What we want now

by Steven

Nowadays, by just reading the newspaper and watching TV news, mostly it was related to political news. Well, I admit that most of the Malaysian are kinda shock, surprised or attracted to the past election news. The most important thing is how to improve the quality of life of Malaysians. I really don’t see how these issues were handled carefully in the past. I believe that some people would agree with me. We always know how to compare with others countries, but correct me if I am wrong that the comparison made was always with poorer performance countries. I don’t really understand this. Why we don’t want to improve our nation by comparing to the developing countries? We had already achieved independence by 50 years. Please do not always feel satisfied with what we have achieved nowadays because there is still much room to improve.

Malaysia is a blessed country with many resource like rubber, tin, petroleum, fishes and others. Why we are not utilizing them and make benefits of them for the good of society. Sometimes, I would think that why so many youngsters leave Malaysia and go abroad to work. Of course, the most attractive factor is money, living environment and safety. I still remember that when I was small, our money currency was almost equivalent with Singaporean. But looking at it now, we are much much lower than Singaporean, Euro, Australian and others major countries currency. Please don’t tell us that we are okay nowadays by looking at Malaysia Ringgit vs US Dollar. It was just USD is weak and not Malaysia Ringgit strong. Please awake and do something now before it is too late. I am not financial expert who has the right comment on our Malaysia Ringgit performance. At least I notice that our Ringgit is much depreciated. Please learn it from other countries. I worked in US before, the costs of buying goods like a comb of bananas doesn’t change much from time to time, it was ~USD1 in 2002 and also in 2007. But for us, everything is up. I can’t deny that there is an inflation factor counted in Malaysia’s economy. We would think that the inflation number reported is not right, every year is also low. Does the inflation number reported is just solely based on the controlled goods? Overall, our Ringgit and Sen is weak?

Knowing that the Malaysian money weakness is one thing, but please don’t ever spend unnecessary money on some projects like sending a guy to the space. This maybe brings some fame to the country, I admit it. However, the money spent is just on one person individually only. It will be wiser to spend the money on the society, like improving the city infrastructure, nation’s traffic, cleanliness and crime issues. I know that we want to be famous and it is using a lot of our money. Please don’t come and tell us that this would lead to invention of science in medical line. If this program is sponsered, it will be great. What we want is everyone happy and not individual. Please think of the basic necessity first. A person will have good quality of life no matter he or she is rich or poor if the city is developed, clean, good and no crime. Talking about the cleanliness, I know that this is hard to deal. We have to change our attitude as well but things will
improve if there is more litter bins prepared.

Crime is serious issue also. Is there anyway we can handle this more wisely? Having more policemen is not enough. We should either review it in different manner. Like maybe setting up intelligent computer eye at the lamp posts or setting up radar scan for detecting suspicious movements. I don’t deny that some crimes in Malaysia is attributed by the imported workers. Maybe it is time for the government to review the law and impose heavier penalties for them.

If all this things is not going to change, I would think that people would just surrender it after fighting for the changes through election. They would probably leave Malaysia and go to other countries for better life and living. And then the government would complain of running short of special talents, and no investors want to come to invest.

  1. #1 by k1980 on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 9:33 am

    Steven, the official rate of inflation in this country is only 2% since Big Ears took power in 2003. This is the lowest in the world and if you don’t believe him, you’ll join the Hindraf 5 in Kamunting

  2. #2 by Captain on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 9:52 am

    Actually there even more issues to tackle. Barisan Rakyat has a mountainous task ahead and have very little time hence should stop basking in ‘glory’ after winning the elections. Little time because there is a possibility that BN might call for a snal election very soon because of internal conflicts between and within BN coalition parties.

    If one reads the last issue of Aliran magazine, it has clearly pointed out the vital issues. Some can be handled by the State but most need to be fought for in Parliament.

    There is the basic human rights issue, repeal ISA, repeal police act, Independent judiciary, press freedom, the repeal of printing press act, OSA, Freer and fairer elections, local democracy etc.

    Then you have the holistic developments, minimum wage, end of private privatizations, corruption, nepotism, rising essential goods prices, affordable healthcare, utilities, affordable housing, better education with equal opportunities to all, finance and micro credit, better environment, saving the rivers, better transportation, traffic jams, indegeniuos issues, gender equality, women isues, public security i.e. rising crime etc.

    And the most important of all, quickly create a Malaysian Malaysia and open every evenue on meritrocracy after lifting up the marginalized communities irrespective of creed, race or religion and affording all the tools required for comfortable living.

    Now, tell me. Does Barisan Rakyat has time and energy to do all these? This is the time for professionals of their fields come up to these challenges and save the nation by helping Barisan Rakyat achieve these agendas.

