Dear Sabah BN leaders…


Maximus Ongkili, Bernard Dompok, Shafie Apdal, Anifah Aman, Joseph Kurup, V.K. Liew, Abdul Rahim Bakri, Lajim Ukin, Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, (Liow Tiong Lai-dissapointedly excluded)

This again is to highlight to you , in the midst of basking in glory of having more Sabahan cabinet Minister and Dep. Minister and being so proud representing Sabah. I would like to remind you people regarding the true and sad state of affairs in the Land below the wind and of course hope you can do something.

We often discuss regarding the poverty rate and how poor is sabah even until the cow comes home, but below is a best and glaring example of how ill is the whole condition!

One can never dispute that ratio of doctors to population is a good comparisonof ones health care standard. Below is the list of number of medical officers in few district hosp. in Sabah. Bear in mind that these hospitals are very far away from specialist centers. They are often left alone to handle all cases irrespective of how tough it is.

Hospital Papar 3+1 (3 medical officers plus one director)
Hospital Kota Marudu 4+1
Hospital Ranau 3+1
Hospital Pitas 3+1
Hospital Kudat 4+1
Hospital Beluran 3+1
Hospital Kuala Penyu 3
Hospital Beufort 4+1
Hospital Tenom 4+1
Hospital Tambunan 3+1

(plus one means the pengarah, they are often involved in admin duties, meetings, seeing big bosses eg ministers when they visit Sabah. So, hardly contributes in seeing patients)

So in simple conclusion, 3-4 doctors are seeing total of hundreds of patients in clinic everyday, running all the wards, overseeing deliveries, performing operations like C-sections. Managing ill babies and adults. And not forgetting, doing night duties as well.

The same district hospitals in Selangor mostly have more than 10 medical officers running the hospital. And they have voted the govermenc out. So tell me sir/ madam ,don’t you know this ? and what have you done so far in representing Sabah ?

One of the 3 or 4 from the above

  1. #1 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 5:21 am

    Sabah is a very sad case of doom since the days of USNO when I failed – in the eyes of some – as a whistleblower and instead the guilty and illegal ones – now proven beyond doubt – put me under PPSR for 11 months of torture in futility withut trial while they continued with the daylight robbery like stealing paul to pay john and yet they felt so good about that.

    It is a story of thousands of pages of ‘legal’ robberies and profligacy as capital plight overseas for vices of the illegal leaders with both eyes shut of the socalled federal leaders.

    It is still the same today when I have lodged 27 Police Reports but to no avail as resources are depleted by the illegal Govt and illegal leaders near and far when the state is still sucked in so many ways.

    Lots of issues already raised by me in so many avenues but who cares??

  2. #2 by johnnypok on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 5:47 am

    Don’t forget, Sabah is a “fixed-deposit” of our beloved PM, whatever he means by that.

  3. #3 by sheriff singh on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 5:51 am

    You Sabahans are so happy and contented with BN that you all gave them 24/25 Parliament seats and 59/60 State Assembly seats. And yet they neglect you.

    Sabah is paradise man, so what and why are you complaining? Can’t you see how fat your Ministers are? How happy Bung Mokthar is? Why do you keep letting them cucuk you kow-kow while they enjoy-enjoy?

    Next time support PR OK? And Putrajaya will fall.

  4. #4 by k1980 on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 7:00 am

    Sabahans are like the Germans happily supporting the Third Reich, until the Russians took over Berlin in May 1945

  5. #5 by cemerlang on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 7:13 am

    So many illegal immigrants that you cannot distinguish the aliens from the Malaysians. They cleverly blend themselves in. They come like typhoon and they go like typhoon. Why are you helping the illegal immigrants when they are not helping themselves and when there are other Malaysians who need help ? So that you can run away from the true facts of failure facing you ? Don’t lie. No point talk so mightily and have it all your selfish way, yet in reality, you cannot do a thing. It will not be surprising if Sabah is the richest state of all. But where god money ? God money but gone to where ? Why look like a cowboy’s land where there are electricity failures and people still seeking for gold ?

  6. #6 by frankyapp on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 7:33 am

    I Agreed with Johua when he says \who cares \Kit I appreciate your concern about sabah state’s medical chaos but it’s a waste of your time as it will fall on deaf ears.I know these MPs,long enough to conclude that they are only interested to keep themselves rich and powerful.These fellows are real hypocrites ,talk to rakyat one thing and do another at our backs.The only good thing these crooks can do pretty well is carrying the legs of Musa aman and Najib who in return have given them wealth and fame .I hope this will answer your question ,johnnypok .Sheriff singh,please understand Sabahan,please be patience. We voted well but PR\s disunity to blame for the 24/25 victory for Umno/BN.Comes 13 GE ,we hope PR will not make the same mistake.I can assure you guys,the next formula will be 15 PR and 10 Umno/BN. So Mr.Singh,please start smiling now ok.

  7. #7 by kerishamuddinitis on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 7:44 am

    I agree with DSAI. Sabah should cross the floor. No shame in crossing the floor for a better future. Afterall, they know how this gomen and the warlords of Utterly Moronic Nincompoop Organisation are just robbing the people blind through corruption so much so that even buildings, highways and other physical faclities erected for the people from the rakyat’s money are crumbling, falling apart one by one! And MARA is bankrupt! Can you imagine an institution that is totally dependent on financial handouts going bankrupt? Then, it simply means the gomen is running out of money. No wonder petrol price increase and now need to withdraw subsidies of essential commodities!

    CROSS THE FLOOR, NOW! Before there’s no floor for you to even stand on.

  8. #8 by chengho on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 7:50 am

    Who want to be posted to Sabah ( interior ) any taker from Selangor and Penang?

  9. #9 by taikohtai on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 8:28 am

    I believe the exodus of Sabahans is the highest amongst all the states. Yes, while the towkays are happily felling timber, they also know that the future is bleak, hence sending all their children overseas never to return. The majority who remain then have to compete against Filipino and Indonesian migrants as the law of the jungle takes over. What a sad state of affairs yet Sabah and Sarawak are the two states to prop up the corrupt BN.

  10. #10 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 8:28 am

    Sabah haunts the nation in many aspects including lots of ghosts in the nation:-

    JK’s Digest No. 1 of June 2009 (89 of 2009) How many major costly ghosts?
    Don’t like ghosts scenario but inevitable in Malaysia.
    This ghostly and ghastly edition must go out by 6/6/2009 on Saturday.
    PKFZ is a ‘ghost town’ costing more than RM12 billions.
    Langkawi is still a ‘ghost town’ after the legend of the ghost Mahsuri? How much did it cost the nation to rebuild the place after some years of desolation?
    The ghosts of many others- BMF (auditor was murdered for RM2 billion), Memali (How much was involved) , May 13 (must be many trillions ringgit as NEP was born but Malay dilemma is still here); 6th June 1976 Sembulan’s tragic air crash where 11 perished; 19th October 2006 the infamous C4 ghost A; All the millions of road accidents, murders, social victims and suicides plus the ghosts of ethnic cleansing and slavery. How many ghosts have gathered in Malaysia following the collapsed buildings – the famous one is the Highland Tower and now the JayaSupermarket?
    RM12 billion PKFZ scandal – six times bigger than RM2.5 billion BMF scandal of Mahathir
    YB Lim Kit Siang revive this ghost story of BMF of 26 years ago when this new ghost of PKFZ comes by. Both these cases of scam are ghostly because no one – the real ones- were never found. I have heard the ‘ghost’ story of how Sabah and State Berjaya Government (stunt ally of UMNO/BN) and its soon collapse was somehow linked to the the exposed BMF’s scandal. Would Mahathir and Harris confirm this? So with this ‘resurrected’ ghost of the like in BMF in PKFZ, would BN = Be eNd and ArmNO is armless. (see the number game of 9 and 13 for Sabah)

    Plenty of ghost or phantom voters in almost all general and by elections in the nation except for the N12 Penanti Penang, it is a ghost story of a different kind as the powerful BN has not appeared with a candidate except some ghostly ones as speculated in socalled independent one. The biggest ‘ghost’ story is the non appearance of 8,284 voters in a state seat of slightly more than 15,000 on the electoral rolls. It is believed this time, no allegations of phantom (ghost) voters who normally travel by buses. There had been millions of ghosts (self created by Election Commission) in all General Elections especially confirmed in GE 2004 and GE 2008 as issued ballot papers have discrepancies. The chief ghosts creator is none other than the ex EC Chairman Rashid.

    What about the ghosts of 4th June in Tenaimen Square , Peking where our 6th PM is there as a new ghost -Al-hantu-ya- had taken an international dimension after an initial outing in New York or Washington DC in front of the international community by none other than the star character of Anifah or Any fear of the RM100 m suit?

    The ghosts of the many global diseases are in Malaysia with the latest one on Influenza A in a parallel sharing Ghost A in Al-hantu-ya so fresh in the nation where the third confirmed cases all made in USA by flight Malaysia Hantu zero dog one or MH091 so symbolic after the dead dogs in the hundreds in Pulau Ketam and Pulau Tengah where hungry dogs ate dogs. Why May 13, 2009 for the H1N1 to strike Malaysia via MH091 and such costly operations in containing the Ghost A- twin by quarantine of hundreds?

