CNY of the Ox – Change!

Courtesy of SinChew Daily

Courtesy of SinChew Daily

  1. #1 by OrangRojak on Saturday, 31 January 2009 - 11:10 pm

    Sooo…. nobody in DAP got a 1MegaPixel Camera? Those 7 pixels near the centre – is that LKS?

  2. #2 by homeblogger on Saturday, 31 January 2009 - 11:45 pm

    OrangRojak Says:

    Today at 23: 10.16 (31 minutes ago)
    Sooo…. nobody in DAP got a 1MegaPixel Camera? Those 7 pixels near the centre – is that LKS?


    LOL! I think Uncle Lim and DAP practising everything in moderation – including pixels.

  3. #3 by alaneth on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 1:33 am

    People are very hungry for something new. I think they are interested in being called to be a part of something larger than the sort of small, petty, slash-and-burn politics that we have been seeing over the last several years.\n-Barack Obama

  4. #4 by Jong on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 3:18 am

    BIG things come in small packages, don’t they?!

  5. #5 by lee wee tak_ on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 3:50 am

    it was great being there. PDRM picked on my car and tow it away. Paid the fine and acknowledged my fault but the atmosphere made me felt the fine was worth it.

    Happy CNY everybody!

  6. #6 by waterfrontcoolie on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 8:39 am

    lee wee tak_, yours is a case of selective persecution. You know what I mean. On other days, even on a three lane road in the town center they permit three rows of cars to be parked and you have to ‘enjoy’ the waiting to drive through!
    Of course when one holds the ‘fire power’ , one must be right! But when they meet someone who holds greater fire power, just like the super-ego confronting Bush, ‘you are arrogant and abusive’! saying it as if he had never abused his power!
    Such characters appear to forget to look into the mirror each night before going to bed.

  7. #7 by monsterball on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 9:22 am

    Ox…changed to be…. a wheel of fortune??
    Looks like PR is signaling something Malaysians.
    With all those smiling faces…it must be good news.

  8. #8 by lee wee tak_ on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 9:45 am

    I told my wife this would not have happen if it is in Selangor. Anyway, a badge of honour of me. I have joined the ranks of receiving selective persecution. :-)

    Went to the depot to get my car. True racial harmony. The Malay officer that tolled my car came smiling apologetically. I held up my hand and apologised. The Indian officer who processed my compound was polite and professional. They bid me gong hee fatt chay and I pat them on the shoulder for doing their job.

    Too bad I did not have extra mandarin oranges.

  9. #9 by One4All4One on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 11:00 am


    Sometimes it makes one wonder what would truly come out of all the sloganeering, rhetorics, politicking and counter-politicking.

    Yes, there are complexities, hurdles, myriad of problems to overcome and solve before the dust could have a chance to settle.

    However, in the eyes of the electorate, it is wished and hoped that real and substantial differences could be seen between then and now. In order to make sense of voting in the opposition.

    There is still a lack of coherence, direction, collective action, and focus until now on the part of PR.

    It is OK to have differences in opinions and ideas – these should and could be thrashed out in sensible manner; while differing ideas give more input into any discussion, which is healthy.

    However, what one reads and hears more are about squabbles over ideological differences and sometimes personal views on issues which could have been approached in a more mature and sensible manner. Still there are childish and illogical assertion of having only bumiputera ( read : malay ) candidates for such and such an appointment, overriding the selection of qualified and appropriate personnel.

    Still, there is the use of religious posturing and other ridiculous yardsticks to make decisions which affect all the rakyat.

    One wonders how, through such narrow and parochial approaches and circumstances, the PR could play the effective alternative to BN. Put the house in the PR-led states in order first before attempting to go for more. The plates are already full; to take more would be gluttonous and which could choke the PR’s hopes and aspirations.

    If the PR is seen to be capable and effective, the rest would happen in due course. The people are still watching and surely would put their bets on those who could deliver in a fair, accountable and transparent way, peppered with integrity and justice.


  10. #10 by veddy.lum74 on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 11:50 am

    if in the msm we dare not write the truth,here,in the internet ,we should!

    this country is not practising double standards,it’s actually multiple standards!

    the example stated above obviously is talking about during friday praying times,thy could park their cars wherever thy like and no one will be booked even the cars obstruct traffic flows!THE BOTTOM LINE HERE IS TRAFFIC OBSTRUCTIONS!

    like the case of everymorning praying calls thru the loud speakers,it’s obviously a disturbance,but if you complaint,thy will say you are racial n could be detained under isa!i dun know wat will happen to ordinary ppl like you n me,vip like teresa kok also got in trouble,but she said she didnt do that!THE BOTTOM LINE HERE IS DISTURBANCE!