    Remember though, if the Barisan Rakyat peole thinks thouse who won and their members are good enough, they would be falling into the same well and making the same mistake BN did. Arrogance, ego and pride kills.

  3. #3 by bystander on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 10:40 am

    To answer part of your question, the proverbial UMNoputra mentality “style mau, kalah tidak apa”

  4. #4 by Justicewanted on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 10:44 am

    According to our sleepy head government the inflation rate is 2.5% and the GDP is going to be around 6%. If we minus the GDP with the inflation we will get a net real growth of 3.5%.

    Ha ha ha…. who will they kidding?

    Even if the real growth figure is ‘real’, just wonder how is it translated in to wages and salaries?

  5. #5 by pulau_sibu on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 10:49 am

    In Sarawak, we don’t have a leader like Sultan of Trengganu who is willing to stand up against the 5% oil tax and its spending. Taib is the only one and above all. It is really the most important agenda to remove Taib and his crony from Sarawakian politics. The parties that blindly supporting him should be removed. Our main task is how to safeguard our wealth from the hungry robbers in the west (federal government).

    Many years ago, when SNAP was the opposition, James Wong, the opposition leader was jailed often. Since SNAP joined BN, it became a disaster for us. The Ibans/Dayaks politicians seem very simple minded. As soon as they themselves will be fine, they would not bother to work in improving the life standard of their own people. Once elected, they would be far away from their rural home. After winning 6 seats in Sarawak, I don’t really know what can DAP and the opposition do for us. I afraid the opposition will be put to judgement during next state election. The opposition in Sarawak may not get the kind of wave like 8th March.

    In Sarawak, our major doubt is still about joining the federation in 1963. Most opposition politicians would not say anything about this subject.

  6. #6 by ShiokGuy on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 11:36 am

    Sorry for been frank and direct.

    May be god has his way of balancing the Act. What happen to the guy’s brother? While he is still in International Space Center, the brother die suddenly. A form of compensation?

    Cool Mike

  7. #7 by Citizen voice on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 11:49 am

    OKC made noise again. Can someone help to shut his mouth up?


  8. #8 by ifwecare on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 12:01 pm

    Myth of “RAHMAN”

    — believe it or not, after the umno leader with N take over, that will mark the ending of Umno. May be the timing will be earlier because some umnomoron are now taking effort to block N from becoming next leader.

  9. #9 by k1980 on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 12:44 pm

    Zimbabwe darul Malaysia … large numbers of people who were told they could not vote because of errors on the electoral roll. African election monitors wrote to the electoral commission questioning the registration of more than 8,000 voters on vacant lots in Harare or crammed by their hundreds into small shacks. Before the vote, Tsvangirai said the MDC had uncovered evidence of widespread vote-rigging including the names of a million ‘ghost’ voters on the electoral roll.

  10. #10 by alistaire on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:07 pm

    Absolutely right on the button (even if the quality of English was questionable, Editors take note!)

    If Singapore can have a strong dollar, I can’t see why we can’t have a stronger ringgit as well. Are we not both located at one of the most strategic places on Earth as far as trade routes are concerned?

    As for higher crime rates, indeed higher police presence is not enough (hence the irony of DAP’s manifesto which promised exactly this to tackle this problem). What we need is something to deter people from committing crime, and what better then the Hudud. If we had Hudud laws, crime rates would plummet!

  11. #11 by alistaire on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:10 pm

    As for Ong Ka Chuan, citizen voice, I just hope he keeps to his word on bringing back Local Government elections. To hell with his comments anyway, they are not important.

  12. #12 by leealex24 on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:21 pm

    Whether we like it or not, I admire Singapore in many ways in terms of the their seriousness in eradicating corruption, providing excellent safety and strong will in developing their world-class talent. What is more saddening is that Malaysia could have been an even better country economically (even better than Singapore) had we started in the right footing. Like said by one earlier, we are blessed with so much resources such as palm oil, petroleum and rubber. Imagine what Malaysia would be like had the government/leaders fully make use of these resources and channel the wealth to all Malaysians equitably and need-based as opposed to racial based 30-40 years ago. Problem with Malaysia right now is that we have all the ingredients of success but because of a poor policy framework, we were unable to achieve it. I really hope there would be big change in this due to the recent political environment otherwise, 10 years later, all our talented Malaysians would have gone elsewhere and what we have left here are politicians who still talk about NEP and racial issues. I’m also not surprised by then, we could also be behind countries like Thailand and Vietnam economically considering the frantic pace of how these countries have been developing.