    Today we have this 6s staring at us in Sabah when 6th June 2009 (6 in reverse) on a Saturday which is the official birthday of the YDP Agong likely the first one in decades after the 6th PM returns from the land after 4th June’s Tenanmien ghastly day in 1989. Have these ghosts of triple 6 in 1976 returned to us with a vengeance as Sabah is degraded, deprived and depleted of most natural resources -down in the land below the wind- except the rising temperature who make our hairs stand in the heat of the eerily feeling especially we have many storms in recent years.

    I also know that God would send the lightning and thunders when evil ghosts visit me. When I was in 13 Luyang 3 in 1993, the lightning went into my house to strike out the ghosts there in broad daylight. Believe or not it is up to you. There are three witnesses to that albeit a fright at that time in front of us. God does it His Way as Jesus promises us of his care and protection. God is still doing that – sending lightning – when evil bomohs dabbles in dispatch of such evil doses over me.
    So I dare to write about ghosts of all sorts to alert all.

    Joshua Kong …. Renaissance – POLITICS ALL LIBERATING MISSION – PALM

  11. #11 by the reds on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 8:43 am

    Sabah is a beautiful state, but sadly controlled by weak state government. When you are in Sabah, you can feel that the rich is extremely rich, and the poor is extremely poor.

    For the sake of Sabah poor folks, please help them by distributing the wealth fairly. It is well known that the current government will not be able in doing so, even we have repeatedly reminded them. So, kick them out in 13th GE!

    Sabahan deserves for a better life!

  12. #12 by boh-liao on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 8:59 am

    Sabah and Sarawak should have left Malaysia in 1965
    together with Singapore the little red dot
    to form the big red dot
    By now people in Sabah and Sarawak
    would have been much more progressive.
    Of cos, the rest is history –
    bad history of being exploited n raped by tribal chiefs

  13. #13 by tsn on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 9:54 am

    Aiyah! I suppose Sabah is full of high standard bomohs. “Heh buang kiri, buang kanan, sakit sakit kasi buang”

  14. #14 by distantmalay on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 10:23 am

    “Who want to be posted to Sabah ( interior ) any taker from Selangor and Penang?” (chengho)

    east malaysia not glamorous enough for BN minded professionals, so they shun it. They only want to extract the resources, who cares about sabahan.

  15. #15 by Godfather on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 10:28 am

    Mamakthir had the perfect formula to deal with the Sabah leadership. He used the stick and carrot approach. If the logging concessions didn’t work, if the smuggling concessions weren’t enough, and the Sabah leaders start to get greedy, Mamakthir would threaten them with ISA and all sorts of public humiliation. Mamakthir also ensured that the indigenous Sabah population be “diluted” with lax immigration of muslim Filipinos and Indonesians so that open rebellion is mitigated.

    The Sabah people are a peace-loving folk because everything is available in their own backyard. It’s their leaders who continue to sell them out. If you want to deal with them, make sure you hold on to your pockets.

  16. #16 by ctc537 on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 10:40 am

    I heard people say Sabah was a very rich atate in the 70s and 80s. Many people including hawkers from Penang went there to try their luck. But we now see Sabahans working in Penang instead.
    The government’s development strategy is wrong. Education has to be improved qualitatively and quantitatively before sustainable development can be maintained.
    Many parts of Malaysia are building like mad but what is unimpressive is the awareness that we are actually using money to buy progress like what is taking place in oil-rich countries. We have Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, Penang Bridge, Proton cars, high-rise buildings, etc, but deep inside we are not really proud of them because the achievement is done through foreign construction companies and money from our exports of commodities which we are blessed with. But in advanced countries progress is intrinsic in that they are achieved through their hardwork and acquired technology, and only a minor part of it is through the help of outsiders. The Korean developed their industries and they are terribly proud of their Hyundai, Samsung products. So are the Taiwanese who developed the electronic notebook and other electronic products on their own. The mainland Chinese successfully developed their technologies and space exploration. The Indians developed their own railway system and space technology despite the country’s poverty. Here in our country we shout ‘Malaysia Boleh’ for sending a space ‘tourist’ to ISS by paying 40 million ringgit, but in fact Vietnam was the first SEA country to send an astronaut to space through the Russian spaceship way back in the early eighties – more than 20 years before us.
    That’s how we Malaysians developed a false sense of pride. Actually, long before the shouts of “Malaysia Boleh’ was heard, a former Penang CM Tun Lim Chong Eu had already shown Malaysians what is meant by “Malaysia Boleh’ in his special way. During the initial stage of the construction of Komtar in Georgetown, he emphasized again and again that the project’s planning, construction, management were all being done by locals. It is a very meaningful project for Penangites especially, that’s why the present DAP CM Lim Guan Eng finds it worthwhile to spruce up Komtar and to continue developing it until it is fully completed.
    Development in Sabah cannot be done in a hurry or in a shoddy manner. It must be meticulously planned, utilizing the Sabahan talents as much as possible. Yes, before all this can happen, Sabahan themselves have to do something to change their fate. Sabahan politicians must not be like ‘Alongs’ who can’t or don’t want to hear the appeals for help from their fellow Sabahans.

  17. #17 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 10:42 am

    Remember the heros of 6/6/1976.

    Sabah has too much sacrifice due to all sort of illegal leaders who handle the issues with hidden agenda.

  18. #18 by Loh on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 10:52 am

    In the 1960 Census conducted in Sabah, there were 6,000 Malays out of a total population of 600,000 persons. Bajaus, the only other Muslim natives accounted for 23% of the population. Together, even if Bajaus called themselves Malays, there could only be one-quarter Malays in Sabah in the 1960s. By the immigration rules, Malays from Peninsular did not have free movement to live permanently in Sabah.

    Now UMNO controls more than half the state. The Bajaus and Sabah Malays might have high birth rate, but that could not have accounted for the three-fold increase of “Malays’ in Sabah. Project M have certainly brought into Sabah all the remaining Malays. We are seeing foreigners of less than two generation controlling political and economic interests in Sabah.

    Taib Mahmood of Sarawak might be controlling the political and economic interests in Sarawak. If that was the reward for keeping UMNO out of the state, he might have deserved the reward which he had decided himself.

  19. #19 by k1980 on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 10:56 am

  20. #20 by P.O.T.S on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 11:10 am

    The health crisis in Sabah is beyond doctor-population ratio.

    There’s no point having thousands of doctors but no hospital.

    There’s no point having numerous house officers but no quality.

    There’s no point having specialists and subspecialists when there is no facility or hardware support.

    We have two cardiologists but no cardiac catheterization lab.

    We have eight anaesthetists but no operation theatre of our own.

    We have two intensivists but no proper intensive care unit.

    We have nine general surgeons, six orthopaedicians and again no OTs of our own.

    We have three nephrologists but no nephro ward.

    We have no neurologists but lots of needy patients.

    We have one incompetent BN government and lots of deceived voters.

  21. #21 by MGR1940 on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 11:51 am

    boh-liao, your dead right. It’s not too late now before the umno puteras suck you dry of all the remaining natural wealth you have now.

  22. #22 by ekompute on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 12:02 pm

    “boh-liao, your dead right. It’s not too late now before the umno puteras suck you dry of all the remaining natural wealth you have now.”

    Wrong analysis! Suckers need to stick with suckers, otherwise they will be in grave danger. You are assuming they are not suckers!

  23. #23 by cintanegara on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 12:07 pm

    How does Penang CM MENTOR neutralize his negative emotions and thoughts? The negative minded person need never hope to develop a strong, vigorous mind as long as he continues to allow his mind to dwell upon the negative things of life…..

    BTW, Has Penang become the developed state since opposition took over? How much foreign investment has the state government secured so far? Has the CM or CM MENTOR resolved the massive traffic jam issues in Bayan Baru, Georgetown and the Penang Bridge??

    This is what we called….’Gajah di depan mata tidak nampak….kuman di seberang laut nampak’…..

  24. #24 by king cobra on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 12:16 pm

    cintanegara ,

    how many yrs been bn controlling penang ? u should be directing these questions back to penang BN.

    opposition just took over the state not very long , u expect them to work wonders in just a short period of time ??

    the state needs federal funding , which is still under BN control if fed never disburse funds how u expect them to solve the woes of penangities ??

  25. #25 by boh-liao on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 12:32 pm

    “The government’s development strategy is wrong. Education has to be improved qualitatively and quantitatively before sustainable development can be maintained.”

    Wrong. BN’s strategy is correct.
    Suppress education. The less educated the better
    Easier to control and brain wash.

    BN too scared when people get educated and
    have access to the devil – the Internet
    Use the Internet to watch porno n sodomy, no problemo
    Use the Internet to read anti-BN blogs, big probelmo
    Once smart n know how the BN exploited n raped them
    People/voters of Sabah n Sarawak will be no good to the BN

  26. #26 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:10 pm

    Sabah needs one of the biggest prisons for all the corrupted leaders past and present plus all those detained for illegal entries and those who obtained IC by dubious means.

    So how to get all the fund to do that feeding a million and more such people possibly forever because the countries of origin would not accept them back to their countries.

    Meanwhile the illegal UMNO wants to hold on to them for voting them back to power in the next GE when GE 2004 and GE2008 had been confirmed RIGGED nationwide and the power grab by UMNO in Sabah in 1994.

    How do we want best to deal with such imbroglio in a rotten system of 46 years in sabah?.