  11. #11 by k1980 on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 12:28 pm

    1994’s PBS mass defections to BN about to repeat itself?

    Two state councillors who were accused of graft last year had gone missing, as speculation swirled that they had jumped ship to join the Barisan Nasional coalition.

    Perak Parti Keadilan Rakyat chief Osman Abdul Rahman said that Jamaludin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu could not be contacted for the past four days.

    He said the party believed that BN had enticed the duo to defect in exchange for some rewards, including the dropping of the corruption charges against them.

    Since the defection of Umno Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim last Sunday, speculation has been rife that the two missing PKR assemblymen would cross over to BN. Both have not commented on the rumours.

    “We believe that there are efforts by BN to persuade the two to defect in exchange for a desperate reward on offer by Najib, including dropping corruption charges against them,” said Osman.

  12. #12 by a-malaysian on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 1:08 pm

    This country, call Malaysia, is beyond salvation if the present umno/bn still rule. There is no other choice than to bring a total change of power and the rakyat is the one to make the change. Day by day we can see umno using the evil force that they are holding to destroy this country in order for them to stay in power.As I wrote in my blog posting:

    This is what umno/bn stood for:

    “We can do what we like unto you but we will not tolerate anyone doing the same unto us.”

    Malaysia For All

    GE 13 – No matter what, we must ensure that racist umno bn do not regain the power like they had for the past fifty one years.

  13. #13 by k1980 on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 1:36 pm

    Welcome to the dirty underworld tactics of unmo–>

  14. #14 by mohd ali ismail on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 2:12 pm

    YB Lim,
    I was looking forward to attend the Chinese New Celeberation organized by DAP but somehow I couldn’t make it for an unforseen circumstances.Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai ,to you and crew and I am sure it was a sucessful and a joyful one.Thank you for having invited me and if God willing I would be able to come Next year.

  15. #15 by k1980 on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 7:00 pm

    Remember, a vote for BN means a vote for
    runaway inflation,
    halts in production,
    destruction of the next generation
    protection for a bunch of BN pricks,
    and giving you a false sense of security while you’re actually being screwed simultaneously from the front and the back.

  16. #16 by ktteokt on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 9:43 pm

    Happy CNY everyone! Sorry for missing such an important event. Was outstation. Anyway it showed great unity among all of you. Keep up the spirit!

  17. #17 by ttc on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 10:14 pm

    :) Nice photo posted here I see.

    Just curious to know btw if that plentiful supply of orange foodstuff put on that very large plate are satsumas, clementines or tangerines?

    And the :| pixel magnification rate appears to be too low for one’s eyes to identify the foodies placed in the centre of that plate, so what are they please?

    Hmm, am also quite intrigued by the presence of those red chopsticks on that plate which leads to this next probing non-political question: Do people perchance eat oranges or satsumas/clementines/tangerines with chopsticks nowadays or could the chopsticks there indicate that peanuts may be present somewhere on that large plate?

    Anyways, here is a :) Gong Xi Fa Cai to all those there now smiling happily in the photo.


    2009 Resolution: Seek out all garbage and recycle or dispose post haste for a healthier life and planet!

  18. #18 by dapsupporter8888 on Sunday, 1 February 2009 - 10:54 pm

    Uncle Lim, I don’t think the people are too happy with the way things are happening in Perak.

    Defecting and calling for a snap election is a waste of everyone’s time. Why can’t BN allow PR to concentrate on governing the state? Why must they create havoc? I tell you, people are not going to be too happy with all this nonsense.

    If ever a snap election or a by-election is called for the 2 state seats, people are going to vote for PR for a simple reason that we are fed up with BN’s dirty politics.


  19. #19 by boh-liao on Monday, 2 February 2009 - 12:39 am

    Yes, CHANGE!
    But which way?
    With money politics flowing around and a number of elected PR state assemblymen and women tempted by richness beyond their dreams (richness that may last for several generations), it may be CHANGE from PR-ruled state to BN-ruled state!
    Stay tuned for akan datang.

  20. #20 by klaikw on Monday, 2 February 2009 - 3:35 am

    Happy Chinese Ox Year , Chnage! Change! Change wat, oh I see , change the bolehland gomen ……hooray!

  21. #21 by shamshul anuar on Monday, 2 February 2009 - 4:32 pm

    Dear Readers,

    I have no respects to MPs or state assemblymen who jump to other side of divide but insist on msaintaining the seat won under different political affiliation.

    It is sheer waste of time, money when they should do something productive in this era of global financial meltdown . Jumping to other side affects political stability.

    Leave the changing of govt as often as changing dress to country like Thailand. They must show more maturity.

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