent should be replaced the soonest the better!!!
    Instead, they are going against the law of the nature by using the tail to be the head and the mouse to catch the cat, what do you expect???

  4. #4 by i_love_malaysia on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 5:24 pm

    Whether you are a white or black cat, as long as you can catch mouse, you are a good cat!!! This is true even in communist China!!!

    In Malaysia, you are a good cat if you obey the master to attack and kill anything except the mouse!!!

  5. #5 by ekompute on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 5:52 pm

    Malaysian Authorized Criminal Conspiracy (MACC)

  6. #6 by sheriff singh on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 6:10 pm

    How about a petition?

  7. #7 by Better Malaysia on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 6:48 pm

    The MUSANG had to be out. Sent this message at Permatang Pasir by-election

  8. #8 by johnnypok on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 7:06 pm

    I curse him to suffer another heart-attack for what he had done to the people.

  9. #9 by Thor on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 7:08 pm

    A bad example for those who wants to be cops!
    Too arrogant and too proud.

  10. #10 by Leong Yook Kong on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 7:28 pm

    A vote for PAS in Permatang Pasir means the IGP will have to go on 13 September 2009 and a new IGP will be appointed to replace Musa. Agree, then VOTE PAS.

  11. #11 by DAP man on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 7:33 pm

    Musa is desperate to remain as IGP. Once he steps down there are many of his colleagues waiting to hang him upside down by his balls.

  12. #12 by monsterballssgoh on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 7:49 pm


  13. #13 by ekompute on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 8:20 pm

    “He is however wrong when he implied that whether Tan Sri Musa Hussein’s contract as Inspector-General of Police is renewed, which has yet to be decided, was not as important as ensuring that the public accepted the police force – that this is not just dependent on the position of one man.”

    I told you that this Kerishamuddin has no brains. If Tan Sri Musa Hussein is a police constable, then I definitely agree with him. Maybe we ought to demote Musa Hussein to police constable so that his extended service can be acceptable to all.

  14. #14 by ekompute on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 8:23 pm

    “Will Musa respond to the call to national service to withdraw his name from any consideration for renewal of his contract as IGP when his term expires on 13th September?”

    What a joke! What does it matter whether he withdraws or not? Does it mean that if he does not withdraw his name, then the government MUST extend his service?

  15. #15 by monsterballssgoh on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 8:51 pm

    Musa is UMNO’s chosen machai.
    A proven faithful to UMNO first and the people second….and that can only mean…IGP is political minded….not security and social the people.
    Down the road of qualified plenty..all rejected….as qualified do not want play second fiddles….so become not qualified and most are far more well educated.
    In a nutshell…the qualification to be an IGP is a “yes man”.. to UMNO.
    No more University graduates needed….with degrees….like the goods old days.
    UMNO will surely extend his contract.
    PS: I am posting as “monsterballssgoh” now….due to technical problems with my computer.

  16. #16 by Onlooker Politics on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 10:12 pm

    Najib may not extend Musa Hassan’s service as an IGP. However, Najib may appoint Musa Hassan to replace the inefficient Ahmad Said as the Chief Commissioner of MACC. No matter what, Najib will try to find a way to reward Musa Hassan for his personal loyalty to Najib. This is a rigid Umnoputras’ political culture which is not easy to change. If YB Kit talks more on the removal of Musa Hassan from the government power structure, Najib will find it much more worthy to keep Musa Hassan as his right-hand man or as a catspaw. I think we will still see Musa Hassan somewhere around the corner of the government power structure even after September 2009 when Musa Hassan is bound to retire from the Police Force!

  17. #17 by ekompute on Monday, 17 August 2009 - 11:38 pm

    Someone in this blog mentioned that Musa Hassan has Najib by the balls. I think that is rather apt. And that is why we need Musa’s consent to withdraw his name from any consideration for renewal of his contract as IGP. What a big joke!

    I worked as a human resource manager for decades and never ever met a situation where I need anyone’s consent to withdraw their name for consideration for renewal of their employment contract when they retired. Seems like the powers of the Prime Minister of Malaysia is even smaller than a private limited company’s human resource manager, LOL.

  18. #18 by GreenBug on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 12:14 am

    I tend to believe the theory that this IGP Musa has Najib by the balls. Why?

    With so many SDs signed by fellow police officers against their IGP, Najib has done nothing.

    Now, he is using his cousin Hishammuddin to promote the virtues of the IGP’s extension…

    One should see this trend as the IGP getting his extension. And all because he held somebody by the balls….

  19. #19 by GilaPolitic on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 12:25 am

    Late 80’s, a police report was made for a theft of a cow in a kampong within 24 hours. The next day, the Mata-mata polis came calling the kampong people that the theft was caught and the slaughter cow meat was returned to the owner. Then the owner rewarded the mata-mata polis with the share of cow meat. Suprisingly, the mata-mata polis replied: ” Itu haram ! susah jawab Allah kelak di akhirat, it tugas kami polis tangkap pencuri ” . Bravo Mata-mata Polis ! applaued by kampong people.

    Late 2000’s, a police report was made about a snatch thieft by a Mat Rempet about 300 meter away from a police station within 2 hours. The victim asked ” Bila polis boleh tolong tangkap itu Mat Rempet ” …got replied ” Sabar ! Akan Siasat !” After 1week, 1month and 1 year…same answer ! Sedang, Akan & Masih Siasat !! When a richman came to Balai claimed his reported luxury car was found this morning after it was stolen lastnite. The snatch thief victim asked the richman:
    “How the police found it within 24 hours “.

