Public forum – RM12 billion PKFZ scandal : In BN we trust?

Public forum : “RM12 billion PKFZ scandal : In BN we trust?”

Date : 16th June 2009, Tuesday
Time : 8:00pm
Venue : Dewan Hamzah, Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MAP)
Speakers :

Organizer : Charles Santiago, Member of Parliament Klang
Enquiries: Sarah (016-6267797) or Yap (012-2658448)

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  1. #1 by monsterball on Saturday, 13 June 2009 - 5:02 pm

    I am sure it will be full the one.. I attended at the Chinese Assembly Hall.
    Go….listen ad you will be shocked over such smart people can rob and steal tax payers money………RM12.5 billion.
    To cover it up…present MCA jokers are suggesting more money to pump in…which means…asking Malaysians to forget the RM12.5 million…….and move on and make PKFZ work.
    If you are as old as me….I have heard this type of reasoning many times….no holding anyone responsible…100% corrupt free.
    Just recall recent ex Korean PM…commit sucide.
    Did he asked for concrete proof or evidences… our famous UMNO guys keep defending themselves……all the time?
    Our country’s reputation have gone so low..governed by UMNO….bringing it even worst..with certain police and judges …all corrupted to do things..unbelievably unfair and unjust.

  2. #2 by cemerlang on Saturday, 13 June 2009 - 6:36 pm

    Where did your money god to ? You see, if you think of the future, then the design of the building should soot the future. Many a time, a building is completed but the design was a few ears ago. There is no planeing for the future. When the building is done, you find that it is not sootable. Then you have to destroy parts of the building to biuld a certain room, cabinets, this and that just to fulfill what is needed. Then it is not right again. You pull it down again and build again. Strange thing is this goes on without considering the costs. When and if the design of the building is finally attained, you find the bill doubling, tripling. What is wrong ? No proper planning for the future. No good management. The money is wasted just like that. Then when there is poor quality, you find the pipe burst, you find the building collapsing and it looks like you have to build again and nobody cares about the costs. If this is your own house, your heart will ache because your money is wasted for no good reason. But since you do not feel that it is your money, who cares if the building is crumbling down ? Therefore the ACA should not only count the cost of the money, who is the designer, who is the contractor, who is the one who give the authority, who, who , who and they should be charged for negligence of public money and public properties. Does the Ministry of Finance really care and really bother about what is going on with the country’s money ?

  3. #3 by monsterball on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 3:04 am

    Steal more money….apply all sorts of taxes.
    Get it very very clear..Malaysia is filthy rich country and turned into worst that those country with no natural resources…who were at one time.. much much poorer than us.
    How much more proofs UMNO supporters want to know…it is not only mismanagement…as country is managed…by hiring professional…sort of…under auto pilot and boss knows next to nothing…workers also makan… gaji buta.
    Are UMNO supporters enjoying better life than ordinary Malaysians? Are you chosen by be millionaires? How many ? Those who got nothing…are the most stupid voters on earth…keep be conned to play race and religion politics,.
    It is down right stealing and made legal….as this bunch of crooks have smart lawyers to advise them…how to steal legally.
    Famous word….”commission”…very legal.
    Then look at the percentage of commission. The whole world is laughing at us…being cowards and so stupid to keep voting such crooks…to manage the country.
    Get it very clear too…that each project with money stolen….Malaysians are paying for their crooked deals. This means we are robbed twice on each deal!!
    The taxes and high cost of living…….are paying for them…as all re exposed…money needed to “forget the past…move on”.”…to cover up…..and so many Malays fall for that kind of excuses. ..simply because their will support their own race…no matter what….that kind of sickening attitudes.
    Don’t be fooled by so call world recessions.
    Does a multi millionaire feel any recession?
    Individually…we may not be rich..but the country is rich enough to give everyone…the lowest cost of living life in the world.
    Closest to the truth is Brunei.
    Have you ever heard Switzerland ever complaint about bad living conditions ?
    Yes…we all can be living with the lowest cost of living in the world.
    Only a handful amount of countries in the world are blessed with that….and only Malaysia is not enjoying it.
    We are doomed to suffer much more…if we do not vote the devils out of our lives.

  4. #4 by monsterball on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 3:05 am

    Goodnight to all.

  5. #5 by k1980 on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 1:06 pm

    In BN we trust?

    In BN we bust!

  6. #6 by ekin on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 5:34 pm

    In BN we trust?

    In BN we’ll crush!

  7. #7 by monsterball on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 7:22 pm

    hahaahahahaha…I went to sleep….woke up and read jokers are talking to trust..crust or bust BN.
    Surely not trust.
    Crush or we get busted…choose the path. Ekin is plenty smart…..hahahahahaha
    Me…I go crush some ice cubes into pieces and make me a nice chilled coffee drink to smoke a cigar.
    Crushing BN must be timed properly.
    Lets joke and wait for the right time.
    But LKS always expose this or that.. ..such an energetic worker for Malaysians. How bosses going to relax too long with such a loyal hard worker?
    He is worth every sen we pay him to do his work…….hahahahahahaha
    He is moving the bosses to work…so to speak…..hahahahahaha

  8. #8 by ekans on Monday, 15 June 2009 - 1:06 am

    Looking at the magnitude of the PKFZ scandal and the way the major players in UMNO’s BN had tried to tai-chi/spindoctor themselves out of this predicament, we, the rakyat, of course, shouldn’t trust BN anymore.
    We had enough of these non-feasible white elephant projects, sponsored by UMNO’s BN with our taxpayers’ money!