  13. #13 by ric23_my on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:21 pm

    “Our government teaches the whole people by its example …”

    since writing cannot get any feedback … then i use drawing to see you can get the message behind or not?


  14. #14 by jetaime.f on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:30 pm

    ric23_my, what’s that cross over the path? :)

  15. #15 by ric23_my on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:37 pm


    it show “the road to assembly hall”, and the cross mean the “road is closed” …

  16. #16 by novice101 on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:41 pm

    It is right, the most important thing, is to improve the quality of life of all Malaysians. Most Malaysians can consider ourselves to be fortunate and should feel privileged for what we have. But there are still many of our compatriots who are not in this situation. Improving their lot should be our most urgent priority.

    Malaysia is a truly blessed nation! It is showered with abundant blessings – it is free of natural disasters (no earthquakes, disastrous floods), free of man-made disasters (no wars, conflicts and dis-stability).

    It is endowed with natural resources (tin, rubber, oil palm, oil), and blessed with peace and harmony amongst the races. These gifts should be treasured, they should be preserved for our future generations.

    Taking care of the less-privileged, the marginalised compatriots and preserving the gifts for our future generations are no easy tasks. These are heavy responsibilities, they demand more than lip-service. They demand our commitment to keep them, constantly in sight, not to deviate from the chosen course for any reason, or under any circumstance.

    The politicians, in this ‘new’ nation of ours, have to live up to these responsibilities. They have to come up with genuine programs to uplift the lives of the less-privileged and the marginalised.

    Other Malaysians, have an equal responsibility to play. They have to actively support politicians who are committed to these tasks, not only during election times, but throughout this chosen journey.

    All politicians must endeavor to practise proper management of all these given resources. Proper management of the revenues generated by these resources should also judiciously applied.

    They should, at the same time, put all politicians under close scrutiny, chastising, reprimanding and correcting them when they deviate from the course.

  17. #17 by Warrior of Cookies on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:44 pm

    Since when okc is the spokeperson of women rights in Malaysia? This buzzing fly with stinky just waited to be smacked flat..!!! Shut up okc…!!! Yes, right…to burning hell with your instigation comments…!!! The opposition parties leaders were not born yesterday..!!! Na..na.na.naa..na..naaa..!!! (Finger)

  18. #18 by jetaime.f on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 1:47 pm

    ric23_my, you are persistent. Can I just say this, there are so many pertinent issues on hand that needs urgent attention, and I am guessing that until they can resolve the H-5 issue and get Mr. Manoharan in office, you may not get your answer so soon. Then again, it is just an inference, could be wrong.
    Good Luck.
    Pretty creative :) I think, the pic is cute… :)

  19. #19 by mifadzil on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 2:00 pm

    Dear Sir Lim Kit Siang,

    Let me start by congratulating you and DAP for the massive victory in recent election. The good show basically reflecting to people support to Opposition parties are getting bigger and DAP’s struggle have some meaning to the Malaysian.

    However, as Malaysian, I have few concerns that I think you should share with you as following:

    1. DAP is saying multi-race party but the majority of the member are Chinese. I can still see some Indians but no much of Malays and other communities. Suggest that more Malays and other communities are given opportunity to be candidates and leading role to ensure that your dream for “Malaysia for Malaysian” is visible from your party members representative.

    2. NEP was an initiative by then government to bring some balance growth among different communities especially Bumiputera. Even though the intention was good but the implementation went terrible to cronic level that created massive corruptions and nepotism at our government administration and people daily life. Suggestion from Opposition for New Economy Agenda is good too but hopefully the policy will not marginalize all communities and benefit one or two major communities only. Say if Opposition become Federal Government, I know that government is able to maintain their policy at public administration but how could it maintain the inbalance in private administration so that it can ensure that all communities are fairly benefited with the new policy?

    3. Why is DAP so aggresive and prejudice to Islam but it agree for freedom of expression and practice the religion in this country? Does Islam against any of non-Islam communities from practice any religion and etc.? Who can say represent Islam, UMNO or PAS? Can Muslim know that are DAP is against Islam or few “screw-up” Muslims that showing the wrong image of Islam to DAP’s struggle? It’s important that Muslim especially Malays are cleared about this uncertainty so that they can decide to join DAP’s struggle in future. This at the same time can boost DAP to say proudly that it is representating all Malaysian.

    4. Political awareness are there among the Malaysians but prejudism among different races are still strong. People are getting smarter now to evaluate BN and Opposition on how the nation leadership to be structured, so there should be more realistic agenda and programs (actions) from these parties rather than rethoric and empty-promises. What can Opposition play role to reduce this gap? BN has failed to solve it even after 50 years in power. Can Opposition prove otherware round before any chance of become future federal government?