  27. #27 by i_love_malaysia on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:11 pm

    In 9MP, Sabah and Sarawak are getting the lion shares of the allocations and on top of that, AAB & Najis poured extra allocations for them after 308 GE in order to deposit more into BN Fixed Deposits so that BN will not be out of power in the present time and next GE!!! Sabah and Sarawak politicians had played their games well and with the small populations in Sabah and Sarawak, Sabah and Sarawak people can really live like kings!!! The only problem with the people in Sabah and Sarawak is that they had voted the wrong people to be their MPs and the BN!!!
    The politicians are playing the games very well but not the Rakyat in these two states who are not that smart after all!!! They are very very happy even given peanuts while the politicians are still not satisfied after getting billions!!!

  28. #28 by johnnypok on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:14 pm

    Mr Ma Har Teh destroyed Sabah after sodomising the stupid Pie Ring who was supposed to be the Who Guan Siow. The locals does not seem to bother and allow the rape of Sabah to go on until it is too late, because Sabah is now controlled by the illegal immigrants. Even the CM is a Paki: Kadazans must wake up before it is too late, Sabah belongs to Sabahans!

  29. #29 by Joshua Tan Kok Hauw on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:20 pm

    BN always claims that it can bring developments to the state it rules, but ,what is happening now? Sabah a state blessed with abundant natural resources has already become the poorest state of Malaysia.

    Sabah and Sabahans have already been consumed by the greedy and corrupt politicians.

    Shame on you, BN

  30. #30 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:21 pm

    Quite a number of illegal people are holding positions of influence in Sabah including some top politicians.

    Heads of Dept and Heads of Council etc are held by illegal people who secured their project IC – a big story always denied. They need to produce their DNAs now.

    The saying is true birds of the same feathers flock together and in this instance doing all the illegal things to benefit their own kind at the expense of the local.

    Sabah must be ruled by local parties only to bring justice for all.

  31. #31 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:26 pm

    One of the root cause is the FC as distorted and abused so often in so many ways and yet this is a denial..

    Fed Constitution remains strong, says Sabah TYT

    KOTA KINABALU: The Federal Constitution acts as the main pillar of strength in maintaining harmony and unifying the people of Malaysia as well as help the country progress said Sabah Yang Di-Pertua Negeri, Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.

    Since the independence of the Federation of Malay States in 1957 and which led to the formation of Malaysia in 1963, the country had faced numerous challenges in efforts to build a prosperous and united nation.

    “Though countries that had gained independence earlier than Malaysia are still bogged down by internal conflicts and economic crisis, our country is able to maintain harmony and progress economically, as planned.

    “Whether people realise or not, the strong bond and unity are a manifestation of the federal constitution,” said Ahmadshah after opening a Special Seminar on the Federal Constitution here yesterday.

    He added that the younger generation of today must be grateful to former leaders of the country who were far-sighted in drafting a constitution that remains relevant for the survival of the country.

    He expressed regret that people today do not remember elements contained in the constitution and the vision of former leaders.

    “Not only have they forgotten the principles of the constitution, some have even started to question the contents of the constitution that had remained a unifying factor all these years.

    “This has resulted in confusion among the people and as a result they have distended themselves from the virtues of the federal constitution,” he said.

    He hoped seminars on the Federal Constitution can provide information and clarification to those who questioned the federal constitution.

    — Bernama

  32. #32 by johnnypok on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 1:40 pm

    “The Rise and Fall of Sahah” must be highlighted and make known to the legitimate locals, especially the new generations, and it is their right to decide for the future of Sabah.

    Sabah and Sarawak should pull out of the federation and become independent nations.

  33. #33 by king cobra on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 2:07 pm


    they will only let go of sabah & sarawak , when no more resources is left for them to milk on…………

  34. #34 by ocassey on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 2:41 pm

    Joshua, The Home Minister said today that if a police report is made then only action will be innitiated to do the investigations !!! Hey, Josh, you should duplicate all your 27 police reports as originals(counter signed by Com. of Oaths) and shaft them into pudding’s behind, all rolled up into one big rod!! Remember PI Bala’ Stat. Dec. ? So, you be careful, ya, you might end up to be with Bruno M. Show pudding the proof of abuses on Mano and you will make him a powerful politician in Armno…for the Kelantan Royals will be bled dry of all their wealth .One recent royal house is chopped with the Armno logo already after one earlier one whacked the live off one porter at a golf padang ,making royal ascent redundant for the ruling ArmnoBN. RPK/DAP should actually list out,House by House the mischieves committed by such members and their downlines.

  35. #35 by Godfather on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 2:50 pm

    What the idiot cintanegara is trying to ask in a roundabout way is this:

    For 50 years, BN has stolen hundreds of billions from the country. In slightly over a year, how much has PR stolen ?

  36. #36 by i_love_malaysia on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 3:25 pm

    9th MP total allocation is 220 Billions (with 20 Billions private finance initiatives). Sabah and Sarawak politicians are still crying for more money!!! Just look at the figures below.

    Sabah = 17 Billions

    Sarawak = 15 Billions

    Selangor = 18 Billions

    Johour = 12 Billions

    Let the numbers do the talking!!! How much each person in these states will get on average??? Unless these money never arrive in Sabah and Sarawak i.e. hijacked during transaction!!!

  37. #37 by i_love_malaysia on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 3:27 pm

    Johour is Johore

  38. #38 by i_love_malaysia on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 3:31 pm

  39. #39 by pangwl88 on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 3:34 pm







  40. #40 by ocassey on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 3:53 pm

    When I was a young teen, I remembered the time when political leaders from across the South China Sea were given fantastic tours by the Malayan politicians on the progress achieved since 1957. There were nine states that came with the royalties, each. Then there were Penang and Malacca. Comparing the tiny red dot to the then Malaya(PTM), it was truly tiny indeed, but, it is the world’s chilly padi today in many sences , alot of OOoommph. Compare the PTM to Sarawak in size and then to Sabah for the same…. Ptm is a tiny pisang embun….ignored by orang hutans in the jungles for theirs are bigger like giant pisang tanduks, any time in all sences. So, what made those leaders join up the brotherhood of Malasia, red dot included? Red dot became blackened , suffocated and managed to jump out of the boiling kuali, much to the displeasure of Razak and the arrogant Dilemmic authour. Those PTM powers that be learned fast to corrupt in all ways then they later intimidate and ugut. Instead of being more than equal partners Sarawak became 1/14 of Malasia, so too was Sabah. Had the Straits Settlements remained intact, Singapore(SS) could also demand equal partnership , i.e. PTM 1/4 ; SS 1/4; Sarawak 1/4 ; Sabah 1/4….. equal partnershp. Rotate the premier post after every GE…. but sadly Dilemma made Sabah to rotate the State CM post deliberately causing so much of racial divides. Those who are prone to corruptions of any form must realise that they cannot swim away from the strong current of greed and vices, sinking deeper and deeper …. it is a oneway ticket.Now the nation is being run by ONE BIG FAMILY OF VAMPIRES of the multiracial type at that !

  41. #41 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 4:00 pm

    I_Love-Malaysia only talks about 9MP, when it is all stolen in all MPs. Even the 9MP is only on papers and most of the deals negotiated in KL to KL/Putrajaya cronies. So what does the big figures mean. I need to do a proper audit. Even most of the money only spent towards the end of the years indicating misappropriations.


    Please be a partner in compiling the 27 Police Reports which come to a thousand pages. I had gone to the Courts on GE 2004 and GE 2008 but the Judge did not want to see the facts but strike out for easy sleep. These two GEs are part of the 27 Police Reports. I had also submitted to the Suhakam/MACC/Public Complaint Bureau/YDP Agong for attention but all gone to sleep for no eyes to see. So all are blind. So what good would come out with a Statutory Declaration if nobody acts on it as it is truly too big for the small half past 6 illegal Governments of BN/UMNO. They all know the consequences if they examine my Police Reports and would also end up like RCI on the V K Lingam Case.

    We can go on talking about the rotten system too entrenched already. Even the Parliament does not want to see the 9/10 annual reports of Suhakam.

    Sabah and Sabahans must do something for sure to put JUSTICE (the right order) in Sabah now.

  42. #42 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 4:17 pm

    I_Love_Malaysia actually only love Malaya not Malaysia when we talk of fair allocation or distribution of fund.

    Selangor already a developed state still need so much for 9mP RM18b; WP also quite developed still need in 9MP RM33b. Recently Selangor came out with its own dp for RM50b. How would Selangor get its fund?

    Sabah and Sarawak are very big states in term of population and land mass.

    Sabah and Sarawak had been shortchanged on papers of 1-8MP of something like over a RM100 billions. At the implementation stages, much of such funds are diverted like contracts given to non Sabah and non Sarawak companies. Some of the Sabah projects are also given to Sarawak companies.

    So it is only fair for Sabah to be given another RM50 billions now for development not into UMNO coffer as UMNO would swallow everything. The people must be directly involved in such development.

  43. #43 by king cobra on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 4:30 pm

    yes more than tat , our petroleum , timber , palm oil , sabahan’s income tax all taken by federal govt , money collected was used to fund developement in WM ,

  44. #44 by Joshua on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 4:44 pm

    Ocassey wrote “Rotate the premier post after every GE” and so it is timely that the PM be rotated to Sabah now as I had advocated it many times –to be fair – not talk only.

  45. #45 by johnnypok on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 5:11 pm

    Sabah is like a prostitute, and the time will come when she is no longer serviceable. By then there will be nothing left, and like an old prostitute, Sabah will be left to rot away!