  9. #9 by ekans on Monday, 15 June 2009 - 1:08 am

    The last line in my previous post should read:

    We have had enough of these non-feasible white elephant projects, sponsored by UMNO’s BN with our taxpayers’ money!

  10. #10 by chengho on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 5:04 pm

    Rakyat have enough of Pakatan Jokers try to carbon copy Thai politic
    In MCA and BN rakyat place their absolute trust and confidence…another forum by a few old men…

  11. #11 by pwcheng on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 5:24 pm

    UMNO always claimed they have managed the economy very well. I think what they meant is that they have mangled the economy very well. That is more like it. No 2 way about it.

    We definitely need an urgent remedy. All of us regardless of race must bring UMNO down before they bring the country and all of us down.

  12. #12 by monsterball on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 5:46 pm

    The few old man kept democracy alive from young.
    How are you….ekin?

  13. #13 by taiking on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 5:47 pm

    They ran up a 12.5b hole in klang and many other sizeable ones across the width as well as up and down the country. And they have been doing so for 50 yrs. With a record as rotten as that they do not qualify to ask for our confidence and trust in them. On the contrary, with a rotten record like that we have the right to boot them out of parliament.

    So vote umno out fellas.

  14. #14 by ekin on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 6:11 pm

    Hi Mr. Monsterball, how will you know I will online at this hour? Ha Ha…

    For the pathetic stooges, when they saw a few people say yes to UMNO BN MCA they will be so happy to say the whole Rakyat trusted UMNO BN MCA. They don’t know those are the few against all Rakyat. The Ratio its like 1:1,000,000. Never mind, their eyes will bulge out at 13th GE and then the next second they will hold PR’s flag and chant the name of PR. These are real stooges that will only be at the popular side. They will never able to lead cause they are they lick poos and eating it! HA HA HA In short, they are traitors!

  15. #15 by monsterball on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 6:32 pm

    One who can killed the original UMNO……insult the father of Independence…established UMNO BARU and holds the No.1 membership certificate…..this bunch of people are not the UMNO parliamentarians we used to know.
    UMNO BARU is drunk with money power….stolen from tax payers.
    Trace back the many speeches…of Mahathir…like…”Money is power”….”So cheap to buy up Malaysia. Few billions will do it”.
    I thought he was trying to wake up Malaysians..but those were the signals he gave to UMNO high ranking members to do the job…..swelling the UMNO BARU account and the thousands of smart operators….keeping part for themselves.
    Moey politincs
    Yes…it is always votes….UMNO BARU accounts… and personal benefits that matters most for present members… enough to spent time..getting few hundreds chosen croonies to get rich too.
    Yes….Judge Ian Chin is so right.
    When the devil rule for 22 years….what are the present students of his be? Treating him .like a super film star…..”forget the past..
    lets move forward”….most famous great attitudes…….how great Islamic followers they are.
    You know why…..they are so ever forgiving?
    Firstly .it is their own race and secondly…crooks do behave like nice guys to the public.
    It is a must…or else….loose more votes.
    Once again..53 years under one party is simply much…too long.
    Now we have a real good alternative .
    Vote PR in and not good….vote them out….but once must be fair to give PR more than one term to see changes… make Malaysians truly free ….enjoying democratic rights…fair to all,.

  16. #16 by TomThumb on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 7:17 pm


  17. #17 by ekans on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 7:21 pm

    On 16 June 2009 at 17: 04.11, chengho said:
    Rakyat have enough of Pakatan Jokers try to carbon copy Thai politic

    Actually, the rakyat have had enough of the machiavellian antics & behaviour of UMNO’s BN comedians…

    On 16 June 2009 at 17: 04.11, chengho said:
    In MCA and BN rakyat place their absolute trust and confidence…

    … which would then result in more scandals like the PKFZ…

    On 16 June 2009 at 17: 04.11, chengho said:
    another forum by a few old men…

    No, it’s a forum for all Malaysians to have their say…

  18. #18 by Joshua on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 8:00 pm

    In BN we trust to lose RM156 billions in Bank Negara Malaysia for the year to Mar 2009.

    In BN we trust to have a profligacy of RM 30 trillions in rotten and sucking system of ketuanan melayu and worthless slogans.

    In BN we trust it is Be eNd for 1Malaysia. The many parts of lopsided and backward Malaysia would be promoted with lips service.

    pw: 1-2 boasts

  19. #19 by Joshua on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 8:04 pm

    sightly off topic for BN we trust —-

    What about the ‘marriage’ of Al-hantu-nya using See4 (4 eyes) for the next world?