    Hopefully my concerns will be taken consideration and looking for your reply soon.


  20. #20 by alistaire on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 2:29 pm

    For Shah Alam residents (such as myself)

    N 40 state assemblyman Yaakop Sapari of the PKR’s blog:


    Its good that we can finally connect not only with prominant politicians such as YB LKS but also our own MPs! What a godsend the internet is!

  21. #21 by Citizen voice on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 2:36 pm

    Khir Toyo’s new blog


  22. #22 by wag-the-dog on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 3:11 pm

    Only 1000 greeted Pak Lah in Kepala Batas compared to 30,000 for the King. Daulat Tuanku!!!

    I, Pencil – The Miracle of Freedom, Life story of a Lowly Lead Pencil

    To summarize the philosophy of freedom and marvel a t the results, one must wonder at the mystery of the creation of so simple an item as a lead pencil. Here is a pencil’s story as told to one Leonard Read in 1958. The pencil’s official name is “Mongol 482.” Its many ingredients are assembled, fabricated, and finished in Eberhard Faber Pencil Company, Wilkes-Barre , Pennsylvania.

    This should be read by all government and party leaders – past, present and future hopefuls.

    Read all at http://www.wagthedog.blogspot.com

    Also in my blog:

    Malaysia’s Beauty only Skin Deep – A Nomad

    Tony Pua (MP PJU) – Even A Cow Could Have Won

    The US sub-prime crisis in graphics – Part 2

    The US sub-prime crisis in graphics – Part 1

    The Malay Struggle – Please Explain


    To Hear and To Listen

  23. #23 by ric23_my on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 3:16 pm


    i will keep pondering on this issue as the swearing ceremony is going to held soon … will tried to see whether there is a turning back on this …

    DAP seems more focus on issue that out of their control, but do not care on issue that they can handle internally …

    see my comments of hindraf 5 in another thread …

  24. #24 by jetaime.f on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 3:52 pm

    ric23_my, keep an open mind and good luck..

  25. #25 by ric23_my on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 5:03 pm

    i will keep pondering until they stick back to their ideology …


  26. #26 by tsn on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 6:26 pm

    You guys shouldn’t be revealing your ignorance so innocently. There is a all too truthful to be dismissed curse-NATURAL RESOURCES CURSE. Once a country is blessed with bountiful of natural resources, there won’t be an urgent need for its people to work hard and smart to have a decent living. Why must you slog yourself, wealth flow incessantly, life should be leisure not pressure.

    More worrisome is we are not merely weakened by one curse, but actually by 2 curses. Just look around, can you find any advance / progressing Muslim country. Malaysia is crowned with the most advance and progressing Muslim country, at least we have some real economic activities going on. Whereas other Muslim countries with reasonable standard of living such as Saudi Arabia,Brunei…what are theirs people doing, apart from kuat sembayang, sitting on an imported sofa to laughingly counting the oil $$$.

  27. #27 by Samuel Goh Kim Eng on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 7:29 pm

    What we want now is not very much different
    From what all human beings want all along
    Ensure all basic needs are met without being indifferent
    With personal safety being made safe and strong

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 300308
    Sun. 30th March 2008.

  28. #28 by kickbutt on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 7:56 pm

    “If Singapore can have a strong dollar, I can’t see why we can’t have a stronger ringgit as well.” alistaire

    A strong any currency vis-a-vis the US dollar means exports from that country will be expensive in terms of the US dollar. Less people will buy your exports. Imports will be cheaper and if the country’s manufacturing output makes up a major slice of the country’s GDP, cheaper raw material should lead to lower costs. The reverse will be true in the event of a weaker currency.

    Short term currency fluctuations is bad. Lower or higher, what is more important is that the currency be relatively stable in the long run.

  29. #29 by pohwatchdog on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 8:19 pm

    Malaysia need caring and proactive leaders. Barisan Rakyat had given a chance and itis time to prove your capabalities. Work for a better Malaysia especially improve educational for all Malaysians. Reform education system. Imagine with nearly 34, 000 students fail their Form Five examination for all subjects. Time to wake up from our nap.
    Maybe more feedback from the educationists to have more vocational schools.

    Besides that our country should depend less on foreigner workers. Send them home coz unemployment among our youth is getting serious. Imagine with the situation below Ampang Bridge.

    More serious consideration …. let work together to have a fair and just society.

