Kangaroo court in Parliament

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  1. #1 by TomThumb on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 11:49 am

    it used to be “who let the dogs out’? now it is “who let the kangaroos out??

  2. #2 by TomThumb on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 11:53 am

    no kangaroos in malaysia

  3. #3 by GilaPolitic on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 12:31 pm

    Hello Uncle Lim,

    You are right to say about the Kangaroo court in Parliament today. Unfortunately, Uncle Lim failed to debate about the Kangaroo PAS betrayed the non-Malay voters with their arrogant and shameful actions in PR pact. What a disgraceful PR pact when Rakyat acid test on 12 GE to vote for PR has shown the result of true colors in PAS ?

    Well, PAS is dominance party and big bully in PR pact now like UMNO big bully in BN for many decades. Rakyat predicts that DAP and PKR multiracial parties will lose badly in the 13 GE when PAS continued to play “kangaroo games ” in PR pact. PAS hidden extreme agendas to have secret talks with UMNO Youth will eventually unite the Malay majority race dominance in single political power in Malaysia. Then, many minority races will suffer more and chase away foreign investors in Malaysia near future.

    BEWARE ! – PAS is a hidden WOLF in KANGAROO SKIN today to betray DAP and PKR anytime when UMNO offers their wealth and power to PAS Kangaroo leaders. Unless DAP and PKR are able to form a strong “Multiracial Party” to get rid of PAS in PR pact. PAS knows their leaders are controlling PR pact based on their arrogant voices to disrespect DAP and PKR. The moment if Anwar goes to jail for his sodomy trial, then PAS will have full control over PR pact. Rakyat just wait and see for next acid test on 13GE.

  4. #4 by monsterball on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 1:11 pm

    The Mr. Speaker and Khairy tasted Lim Kit Siang fearless and truthful scoldings.
    Mr. Speaker dare not respond..and Khairy asked for proof on corruptions.
    Yes…..looking at Khairy…LKS said….”tak malu” to him.
    LKS was at his usual best.
    Without him..there is no democracy and exposure of corruption acts.

  5. #5 by wanderer on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 2:56 pm

    Kangaroo country perhaps…Mongolian C4 with his band of hopping and flipping kangaroos……

  6. #6 by artemisios on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 4:18 pm

    YB LKS. You are damn good.

    when you say “inilah bukti, suara ini, tingkah laku ini…”

    Those dumbos REALLY went silent almost immediately.

    They are grown men who don’t even know how to behave properly in parliament. Worse than spoilt kids throwing tantrums.

    Great job LKS. That scene was priceless

  7. #7 by Joshua on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 8:56 pm

    What about the private loans of US$50 billion via the Asasatu?

    Has that not gone awry ?

    was KJ not involved?

    pw: Sportsments cubism

  8. #8 by Ramesh Laxman on Monday, 6 July 2009 - 11:07 am

    I keep harping on how important it is for this multi racial country to governed in accordance with the constitution and the Rukun Negara. Institutions of Government must not only be seen to be fair but must in reality be fair.

    Many Asian and African countries are now in the zone of a failed state because those who came to power after independence personalised national affairs and nationalised personal affairs. And subsequent governments from the ranks of the opposition took a leaf from the elder brother and continued to do what their predecessors did.

    Currently there are many examples of what I saying and I do not have to belabour all of you with that. Suffice for me here to say that in whatever we do the rule of law must be uppermost and paramount.Justice and fair play brings peace and peace brings justice

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