  46. #46 by Lsabah on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 5:16 pm

    There are too much of internal conflicts and problems still unable to resolved, most of the people are still not able to accept the changes, even how far the development growth its always create population disorder, wealth disorder, etc. What would the people think as most of them are not educated well, even worst what would happen if all of them educated.

    Are most of Sabahan civilized yet or still stuck in the old way?

    Of course, Sabahan right must be protected but many had been blinded and poisons. The process just like a running clock that will not turn back, where to get a perfect solution?

  47. #47 by johnnypok on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 6:19 pm

    Sabah leaders are cheap to buy, not like those from other states.

  48. #48 by monsterball on Friday, 5 June 2009 - 9:49 pm

    From long ago…so many Sabahans are smugglers ..only hair is straight…all are crooked.
    In politics…biggest UMNO yes men…begging for tenders and hand outs.
    Sabah politicians supporting UMNO and MCA are real puppets to mainland leaders.
    It is such a dull place….all got married very young and girls become mothers…before age 20.
    The fathers got filthy rich with crooked deals….and father and sons brag and spent they have never enjoyed good life….until they got the stolen money…encouraged by UMNO.
    Now is the second generations of this group….with so many regretted ..born again Christians.
    Let hope the devil cannot win them back…guiding them to hell.

  49. #49 by ekans on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 12:07 am

    On 5/6/09 at 07:50.13, chengho said:
    Who want to be posted to Sabah ( interior ) any taker from Selangor and Penang?

    Posted to do what actually?
    Let the Sabahans run Sabah.
    The peninsular based federal government led by UMNO’s BN has too much influence and interference in the Sabah state government.
    The Perak state government power-grab is a good example how the UMNO’s BN led federal government trampled on the sovereignity of a state government…

    On 5/6/2009 at 12:07.50, cintanegara said:
    How does Penang CM MENTOR neutralize his negative emotions and thoughts? The negative minded person need never hope to develop a strong, vigorous mind as long as he continues to allow his mind to dwell upon the negative things of life…..

    OK, I give up. Who’s this Penang CM mentor lah?
    Anyway, we can’t expect people to only be naive, can we?

    On 5/6/2009 at 12:07.50, cintanegara said:
    BTW, Has Penang become the developed state since opposition took over? How much foreign investment has the state government secured so far? Has the CM or CM MENTOR resolved the massive traffic jam issues in Bayan Baru, Georgetown and the Penang Bridge??

    Even in the federal government run federal territory of Kuala Lumpur, there are also its share of similar problems. The nation as a whole is not even considered developed & so how can it be considered that any state within the federation to be also developed?

    On 5/6/2009 at 12:07.50, cintanegara said:
    This is what we called….’Gajah di depan mata tidak nampak….kuman di seberang laut nampak’…..

    What should be avoided is a situation where ‘Kera dihutan disusui, anak sendiri dibiarkan mati kebuluran’…

  50. #50 by king cobra on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 12:14 am

    sabah politicians are easy to win over , so is perak’s Hee also easy to win over……..

  51. #51 by johnnypok on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 12:50 am

    But Hee is a high-class and expensive political prostitute worth 25 million.

  52. #52 by TomThumb on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 4:03 am

    if hee who is a prostitute is worth RM 25 million, then how much is he who goes to prostitute worth??

  53. #53 by Joshua on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 4:36 am

    Very sad for Sabah as a young naton in 1963.

    It is even more sad for the nation (Malaya) and then Malaysia in 1963, that Sabah was manipulated as a young nation by another young nation and what we see today is what some people sow.

    Put the blame on Sabah leaders then and now is very easy and it is very sad that Sabah is likened to a ‘prostitute’ and what TomThumb says how much is the one who go to ‘prostitute’ worth?

    Sabah was a prematured independent states run by outsiders within Sabah and within the nation in the early years as it is already well known how Mustapha and Usno could be proxies of Manila and KL. Most of those socalled leaders are not likely born in Sabah and they have ruined the state and blame that on the local. Is that FAIR?

    Actually we know who are behind syed kecik who made billions of Ringgit from Sabah and now where has all those wealth gone? Syed Kecik from Kedah and born elsewhere was sent by who – a dilemma yet to be exposed by the author.

    So if you have a son and the son sells every thing in house, how would you react?

    So if the son is not born in the state and actually a foreigner and claimed to be born in the state and the inclination is to sell every thing in the states to go away like the biblical prodigal son. How would we explain such behaviour? The tendency of the foreigners is obvious.

    Sabah and Sabahans are not prostitutes but those who had committed daylight robberies, rapes, scams using official illegal positions etc etc etc resulting in a an oppressed state are MORE than the prostitutes themselves.

    Today, I think Malaysia as a whole is no different as it is in Sabah. The rotten system that sucks all and sundry. It is very sad for those pioneers who had built up the nation with good intention only to see the nation including Sabah sliding away by a small groups of known prostitutes as it is in Perak after the same that happened in 1994 in Sabah when DSAI was the dpm. What a way to go on?

    So what is next for the nation as a whole not to be screaming at each others.

  54. #54 by frankyapp on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 7:52 am

    !7 Billion for Sabah says I love malaysia with the highest top of his voice. To Sabahans it’s a joke. You know nothing about Sabah. I love malaysia ,I would suggest you to come visit us one day.Then you know what I mean it’s a joke.For your advance information 17 billion means only 500 million to us.The rest goes to A to X. Let’s make it easy for you,ok.In Sabah,every one ringgit spend on development for the rakyat,the contractor/s and his subcontractors would pocket 70 sen.So what’s there to shout about when we (sabahan) receive only 30 % in term of reality.Your friends the contractor/s/subcons are the real gainers.Hence you have your reason to shout at the top of your support for umno/Bn.

  55. #55 by frankyapp on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 7:59 am

    sorry I mean 5.1 billion not 500 million.

  56. #56 by frankyapp on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 12:22 pm

    Sabah is a beautiful state,sabahans are good and warm hearted people.Most sabahan are educated ,only a small percentage of it’s people are illiterate.Sabahans are capable,smart and intelligent and can look after ourselves.Politically,we are no different from you guys in the western region.Last GE,BN won because PR didn’t give the voters a single choice.Moreover,most PR’s list of candidates were former bad apples of BN Sabah.I would strongly suggest to PR top leaders not to put up these bad apples again in the 13thGE.And remember never accept frogs as candidate.Frogs are conderm by most voters,They are also not loyal.Upon winning,they are open to the highest bidders.I think most sabah voters want from PR is list of majority young,capable and responsible professional men and women in the 13th GE .We are for change but not change blindly.Hence PR must give us a good/reliable choice not just a choice between two bad apples.You know guys especially those of you over the south china sea,between BN’s bad apples and PR’s bad apples,the voters will go for the BN’s one as it’s proven in the 12th GE.

  57. #57 by Joshua on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 1:55 pm

    About the chances of PR in Sabah in GE13, it all depends on the Electoral Rolls and how clean is the EC in the conduct of the elections. It would be a disaster if BN/UMNO still gets its rotten way.

    It is very disturbing that the costs of general elections are increased substantially in recent years without consideration for the percept of democracy where most people can have a chance not the reserve of the rich and those who can afford to go in as candidates.

    About the electoral roll of Sabah, I believe up to 40% of the voters are linked to project IC hence these people would support those hands which had given them the illegal/legal status. So how can the local be able to bring back a state government by the local parties when the votes could be split in more than two ways – local parties versus peninsula based ones.

    The results could be foregone as bribes for votes will be rampant in Sabah and you know who has the money to do that.

    So Sabahans must decide with action as how best to instal a state Government decisively with the state interest over others including personal interests.

  58. #58 by Joshua on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 1:58 pm

    Sabah UMNO has almost 500,000 members.

    Where do you think these people come from when UMNO Sabah is the successor of USNO which had about 200,000 members prior to 1994.

    Some of USNo members did not join UMNO.

    So should not Sabah UMNO and UMNO Baru be de-registered as treason is involved?

  59. #59 by Joshua on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 2:43 pm

    The Govt should conduct an inquiry into this treason against Sabah.

  60. #60 by ocassey on Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 11:59 pm

    Didn’t know Josh’s 27 police reports were that high in stack. Poor pudding’s butt… if stuffed with such a big roll…. but do not hesitate even for a second. All those goons deserve to be impaled with at least 50 giant ray spines each for every year of BN rules in their butts. Looking at the balancing numbers of BN MPs that Sabah commands, the wonderful state of yours can actually call the shots now for equal partnerships, i.e. 33.3333333333333333 % share to run Malaysia. If Sarawak can be roped in….. WOW !! All MPs from the pisang embun domains from BN should be put in cold ayam belanda.Unfortunately…..Show just one BN MP who isn’t marked with a bad past who dares stand up to be counted . Pudding only needs to press a button and those tainted BN MPs’ files will be on his desk for selective desserts. As far as one would like to guess…..the journey into this long, long tunnel is truly far and there is no sign of any light at the end of the tunnel UNLESS all in the judiciary and PDRM are afflicted with the Nipah & Sars scourges.

  61. #61 by Joshua on Sunday, 7 June 2009 - 7:02 am

    Unity Government Proposal Will Be Accepted Eventually: Hadi

    June 06, 2009 22:17 PM

    Unity Government Proposal Will Be Accepted Eventually: Hadi

    SHAH ALAM, June 6 (Bernama) — PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is confident that his idea of a unity government will eventually be accepted by the party members.