  30. #30 by k1980 on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 9:33 pm

    …you see what happened to Razaleigh when he wanted to challenge Abdullah in 2004? He only obtained one vote from his division because the others were threatened not to support him. Even in 2004, Khairy Jamaluddin won uncontested. I know for a fact that people who wanted to stand against him were threatened and hauled up by Youth Chief (Datuk Seri) Hishamuddin (Hussein) to stay away.

  31. #31 by ipohites on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 9:53 pm

    OKC and the rest of them please stop creating chaos~ I had enough of this crap!

  32. #32 by lakilompat on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 10:30 pm

    Unfortunately “What we want now” is not the right time for any opposition state to mock and harp around. Don’t forget, they continue to be arrogant, Khairy companies still there to overcharge the govt. What u guys can do? Also the constitution is bias toward protecting UMNO members welfare, what u guys can do abt it? opposition state has no power like the Sultan, to seek the release of the people detained under ISA.

    BN has spent alot for this campaign and now they can’t get back enough funds due to many states been taken by outsider. There will mess up more, thru “Robbery” & price increase, tendering Johor lands and sabotage opposition state.

    The Rapid Penang is using the Rakyat money, but end up, they close Komtar route to make Rakyat suffer. Well, it is very clear, Khairy is behind revenge. He will use it as propoganda, to tell UMNO ppl that Penang is dangerous, all these ppl prevent Rapid Penang from functioning. He will be making big time story to discredit Penang govt. as the bus company is owned by him. I was hopid to see Penang state public transport rolling up, let’s tender it to foreigner company. Wher player can sms to the operator seeking for next bus details info. Let say u wait bus from Feri, u jus sms to Penang state bus, then u will get sms back of the time the bus arriving something much better than Rapid Penang.

  33. #33 by alistaire on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 10:41 pm

    lakilompat, the reason why Rapid Penang ceased to serve Komtar, if I remember correctly, is nothing to do with UMNO or politics, but because of the gangsters from rival bus companies who operate there and threaten them.

    Its a clear cut case of us not having an anti-competition law. Someone did write an article in the papers recently on our need to have such a law, but alas, it will not be followed up, just like the vast majority of suggestions. The BN government wont listen, so it has to be changed. Changed it shall be, I should think, not long off.

    *sighs @ kickbutt’s comment* yeah thats the reality of economics and business and capitalism in general, I might add. Always we make room for investors, but never for the ordinary masses. Personally I think we should up the ringgit at least a little so more of us can enjoy a trip or two abroad, going places does broaden the mind as we all know, but nooooo this will turn off the investors.

    DAP is a socialist party, yet the first thing Lim Guan Eng did when taking office was to pledge that the state government be investor friendly. Who voted for them anyway, the people or the investors?

  34. #34 by jetaime.f on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 11:19 pm

    Don’t think investors are to be blamed. If the funds are redistributed back to the people, used for value-creation investments, to improve social security, instead of fulfilling their splurges, the economy could have held on. Hong Kong and Singapore are good examples. Hong Kong is known to be the world’s third largest financial centres after New York and London, and foreign investors play an important role for many many years. Hong Kong dollar is low, yet they survive.

    It all falls back to who the leader (and party) and their objectives and goals for the country, and what they want to see their country’s economic stucture as. There’s none.

    It is poor leadership, lack of credibility, lack of capable people who honestly know what they are doing, lack of knowledge and experience, full of self-interests, greed, and they are there to have a good time and fun….and more fun, whilst the people suffers…..seems like they have more negatives than pluses…..unbelievable..!

    Guess divine help is needed to be rid of them now since no human can…..

  35. #35 by jetaime.f on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 11:29 pm

    The worst is they still have the mindset it is all funny play, and continue to indulge in politics…Perhaps, swapping shoes with the poor and needy now and especially when the downturn hits will give them a taste of bitterness!

  36. #36 by alistaire on Sunday, 30 March 2008 - 11:44 pm

    Divine help eh?

    Well if its one thing PAS draws inspiration from its divinity. Religion based parties have been criticised for the potentially harmful divisiveness, but there are certain salient good qualities they have as well. For instance, one reads of how PAS keeps attributioning their success at the polls to divine intervention. Might it not be put forth that representatives who are religious, who believe there is an unmatched higher power (ie God) and such a higher power would punish them if they go astray, they would be considerably less prone to corruption and other evils? This would be a good thing if so. The people might never be able t bring them to book (try as they might), but they could at least extol in the fact that God can.

    And as for investors, well, give me a party that would pledge to serve the people, the vast majority of whom are ordinary non-business owning citizens, before businessmen, anyday!

  37. #37 by Tim Sng on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 12:04 am

    Well said, Steven……

    May I add…..

