Emergency assembly an option to end Perak crisis? Forget about it Najib, impasse will get worse. Only option – hold elections now!

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today that an emergency meeting of the Perak State Assembly is an option to end the political and constitutional impasse in Perak.

Let me tell Najib – forget about it, as such an emergency Assembly meeting is no viable option and it could only make the impasse worse, dragging the nearly four-month-old political and constitutional crisis and stalemate indefinitely into the future.

What is worse, the protracted political and constitutional crisis and stalemate will stand as the strongest testament debunking Najib’s slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now”.

What right has anyone to talk about 1Malaysia when he is incapable of promoting 1Perak, in fact single-handedly responsible for the political and constitutional impasse in orchestrating the unethical, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab since early February?

Najib should bite the bullet and agree that the only way to end the political and constitutional impasse in Perak is to dissolve Perak State Assembly and return the mandate to Perakians in a state-wide general elections so that Malaysians can turn from the Perak stalemate to reunite to face the worst global economic crisis in a century.

Najib should learn the lesson why Michael Martin became the first House of Commons Speaker for 300 years to resign, even giving up his seat as MP – because he had lost all moral authority to continue in the office after the UK parliamentary expenses scandal.

There can be no dispute that Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir has no “moral authority” in the first place to become Perak Mentri Besar unless he wins the mandate in a general election.

How can Zambry ground his moral authority on three “frog” state assembly members in Perak who have gone into public hiding in the past four months as they dare not even show their faces in their constituencies except under heavy security protection, for they know that the ordinary public have not forgiven them for their dishonourable betrayal of public trust and mandate.

No amount of political shenanigans and judicial contortions can give Zambry any moral authority, which can only be found in a new polls in Perak.

Najib should spare the key national institutions in the country from further damage, as he would be doing even more harm to all the key national institutions in undermining public confidence in their credibility, integrity and legitimacy in his stubborn refusal to accept the hard reality that the only viable democratic and honourable option to resolve the Perak constitutional crisis is to dissolve the Perak State Assembly and .hold new state general elections.

  1. #1 by KennyGan on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 3:41 pm

    Najib, why bother? This Perak power grab cannot be legitimized by your kangaroo courts or a sham emergency session backed by Umno’s police. Legitimacy can only come from winning fresh elections but Umno is too scared to face the people.

  2. #2 by KennyGan on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 3:45 pm

    Dear YB Kit,

    A hunger strike is a deperate measure of last resort. Frankly, I don’t think PR has come to that stage yet.

    There is a groundswell of public anger and discontent over the Perak fiasco which can be tapped if the opposition knows how. I do not claim to know but let me offer a few suggestions for civil disobedience.

    1) Organize a 1 day general work strike to convey the disgust of the public. The beauty of this method is that anybody can participate without fear. It cannot be blocked by the police and nobody will be arrested for it.

    2) Organize a boycott of all August 31 celebrations. Let the BN leaders speak to an empty field.

    3) Organize boycott of all public functions in Perak involving the royalty.

    4) Organize withholding of all taxes to the illegitimate Perak govt.

  3. #3 by a2a on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 4:00 pm

    Why so interest in Perak?

    because Perak the most mineral deposit land in west Malaysia, it is a lot a lot of money to dig out.

    There is what is interest, there is what mostly perakian do not know.

  4. #4 by Loh on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 4:04 pm

    Najib is the PM who believes in form. So when something said in the assembly hall controlled by BN police which agrees with Najib’s plan to continue ruling Perak that will be legally binding. He will not care whether it was right to carry the speaker out together with his chair so that a BN appointed speaker will be there. He cares not that the three kataks who has resigned his post in the state assembly are no longer ADUN. He might even get the police to ensure that Pakatan ADUNs are not in the hall, and declared that mamak Zambry had the unanimous support of the meeting. That is illegal. Sure, the police had no warrant but did conduct illegal search on DAP HQ. BN uses brute forces to control, and people are not allowed to be seen to be unhappy when their unhappiness reflects on the actions of BN government.

    Najib is no different from other dictators, except that he cares about having the action taken as though they were lawful.

    Najib has ruined the reputation of the Perak royal household. He should stop inflicting more damages by insisting on continued illegal rule in Perak.

  5. #5 by chengho on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 4:30 pm

    I would support Nga/Ngeh to become the MB but not Nizar the moron how many seat PAS have 5 seats ?