    He said the time would come when the PAS leadership and its allies in the opposition pact would find the proposal acceptable.

    “It’s too early…we have to accept the fact that something that is rejected today may not be rejected forever. The time will come,” he told reporters after visiting the exhibition booths at the ongoing PAS general assembly at the Malawati Stadium here today.

    Abdul Hadi said the concept and objective of the unity government had yet to be clarified as the details were not made available to members of the media.

    “There is so much more that needs to be explained,” he said.

    On the new PAS leadership line-up, Abdul Hadi said it was the decision of the members.

    “It’s a mix of ulama, professionals and social activists,” he added.

    If this ever come true and through, the 1Malaysia concept is down the drain as the Sabah BN will be diluted or even obsolete worst than now even when Sabah has 24 BN’s MP.

    All Sabah’s 25 MPs would be inside the same rotten system.

    So Sabah cannot really make hays while the sun shine and soon it will in darker eclipse.

    So where is Sabah and Sarawak heading for as the PM from Sabah is definitely out of the present rotten system and soon would nothing for 1Malaysia except rhetoric only.

    Meanwhile IGGG should be in-thing.

  62. #62 by king cobra on Sunday, 7 June 2009 - 12:32 pm

    Sabah Based PKR should introduce younger , energenetic , new faces , new blood , professionals , as candidates to sabah voters , instead of those former BN men or women as candidates

  63. #63 by johnnypok on Monday, 8 June 2009 - 3:57 am

    TDM took advantage of the mentally weak Sabahan, and went on a rampage to rape and sodomise the people until today!

    So wake up Sabahan and fight like a tiger to claim back your pride and dignity.

    Demand to pull out of the federation and join force with Sarawak and Brunei to form a new nation.

  64. #64 by Joshua on Monday, 8 June 2009 - 8:04 am

  65. #65 by king cobra on Monday, 8 June 2009 - 9:01 pm

    where got so easy to form a new nation??

    1) The philippines might seize the chance to reclaim sabah.
    2) They will want to milk our natural resources till it runs dry then they might let us go independent as by then we would be of no value to them.
    3) To team up with Brunei , sabahan & sarawakians minorities i.e. chinese , indians etc might be become stateless. as the minorities in Brunei are also stateless.
    4) assuming if sabah was granted independence , how is sabah going to handle the mass illegal aliens in the state ?
    5) will M’sia grant citizenship to sabahans & sarawakians for those who wish to shift to the peninsular ?

  66. #66 by Joshua on Tuesday, 9 June 2009 - 7:44 am

    King Cobra – any nation including a new nation would face all sorts of challenges.

    Even Malaysia is facing too much challenges and Sabah & Sarawak are neglected for decades and now the ‘fixed deposit’ is meaningless as it is still a sucker with some sweet added on. It maybe just sugar-coated with some poisons in it.

    The history of many nations are there to verify what I wrote about.

    You have not included the possibility of the Filipinos and Indonesians in almost same number in Sabah starting a civil war over the claim on Sabah – all the work of BN/UMNO as this is part and parcel of the neglected of Sabah. Why M’sia allow these people to come and roam freely in Sabah and then go on elsewhere including Pen M’sia? You know the sucking agenda.

    So who are the real losers unless Sabah and Sabahans take appropriate action for the future of the state and as an independent nation on 31 Aug 1963.

    It is 46 years and yet we still want to live in fear of whatever and who do we blame?

  67. #67 by johnnypok on Tuesday, 9 June 2009 - 11:13 am

    The post of PM should be rotated between east and west Malaysia, and Sabah should be given the honor. Replace Najib with that Paki cm, and move the admin center to KK

  68. #68 by Joshua on Tuesday, 9 June 2009 - 9:09 pm


    Yes we need to rotate the PM and possibly 2 PM – one from East Malaysia and another from Pen. M’sia and the no.1 from Sabah.

    It is meaningless to have it rotated amongst the present crop of socalled illegal leaders as the General Elections 2004 and 2008 had been confirmed rigged.

    I have been writing everywhere about the heavily rigged GEs including High Court cases and Police Reports, nobody has disputed with my findings.

    So we new people to remove the rotten system of 52/46 years. The old illegal guards only know how to suck the nation dry of RM30 trillions of profligacy.

    Sabah has paid a heavy price to be in this position to share this piece for a new beginning with IGGG.

  69. #69 by johnnypok on Wednesday, 10 June 2009 - 4:21 am

    Bung Mokhtar was with PM in China. What the hell is he doing there? He is the one who told DAP MPs to “balik tongsan kalau tak suka Malaysia”. This muka tembok monkey, I hope he will be punched by Chinese in china, come back with blue-black, then only he will realise how advance is China!
    He looks like an orang utan, and he behaves like a wild monkey, so the Chinese thought that it is the PM’s pet animal, just like US president normally brings along their pet dog.
    China is very interested in this particular species of wild animal. They have never seen one before, and requested PM to donate it for breeding purposes. PM was so grateful and readily signs a memorandum of understanding on the proposal.
    Back home in Sabah, the half-human cum gorilla was grinning with pride, and announced that he will soon be stationed in China as a VVIP from Bodohland.
    A farewell party is scheduled to be held soon in the famous habitat of orang utans … apa nama tempat itu?

  70. #70 by Joshua on Wednesday, 10 June 2009 - 10:21 am

    johnnypok wrote: “Back home in Sabah, the half-human cum gorilla was grinning with pride, and announced that he will soon be stationed in China as a VVIP from Bodohland.”

    This is like a riddle. Is this in the news? please give reference. thanks. MP = VVIP??? MP=servant???

  71. #71 by johnnypok on Wednesday, 10 June 2009 - 12:20 pm

    MP = M…. Pig

    MP = M…. Prostitute

  72. #72 by Joshua on Thursday, 11 June 2009 - 9:09 pm


  73. #73 by johnnypok on Thursday, 11 June 2009 - 10:02 pm

    He offended the Goddess of Mercy and only the only way to recover is to beg for mercy from Chong Kah Kiat, otherwise he will surely mampus with 90 days!

  74. #74 by johnnypok on Thursday, 11 June 2009 - 11:38 pm

    Latest update from Singapore hospital:
    “He is in the ICU but doctors found nothing wrong with him”
    A nurse reported seeing the image of “Mazu” hovering above him at night, while another staff overheard him calling out “minta ma-up ka-kiat, tolong saya ka-kiat, saya akun salah, chong ka kiat”.

  75. #75 by Joshua on Friday, 12 June 2009 - 5:55 am


    What a drama again to get out in a style fitting to 1Malaysia?

    the plan would soon be revealed…in the rotten system – ICU= I cure You.

  76. #76 by Joshua on Friday, 12 June 2009 - 8:59 am

    what about this?

    Rosmah Mansor Perempuan Puaka!

    Rosmah Mansor’s family talks about the real ‘First Lady’, something which is still unknown to most Malaysians-at-large. See what they have to say in this YouTube video recording EXCLUSIVE to Malaysia Today. Rosmah’s disgusted brother has now left the country to join me in self-imposed exile.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin


  77. #77 by johnnypok on Friday, 12 June 2009 - 9:31 am

    Her facial outlook has conspicuously changed, with some resemblance of the late Altantuya, as though the spirit of Altantuya is living inside her to scare the life out of Najib, so that they can get finally tie the knot in hell, and then live happily ever after.

  78. #78 by Joshua on Friday, 12 June 2009 - 11:25 am

    Al-hantu-ya is coming to pass and Mazu is now in double items in Kudat.

    Are the illegal BN leaders in Sabah in trouble as well?

  79. #79 by johnnypok on Friday, 12 June 2009 - 2:06 pm

    BN leaders will suffer a 3-year curse for their wrong-doings. Expect more by-elections from Sabah in the coming months.

  80. #80 by Joshua on Friday, 12 June 2009 - 9:41 pm

    I caught an iguana (big one) this afternoon with the help of Bomba in my garden. It just refused to go away even after two hours.

    So ICU = I caught you.

    Musa is Moses but Musa is also sign of snake.

  81. #81 by ocassey on Saturday, 13 June 2009 - 1:08 am

    Hi , Josh. All of us who uphold justice, freedom and equality in every sense of our daily life in the country while embracing meritocracy to be the norm for the continuous good health of the nation are like abandoned souls marooned in Limbo , really unable in every sense to even lift a finger to point at injustices, gags, lop-sided dacings, mediocrecies ,brutalities, etc without the hounds swivelling their radars in our directions. Firstly, the Feds are holding all the control panels , some of which are birth & registration and immigration. So you have Filipinos and Indons queueing up and instantly become Sabahans. wHO ARE WE TO ARGUE THAT THEY ARE NOT? Fed directives will render the PDRM to accept them as Sabahans who will soon out number the legitimate people of Sabah. The EC can draw and redraw the electoral boundaries to play with the electoral rolls and the postal votes too. The EC calls all the shots to ensure the powers that be will always remain on the advantaged side from choice of nomination day, length of campaign to election day. EC decides the length of time for voters to cast their votes and how the ballot boxes are to be handled. Any whiff of descent felt will see Sabah to be overwhelmed with the military presence and the SBs will be buzzing everywhere to nab Sabahans to Kamunting in lightning speed. The list can be very, very long ,but, those few should be enough to render all of us ineffective to do anything except to perform KAMIKAZE ! We should be likened to eggs being hurled at GUNUNG KINABALU ! Then we have the lopsided civil servants who do not obey General Orders, worse still after a stint in BIRO TATA NEGARA ! Lastly but most regretably we do not have any untainted politician from the powers that be who would dare to be different… so till now DSAI’s 916 has yet even to be seen and YTL should be having all the BN FED’s missiles pointing in his direction ! Look at how the judiciary can twist and turn to the Fed’s tunes even with so many SDs being made. We are seeing a new Zimbabwe in bloom. Be prepared to welcome the new BANANA monarchy.