    LESSONS from March 8th

    What have we learnt 50yrs after Independence? March 8th certainly has taught everyone some lessons…..these being, very useful for all….from leaders to man-in-the-street, from Mayor to resident, from Perlis to Sabah.

    1. Lesson One

    Democracy rules.

    The one-vote used well, speaks the voice of the Rakyat, the true shareholders of this country.

    The mood and `ratings’ from opinion poll is confirmed when the general feeling translate into that one vote, used wisely.

    Like it or not, the people spoke, especially in West Malaysia, where the ruling party was as good as voted out.

    2. East Malaysian politics differ, due to different timing of State elections, where local residents will seriously choose their candidates. Election fever is less palpable in the Eastern states, due to different issues. Nevertheless, this may change in 5 years.

    BR as well as BN may have to change campaign approach for next GE.

    3. Minority issues, ie Hindraf raised issues, can build up in momentum to become a serious and unmanageable, just as issues of the Malay majority reaching a peak in 1969.

    Minority issues must now be addressed concurrently with majority issues. Perhaps, the time has come to look at poverty, underprivileged, rural folk problems, orphans and widows on a national basis, rather than from the race or community point of view.

    No party should neglect the minorities or their problems, or the vote will go against them in the future.

    4. Public intolerance of corruption and lack of integrity in central bodies have reached a peak, and the rakyat of all races reject corruption, dishonesty etc.

    Both BN and BR must come clean the next five years.

    5. Issues build up and become a campaign issue long before nominations of candidates. In other words, a short campaign period makes no difference.

    Both BN and BR will need to review their future strategies. Manifestos may have little impact, and even long term good record and services can be negated overnight by the general mood that may go against a certain party.

    Good candidates standing under a certain party may still fall, if the party in particular is being voted out. [Even a `cow’ would have won, one winning candidate was quoted.]

    6. Planning and strategies do work – Credit goes to BR leaders, in particular DSAI, who must have been the mastermind behind it all.

    7. A two party system has arrived.
    Like it or not, the two party system has arrived. BN on one side and opposition on the other. What will make the opposition is open…..so far the current TRIO stand a good chance if understanding and harmony prevails. MCA and MIC are unlikely to leave BN….they are so closely knitted to UMNO.

    Will PKR and PAS join UMNO…..or be part of BN? Unlikely, unless, DAP messes up with its relationship with PAS and PKR.

    8. Old guard will old ways must be dropped.
    PL was good in dropping some, but keeping the few will be a liability and may cause his eventual slide to early retirement.

    The public and rakyat have lost faith in the old-timers. Change means dropping them. Is it too late for PL to revise his Cabinet? He has little choice…he has to.

    Pl can still make it, but he must be drastic and show genuine effective change.

    9. The Royalty is highly respected for its role in decisions and stabilising the nation.

    Especially in Perak, Perlis and Terengganu….even Selangor, where rabble rousers were warned.

    10. There is hope in Malaysia….all is not lost.

  38. #38 by megaman on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 10:21 am

    Dear alistaire,

    Hudud laws ? You must be joking right ?

    Tell me how cutting off a person hand for stealing would reform a criminal ? And what happens if the person is wrongly convicted ?
    How is the system going to replace or compensate for a person hand ? It would only create more beggars.

    A fair syariah law, yes I would support but nothing like the Taliban’s version or anything that got to do with corporeal punishments like cutting off limbs etc. for minor offences. I would leave Malaysia immediately if anything near to Hudud laws are implemented.

  39. #39 by lakilompat on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 11:07 am

    alistaire operate by the gangster by local transport! u r just listen to Khairy propoganda too much, why before there’s no such thing and now there is, obviously, Khairy is using his influence to tell the world, the YB LGE govt. can offer safety to the transportation, where are the police? does it mean opposition state is run by gangster. BN always use the trick to discredit opposition govt. Let’s all boycott Rapid Penang how abt that, how abt Penang state govt, initiate a State Rapid Bus. In this way, whoever the gangster head will get killed or threatened by rakyat for disturbing the state bus.

  40. #40 by helpless on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 2:47 pm

    This is what the corrupted BN claimed as national project.

    Send someone to space to claim Mal’ is advancing to space technology. So, we can buy those abandoned with inflated price and some good money can be made out of it.

    Some hospital equipment can be brought in with inflated price for neurogical reserch and good money can be made.

    Some military equipment can be purchased at 100 times its original price so hansome money go to their pocket.

    This is call national project. What do you know?

  41. #41 by lakilompat on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 3:25 pm

    To helpless, these shukoi jet and scorpene submarines are using very old technology & expensive, and Russia is not the only country that produces jet & submarines, there are other countries that produced better technology and at cheaper cost. Why they don’t buy from the US? why they must give away the commission (millionth of them) to 3rd party? Don’t forget DSAI has many friends from US, their only person that can hide the cost is to seek the Russian govt. help.