  6. #6 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 4:54 pm

    As it stands, the ball is in BN’s court. The Sultan himself is caught and is helpless.

    Can the Sultan on his own dissolve the State Assembly? He needs a Mentri Besar to come and request for a dissolution. So if the BN does not want to do so, the the Sultan is in a bind.

    The people’s admiration for the Sultan has certainly taken a dip over the developments in the past 4 months. I am sure his highness knows this but he can’t do anything even if he wants to do the correct things. He is in a bind.

    So it boils down to Najib and Zambry. Will they do the right things or will they drag things down deeper into the quicksand?

  7. #7 by a2a on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 5:21 pm

    I do believe you have underestimated people power of demand of Perak Assembly Dissolved.

    It will dissolve if Perakian standup as one to demand for re-election, it only fail if the people give up.

    Do it for justice, do it for democracy, do it for you children future a land of justice and democracy.

  8. #8 by sightseeing on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 5:27 pm

    The Sultan has ample opportunity to end the crisis by dissolving the DUN and return the mandate to the rakyat to elect the government they want. The reason why the Sultan reject the demand for fresh election is because he knows very well that BN will be rejected by the rakyat. For reasons only known to himself he rather defends the undemocratic and unconstitutional grab of power by BN.

  9. #9 by ctc537 on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 5:37 pm

    # chengho Says:
    I would support Nga/Ngeh to become the MB but not Nizar the moron how many seat PAS have 5 seats ?

    You’re always suggesting the impossible. PR/DAP is party that accepts reality and does things rationally. Do you remember at one time the Penang MCA deluded themselves that they received overwhelming support (after 2 frogs from the Gerakan jumped over to the MCA after 1999 GE?) and wanted the Penang CM to be from the party?

  10. #10 by Tonberry on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 5:39 pm

    chengho, the an Umnoputra using a chinese name, is again trying his best to split Pakatan Rakyat co-operation.

  11. #11 by a2a on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 6:08 pm

    When human think of going to the Moon?

    Do you think is this possible?

    When gemarny people think tear down the East Berlin wall?

    Do you think is this possible?

    When Malaysian think of Justice, Democracy, Malaysian Malaysia?

    Do you think is this possible?

    This is possible if you all Malaysian believe in it, work together, stand up together to vote the Justice, Democracy governors.

    This is possible it is all depend on your vote and do not give up.

    You must dream and believe it you can have Malaysian Malaysia for all Malaysian and children.

  12. #12 by StevePCH on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 6:09 pm

    ctc/tonberry , what chengho says always baffles me. It’s either I am a moron or vice versa. If Nizar is a moron , then those voted for him must be mongoloid. Else, chengho must still be in a coconut , oblivious of outside world.

    S hit, is paranoid of by election but fate has it that he need to face another by election the Manik Urai Kelantan DUN seat.
    The more he try to avoid, the more will come.

    Teratai DUN , Jenice our heroine will have some problem with the illegal gathering issue.
    Is another by-election in making ??? I am sure Teratai voters would like to teach BN a good lesson.

  13. #13 by a2a on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 6:09 pm




  14. #14 by just a moment on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 6:11 pm

    Police justify raiding DAP HQ
    Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Hasnan Hassan said the issue of needing a warrant to search the premises should not arise because it was part of a follow up investigation where one of the detainees assisting with the probe led the police to the site.

    “Furthermore the raid had to be carried out immediately before the evidence was wiped out.

    “Speed was of the essence and the raid had to be carried out during the weekend when the court is not in session,’’ he said.
    This is shit scary man, Its their story against everyone’s else?
    Even God takes time to create stuff. Our police talks as if they can do anything as they wish… true, isn’t it?

    Can anyone help here.. no time for warrant is permitted?
    Then what the hell we need police for – they are terrorised anyone in Malaysia, right? Pls help, I have to know if such law existed in this bolehland. Its Not safe here.

  15. #15 by JasonLee on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 6:51 pm

    The word “moral” do not appear in BN’s dictionary including the 3 frogs ! Dissolves Perak State assembly fight like a man (anak jantan) !

  16. #16 by YK Leong on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 7:42 pm

    Can BN move a no confidence motion against Nizar in an emergency meeting of Perak State Assembly now when the court of appeal had ruled in favour of Zambry? If yes, it will have to be retrospective.