  82. #82 by johnnypok on Saturday, 13 June 2009 - 3:15 am

    “Nasi sudah jadi bubur” and the only option left is to start a revolution.

  83. #83 by Joshua on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 12:55 pm

    Who do we believe ?

    Masidi on Musa Aman’s oversea trip


    Musa Aman on his holiday suddenly?

    pw: four cheetahs

  84. #84 by Joshua on Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 8:02 pm

    1. Musa Aman rumoured to be in Singapore for what?

    BN/UMNO/Musa/Masidi – the greatest contradictions of the century in these statements of Masidi as “He (Musa) is just slightly exhausted over his tight schedule and sleeps between three to fours a day and In fact, the Government is not in any way affected by his (Musa) absence and he is in constant communication. I suppose there is no need as he (Musa) can be reached in any time of the day,” (Daily Express Saturday 13/6/2009).

    Masidi says Musa need rest and sleep and yet he is in constant contact and could be reached anytime of the day outside Sabah. Was he in ICU in Spore? How could that be if he is in ICU or Hospital? A superman and a superspirit, indeed. What is what? Does he need federal permission to leave Sabah for whatever reason?

    Now Musa Aman in a later press statement said he was on holiday with the family. So who do we believe? If on holiday, why travel by private jet suddenly likely with string attached to rap Sabah forests further.

    The other serious implications bases on both Masidi and Musa press statements are aplenty such as reported if really true:-

    1. If he really travelled by executive private jet of the timber tycoon (an almost extinct group), he would owe an obligation or the State Government would have to pay extra costs. No wonder our forests are further depleted.

    2. Why he has no faith in the local medical facilities including those of KL? No wonder he never handled the medical /QEH crisis in Kota Kinabalu properly.

    3. Why there is an inclination to fly out to seek medical help and that is only available for the rich and powerful albeit illegal position. No wonder illegal mentality to rule the State illegally.

    4. By flying out in private jet, it indicate the backwardness of air communication of Sabah even after 46 years with MA in most of the years involved with politics. No wonder we are the poorest state in Malaysia and only some cronies are rich.

    5. If MA really need a rest, then there are surely plenty of places in Sabah to do that. No wonder RPK {musa cannot do that ] can hide himself in self exile somewhere in the nation to continue writing in peace.

    6. Was it a stroke of some sort as reported somewhere in the Internet? If so, where got problem as the reasons of such things are plenty – exhaustion, haunting of ghosts, haunting of evil spirit or sorcery; haunting of the double 6, 1976 as MA left on 7th June 2009; haunting of his unexplainable wealth; haunting of Mazu, haunting of 1Malaysia; haunting of land grabs in Sabah- some of that exposed in the newspapers – what about the SEDCO land where the Sabah UMNO hq is located but title is still likely withheld?; haunting of sexual perversion including some women also wives; haunting of power grab in 1994; haunting of Permatan Pauh where millions of Ringgit were lost; haunting of Saham Amanah Sabah where RM64m was siphoned off; haunting of many Police Reports lodged against him; haunting of MBA plus many others. No wonder very tough to be top person albeit illegal when the spirit of Kina or Gunsanad could be linked?

    Finally, my piece of testimonies. I am a poor man and I had gone through 40+ years of wilderness all alone with the presence of God. I cannot afford to see the medical doctors in Kota Kinabalu let alone fly off to other places. I had gone through thousands of such attacks like wind strokes which I believe are momentary. In the initial stages, I used to consult doctors a few times but no diagnosis could be given. That made me even poorer. So I learn the naturally way as my life comes from God and so when in trouble I seek God in Christ first. Whether you like it or not, that approaches are FREE of charge and I recovered almost instantly.

    So I hope any state leaders should pay for their weaknesses when the strength is in God, as they give the opportunities to some hospitals to make plenty of money while the State would lose its forests to the timber tycoon who I believe is also an outsider. The threat of writing this item is seditious but the threat of death due to ill health not properly addressed is real. I have to do this irrespective of threat of sedition or death as that is how I have survived for more than 40 years in wilderness thanking God as my creator.

    pw:canal Nov

  85. #85 by Joshua on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - 8:28 pm

    I believe it is more like 500,000.

    what say you illegal BN leaders?
    230,000 Indonesians ‘trafficked’ in Sabah
    Joe Fernandez | Jun 16, 09 5:23pm
    The Jakarta-based International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) estimates that the illegal trafficking of Indonesians in Sabah to be as high as 230,000.

    Abhijit Dasgupta, ICMC’s senior manager said that the figures were derived from a study of 700,000 Indonesian migrant workers in Sabah.

    “We estimate that there at least 100,000 legal and illegal Indonesians working in homes, restaurants, cafes, bars and brothels,” said Dasgupta.

    “The others are in the construction, agriculture and plantation industries.”

    Dasgupta said this when presenting a paper ‘Combating Trafficking in Persons for Sexual Exploitation’ at a seminar in Samarinda, Kalimantan.

    While he could not provide the latest figures, Dasgupta cited a 2003 study by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment in Jakarta which estimated that about 5,000 Indonesian women were trafficked for prostitution in Sabah.

    Dasgupta laid the blame on Sabahans for the huge influx of Indonesians workers as they were unwilling to be employed in dirty, difficult and dangerous work.

    He also said the growth of the market economy and a tendency to procure cheaper labour to make maximise profits contributed to the problem.

    Dasgupta also pointed out that Malaysia only passed its Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act in 2007.

    ICMC figures in Sabah show that 19 per cent of Indonesian migrants came to look for work independently, 16 per cent were accompanied or assisted by their families and friends, while 54 per cent were escorted to and fro in groups by either their recruiters or the recruiters’ representatives.

    Indons monitored closely by agents

    “The fact that the majority were escorted during their return indicates the degree of control by recruiters or their agents,” said Dasgupta.

    “Twenty per cent of the respondents claimed that their passports and their travel documents were falsified in some way by brokers.”

    Indonesian migrant workers, according to the ICMC findings, had to fork out between RM833 and RM1,388 as transport fee from their places of origin to Nunukan Island.

    Nunukan is the last stop in east Kalimantan for Indonesian workers bound for Sabah.

    The result: Some sell their belongings such as land and animals; others borrow from loan sharks. The luckier ones get help from family, relatives, neighbours and friends.

    A good number get their agents to pay their transportation costs, sponsor their stay in Nunukan and the cost of processing their travel documents.

    “Those dependent on their agents monetarily were informed that they could repay them through salary deductions. But only few were informed of the amount to be repaid and over how long a period of time,” said Dasgupta.

    “It seems that these arrangements are left sufficiently vague to keep the migrant workers under pressure for as long as possible and extract as much as possible from him or her.”

    Monitoring system in place

    Employers of migrant workers in Sabah have to fork out an annual levy to the state government as well. Although the employees are not liable for the levy, employers generally deducted these from their employees’ salaries every month.

    According to the ICMC assessments, migrant workers are not given copies of their employment contracts and this leaves open the possibility that their debts can be increased arbitrarily and unilaterally.

    To add insult to injury, most workers had to leave their travel documents with their employers, thus preventing the possibility of their escape from bondage.

    Dasgupta said the ICMC’s early findings showed that about five percent were held in “slave like conditions”, three percent were abused verbally, four percent were threatened with bodily harm when they wanted to leave, two percent were forced to carry out “undesirable work” including prostitution and subjecting them to rape and sexual abuse.

    “It is clear that there are significant debts among Indonesian migrant workers in Sabah which restrict their mobility and leaves them open to abuse by their employers,” said Dasgupta.

    Dasgupta said ICMC has an on-going monitoring system in Nunukan since August last year and is also conducting a survey with help of local partners, the European Union and the US Government.

    They cover Indonesian migrant workers passing through Tawau, six key municipalities in Sabah and research on the incomes and savings of Indonesian workers.

    “We also get information from official figures issued from time to time by the Sabah and Indonesian governments and their respective agencies,” said Dasgupta.

    Assistant secretary to the secretariat of council of anti trafficking in persons at the Home Ministry in PutraJaya, Azrul Izham disclosed that 23 trafficking cases were investigated between Feb 28 last year and April 6 this year.

    Of the number, eight have been brought to court and one conviction secured thus far. The 23 cases involve 110 victims under the interim protection order of which eight were children and 41 victims under the protection order that included seven children.

    “So we have done better than Australia even though their anti-trafficking in persons laws has been in place much longer,” said Azru

    pw: FrenchHill feiner

  86. #86 by Joshua on Wednesday, 17 June 2009 - 1:04 pm

    We need to act now to rid illegal BN

    The same bullying tactics of BN =Be eNd is still there so strong because BN is illegitimate rigging General Elections for decades.

    If voters do not really complain like I do especially GE 2004 and GE 2008 confirmed rigged as per, then the worst can still occur in GE 13.