    Najib likens unity talks to marriage proposal
    S Pathmawathy | Jun 16, 09 1:45pm
    Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today reiterated his stand that he is open to holding talks with PAS to form a unity government.

    He said that he feels PAS is sincere in wanting a unity government with Umno.

    “Umno is always open and ready to listen and consider any proposals made by PAS,” he told reporters after attending a function in Kuala Lumpur today.

    He said the proposed unity talks will be just a starting point as he wants to know more about what form of cooperation the two parties can forge.

    “We have to make enquiries, like when we want to marry, we have to enquire first. Whether it happens or not, we will see,” he said, as reported by Bernama.

    pw: our gardner

  20. #20 by TomThumb on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 8:27 pm

    “We have to make enquiries, like when we want to marry, we have to enquire first. Whether it happens or not, we will see.”

    pas made the decision to tie the matrimonial knot, but not wanting to consummate the marriage it then goes on to discuss the possibility of an extra marital affair with a former lover

  21. #21 by TomThumb on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 9:15 pm


  22. #22 by House Victim on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 9:50 pm

    Please sort out the list of Questions (from the PWC Report) for the Public attending the Forum to vote, if they want also answers from the Government.

    In my opinion, they should be:
    1. Did PKA provided all the details and Procedures to get the approval and amendments for the projects and budgets? The sequence and Contents of the Approvals.
    2. What were used for PKA to raise the PDS fund?
    3. Was that kind of Letter of Guarantee being approved by the Parliament?
    4. How was that 4.632b Soft Loan being approved? Should approval from Parliament be needed?
    5. Did PKA provided their Audited Annual Statement as stipulated under the PAA?
    6. If yes, had they been tabled in the Parliament?
    7. Should Auditor General be the one checking the Annual Audited Statement before passing to the Parliament?
    8. Any Act, Rules and Regulations to specify the establishment and running of PAC?


  23. #23 by shortie kiasu on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 10:12 pm

    This scandal has dragged on for too long without any solution in sight. Nobody seems to be responsible for the scam here and the laws of the land and the enforcers seem to be hapless in bringing the guilty to book, for whatever reasons.

    The people are very tired and fed-up with the daily dose of this scandals knowing deep in our hearts that we may never see the culprits to be brought to justice.

    We only hope and pray the pressure groups and the opposition politicians will continue to put pressure on the power that be, and MACC to show some professionalism and teeth.

    With such a hugh scam here, we are sure some ones are definitely responsible.

  24. #24 by Joshua on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 10:15 pm

    PKZA’s motion by YB LKS was rejected.

    Was the 2008’s Report by Suhakam debated in Parliament although it was tabled on Monday?

    Cops should respect individual’s right to counsel: Suhakam

    [email protected]

    KUALA LUMPUR: The police should strictly adhere to the statutory right of an arrested person to consult a lawyer in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), says the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam).

    It also called for the police to attend human rights training programmes to “expand their understanding of their role in combating crime while respecting human rights.”

    These recommendations were in its 2008 Annual Report tabled in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday.

    For the year 2008, Suhakam had received 1,136 complaints seeking intervention. Of these, 532 touched on human rights violations and 604 involved alleged administrative inefficiency.

    However, the total number of complaints has been on a steady decline since 2005 when it hit its highest of 1,342. It was 1,222 and 1,145 in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

    The 44 complaints against the police last year related to abuse remand procedures where a suspect was moved from one police district to another for further detention; inaction over reports lodged; brutality during interrogation; and failure to inform family members of the arrest.

    As for preventive detention laws, there were 70 complaints — 57 over detentions under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969, seven under the Internal Security Act (ISA), and six under the Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985.

    Suhakam said the complaints included allegations that the police had resorted to preventive laws to “extract evidence.”

    Referring to the ISA detentions of members of the Hindu Rights Action Force, bloggers and some Members of Parliament, said to be for security reasons, Suhakam maintained no one should be detained without trial and that they should be charged under the appropriate law if there was sufficient evidence.

    Concerned by the rise in complaints with regard to preventive laws, it said it had proposed a closed-door discussion with the relevant government agencies on Nov 26 and invitations were sent out, but it was called off after they all declined the invitation.

    Meanwhile, Suhakam welcomed the tabling of the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission Bill 2009 as a move in the right direction to greater compliance to human rights standards and benchmarks by enforcement agencies.

    It said in a statement it had consistently called for the establishment of an independent oversight mechanism to investigate allegations of abuse of power by the various arms of government which have enforcement powers.

    Suhakam said a large number of complaints it received from the public on human rights violations were committed by enforcement agencies.

    It said the establishment of an independent inquiry panel to receive complaints of misconduct and undertake investigations was timely.

  25. #25 by Godfather on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 10:16 pm

    It seems that Ong Ta Kut is hell-bent on making the next instalment payment to Kuala Dimensi on 30th June. I wonder why.

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