  17. #17 by KennyGan on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 8:53 pm

    Kim Quek has a good article on the CoA judgement.


  18. #18 by Tonberry on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 8:59 pm

    YK Leong, if BN do that, then i think it will lead to another crisis. As far as i know, VSivakumar is still the legal Speaker as he was not properly removed on May 7. The Court of Appeal only allowed the success appeal by Zambry. Nothing was mentioned about the State Legislature. We might be seeing another Speaker vs Speaker case soon..

  19. #19 by vsp on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 9:16 pm

    The latest judgement of the Appeal Court by our extraordinary judges with extraordinary solutions speaks volume of how the law of the land has become an ass.

    You don’t need to rely on the Constitution anymore. You can create extraordinary means to get extraordinary result that you desire.

  20. #20 by alaneth on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 9:17 pm

    It is difficult to get Aung San Suu Kyi back in power even if the rakyat of Burma wanted her in a strong majority vote.

    I know what is the choice of the people of Perak. Clearly PR.

    I know how hard to fight it when it comes to the Appeals & Federal Courts. We all know how difficult it is with Najib/UMNO hardline stance. But we can wait another 3 years. Aung San Suu Kyi can’t.

    I call upon my dear friends & leaders of PR, especially Nizar…
    Do something in history that no PR leaders has done before. Do not appeal to the Federal Court. Gentlemanly give way for Zambry to be MB & congratulate him. But explain to the rakyat this is temporary. I bet doing this will surely win the hearts of every Perakian and when the next GE come, surely PR will win 2/3 in Perak while Najib/Zambry will be so ashamed until Zambry will not dare even to show his Mamak nose in public any more. PR will then rule Perak happily ever after.

  21. #21 by alaneth on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 9:23 pm

    Any Constitution is made by man and It can be amended by man.

    In cases where amendments can’t be made easily, It can be simply ‘re-interpreted’ by man.

    But one can’t run away from the Laws of the Universe. The Law of Cause & Effect & the Laws of Nature.

    One can control everything except Freewill of people.

    And Freewill will become the deciding factor come the next GE.

  22. #22 by vsp on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 9:25 pm

    Singapore and France have Najib’s balls in their hands.

    Just wait and see how these two countries will laugh their way to the bank!

  23. #23 by vsp on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 10:39 pm

    Now the PPP has two Presidents. The Perak cancer has spread to the BN itself.

  24. #24 by mendela on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 10:42 pm

    Najis, you should do what ex-President of South Korea had just done, jump off the cliff!

    What is Roh’s USD 6 Million compared to your 500 Million?

    If you are man enough, you should be jumping the cliff more than 100 times by now!

  25. #25 by imranj78 on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 11:38 pm

    Irrespective of what people say, a vote of no confidence in the DUN is a perfectly legal way of resolving the bind we are in. It might not fully please the people but it is definitely not an illegal one. Is it the right path to take? Depends on who you ask. BN is in a tight bind themselves and every path they take will be fraught with issues.

    But I think PR also has lost the moral ground to ask for a bi-election. Remember the Bota ADUN that first jumped to PR? I clearly remember PR’s stand then that a bi-election for the Bota seat assembly is not required!

  26. #26 by KennyGan on Sunday, 24 May 2009 - 11:58 pm


    Before you jump to the conclusion that a vote of no confidence in the DUN is a good way of resolving the bind, can you answer the following?

    1) Who the legal speaker now?
    2) The status of the 3 frogs are still in contention in the courts. Should they be allowed to vote?
    3) Does taking a vote of no-confidence in Nizar acknowledge that Nizar is still the MB?
    4) Can a vote of no confidence be made retroactive?
    5) If it cannot be retroactive (which would be laughable if it can ) does this mean that Nizar remains the MB up to the time he lost the vote and all decisions taken by Zambry before this are illegal?

  27. #27 by safeworld on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 12:34 am

    Ah, what the next GE, people will tend to forget easily!

  28. #28 by Tonberry on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 12:37 am

    imranj78 Says:
    But I think PR also has lost the moral ground to ask for a bi-election. Remember the Bota ADUN that first jumped to PR? I clearly remember PR’s stand then that a bi-election for the Bota seat assembly is not required!