    BN still would use a sledgehammer to make it way illegally.

    Look at Iran now in turmoil over rigged GE, and this can still happen in M’sia when EC is still heavily bias even without the ex Chairman Rashid as very corrupt as per Police Reports

    So we need to bring urgent awareness now fighting against all the rotten system in place with a new IGGG now.

    pw:cameroon 8:30-9:15

  87. #87 by Joshua on Friday, 19 June 2009 - 9:13 pm

    why the need of saying this in Sarawak?
    Would this be applied as in Brunei but the denial
    is just for the moment until Najib re-enforce his illegal Government possibly with PAS un sort of unity government of 1Malaysia.

    PW: roebuck keith

    Friday, June 19th, 2009

    We’ll not take away your land: Najib
    By Raynore Mering and Samuel Aubrey

    Ibans assured government will solve problem of uppermost concern to them — land

    LUBOK ANTU: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday assured the Ibans that the government will not snatch their land away from them.

    He even went further to assure them that problems related to their land would be solved by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

    “… have confidence in the Barisan Nasional (BN) government. We have no intention of grabbing anybody’s land. The Ibans should not worry. The BN government will not snatch your property,” Najib said at a huge gathering at Rumah Manai, Nanga San, here.

    “We want to ensure the future of the Ibans and we will solve the land problem that I know you are concerned about,” he added.

    The prime minister said from his discussions with Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud he was convinced that the state’s model of native customary rights land development would ensure a better future for the Dayaks, particularly the Ibans.

    He said he was confident that the model would provide the opportunity for the Dayaks in the rural areas to earn a stable income and thus improve their standard of living.

    Najib went on to announce that the Rural and Regional Development Ministry would upgrade some 1,800 longhouses throughout Sarawak, starting with 223 doors here at a cost of RM1 million.

    The prime minister and his entourage flew in a helicopter from Kuching to Lubok Antu Sports Complex yesterday morning. From there, they travelled by land to Rumah Manai, giving the premier a taste of the gravelled 8-km Lubok Antu-Bulo road to the longhouse.

    Besides the announcement on the longhouse improvement programme, Najib came bearing plenty of goodies for the people of Lubok Antu.

    He announced that a contractor would soon start work to tar-seal the Lubok Antu-Bulo Road, which would cost RM10 million this year and another RM3 million next year.

    He also announced that tender would be called soon for the construction of two new roads costing RM60 million.

    He told his rural audience that there would be new tourism facilities; a RM58-million Lubok Antu Police Complex; the Lubok Antu Customs, Immigration and Quarantine building; and district offices in Lubok Antu and Engkilili. The total cost of these projects would be RM75.13 million.

    On top of that, he announced a RM630,000 allocation for the development of the Batang Ai Aquaculture Industry Zone and revealed that Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah had proposed that fresh water fish reared there be supplied to schools to ensure a market for them.

    Earlier, Najib pointed out that it was his wish to visit Batang Ai to personally thank the people there for returning the BN with a strong mandate in the Batang Ai by-election on April 7.

    “I feel very happy and touched by the results. BN had won with an increased majority that we can be proud of. This means that the people of Batang Ai, especially the Ibans, here still have confidence in the BN in fighting for the people and their future.

    “I am here also to give you my assurance that we will make good all our election promises. And don’t worry YB Malcolm (Mussen Lamoh), we will give you wings to fly,” he said to the cheers of the audience.

    Mussen, 49, of Parti Rakyat Sarawak, had polled 3,907 votes against 2,053 votes garnered by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate, former five-term Lubok Antu MP Jawah Gerang.

    Mussen’s majority of 1,854 votes also more than doubled the 806 vote-majority managed by Mussen’s predecessor Datuk Dublin Unting Ingkot in the 2006 state election. The by-election was called following Unting’s untimely death on Feb 24 after suffering a heart attack.

    Praising Mussen for his speech earlier, Najib said: “Malcolm in his very philosophical speech said humans can survive 40 days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air and four seconds without hope.

    “But don’t worry we are here to give you hope for the future. Under the BN, you will have hope for the future,” Najib assured.

    Najib said Mussen had made the right decision to change his profession from being a civil servant to a politician.

    Saying he also agreed with Mussen that a journey of a thousand miles began with the first step, the Prime Minister assured the new assemblyman that BN was there for him.

    “We are here to help you so that your journey doesn’t end with just a few steps. It will continue because we believe that only BN can propel Malaysia to greater heights. We intend to make Malaysia a nation we can be proud of.

    “We will make Malaysia a successful nation of the 21st century and within that concept, we must ensure that every single community, no matter how big or small, would be with us and receive the benefits of a successful nation.

    “That is why I came up with the 1Malaysia slogan. Under the umbrella of 1Malaysia, we can walk together, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, we will walk this journey and we will bring Malaysia to greater heights,” said Najib.

  88. #88 by Joshua on Saturday, 20 June 2009 - 10:11 pm

    expect the worst to come with this speculation on the illegal CM as having ‘brain tumour’ as in

    pw: calgary tricia

  89. #89 by Joshua on Saturday, 20 June 2009 - 10:23 pm

    Change Govt must come but how?

    Dear friends,
    I want to hear from the Anwar the following:-
    1. His view on Project IC.
    2. His view on 1994’s power grab in Sabah by UMNO.
    3. His view on the Coal Power Plant in Sabah vis-a-vis the
    supply of coal in Kalimantan.
    4. His view on Saham Amanah Sabah.
    5. His view on the Philippines Claim on Sabah.
    6. Also Anwar’s and Yong Teck Lee’s view on those articles by RPK on the link to Abu Sayyap as likely partner of Jemaah Islamiah and Al Qaeda.
    Meanwhile illegal UMNO and BN has more to answer for all the above matters too.
    Joshua Kong

    SAPP welcomes Azmin’s call for One to One contest against BN in next polls
    Kota Kinabalu, June 19, 2009: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president, Datuk Yong Teck Lee today said that SAPP is positive about talks with PKR on preparations for the next general elections.

    “The most sensible part of the election preparations is to agree that the election should be a one to one contest against the might of the BN machinery because we must not underestimate the will power of the BN and UMNO to stay in power at all costs and using all tricks” added Yong.

    This was conveyed by Yong during a lunch meeting with PKR State liaison Chairman for Sabah, YB Azmin Ali, this afternoon together with Deputy President Datuk Eric Majimbun from SAPP.

    “Therefore, the SAPP Supreme Council at its meeting on June 13 has identified three main challenges to an opposition victory:

    (a) Money politics whereby the BN has overwhelming advantage in all constituencies,
    (b) Illegal immigrants voters,
    (c) The use of phantom votes and postal ballots in marginal constituencies whereby votes have been cast in the names of non existent voters, such as the examples shown in the election petition trial of Sandakan MP last year.

    “Other relevant concerns are the lack of a common platform on both national and Sabah issues among Pakatan parties and SAPP such as autonomy for Sabah, the PAS-UMNO unity talks, the vastly divergent ideologies of PAS and DAP on nation building issues and the PAS claim to the Prime Ministership.

    “On the positive side, the BN is fast losing support among the people over a range of issues such as the economy and economic mismanagement, crime and social problems, racial polarization and religious bigotry and a general lack of direction at the top of the nation’s leadership.

    “The 1 Malaysia concept has failed to catch the people’s imagination and instead became the butt of jokes among the people. Past excesses of the BN administration is catching up with the current government such as the collapse of the Terengganu stadium and other building failures, the Port Klang Free Zone scandal, the Perak fiasco and falling education standards.

    “In Sabah, the failure to resolve the Queen Elizabeth hospital crisis, the controversial coal power plant proposal, the piping of our natural gas to Petronas’s Bintulu Liquefied Natural Gas plant, escalating costs of living, poverty, illegal immigrants problems beset the people.

    “The Labuan Bridge proposal is at a dead end whereas Johore is getting a third bridge and Penang a second bridge. Both the relaxation of the cabotage policy and the announcement of RM245 million to buy the Sabah Medical Centre turned out to be mere public relations exercise without any real benefits to the people,” stressed Yong.

  90. #90 by Joshua on Sunday, 28 June 2009 - 8:35 am

    What has BN’s illegal leaders got to say about this?

    pw: with murdered

    Varsity student loses car to armed man

    Published on: Friday, June 26, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: A man armed with a meat cleaver hijacked a university student of her car at Taman Hilltop in Lintas, Thursday.

    The student, Fu, 23, now fears going out and is worried others might similarly fall victim.

    She said her ordeal started after she finished talking to a friend, Liew, at a basketball court at Lorong Gunung Ulu Merak I, in the housing area at about 1.30pm.

    “As I was walking to my Toyota Vios by the roadside, I saw one of two men who had been chatting near a Kancil parked behind my car, tailing me,” Fu said, adding Liew had gone over to the other side of the court where her car was parked.

    Feeling uneasy, she quickened her steps and opened the car door but the man managed to block it.

    At this point, she spotted the meat cleaver and the man said in Cantonese that ‘I only come for the riches or money’.

    “I told him if you want money I will give it to you,” she said, adding the man then ordered her to get out of the car.

    At her request, the man even returned her handbag containing over RM100 and personal documents.

    “He told me that if I wanted the car back I should get in with him, but I did not,” she said, adding the man drove away, with the one he was earlier talking to in the Kancil.