  42. #42 by sotong on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 3:40 pm

    With the government total control of mainstream media, decades of misinformation and damaging politics are destroying the country.

  43. #43 by lakilompat on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 5:08 pm

    Fortunately it also destroyed them, UMNO is in tatters now, leader fighting leader, even Pak Liar have to hop around.

  44. #44 by thamwk on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 10:53 pm

    BN has done a lot of misdeeds until our country current rank has drop in global ranking on many aspect of nation building.
    If Opposition states want developments to continue for the next five years, opposition needs money to finance most of the projects. The current method of not to buy new cars, don’t stay in official CM home and other cut cost methods are not sufficient to place enough fund into state coffers. Please note, INCOME TAX is collecting now, and we have to submit income tax by May. For those staying in opposition state now, we know, our allocation from FEDERAL government will be definitely be cut. It already happened in my home state in Penang, even when BN still in power. In order to get back our money paid to income tax, is it possible for BR teams to propose in future, something like 50% of income tax deduction goes to Federal (it needs to maintain the submarine-lah, police and army) , 50% goes back to state coffer? It should apply to all resident and company in a specific state. I believe similar method has been applied to quite a no of develop countries. Do remember ~60% of Malaysia GNP is at the opposition state, should we let the current BN government take all the money and say OK-lah, BN state got meat, opposition state , have some “tulang”, it still has mineral…Any support or comment from BR/DAP members ?

  45. #45 by alistaire on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 11:23 pm


    Like lakilompat opines I might be influenced by BN propaganda (which is probably right, though I doubt it in that case) might not you be as well? After the whole Perak State Govt fiasco, didn’t we all here vowed never again to be influenced by what the MCA/BN as well as their anti-PAS spokesman, Ong Ka Chuan say?

    Hudud has nothing to do with the Taliban, and it is certainly not about being chopper happy with hands, especially not for minor offences. Scary images of people lining up to get their arms amputated is generated and encouraged by our common nemisis ruling the federal government right now.

    Hudud is about punishing those who commit theft, robbery, murder and other violent crimes as such. It is those sort who have reason to worry about Hudud, not us.

    Many non-Muslim Malaysians I met have expressed support for Hudud and its not surprising really, come to think of it. They work hard without an NEP to support them for a decent income and reward themselves with well deserved treats such as a BMW, only to find that they get bumped into when they drive them, and threatened at knife point to hand the car over, or to be woken up at their homes and have their laptops, jewellery etc forced over at parang-point.

    Ask yourself this, does a parang wielder show any mercy when he is threatening his victims? You might leave Malaysia, and by all means that is your choice, but I wont. I instead would sleep well at night, knowing that if there is going to be a parang incident later, it wont be at my neck point, but on a criminal’s arm point.

  46. #46 by alistaire on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 11:31 pm

    Let it be known that I have responded to megaman, but it has yet to be approved. Thanks.

  47. #47 by alaneth on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 11:44 pm

    It is very heart-wrenching to see 5% of Oil Royalties of Sarawak & TGG going back to the state. See the poor villages, poor rural highways & infra etc.

    Go to Putrajaya & see the lavish palaces there…..

  48. #48 by lakilompat on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 - 9:08 am

    That Putrajaya or UMNOPutra jaya? the collapse of Federal govt. is imminent, and necessary to make way for Reformist. Malaysia is rich with its natural resources, it has a decent population of ppl, and in order for country to develop further, ineffective and inefficient govt must be abolished. The govt. who only burden the ppl. cost of living must be removed. The govt. who don’t listen to ppl call to free the Hindraf 5 should be banished. See what BN coalition govt. have to say.

    Minister of Law – Two face tiger, 1 face said mus apologize the other face support Pak Lah call to appoint Idrish Jusoh.

    Minister of Health – Wanted to burden ppl by suggesting Doctor to charge consultation fees and Pharmacist to dispense medicine.

    Minister of Transport – Rapid Penang & Rapid KL (running as of when they like)

    Stuggling party antic:-
    1) Datuk Michael Chong (MCA) always on the Star to seek sympathy from Rakyat. Always help this and that to proof MCA doing some sh…t to help ppl.
    Case 1
    Abt an idiot who pose nude, ended up case solved (make up story)
    Case 2
    Abt a poor woman and RM 2000 donation been given.

    2) Sammy Vellu (MIC) request ISA to free Hindraf 5

    We should still vote Barisan Rakyat, only then these so called party Gerakan, MCA, MIC will work hard to serve the ppl.