    You are wrong here dude. The jump of Bota Adun did not trigger a change of govt. Even if there were a by-election, no matter who wins it, PR is still the govt of the day; whereas in the case of the 3 frogs whom had been paid millions of money to jump, it did triggered the change of govt. So you see, the main difference here, why the mandate should be returned to the Perakians. It is about voting the govt of the people’s choice..

  29. #29 by wanderer on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 1:24 am

    Eunuch Admiral chengho, no one is bothered with what you want or think…go and stuffed you suggestion in your tiny hole!


  30. #30 by ekompute on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 1:59 am

    KennyGan Says: “This Perak power grab cannot be legitimized by your kangaroo courts…”

    Actually, my respect for the laws of Malaysia is at its lowest ebb. Honestly, I don’t trust Malaysian Courts these days. It’s all a sham, a modern-day wayang kulit that reached its zenith during the Mahathir era where a deregistered political party can still continue to run with an illegal Prime Minister and his illegitimate Cabinet without a fresh election.

  31. #31 by ekin on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 2:18 am

    “Emergency assembly an option to end Perak crisis?”

    There’s a saying in Chinese “Yat San Ngei” meaning “whole body ants” meaning, he can’t even look after his own back, how to end the crisis?

    Only fresh election to end this rubbish. No other ways. Then you’ll know what the Perakians wanted. DEMOCRACY!

  32. #32 by ChinNA on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 6:31 am

    I thought if the MB (i.e. Nizar) had a no-confidence vote, then he can ask for an election. However, if it is Zambry that has the confidence of the house, then an election is not needed.

    Am I right?

  33. #33 by monsterball on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 7:35 am

    Najib can never be relied on whatever he say or promises.
    He has a twisted tongue with speeches that have more than two interpretations.
    His “People’s PM” and “1 Malaysia” speaks volumns of his sly fox character.
    If ever he agrees to have Perak State polls….it is because ….more than 4 months…he is making more voters hate UMNO more and …so he needs to stop that….through pressure from UMNO Supreme Council guys ..advising him. Put it this way…he has to toe the line..on majority UMNO Supreme Council decisions.
    Supreme Council seldom interfere…unless they realize UMNO have elected a leader….that will lead them …to doomsday.
    If Najib declares State election….it also means UMNO feel confident to win.
    Nothing is done for Malaysians…except for UMNO.

  34. #34 by ekompute on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 8:51 am

    # ChinNA Says: I thought if the MB (i.e. Nizar) had a no-confidence vote, then he can ask for an election. However, if it is Zambry that has the confidence of the house, then an election is not needed. Am I right?

    Ya, you are right. To determine a Malaysian court’s outcome, you don’t need to look at the facts. In fact, looking at facts can be dangerous and detrimental to your job. You just have to look at who is prosecuting and who is defending.

    Do judges need to study law? No, in Malaysia, they don’t need to. They just need to know when to wag their tails and when to bark. So much for the image of our judiciary and our government.

  35. #35 by Bigjoe on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 9:04 am

    The thing about Najib is basically the guy do not stray far from a planned script. He is incapable of doing well when he does. Think of 1Malaysia and its the small twist to an old story, think of what he has said about Perak and none of it is unexpected, think of Altantuya case and nothing that has happened was unexpected.

    The key to eventually taking back Perak 3 years from now is basically to take the debate in a direction that he can’t plan a script for. It must come down to Maruah and Aqidah which Najib cannot come up with a good script for. Legalese, issues about Sultan right, etc. don’t matter, its political rape starting with BN stealing three traitors – political rape is not that different – people self-worth, dignity, sense of security all got stolen with the rape. The other issues don’t matter because its all screwed up over 40 years of BN rule. There was no need to go to courts if the assembly secretary was not a stooge and the police have been so for a long time and its quite clear fair judges are the exception rather than the rule.

    Is it acceptable for the Perakian to be raped and still be govern by the rapist? Can a rape victim move on while the rapist is not punished much less have to live with and be dictated by him? Does showering the rape victim with gifts makes any difference? Furthermore its likely the gifts are nothing, paid for by the prostitution of the victim itself and compared to Selangor and Perak, which works under handicapped sitution, it cannot be better probably worst strictly speaking.

  36. #36 by johnnypok on Monday, 25 May 2009 - 10:36 pm

    KPI for Najib = FAIL. Probation period extended another 3 months, and if he fail again, let us send him to hell.

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