    She then called Liew who still happened to be in the area and told her to watch out for the men.

    On spotting the Vios, Liew followed closely behind, as the man dodged traffic at high speed, but lost him at Taman Century. A distress call was made to the police later.

    Roadblocks were mounted not long after police were alerted.

  91. #91 by frankyapp on Tuesday, 30 June 2009 - 12:51 pm

    So ok what’s happening next ?. Did the police succeed in finding the run away car and arrest the two criminals ?. Or as usual the police let the criminals slips out of their hands.

  92. #92 by Joshua on Thursday, 2 July 2009 - 3:13 am

    I wrote to the CP and OCPD and the extract of that note is

    The security situation is worrisome. The news item was not issued by the OCPD and lack details of the crimes like the characteristics of the two suspects involved.

    I handed to the Commissioner of Police Datuk Rashid about the case of SSY – a menace in society in December 2008 at a CASH dialogue after lodging an earlier Police Report on a gangster SOH See [email protected] Su/Soo Luyang/002101/07 15 June 2007 [Insp Jakariya.]

    Meanwhile, please let me know who is the IO of this case believed to have lodged a Police Report in Luyang by the victim.

    pw: blos Fellcia

  93. #93 by Joshua on Friday, 3 July 2009 - 9:57 am

    What procurement for m;sia when tainted with massive corruption-wise in a rotten sucking sytem.

    Malaysian economy to shrink by 4-5% in decade’s biggest fall : PM

    M’sia’s FDI plummets

    Thursday, 02 July 2009 17:57
    (The Straits Times) – FOREIGN investment in Malaysia has plummeted this year, Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed said on Thursday after the government announced liberalisation measures aimed at luring investors.

    ‘Foreign direct investment for 2008 was RM46 billion (S$18.8 billion) and for January to May this year we have only seen RM4.2 billion,’ Mr Mustapa told reporters. RM507 billions RM350 billions RM347 billions
    and these

    It is important that the allegation be cleared by the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission and the Bank Negara and the Treasury as external debts via private arrangement is hardship for the people.
    Full details of this massive alleged US$50 billions (RM175b) private loans by ASASATU TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD on behalf of the Federal Government for 9 Malaysia Plan are available in the Internet. Was this loan guaranteed by Bank Negara?
    Surat dari Pejabat Menteri Kewangan kepada Dato Zamani Abdul Ghani, Timbalan Gabenor BNM. Surat 1 – muka 1 muka 2
    Surat dari ASASATU Sdn Bhd kepada Menteri Kewangan. Surat 2 – muka 1 muka 2;
    Surat dari Project Equity Services Group Kepada Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia.Surat 3-muka1 muka 2;

    pw: paranoid Deaths

  94. #94 by Joshua on Friday, 3 July 2009 - 3:30 pm

    improved items:

    Surat dari ASASATU Sdn Bhd kepada Menteri Kewangan. Surat 2 – muka 1 muka 2
    Surat dari Project Equity Services Group Kepada Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia.Surat 3-muka1 muka 2

  95. #95 by Joshua on Saturday, 4 July 2009 - 9:10 pm

    what is this 65 for?
    Spore exit Malaysia?

    Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Artefacts To Be Redisplayed

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 (Bernama) — Several artefacts belonged to the First Prime Minister of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj will be redisplayed at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial, said Information Communication and Culture Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Kamaruddin Siaraf.

    He said the National Archive was now in the process of inventorying the artefacts.

    “The National Archive will also obtain views from experts as we need to determine whether some of the items are gold-coated or solid gold,” he told reporters after attending a dialogue programme at the Angkasapuri, here Friday.

    Yesterday Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim announced the content of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s safe after instructing the National Archive to open it.

    The box, which was last opened in 1970, contains eight wooden and velvet boxes.

    Inside the wooden and velvet boxes were a wrist watch, two golden keys (one of which was from former New York City Mayor Robert Wagner), two sets of cufflinks, a gold coin with a ringgit value from former Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, a commemorative coin from former Taiwan president Chiang Kai-shek and a 1970-dated golden plaque from the National Shooting Association.

    The biggest of all was a golden rectangular metal box which contained about 23 gold items such as a Parker pen, a Chinese character that means “long life”, at least two pairs of scissors, keys and a round plaque that carried the number 65.

    Kamaruddin declined to comment on the value of the artefacts, saying they were priceless.

    Meanwhile, Kamaruddin said Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) would carry out reports taking into account existing policies and the nature of information it was airing. “We carry out the live telecast of parliament sessions based on these considerations. We wouldn’t want to show unsavoury things.

    “That is our policy. We are not being one-sided in deciding what to show or not to show. I think the people should understand this,” he said when asked to comment on claims that RTM did not carry out a full 30-minute live telecast of parliament sessions and instead did so selectively.

    Meanwhile, Kamaruddin said the “Sembang Kopi” programme, organised by the ministry, would be expanded to the state and district levels and moderated by officers of the Information Department and Special Affairs Department.

    The programme, a casual information and entertainment programme, was launched on June 5 and served as a platform for RTM staff to showcase their artistic talents as well as to discuss current issues.

    “The concept at the state and district levels would be similar to what is being done in Kuala Lumpur. We would go to coffee shops, form small cultural groups, showcase some performances and tell some stories,” he said.

    Kamaruddin said the “Sembang Kopi” programme in the states would involve the locals with the purpose of informing them of government policies and current issues.

    Kelantan is the first state to launch the programme in the last two weeks.


  96. #96 by Joshua on Sunday, 5 July 2009 - 9:27 am

    This is one of the biggest scandal of the nation under a single person namely the PM and affecting Sabah.

    PDA Act 144 overwrite the Federal Constitution and they has been disquiet even in the Parliament since 1974.

    This is part and parcel of the national profligacy of RM30 trillions past, present and future by illegal socalled national and state leaders.

    Actually what is reported is likely a tip of the iceberg as far as Petronas is concerned. I believe the Police needs to investigate the abuses of fund of a few more trillions ringgit.

    No point of another RCI, as nothing would come out of it as all the water has pass under the bridge.

    Maybe it is best that all records of Petronas be declassified and the public be paid to examine the records. There are no members (normal ones) for the RCI to do the job.

    According to sources, some people would say that the accounts had been audited by international auditors and that everyone would be alright, when actually nothing is alright.

    Some got the wrong perception that Petronas is alright as long as it is in the 500 Fortune companies – what shit is that?

    I have lodged Police Reports and have written a lot about Petronas from the Sabah’s perspective.. and why this is allowed to rot to bring the nation to poverty after 52/46 years.

    Did you see the number 65 amongst the treasure of the first PM after the safe was open? What 65?

  97. #97 by Joshua on Monday, 6 July 2009 - 5:42 am

    This is also posted in the RCI for Petronas’s half a trillions –

    ///pulau_sibu Says:

    July 4th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 14: 08.31
    Return most of the profit back to Sarawak.
    Malayans are robbers///

    [[[johnnypok Says:

    Yesterday at 23: 31.16
    The biggest losers are Sabah and Sarawak who have contributed to the bulk of the oil revenue.

    Hopefully voters from both states will wake up before the GE13 to reverse the fortune of Ali Baba and the robbers.]]]

    Who are the Malayan as a general statement?

    The kettle would be calling the pot BLACK.
    I think most people are robbers – locals (to be defined) including as we have seen in Sabah. In Sabah we all sorts of local including foreigners who become bumiputra (Peninsula m’sia also got) with project IC in the millions. You don’t see them like we don’t see the earthworms until we dig them under the ground.

    Sabah and Malaysia have been ruled by illegals and foreigners who claim themselves local hence they do all sorts of illegal things. The worst is that they after enriching themselves blame that on the locals as the locals give them their votes – most time by bribes of little money – and so in this thread it is the same thing. Foreigners (our socalled leaders included) have enriched themselves by all those production sharing agreements as lopsided. Sabah and Sarawak are getting pittance of 5%.

    So about the GE13, if Malayans are all robbers then Sabah and Sarawak should avoid all Peninsula based parties be they in BN or PR.

    It is only right that we have local parties looking after the state affairs. So would we trust our locals when tempted are also robbers.

    So who are really the Ali baba and the robbers?
    Peninsular based parties with the local candidates?

    Is it better that the locals steal than the outsiders steal? We need to make a clear choice here.

    Locals who make deals in favour of outsiders are definitely NOT locals hence illegal leaders aplenty in the nation and Sabah.

    pw: unending spot

  98. #98 by Joshua on Monday, 6 July 2009 - 8:13 am

    When anyone wants to talk of 1Malaysia now, it is an acknowledgement of once 2M, 3M or even 4M when races, religions and regions are concerned.

    Wasn’t it NOT 1 Malaysia or one Malaysia or want Malaysia since 1963?

    Apart from amending the Fed Const, it is imperative for 1Malaysia to work if ever it can work we need to start with idemnities for those deprived and degraded people especially those in Sabah in three major counts namely:-

    1. The excessive sucking of Petronas on Sabah;

    2. The hardship or burden of prices disparities due mainly to shipping costs including Cabotage for almost 3 decades.

    3. The shortchanges of the 9Malaysia Plans in the allocations of fund for Sabah, largely abused.

    others can add on this list.

    Unless that is done, Sabah and Sabahans would forever lag behind as we were once disadvantaged and now no difference even with socalled stupid 1Malaysia of bankrupted illegal socalled leaders.

    pw:Picasso periled

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