  49. #49 by pohwatchdog on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 - 8:48 pm

    We need a fair and just society. It doesn’t matter BN or Pakatan rakyat administer thegovernment. Do work, service and improve our qualities of life. Am I right? Give due respect to Dato’ Samy. He have give his life to Sungai Siput (U). No doubt…. he is not prefect. But his services is value. Only emotional needs and aroggant of power
    have make some very angry.

    Mandate given…. worklah and don’t act like a small child play guli like Buntong DAP ADUN. People of Buntong constituency should realise the truth face of DAP so called leaders.

    Where is Batu Gajah Cili Padi? Wait for her to give service. Wake up call to every rakyat. Vote for capable MP and ADUN

  50. #50 by lakilompat on Wednesday, 2 April 2008 - 12:41 pm

    It doesn’t matter BN or Pakatan rakyat administer thegovernment.

    Guys pls wake up it does matter.

    If BN in control (MCA,MIC,UMNO,Gerakan)
    Fuel Price Increase due to subsidy drop (why drop subsidy?)
    More street with traffic light will be converted to Tolls
    Water & Energy bills increase
    RM 4.6 Billion PKFZ govt. bailout (why bailout?)
    5% Wang Ehsan in Terengganu

    Parking & Hawkers summons waived
    Free water in Selangor
    Penang CM YB LGE already saved Penangites RM 700 K within 2 wks RM 100K refusing to fix rooftop, RM 600K cancelled 5 Perdana V6 ordered by Koh Tsu Koon.
    Investigation of the State Land sales

  51. #51 by rakyatselangor on Friday, 4 April 2008 - 4:14 pm

    Dear leader Kit Siang & all DAP leaders,
    Mr Khairy had a new web blog which is VERY HOT now. He even give an email add which will reply to every mail received with 1 page answer. Keep it up leaders! Show that you can do it and you will be better than BN reps !

  52. #52 by lovemalaysia on Saturday, 12 April 2008 - 6:52 pm

    islamic state issues, PAS is suggesting to have separate pool for Langkawi resort, which will definitely scared away foreign tourist, Kedah will closing down the legal gaming center. i am non muslim and do not gamble or drink, but this type of action will give a lot of other foreigner thinking that Mas is a country which is not developed and ridiculous. I m not saying that Islamic countries is not good, but we have started not to be like this, and dont change it, if we are the country frm Middle East, then no prblm.

    Another side, tday Tengku frm Kelantan mentioned that the Bumiputra rights has been stated since yr 1957, its a deal btw non bumi & bumi that bumi to have special rights., and bumi to get citizenship. If the bumi is scared of Malaysian non bumi, the days to compete with other countries will be thousand decade more! u knw what, Malaysian chinese being see not so competitive compare to Chinese frm China, u think Malaysian chinese is threat? Many comeptitive Malaysian chinese is working or migrated to oversea. If a person being given fishes always, will not knw how to fish, and at the end will tarnish the person. Just like anak manja. I love Malaysia, but those old mindset by some of the ppl need to be changed. non bumi is also human and helping the economy, who is doing business and work hard to pay taxes? who get disc on buying houses no matter they are rich or not? who get into the company’s stake by compulsory just because is a bumi? i have many frens which are foreigners, they are laughing us and scratching the head as we are still using 1957 method..u see, when we reach yr 2020, we wil nt be the advance country list.

    i think even vote for any party, the situation will not be changed, and if u r not happy, u can just migrate, as many BN leaders said b4.

    This is true words frm heart whereby a lot ppl do not want to say out, because once u say it out, ppl will say u racist! its not healthy! as ppl keep in the heart, just like a husband always do not speak out the feeling in the heart, at the end will lead to serious consequences such as fighting and divorce!

    I am very disappointed! But i love Malaysia, i want to see it at least on par with SIngapore, SIngaporeans is looking down on us, we need to get rid of the old mindset, and work together as a team, do not see frm religion, skin color, chose the best and work!

  53. #53 by lakilompat on Monday, 21 April 2008 - 2:35 pm

    Alcohol & liquor is meant to keep the body warm in western countries. In Canada, half a year is covered by snow, now the problem is people abuse it by over drinking which create alot of nuisance and problem.

    Religion wise, to curb any untoward incidents happening, off course it is recommended to ban alcohol and liquor.

    As long as Islam is not gender segregation, religion segregation, it is still popular among non malay.

  54. #54 by ktteokt on Monday, 21 April 2008 - 9:24 pm

    We want justice, we want equality, we want what we have lost for half a century!!!!!!!

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