    The richman replied “Money does the talking, no money, no talk, ini 1Malaysia Bolehland.”
    The victim replied nicely: ” Celaka itu…??”

    So do Malaysians need a new IGP or a new PDRM force ? Unclue LKS, please englighten all readers on this question.

  20. #20 by tenaciousB on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 12:50 am

    well well, the final demise of BN..countdown 2012 but sooner with all this circus acts:)

  21. #21 by Lee HS on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 1:24 am

    There is only one way out to all these bullying of the “rakyat” by the institutionalised thugs. Vote UMNO out in the 13th GE.

    That is it.

  22. #22 by monsterballssgoh on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 5:10 am

    That is that…and that will be done.
    Sick of those buggers…..who totally ignore the essence of being professional police officers.
    Malaysia is a sick country…managed by crooks who think they own the country.
    Our tall buildings and so call developments came with billions stolen from us.
    They need to develop…to steal big…to please the braggarts.
    It is killing two birds with one stone…by cunning smart snakes.
    Living standard is not proportionately seen from developments..point to the fact…people are programmed to be backwards.
    Seeing how Yang from South Korea beat Tiger Woods…at the PGA….reminds me how far S.Korea is developed and how all are so proud to be Koreans.
    Until and unless..Malaysians are united as one race….we can never really see true developments.
    Minds over matters…..not matters over minds.
    Unity over development….not development over divide to rule.
    UMNO can never unite Malaysians…as UMNO fights for Malays..encouraging MCA and MIC to do same.for Chinese and Indians.
    That so call Barisan National is out dated and a joke…right now.
    A sizable amount of Malaysians have very low IQ….and that suits UMNO well…to apply their mind control dirty politics.
    The devil reincarnated started it a ll for 22 years..still hero worshiped by UMNO crooks .as that half Indian..half all….by the balls.
    Vote them out…or live with false dreams….false hopes…poor getting getting richer……making it “Money Power” ….conquers all.
    So far…money bought up few police and judges….and all holding high positions.
    That’s how great UMNO is….with no shame at all.
    Lets see….how many more idiots have UMNO got…in 13th GE.

  23. #23 by Jaswant on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 6:29 am

    I think they should appoint limkamput as the next IGP. What do you think?

  24. #24 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 7:04 am

    The fact of the matter is so long as Najib is in his ‘Gestapo’ mode to undermine PR with the tools of govt and so long as IGP does not cause him much more political damage, he is going to get his renewal.

    Musa Hassan knows it so long as he is useful to undermine PR at this point, he is going to get what he wants. Najib needs him. He can’t go replace him with someone that may not go as far as he would and he has less hold on. He can’t rock his ‘death squad’ at a crucial time of a defensive strategy.

    The only way Musa Hassan can be removed if he become a political liability that the Malays or East Malaysians will galvanised against. That is the only hope of removing Musa Hassan

  25. #25 by frankyapp on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 8:52 am

    Musa remains.Musa withdraws ,Musa resigns ,what does it matters ? The man is not the problem.The real problem is the system which is corrupted liken to a fifth stage cancer,even if it is given treatment,there’s no gurrantee it would be control let alone cured.Change the governing system,not the personnels and we would have a pretty good chance to make it better.Remember,putting a good man into a company of bad guys,in no time he/she would be liked them.

  26. #26 by DAP man on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 9:09 am

    Honestly, I don’t really care who the next IGP is going to be.
    There are so many scums in the system and Najib can easily find another one who is just as bad to replace Musa.
    One weakness among the ‘Civil Service Community’ is this feudal mentality to be subservient to the boss, regardless of his moral standing. They give the PM unquestioning loyalty.

    Just look at the Chief Justice, MACC chief, EC chief, the MBs, the State Secretary, newspaper editors etc.
    They will do anything to please their master – be it stir up racial conflict, illegally colonize Perak or even to cover up a murder.
    These are men without a soul.

  27. #27 by taiking on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 9:09 am

    Najib and his 1malaysia thingy is just a big joke. Nothing more than that. Basically, “he started a joke which started the whole country crying. But he didnt see that the joke was on him.” (an adaptation of bee gees hit song “I started a joke”). The joke was already on even before the “ready get set go” point.

    From the
    “substantially review the isa” to
    “another category of totally merit based psc scholarship” to
    “abolish umnoputras’ 30% ipo equity right” to
    “lower toll rates” to
    “setting up royal tribunal to inquire into beng hock’s murder” to
    “removing the umnoputras-only entitlement from certain unprofitable sectors of gobermen services” to
    “directing ong tee keat to answer all questions on pkfz” to
    “grabbing power unlawfully in perak” and to several others (a very long list indeed for his short term in office thus far).

    He didnt see that no one bought any of his goodies.

  28. #28 by yhsiew on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 9:10 am

    We cannot have an IGP who protects the regime in power and not the people.

  29. #29 by Ed G on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - 10:23 am

    What makes this man so indispensable? Is his service record (pencapaian) so outstanding that it warrants a second service extension at the expense of other worthy candidates within the force. The Home Minister should rightfully provide the ‘rakyat yang didahulukan’ with the answers to the aboved questions.

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